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30 | Shattered Promises

Phoebe’s POV

I stare listlessly at the beautiful scenery in front of me whilst sitting on the window frame that overlooks the beautiful view of the castle’s garden.

“Then she left the shop. Can you believe the nerve of that woman?” I focus my attention back on the phone when my mum finishes telling tales about some awful customer she encountered today.

One of the many things that I inherited from my mother was the lack of patience towards the fowl-mouthed people. We just never had any patience for them.

“Forget it, mom. Who cares what she thinks? Besides, did you try out the new recipe you were telling me about?” I ask her and look down at the green blissful scenery again that was now shrouded with the darkness of the night.

Another one of the things we both love is nothing other than cooking. My mother started her own bakery when she was just nineteen and almost got disowned by her filthy rich parents for choosing such a ‘low class’ career route. Their words, not mine.

However, within a few months, the cooking business started floating in the air and her orders started increasing day by day. This made my grandparents keep their mouths shut and soon they accepted the fact that their daughter was better off being a chef instead of turning into some snobby lawyer like they initially wanted her to be.

And of course after that my dad met my mum and soon within a few years of dating they got married. Although things weren’t great in the beginning because my mother always got comments like how did my billionaire father end up marrying a chef instead of some rich socialite and whatnots to the point where mum stopped attending parties with dad. All these conflicts stopped after Adrian was born and everything fell back into pieces. We were always happy.

Even though that happiness lasted for me up to 16 years but I’m still glad that nothing changed my relationship with them. Sure I always avoided talking with them after I was diagnosed with severe depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, etc.

Sadly, the list goes on.

Their approval meant everything to me and after what happened nine years back, I was scared to see the disappointment in their eyes and built huge walls around me so that they can never affect me.

“Yes I shouldn’t care but it was so infuriating” She sighs and I hear rustling sounds of paper in the background.

“Anyways, how’s work sweetie?” She asks cheerfully and I flush replaying the last ten days over my head.

Images of Blaze bending me over his study table as he took me from behind, throwing me on the bed roughly while I watched him undress hurriedly, me clawing his back as he furiously pounded inside me, swirling my tongue around the tip of his dick as droplets of water cascaded over us inside the shower, him gripping my throat as I rode him with ecstasy, his head thrown back with pleasure as he fucked me with my legs over his shoulder. Each memory was plastered in my brain like some erotic dream I couldn’t get rid of.

All these flashbacks cause my pussy to pool with lust and I almost forget that my beloved mother is still waiting for my response on the other side of the line.

I shakily take a quick breath to calm my raging hormones and answer her, “Oh it’s wonderful in here. I’m almost done with the work and the event will be held after four days”

Deep down, I was reeling with sadness at the thought of leaving this place. I was going to miss this view, even that dickwad of a butler, Gerard too!

But the person I was going to miss the most would be Blaze.

Over the last week, the only thing we’ve done is fucking each other to the point of no return.

Each time we would only stop when one of our limbs would start aching with exertion. So far I was the only one who would give up first. Blaze literally possessed the sex-drive of a man starving inside the desert for ages.

It was really bloody hard to keep up with him, especially when I couldn’t walk straight for hours after our heated sessions under the sheets. But of course, Blaze being himself never stopped. If fucking was out of the menu, foreplay would take its place.

Despite our passionate rendezvous, I did not know minor details about him like where he lived, why he got his tattoo done, what he liked to eat. Sure we had our fair shares of post-coital bliss talks. But they were only irrelevant topics like weather, work, and bla bla.

He often tried to pry information about my past life but being the stubborn bitch that I was I always zipped my mouth shut.

“Phoebe sweetheart, are you still there?” My mum’s sweet worried voice fills the phone speaker and I break out of my thoughts.

“Uh-h sorry I got carried away for a few seconds. You were saying…?” I nervously laugh as a growing silence stretches between us.

“Honey, is it Nate?” She inquires softly and I roll my eyes at the mention of his name.

“No mom it’s not. I don’t even give a flying crap when it comes to him” I say with boredom. In fact, lately, Nate has been the last thing to plague my mind.

The only being that dominated my thoughts was no one other than my enigmatic boss, Blaze Hunter.

He knew exactly how to please women and truth be told, it often bothered me. Compared to him, I literally felt like a damn virgin sometimes.

“Are you sure about that, sweetie? I can talk with Nate’s father if you want?” Moving the phone away from my ears, I gawk at it incredulously after hearing my mother’s words.

“Oh hell no! You will do none of that mum. I mean it” I almost yell at the phone.

I mean, what is this? Kindergarten?

I hear my mom sigh deeply and finally, I say contritely, “Mom I’m not a child anymore. I know how to take care of myself, like for real this time. Stop worrying yourself over such trivial matters. You will only end up with more wrinkles if you don’t stop now” I try to make the conversation light by teasing her in the end and as expected she snorts and says, “Oh Please, I’m not even that old!”

I laugh at this full-heartedly and after talking for a few more minutes, she finally hangs up.

I think about my family with a soft smile playing on my lips and for the first time in a long time, I yearn to visit New York. It has been almost two years since I visited the place where I basically grew up. With the business booming and all, I had no time to fly over a few miles to visit them and feel guilt wash over me for being such a lousy daughter.

A soft vibration of my phone brings me back to reality and I swipe the display to see a text from Blaze.

Blaze – Meet me in my room. Don’t be late.

I shiver with need at his short straight to point text. An hour has passed since we all had dinner and I was more than ready to meet him.

Our texts over the last week consisted of nothing more than him commanding me and being the submissive bitch that I was for him, I followed all his orders. There were times too when I would tell him to visit me in my room and he also obliged willingly.

I sigh and fasten the black silk robe around myself and get up from the window seat that I was currently occupying.

The night sky was such a beautiful sight in here that I could stare at it all day. Moving inside my bedroom, I check my appearance in the mirror and note with approval that I might look tired from work but at least I look presentable enough, thanks to the bath I took after coming from work.

Opening the door of my room, I trudge past the dimmed hallways, following the path that leads me towards Blaze’s room.

After reaching in front of his door, I raise my hand to knock but before I can do that, the door swings open revealing Blaze in his shirtless glory with a towel hanging around his narrow hips and a few droplets of water slides down his chiseled carved abs. His hair glistened underneath the low soft lights covering the ceiling. I try my best not to drool at the sight and wordlessly enter his unit.

I really liked Blaze’s east wing bedroom where he normally stayed because unlike his childhood bedroom, it was the absolute opposite.

The walls were a slightly dark shade of piaza taupe and gold-rimmed grey furniture surrounded the whole area. Faux fur rug stood in front of the huge stone fireplace where we fucked countless times while watching the bright amber hues of the flame. Every corner of the room was etched with memories of him and feeling slightly overwhelmed thinking that after four days, I might not see him again; I move straight to the master bedroom and feel his steps behind me hot on my trail.

The bedroom was my most favorite part.

The place oozed royalty and sophistication in every corner. White, Grey, Taupe, and light brown shades dominated the room. The whole bedroom is twice the size of the room that I was currently occupying and it happens to be my most favorite place.

Sure I enjoyed the dark theme but something about this light neutral theme was astoundingly beautiful. In my head, I make a mental note to ask Blaze about the designer who designed this place to perfection.

The floors were a bright contrast of white Victorian loops against brown cool marbles. On the left side of the room, light grey with golden rimmed couches was placed and on the right side, a huge stark white vanity dresser with a mirror was topped with expensive perfumes.

The best thing about this room was the balcony which was hidden behind the sheer pale gold curtains beneath the heavy grey drapes. This room had the best view of the entire castle that overlooked the whole enormous property.

I feel Blaze’s warm skin pressing against my back as he snakes his arms around me, nuzzling into the crook of my neck. I immediately lean onto his embrace and rest my head on his broad shoulder.

Sensing my gloomy mood, he speaks up, “What wrong, ciccino?”

Fucking hell! Why does he have to address me so sweetly? This makes the whole thing even hard to part with.

I close my eyes as tears spring inside the corner of my eyelids.

“I’m just worried about work” I try to sidetrack him but of course he reads me transparently without even looking at me and turns me around to face him. I don’t look up and instead focus on the cool marble tile that reflected our clear reflection and watch Blaze study me with narrowed eyes.

“I don’t like listening to lies Phoebe, especially from you and if you don’t want to talk about it then it’s ok” He adds the last part cautiously.

’Funny, I have turned into a complete liar after creating countless excuses for sneaking behind everyone’s back for you. Thanks for not asking!’ I wanted to retort back but decided to keep my mouth shut and instead, I said “In that case, fine. I don’t want to tell you”

I really didn’t want to tell him how much his presence and everything about him overwhelmed me. If only the circumstances were different…

I watch him release a frustrated sigh and I turn away from him and my gaze falls on the litter of pillows that were scattered near the carved wooden headboard.

In one long stride, Blaze clasps my shoulders with his hands and pulls me flush against him.

“You love to drive me insane don’t you? Why do you do this Phoebe?” He whispers behind my ears and I distract him by opening the silk robe that shielded my bare body underneath.

And as always, it works.

A/N - This chapter was honestly so tough to write for some reason :( Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this update, and let me know your thoughts on this!

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