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38 | Last Night

Phoebe’s POV

“What is with the men being so possessive after one night stands. I thought it only happened in those cliché novels” Ava mutters exasperatedly and I give her my questioning stare in return.

“Why what happened?”

“Did you not see what Andres did an hour ago at the auction dance? He literally bid two hundred thousand fucking dollars for a dance with me! Like what the fuck?”

“You mean that dance over which both Andres and Noah were fighting over?” I wiggle my eyebrows suggestively and she flips me the bird.

“Don’t even start with that” She rolls her eyes and resumes her gaze back at the dance floor where a few couples were dancing to James Bay’s ‘Us’.

I was thankful for not being a participant in the dance auction because I had a slight feeling that no matter how big the price is Blaze would win me anyway and it would surely arouse a lot of attention on me. However, I was enraged when I overheard Emily telling someone that I didn’t join the auction because I knew that no one would pay for me.

That bitch

But I decided to let it go when I saw her desperately trying to gain Blaze’s attention throughout the whole evening. It was honestly hilarious to watch Blaze constantly dodging her everywhere whenever she attempted to talk with him.

To me, the auction dance was exciting and all but I simply did not join because it felt more like a slave market. I remember reading on Asterix that slaves in Rome and Greece used to be sold in this manner.

Besides, how on earth are you supposed to stand up on that stage? Like do you fold your hands in front of you? Do you twirl your hair? Do you smile?

So I thought that it was better this way by not attending altogether. Unfortunately for Ava, she was too adamant about joining it, and look at her now.

“Oh look who’s making his way here” Ava teasingly drawls out and I look up from my Facebook scrolling to see Blaze striding over to us, occasionally greeting a few guests on his way.

“Hello, ladies. Do you mind if I borrow Phoebe for a dance, Ms. Hayes?” He charmingly talks with his rich velvety voice and I feel myself dampening on the lower region just by hearing his voice.

Oh for fuck’s sake Phoebe. Get a fucking grip!

“Oh, you can do more than just borrowing her. She all yours” Ava reassures him and mouths at me, “Good luck on the fuckfest” To which I shoot her one of my death glares.

Blaze extends his right hand in my direction and I accept it. From the corner of my eyes, I watch Nate on a nearby table, gripping his champagne glass and sending me a disgusted look that screamed hurt and betrayal. I frown at his reaction but don’t pay much heed to it. After all, I’ve got a dance to attend.

Besides, my days for caring about Nate Woodwards are over.

“Finally I have you alone” Blaze whispers behind my ears and adrenaline pumps through my veins deliciously when his soft minty breath mixed with scotch hits my neck.

“Well, that is if you are ignoring the existence of the throngs of people surrounding us” I retort back coyly and he discreetly scans his surroundings.

“Good point” He mumbles and raises his eyebrows with mock horror.

I try to suppress my giggle and squeal lowly when he dips me. I could see it in his eyes that he was trying his best to resist his urge to kiss me.

And your love pours down like a waterfall and I can’t escape the tide
Here’s my hand, baby take it or leave it, leave it

’Cause time doesn’t love you anymore
But I’m still knocking at your door
Honey, we can run forever, if forever’s what’s in store
Oh, time to take me home, home, home

By the time Mikky Ekko’s ’Time’ comes to an end, I press myself against him softly clasping his tux lapels and whisper in his ear, “I can’t wait to get out of here”

It was indeed true. I was dying to have him inside me. It was torture to see him in this tux, looking so effortlessly dashing when the only thing I dreamt of seeing was the work to perfection body underneath it.

His hold on my hips tightens as his eyes fill with lust.

“Oh Ciccino


We stumble out of the elevator in haste and he pushes me against the sandstone brick walls of the hallways.

He licks the sweet spot on the base of my neck and loud moans break out of my throat as I clutch his dress shirt tightly. My knees almost buck when his teeth bite down to claim his possession.

“Wrap your legs around me baby” He orders roughly and my legs wrap around his narrow waist like a cocoon of their own accord. My body was always a complete traitor when it came to him, not like I was complaining.

With one finger, he tugs down the spaghetti straps of my dress and pulls it down lower to release my aching breasts which were begging for his attention.

Suddenly he picks me up and somehow manages to open the door to his room. As soon as we're inside the confines of his enormous bedroom, he gently puts me down, reaches behind me, and unzips my dress in one motion. The soft material of the fabric glides over my body and pools down at my feet. He groans when he sees me completely naked except for my dark blue lace thong.

He saunters towards me slowly until my back hits the cold polished wooden surface of the door.

“You are such a cock-tease Tesoro; do you have any clue on what you do to me?” He darkly speaks out and to tease him, I bite my bottom lip and with an innocent expression as I shake my head ‘no’.

He closes his eyes for a brief moment and when he opens them I gasp at the intensity of his stare. His eyes now represented two black spheres in the darkness of the night.

Suddenly, he grips the back of my thighs and makes me wrap them around his narrow waist as he slides me a bit upwards to capture one of my breast inside his hot waiting mouth.

I throw my head back as desire courses through my veins and tug at his black silky locks of hair as he circles my nipples with his warm tongue.

“Blaze, I need you…” I trail off as my head goes dizzy with pleasure.

“I’m right here baby,” He says against my skin and slowly his face starts trailing lower and lower until he’s kneeling in front of me with him still holding me. He sets me down momentarily and his fingers trace the lining of my thong and with one swift tug at the seams, he rips them open and I squeal out when the elastic hits my flesh before tearing apart.

He starts drawing circles with his tongue on the apex of my thighs and I grow impatient to have his tongue over my aching core.

As if reading my mind, he widens my legs and throws them over his shoulder as his tongue starts circling my swollen bud. I cry out from both fear and pleasure. The fear of falling off increased the thrill of this act which made me wet even more.

He starts tongue-fucking me and the only thing I can do is screaming his name as my entire body starts aching with the need to be pinned under his masculine form.

He flicks his tongue against the sensitive flesh of my clit and I come instantly all over his face. There was something unexplainable about his tongue, it was…

No words were enough to describe it.

Don’t even get me started on his cock…

He eats me off as if I’m his last meal on earth and stands up, towering over me, and kisses me on the mouth making me taste myself. My hands push away his jacket and suddenly, he grabs me and throws me over the huge king size bed. I gasp as my body bounces underneath the plush mattress and I watch him with my mouth wide open hungrily as he starts unbuttoning his shirt.

He matches my wanton look with his own and I almost come right then and there as he slowly starts leaning over me on the bed.

He swiftly turns me around and I lie on the bed helplessly on my stomach.

“Do you know why I like you in this position?” He dangerously utters his words and I shiver with delight as his warm body covers mine.

“Why?” My voice sounds muffled from being pressed against the sheets.

He chuckles slowly and whispers, “It’s the anticipation mi amore. By facing away from me, you will have no idea about all the things that I’m going to do to you. It’s all about the trust you’re putting on your partner”

With that said, he starts dropping feather-light kisses over the length of my spine and I roll my hips to tease him.

Out of nowhere, he slaps me on my butt and I inhale sharply feeling the stinging sensation warming me up.

“Stop moving or else I won’t hesitate to tie you up” He warns me and kneads the round flesh of my bum in his hands. His fingers graze the opening of my pussy and insert them inside me in one go. I claw the bedsheet underneath my hands as his fingers start to plow inside me.

Soon my legs start stiffening and just when I was about to fall off the unknown precipice of endless bliss, he pulls his fingers out and I almost cry out with frustration.

Suddenly he thrusts inside me, catching me off guard and I scream with both pain and pleasure as my second climax embraces me. He gathers both of my hands in his tight grip and uses it as leverage to thrust inside me. My eyes roll over the back of my head as fucks me from behind and all I could do was chant his name over and over again like it was my prayer.

Oh fuck Blaze” I moan out and I feel my saliva staining the sheets as he plunged in and out of my wet folds.

“Do you have any clue on how much I love seeing my cock come in and out of your wet pink cunt?” He rasps out with his voice laced with lust. He uses his free hand to grab hold of my breasts and kneads them with his expert hand. My nails dig inside my palm as I feel myself closer to my orgasm and sensing it, his hands trailing lower and massage my clitoris in a circular motion and I completely lose it.

Before I can even come off from my recent high, his fingers wrap around my throat and he lifts me off the bed with him still inside me.

“Ride me like this amore” He mutters breathlessly and his hands reach forward to twist my nipples that were aching for his expert hands.

He doesn’t need to tell me twice as I start riding him with all the energy that I had left in me.

The next few minutes pass away blurrily as I ride him and by the time I grow hazed with pleasure, he takes charge by thrusting inside me with his balls slapping against my clit as his pace fastens. Beads of perspirations roll down my back as my breath starts growing short. Wanting to feel his mouth on mine, I tilt my head and use my hand to angle his face to mine. His teeth tease my lower lip as he softly bites into it and I gasp loudly which allows him to slide his tongue inside mine.

Feeling breathless, I break away from his mouth to drag air into my lungs. However, his grip on my throat tightens and I start feeling drunk with pleasure of him inside me.

Tears spring over the corner of my eyes as I sob at the intensity of all this.

Soon I feel Blaze being close to his own release along with mine and before I even know it, I’m cumming all over his cock. Soon he follows in my wake and my pussy milks him dry as he releases his cum inside me which surprisingly triggers another orgasm from me.

“Fuck Phoebe! I’ll never get enough of you” He murmurs with his nose nuzzling my neck whilst I’m still trying to catch my own breath.

“I don’t think I can either”

A/N - Dang! Is it me or is it hot in here? I hope you all enjoy this chapter ;) *Especially my naughty readers. This chapter is dedicated to all of you*

Also, I'll be posting the Epilogue of this book tomorrow.

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