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37 | Bonus Chapter Pt.2

Blaze’s POV

I was doing the buttons of my white dress shirt when I had the urge to check my iPhone for the nth time. It was so pathetic. No woman has ever managed to throw me off guard like Phoebe Carter. Then again I don’t blame her. I mean it’s not every day you see a half-dead man in a cellar.

Nope not at all

My sweet beautiful Amore wasn’t supposed to see that and now I felt like punching Andres right in the face for being such a clumsy idiot. If he wasn’t my best friend, he would’ve been six feet under the ground by now. Like the responsible man I was, I always cleaned up after my best friend's mess.

And unfortunately, two of those messes have been witnessed by Phoebe.

She wasn’t supposed to see this side of me.

Poor girl

That sight must have been too much for my delicate rose. Although Phoebe was naturally a very strong woman that didn’t mean that she was supposed to witness that.

I chuckle when a certain thought comes into my head.

Nate fucking Woodwards

I really pity that dumbfuck. I wanted him to know what he lost when his witchy sister decided to torture my amore. Besides, it was indeed fun to see the expression on people’s faces when I would take away something precious from them. It just never gets old.

Starting from that publishing house I bought a month ago from some dude named Larry who was already knee-deep in debt but the old hag wouldn’t sell it because of his stupid nostalgia for the place. Then there’s Nate.


Seeing his pained face with Phoebe’s legs hooked over my shoulders as she screamed in ecstasy was the best sight ever.

Oh yes

It wasn’t a coincidence when I walked inside the library last night. I knew about our dear Mr. Woodwards obsession over Vatican scrolls which were stacked inside my library’s archives. It was so simple to lure him there. I simply instructed Andres to send this information inside Nate’s head and voila! He fell into my trap easily. The next task was to have Phoebe there too which wasn’t hard because she had a habit of reading books at night every day right before her bedtime. The last part of the plan was to be there myself. The rest was…

Oh well

Pleasurable. More than Pleasurable. With my cock buried inside Phoebe’s slick hot cunt along with seeing Nate’s pained expression reflected on the smoked glass walls in front of me was the best feeling ever.

I wanted to claim Phoebe and I wanted others to know that too. I knew very well that Phoebe was attracted to me like any other girl but her insatiable hunger for me was a huge turn on. Another one of the reasons why I fancied her so much.

She was like the rarest drug. Once you take a single hit, you’ll never be able to control yourself.

I don’t know if I was infatuated with her but if it was that, then it was surely fatal.

The entire last week has been complete bliss but my biggest disappointment was the day when I found her in the cellar. She didn’t seem like the probing annoyingly curious type which is why I felt like a complete dick when I left her in that room after making her cum with her hands bounded.

She was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yeah, yeah, seems like she has a habit of being at the wrong place right at the wrong time.

Like from the time when Andres set the trap at the labyrinth for drowning someone else but instead, Phoebe ended up there.

A part of me was torn thinking about dragging her inside my darkness but she did not seem like the type who backs away from a challenge. Phoebe was truly one of a kind.

A very rare gem indeed

She was fiercely independent and generously humble. The fact that she donated half a million dollars to the charity did not go unnoticed by me. No matter what she wanted me and others to believe, she wasn’t a bad person. I know that there was something terribly disturbing about her past, something that always loomed like a shadow over her head, and tomorrow, I was bound to unravel that.

The door of my closet bursts opens dramatically and instantly a smile graces over my lips knowing full well who the person is.

“If it isn’t my most favorite cousin…” Her mellow voice wraps me in its warmth and I turn to face her.

Christine Valiente was the sister I’ve always wanted. Thanks to Uncle Derek, I got my wish. She wasn’t just a cousin to me; she was like my own sister who had me wrapped around her tiny fingers ever since the day she was born.

She was wearing a pale blue chiffon gown which discreetly hid her growing baby bump well.

“Why do I have the feeling that Luke isn’t here with you?” I ask her about her husband and her smile turns apologetic.

“We, uh…kind of had a huge fight last night over baby names. You know…the hormones really got me. I also kind of told him to stay back at home…” She tries to form words and I shake my head at her.

Christine for sure had Luke wrapped around her fingers too.

“By the way, how are you doing? I haven’t heard from you for ages. Every time I call you, I’m met with your whiny assistant’s voice” She expresses her dislike and wrinkles her nose at my assistant’s thought.

“Remind me to fire her for this after the event” I mutter distractedly whilst checking my phone and sigh with frustration when I see no replies from Phoebe.

You’re fucked for real this time!

“Seriously Blaze?” I look up from my phone and see Christine scowling whilst peering over my phone’s screen.

“What?” I ask her confused.

“Can you not just forget work for like what? A minute?” She says exasperatedly and rolls her eyes. I lightly laugh at her.

“It’s not about work”

After hearing my words, she looks surprised for a moment and then a sarcastic smile stretches over her face, “Wow I’m so surprised to know that there are other things in your life too other than work”

This time I roll my eyes and say, “Remind me to send my heartfelt pity to Luke next time. That poor lad definitely deserves a fucking award for tolerating you”

She swats me over my chest playfully and laughing along with her, I offer her my arm to escort her downstairs.

By the time we’ve reached the staircase, she scoots close to me and whispers in my right ear, “Hey did you know that Uncle Isaac’s getting married again?”

“That old coot is getting married again?” I ask incredulously and we both laugh discreetly.

Suddenly, a woman catches my eyes and I almost lose my footing down the stairs. Standing at the end of the stair was no one other than my beautiful amore. She looked absolutely ravishing in that midnight blue evening dress that hugged her body like a second skin. Her body was turned sideways which made the view even more mesmerizing. The upper part of her cleavage was exposed provocatively and from the looks of it, it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Her natural tresses of dark brown wavy hair were straightened at the top and cascaded over her back in ringlets. The dress slit exposed her creamy thighs and all I wanted was for her to wrap them around my waist while I fucked her to oblivion.

Single or married, men were openly ogling at her. I think I spotted a few women eyeing her too.

I was grateful that my tux coat hid my hardness well or else this would’ve been the most embarrassing moment of my life ever.

I could almost imagine the tabloids, Blaze Hunter getting a boner in the midst of the crowd

Damn it!

However, all my dirty thoughts come to a halt when I notice Phoebe averting her eyes away from me as if she was trying to hide her tears.

What the hell?

Before she can take off, I call out her name quickly, “Ms. Carter”

She halts her steps and reluctantly turns to face me and Christine.

As soon as I reach her, her magnetic scent of shea butter mingled with the warm fragrance of vanilla fills my nostrils and I almost resist the urge to bury my nose in her fragrant hair but she didn't look too thrilled to be even near me right now.

I could feel my cousin’s burning gaze on us as she tries to decipher the meaning of the growing tension between me and my amore.

“Hi” Phoebe mutters under her breath and throws me a fake smile which doesn’t reach her eyes.

Then it hits me. She probably thought that Christine was my date.

Hah, so my dear little amore is jealous…

I laugh inwardly and address her with an amused expression.

“Hello Dear, I’m Christine and you are…?” Christine being Christine of course decides to break the ice by speaking up first.

“Hi. I’m Phoebe. It’s nice to m-” Phoebe stops mid-sentence when her eyes fall on Christine’s slightly visible bump and I watch her throat move nervously as she swallows.

“Uh…You’re pregnant” She states breathlessly and I watch her cheeks flood with a red flush and she almost looks as if she’s about to cry.

“Oh yes. Looks like I’m not that great at hiding it anyway” Christine nervously laughs with a frown marring her face as she takes in Phoebe’s torn expression.

“Yes, my cousin is pregnant but unfortunately her husband couldn’t show up thanks to her” I finally put her out of her misery and put emphasis on the word ‘cousin’. Upon hearing my words, her eyes widen and her shoulders sag with relief as if a huge burden has been lifted off her shoulders.

When she finally lifts her gorgeous forest green eyes, her pupil dilates when she takes in my appearance. Suddenly it’s almost as if no one else exists in this room other than us. Soon lust starts pooling my entire system.

My animalistic desire to fuck her heightens tenfold, I remember Phoebe telling me once jokingly that I’m always so controlled but in reality, the mere sight of her was enough to make me violently volatile with desire.

Sensing our heated stares and growing tension, Christine decides to speak up, “Well…I’ll leave you both here”

She tries to hide her smirk as she moves away from us and Phoebe’s eyes widen when she notices her gone as if she just broke from some trance she was under.

“So, your cousin huh?” She tries her best to say something to hide her error and I resist my urge to howl with laughter.

“Oh no, she’s my pregnant wife” I reply sarcastically and she shoots me a dirty look.

“Oh forget it” She mutters under her breath and turns to walk away, before she can do that, I clasp her wrist and drag her out of the ballroom to the outside lawn, which is now decorated beautifully with fairy lights and small lanterns. Turning to my left, I see the staff arranging the stage according to my orders, the place where the auction will be held within a minute.

I whisk her away from prying eyes despite her feeble protests at asking me where we were headed. After finally reaching in front of the lakeside bridge, I stop.

She looks up at me quizzically and warns me, “Blaze if you are thinking about seducing me again, I’m seriously going to scream my lungs off”

“Oh I know you will be screaming with pleasure but unfortunately that’s not the reason why you’re here. I…wanted to apologize”

“Really? I thought you didn’t do apologize” She states warily and scans her surroundings with awe. I have to admit, this place is one of my favorites, especially because of the view during the early time of the evening.

The spectrum of rays portrayed over the clear waters of the lake surrounded with fleur-de-lis was a vision to behold.

Coming back to the present, I watch Phoebe looking at the sight for a bit too long and figure that she’s probably doing that to avoid the topic. I don’t blame her; I haven’t exactly been the sweetest person to encounter either. Sure I was there for her when she poured her sorrows out about the betrayal she received from Emily and during her nightmares, which proves further that she deserves so much better than just being tossed around.

“Look I know I haven’t been the easiest person to be around with over the last couple of days but it’s all for a reason. I don’t want you to get tangled over someone’s mess. What you saw that day…you weren’t supposed to see that. That man is a rapist who raped many young women and sold them off to prostitution rings. One of those girls…I used to know her” I finish silently and watch her stern expression waver for a second.

“But that still doesn’t give you the right to behave with me like I’m some prostitute, Blaze” She murmurs silently and looks away when I notice her lips tremble slightly.

“God no! Phoebe, it was never my intention to treat you like that. I was overwhelmed with emotions. I wasn’t mad at you, I was mad at myself because you had to witness that. I was so scared thinking that what if you run for the hills…” I say and move close to her. I cup her stunning face with both of my hands gently and make her look at me.

Her glossy eyes lock with mine as she absorbs everything I just said and sucks in a deep breath.

“You could’ve just told me the truth from the very beginning, Blaze” She replies softly.

“I would’ve, but it’s not my story to tell Ciccino,” I say and curse Andres in the back of my head for the billionth time since yesterday.

“It’s alright, let’s just forget it for the moment” She smiles at me sweetly and pulls my mouth for a swift kiss.

And just like that, we’re ok again

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