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34 | The Other Side

**Warning- Trigger alert**

Phoebe’s POV

I staggered down the narrow hallways with excruciating pain embracing my entire body. Not being able to take anymore, my body slumps down on the rough cold brick wall and my eyes voluntarily close from all the exhaustion.

I wince as soon as my eyelids shut on their own accord and will myself to open my eyes. Even closing my eyes hurt because they were swollen due to all the crying. In fact, it was a miracle that I was still able to see.

My head falls against the wall and I take one last shaky breath of stale air before continuing my route to freedom from this hell-hole.

Speaking of hell, I looked down at my bruised bloodied body and I can say that I resembled a complete demon escaped from hell.

Every inch of my physique ached with unbearable pain and blood still trickled down from my bruised damaged vessels. My mouth was parched like sandpaper and I wanted to scream for water but that wasn’t an option since I had been starved for over the last…I don’t even know how many days.

Willing my mind to stay strong, I use my hands to push myself off the wall from where I was leaning and totter my way to the light.

After reaching a clearing, I thought I’d find a door or anything but nothing could’ve prepared me for the sight that greeted me after I stepped into the corpse-filled area. They weren’t just some normal corpses. It looked more like the blood of a river variegated with a sea of uncountable mutilated limbs of human flesh. The scene in front of me puts the greatest of horror movies to shame because this wasn’t a movie; it was my life and reality.

My vision goes all hazy as the cold blood grazes the underside of my legs and the strong stench of rotten meat pervades my senses making me gag.

How the hell am I going to reach the door?

It was almost as if they wanted their captors to walk past the gruesome scene that would scar them for the rest of their lives.

Oh lord! Is this what they wanted to do with me?

Several headless bodies and torsos or women silently answer my question.

Taking a lungful of hair with tears trickling down my cheeks, I offer a word of one last silent prayer and start walking towards the dreadful scene and sob when the squishing, crunching sound of bones and flesh echoes in my ears as I take my first step.

By the time I reach halfway past the sea of dead bodies, a clanking sound of metal gains my attention and a prickly end of a bone pierces the underside of my foot, making me cringe with pain.

“Where do you think you’re going you little bitch? You thought you could escape me so easily?” He says with a sneer and I almost stop breathing because I know that once he reaches me, I will be dead.

Taking deep breaths, I slowly turn to face him to see how close he was to me and gasp when I see someone I never thought I’d see.

Standing a couple of yards away from me was Blaze holding the same silver gun with a cruel smirk on his face.

“Enjoy hell amore” With that said, he points the gun at me and pulls the trigger.


I bounce off the bed and hear someone screaming in the distance only to realize that I am the one who’s screaming.

My chest heaves up and down as I drag air in my lungs and feel my veins pickle as ripples of shudder tears throughout my entire being.

It was just a bad dream, Pheebs. It was just a bad dream.

I sweep my hair away from my face that was stuck on my forehead due to the constant sweating and that is exactly when I feel cool metal digging against the skin of my wrists.

What the actual fuck?!

Both of my wrists are tied on the side of the four-poster bed I am occupying. Now that I look carefully, it’s now even my own room!

The room was simple and had a dark nature to it. Dark teal walls contrasted with black marble tiles and grey furniture dominated the entire room. There was no light inside the room except for the sunlight peeking behind the light cream sheer curtains. If the circumstances were different, I would’ve gone on and on about the room’s perfection but I was tied to a bed with real cold metal handcuffs. Now was definitely not the time to preach fucking praises.

I don’t even try to move an inch because I know that there is no way I can get rid of these chains holding my hand. So, instead of bruising my skin more than it already is, I slump back on the padded leather headboard and a wave of confusion engulfs me.

Normally in situations like this, it would’ve probably triggered my panic attacks but today I was oddly very calm or maybe it was just the effect of the medicines. Speaking of medicines, over the last week, it had become my companion. I know Alana forbid me to take them unless it is an emergency but I take them almost every day because I needed to have a less violent mind near Blaze’s vicinity.


My eyes immediately widen with horror when I recall smelling Blaze’s signature cologne right before fainting. My mind screamed that it was impossible but my heart believed otherwise.

Right on cue, the door to my right opens wide revealing no one other than the person who has been the center of my attention lately and I stare at him with shock as he saunters inside the room nonchalantly.

But what had me petrified with shock was the giant bloody knife that he was carrying in his left hand and he whistled an unknown tune as if it was something he did almost every day.

He was still yet to acknowledge my existence and I swallowed bile down my throat.

I want to scream…something. Heck! Anything will suffice.

But it was almost as if some fish was stuck inside my throat.

As if reading my thoughts, he speaks up “Cat got your tongue, love?”

With a chuckle, he keeps on rummaging something on the dresser in the front and still doesn’t look at me which irritates me for some inexplicable reason.

However, air leaves my body as soon as he turns around faces me with a morbid expression. Chills run down my spine as I notice that the usual cold look in his eyes is now replaced with something sinister and cruel.

‘Who is this man in front of me?’ I ask myself inwardly with disbelief. His face now resembled one of a psychopath except he was insanely hot.

‘Are you fucking serious?! This man might as well as kill you and you’re busy lusting after him! Can you be any more of a whore, Phoebe?’ My subconscious yells at me with disbelief and feeling embarrassed as heat creeps up my neck, I peel my eyes away from him to recover my equilibrium.

He chuckles darkly and I wince hearing it.

Who is this person? What has he done to my Blaze? What is the meaning of all these? Why am I tied to this bed?

Thousands of questions swirled inside my head to the point that my forehead started throbbing with anxiety but since I was tied, I couldn’t even massage my temples to lessen the pain.

After a few strides, Blaze stands tall in front of me and slightly bends down while looking into my eyes intensely. I had to admit, it was kind of hot but the rational part of my brain shut down thoughts of him naked.

FOCUS PHOEBE!’ I chide myself.

After gaining a lot of courage, I face him and say “What is the meaning of all this, Blaze?”

He shakes his head and smiles to himself before looking at me dead in the eye.

“Why don’t you tell me why you’re here Phoebe?” He says and flexes his jaw.

At first, I frown at his words with confusion but when I finally grasp the true meaning behind his words, I shudder with fear. I knew it was stupid of me to follow the screams.

As I remained silent, he inched closer to me and his breath hit the base of my neck and I looked away which unfortunately exposed my neck even better at this angle. I hear him take a sharp intake of breath and the sound combined with the arousing scent of his aftershave and cologne drives my senses wild with lust.

I wouldn’t deny the fact that I wanted him.

Inside me

Right here

My mind screamed no but my body reacted otherwise. I tilted my head to meet his blazing Egyptian blue eyes and inwardly gasp when I see them darken like two sapphire gems.

Something gleams in his eyes which calls out my inner libido and in one flash, his mouth was on me.

He tasted divine…a mixture of scotch and honey and something I couldn’t put a finger on. I arched my back as jolts of pleasure surged through my entire being with his warm mouth moving sensually against mine. His hands roamed inside the flimsy material of my top, stroking my skin as if worshipping it.

The kiss we shared was filled with a turmoil of emotions.

Anger, confusion, desperation, longing, lust, hunger

My breasts started feeling heavy with need and I release my mouth from him to take a deep breath and moan out loudly as his mouth transfers to the sweet spot on my neck.

His lips start trailing lower and lower until they capture one of my nipples inside his hot waiting mouth and I cry out when he tugs at them with his teeth.

I pull at the restraints even harder making the cool metal dig into my soft flesh. For some reason, being tied up made me uncomfortably wet with need and I clench my thighs tightly for some friction.

As if reading my thoughts, his free hand skims down my body and moves inside my skirt, halting right near my thong. His fingers graze the outer lining of my underwear and moving them aside, he pushes two of his fingers inside my pussy effortlessly.

“Damn it, Ciccino. You’re completely soaked wet. Does the fact of being tied up turn you on or something?” He rasps out his question to which I answer with soft mewls as my head spins with lust and pleasure.

His fingers curl inside me in a circular motion and I cry out with ecstasy and soon they start plundering inside my cunt, leaving me gasping for air as my legs start to stiffen.

He bites down at my right breast gently and that was the trigger.

My climax sends me ricocheting over the edge and my toes curl with delight as I try to collect my remaining sanity.

My head flops down on the headboard and he rests his forehead on top of my sternum. Suddenly his gentle breaths grow uneven as if he can’t believe what he just did and my body tenses with fear.

Without another word, he frees my hand from the handcuffs and gets up from the bed avoiding eye contact with me. By the time he reaches the door, he halts for a moment and locks his eyes with me.

His eyes were like icy shards stabbing me straight in the heart as he utters in a cold tone, “Clean yourself and leave”

With that said, he exits the room, and hot tears well my eyes. Soon they are falling on my cheeks and I start crying with pain. For the first time, I felt like a whore.

My palms cover my eyes as I wail with grief and soon shame overwhelms me for being so weak.

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