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35 | Hypnotic

Phoebe’s POV

“You’re distracted” Ava states simply and I break out of my reverie to look at

“What? No, I’m just...” I trail off not knowing what excuse to give and huff holding the golden retriever puppy closer to my chest. The furry creature whimpers and cuddles further into my embrace to seek warmth whilst I stroke his fur lovingly. I was more of a cat person than a dog but this puppy was beyond gorgeous and cute. The dog aka Tarynn belonged to Savita. Since Savita was busy using her break by spending her entire day in the spa, I stayed back and volunteered to take care of her dog.

Tomorrow’s the grand ball and the whole staff was resting. It was pouring outside heavily and the sound of rain hitting the glass was a comfort to my distraught self.

“I feel so disconnected from myself Ave,” I say honestly and look down to see the puppy asleep in my arms.

Ava sighs and pokes my shoulder making me look at her.

“You’re confused,” She asks but it sounds more like a statement. I nod my head at her and place the puppy gently on the couch beside me so that it doesn’t wake up. After doing that I brush away the golden fur littering on top of my white shirt.

I was wearing a white chiffon full-sleeved shirt paired with blue denim and black boots.

The marks on my wrist from yesterday left by the handcuffs were slowly fading and it was now barely noticeable but not wanting to take any risk, I wore a full-sleeved shirt, and thankfully the weather was slightly chilly today.

What happened yesterday was like a kick in my ego. I wasn’t angry, I was broken. If I was angry, then it would be at me for surrendering to him so easily. All my life I wanted something like this. That instant attraction, growing need, intense hunger…

Blaze was everything I could’ve possibly ever wanted. I wasn’t going to lie; I did like his dark brooding nature. The way he swirled passion within me was undeniably hot and addicting. His mere presence makes my vein hum with ecstasy and joy. As much as I enjoyed the feeling, I also abhorred it.

He had the power to destroy me and that’s what scared me the most.

Yesterday he unleashed a side of him that confused me. I wasn’t afraid but one thing was certain that whoever that person was, he wasn’t innocent. From the short time I’ve known Blaze; he doesn’t seem to be the type of person to do things irrationally.

But then again, he could also be a serial killer for all I know. I shudder inwardly thinking about it.

Last night was like a wake-up call and I think vaguely, he is always the one to make the first move which makes me feel weak for some reason. Aside from all this, I make up my mind. I have to avoid Blaze or at least show him some resistance. It was the only way. I won’t let him in unless he tells me what the fuck was that about.

“Earth to, Pheebs!” Ava’s voice snaps me back to reality and I release a huge sigh and tell her the edited version of course.

“I don’t know, Ave. He’s just so intense that it scares me. I know you told me to let him in but it’s hard to do that when I’ve been doing the exact opposite over the last eight years. I’m confused. I know that any girl would kill to be in my position right now. Heck! I myself feel privileged to be with him. I mean he’s just so…” I try to form words to describe his charismatic aura but fail to do so and look down my knotted fingers resting on my lap.

Suddenly, The Weeknd’s ‘Privilege’ starts playing in the living room’s stereo system and I and Ava both look at each other at the same time and soon we both burst out laughing at the irony of the song along with the situation.

It was almost as if God was mocking me right in the face.

After wiping away the solitary tear away from her cheeks, Ava’s expression grows serious as she gazes intently into my eyes.

“Just go with the flow Phoebe. Don’t worry about the future. Let it be. Just let loose. Don’t put much thought into it. You’ve already suffered so much in your life and yet you’re still standing strong. Don’t let some man ruin that. Yes, I understand that Blaze makes you go through a various range of emotions and I also know that he makes you vulnerable but don’t forget the fact that you are strong. You are Phoebe Carter. You are the girl who survived the clutches of a serial killer. You are a survivor. Be proud of yourself. Despite all your mental scars, you are still so brave and I’m completely in awe of you. You are my biggest inspiration. Always remember that” She finishes with a firm genuine look in her eyes and my mouth pulls up into a huge grin as I hug her.

However, my smile drops when I think of my dark side. I wasn’t a saint. I was very good at manipulating and lying but she doesn’t need to know that. Despite my ugly-self which I used in times of need, I really did love my best friend. She has been there for me through thick and thin. I thanked God every day for providing me a pure soul like her to call my friend.

Maybe this was God’s way of easing my pain for all the things he made me go through.


I was inside the library skimming past the row shelves when I felt footsteps approaching in my direction which was odd because it was already midnight and it was highly unlikely for someone to be here.

Turning around, I gulp in surprise when I see Blaze standing a few distances away from me wearing a plain white V-neck t-shirt with Black jeans. Even in such a plain outfit, he looked sinfully hot, and my core throbs with need standing under his hot stare.

I try to disguise my aroused self by rolling my eyes and focusing my attention back on the row of books in front of me as if they were the most interesting thing in the world.

I feel his stare burning holes into my back but I wasn’t going to let into my desires so easily this time.

As I try to get William Shakespeare’s Cymbeline out of the shelf, another book falls under my feet and I screw my eyes shut with annoyance.

I bend down to pick up the book and hear Blaze inhale sharply. By the time I fully stand straight, I feel his presence behind me.

Before he can utter any word out, I speak in a firm tone, “I’m not in the mood for your stupid mind games, Blaze. So, save it”

I sigh with annoyance and move forward to another shelf and try my best to ignore him.

“I’m not here to apologize, Phoebe,” He says with a cold tone and I flex my jaw with growing rage.

“Trust me when I tell you, I’m not surprised” I retort at him with a sarcastic look in my eyes.

“Listen, Phoebe, yo-” Before he can finish, I cut him off.

“No you listen, Mr. Hunter. We are nothing. This thing between me and you…” I pause to move my fingers back and forth between us and continue “is over. Yes, you fucked me good. Thanks for that but I’m not your whore. I’m done. This is it. I’m done being your fucking rag doll so do me a favor and fuck off. Don’t make my life more miserable than it already is”

A look of hurt flashed inside his cerulean blue eyes before it gets masked with an evil gleam.

Oh shit

I knew that look very well. It was the same one he gave me before promising me that he won’t distract me, right after we had sex for the first time.

“You should know by now that my sole purpose is to possess you, Phoebe. I want to taint you, claim you and kiss every square inch of your body until you start comparing every man with me” He mutters lowly whilst moving close to me until I’m pressed between him and the bookshelf behind me. Heat emanates from his body and I gulp down nervously at our proximity. Both of his hands were plastered on both sides of my face and my breath starts coming in short pants after his words sink inside my head.

I wanted to tell him that I already compare him with every man I’ve ever met in my life.

But let’s keep that to ourselves now, shall we?

Something snaps inside me and after realizing how close he was to me, I duck under his right outstretched arms and move away from him to get some space.

“Stay away from me Blaze. I’m done” I spat my venom-laced words at him.

“Are you?” He lazily saunters towards me, eyeing me hungrily up and down like I was his last meal on Earth. He starts circling me like a lion surrounding his prey and my hands start shaking with anticipation with heat creeping around my entire body.

He stops a few inches away from me and locks his light cerulean blue with my forest green eyes.

My gaze trails down his body and my whole system starts ringing with need. My mouth waters with lust and intense hunger for him and when he starts walking towards me, I close the distance between us, and for the first time, I’m the one who makes the first move.

I push him against the side of one of the numerous shelves and lock my lips with his.

He brushes my hair away from my face and cups my face roughly as he responds to my kiss. Our tongues fight for dominance and my hands trace his hard ripped muscles covered by his t-shirt.

I grab the hem of his t-shirt and he raises his arms to help me get rid of the fabric covering his mouth-watering specimen.

As soon as it’s off, my lips break away from his and I start placing feather-light kisses down on his neck, slowly tracing downwards to his sternum.

I drop down on my knees to unbuckle his belt and push down his jeans and briefs. His massive cock springs free and the tip of it is swollen red with veins protruding out. My mouth salivates at the sight and I look at him from underneath my lashes one last time and swirl my tongue around the sensitive head of his monstrous dick. He hisses through his gritted teeth and his features morph with pleasure. By the time his head hits the back of my throat, I use my hand to pleasure the other half of him which was still outside my mouth. He was so big that it was hard for me to accommodate his entire length inside my mouth.

Seeing his face contort with pleasure was one of the most satisfying sights ever. Knowing that I affected him was a huge turn on itself.

After a few minutes of me sucking him, he twists my hair with his hands and controls my movement and I moan out in delight as soon as the taste of his pre-cum bursts inside my mouth. He tasted sweet and slightly salty but good nonetheless.

When I felt him getting close, he pulls me away from his dick and I pout with disbelief.

“Don’t you want to cum inside my mouth?” I say petulantly and he laughs for a moment.

“God, I love your bluntness, Phoebe. It’s such a fucking turn on Tesoro” With that said, he kisses me and strokes the contours of my mouth with his expert tongue.

Suddenly he slams me in one of the shelves and literally rips my green camisole and groans when he finds me bare underneath. His mouth captures one of my breasts and I twist my hands on his black thick locks of hair.

“You are so good at this…” I bite my lip as he nips at my collarbone.

In one swift movement, he pulls me away from the shelf, lifts me, and tosses me on top of the brown center table.

The pain I feel when I land on the wooden table feels welcome to my body and heightens my arousal because the truth is, I enjoyed rough sex.

A bit too much

Blaze was one of a kind skillful lover you can find in a million and I knew it because I had my fair share of men in the past. None of them were able to give me orgasms without penetration and yet Blaze made me wet like the fucking Pacific Ocean just by being near me.

My thoughts get scattered when he unzips my jean shorts and pulls them down along with panties and pushes on one long finger inside me.

“Christ, you’re so wet Ciccino” He groans out and positions himself at my entrance, and slides inside me, making me scream out in pain.

It must have been just three days without us having sex and now it feels as if it’s the first time all over again. His thick long cock was really hard to get used to and I knew by the time we will be done, I’ll be left limping. And was I complaining?

Nope, not at all

Every second of having him inside was like bliss. With him drilling his cock inside my dripping cunt was a feeling I’ll never get enough.

“Pussy so good…” He grates out with his rich velvety voice and hooks my legs over his shoulder as fucks me roughly to the point where my vision goes hazed with lust and euphoria. I throw my head back on the table as my eyes roll over to the back of my head. He stares into my eyes intensely and I moan out in bliss when his fingers start drawing circular patterns over my sensitive clit.

Fuck” I moan out as he rolls his hips with his hands digging at the flesh on my hips.

He thrusts into me with such animalistic force that each time my body glides backward over the smooth table only to be pulled back to him again. I grip the edge of the table as his pace gradually fastens and scream out in euphoria as my first mind-blowing orgasm rips through my body. I feel Blaze close to his own climax and deliberately squeeze my inner walls on his shaft which makes him tighten his grip on my calves.

Soon he reaches his own peak and shoots his hot cum inside me which draws out another orgasm from me.

After catching his breath, he lifts me off the table and pulls me into his lap as he settles on the cream-colored armchair beside the table.

He nuzzles his face into his hair and pulls me tighter to his body as if I would escape any second.

No matter how much I tried to deny him, I couldn’t. This is us.

Both of us are fucked and should stay at least a mile away from each other but the attraction was so deep that every time we found our way back to each other.

With that thought, we stay wrapped in each other’s embrace and for a moment I feel like someone’s watching us and this causes me to look up warily but when I see no one in my line of sight, I relax back into his arms.

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