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4 | Heated Reunion

Phoebe’s POV

The hard concrete wall of the foyer greets my back as my lips frantically dance against his soft plump ones. Our tongues fight for dominance and longing as we take each other in.





Each and every feeling is hammered in our kiss.

As his hands roam around my sequin-clad body, my hands clutch the material of his dress shirt tightly underneath my fingers as the sensation of having him close clouds my senses.

I roll my hips teasingly against his growing bulge which causes him to groan and bite down on my bottom lip, earning a throaty moan from me. I wrap my legs around his torso tightly when his mouth trails down to place wet kisses on the length of my neck.

Oh Blaze…” I try to form words to explain what I’m feeling but fail fruitlessly.

“Oh Tesoro, if only you had any clue on how much I wanted to do this over the last week. I missed you so much” His words drip down my entire being and captivates me with its honesty when he locks his hypnotic Egyptian blue eyes with my forest green ones.

Feeling overpowered with desire, I rip off his white dress shirt which honestly wasn’t as easy as it seemed in those R-rated movies. He laughs softly after witnessing my feeble attempt and pauses momentarily to undo his shirt cuff-links and I try my best not to scoot away with mortification.

After they’re finally off, my hungry gaze travels down his mouthwatering specimen which was now on full display shining underneath the darkness of the moonlight which managed to peek past curtain-covered glass walls.

Shit, how much does this man work out?

I lick my lips on instinct and watch his pupil dilate with a hunger that mirrored mine.

He eases down the spaghetti straps of my teal dress and hums with appreciation when he finds me bare underneath. As his mouth captures one of my naked breasts, his other hand travels down to the slit where he teases my soaked entrance with his fingers. My panties were long gone during the torturous car ride back to his penthouse in Seattle.

I hiss through my gritted teeth when three of his fingers slide inside my slick core.

“Fuck Blaze! I need you so badly…” I trail off and cry out loudly when he nips down on my breast which was currently occupying his mouth.

“I’m right here, love” He drawls out with tantalizing slowness as his tongue swirls around my nipple. I arch my back to provide him more access which he appreciatively accepts.

“No…I need-d you i-inside me now-w” I stutter out as my southern region starts clenching with intense need.

He releases my nipple with a ‘pop’ and moves to ravage the other one harshly and without any warning, I come all over his fingers. My orgasm takes me by surprise that I gasp to regain my breath.

Suddenly he unbuckles his belt and slides me up the cool wall only to lower me on his thick long shaft, making me cry out in both pain and pleasure.

He doesn’t even let me get used to his girth as he keeps on slamming inside me repeatedly.

“Damn it, Tesoro, you feel so good” He huskily speaks out and I claw his shoulder blades for support as he rams inside me.

Each and every touch, movement, and kiss is filled with desperation.

Desperation to have him close

I throw my head back against the concrete wall and moan out loudly as he continuously hits the front wall of my vagina.

A sharp sound of fabric ripping makes me aware of the fact that he has managed to rip my dress as I feel the warm fabric slide down my body, or at least what was left of it.

“What the hell, Blaze?! I liked that one” I whine out but soon clamp my mouth shut with my hand when I feel a scream erupt out of my throat at his growing pace.

He chuckles against the base of my neck where his face was resting and says, “Don’t worry love, I’ll buy you hundreds of these to replace this one”

The vibration of his deep husky velveteen voice travels all the way down to my pussy and before I can give him an earful of my lecture about ‘I can buy my own dress’, my mind blanks when his fingers circle over my clit.

All of a sudden, he carries me over somewhere only he can see as my mind is still dazed with pleasure to even form words properly let alone a darn picture of my surrounding. After a while, my legs come in contact with cold soft leather and it takes me a moment to realize that were inside the living room. The stunning twinkling view of the Seattle skyline was on full display from my line of vision through the artistic high ceiling glass walls.

But Blaze gains my attention when his grip on my hip tightens and I’m compelled to look at him.

“Ride me, love

Those three words

Those three fucking words…

As if my body has a mind of its own, I start bouncing up and down on his large manhood and watch my tits jiggle on his face as he lets out a throaty moan.

It doesn’t take long for him to take charge as he guides my movement with one of his arms snaking behind my back and the other one guiding my hips on his firm member. My breasts start aching with attention and as if reading my mind, he takes one of them inside his mouth and I throw my head back as I ride him.

Soon the familiar shaking of my legs alerts me of my incoming orgasm and my nails dig on his smooth slightly tanned skin harshly.

“Come on Phoebe, let go” He rasps out and his simple words are my undoing as I come all over his shaft which is still pounding inside me.

My gushing juices provide him with more lubrication because the next thing I know, he’s literally jackhammering himself inside me.

Still not composed from my recent high, I squeeze my walls around his growing shaft which earns me another moan out of him.

Soon he releases his load inside me and I feel some of it slide down the side of my thighs as he leans back on the spacious couch, taking me with him.

I rest my head on his chest where his heart laid as we try to regain our breath and I trace my fingers on his smooth skin which was marred with black ink.

“Does it hurt?” I find myself asking him distractedly as I listened to the gentle beats of his heart.

“It did when I first got it done, but not anymore” He murmurs softly and runs his hand down the silk tresses of my hair.

I lift my head off his chest and for a moment I want to ask why he got it done in the first place but decide against it. Leaning forward, I plant a soft gentle peck on his firm plump lips which looked slightly swollen from our previous assault.

I could bet that mine looked even worse than his.

My arms circle his neck as he pulls me closer to him, our bodies molding together like missing pieces of a puzzle.

I laughed inwardly at how corny I sounded right now but all thoughts fly out of my head when I feel his erection twitch underneath me.

“Again?” I ask him teasingly to which nods his head slowly as a smirk finds its way on his face, revealing his cute dimples.

It was obvious that he smiled very less because his dimples were a very rare sight to behold.

“Huh, you seriously thought that I’m done with you this quickly?” He snorts as if I just cracked the stupidest joke of the millennium.

“What if we ruin your couch from all our…” I try to form decent words to clarify to him that our mixed fluids were literally now smeared all over the expensive leather of his couch.

Sensing my discomfort he throws his head back laughing and I feel the blood rushing to my face with embarrassment. I wasn’t a prude but I also wasn’t a dirty talker either. None of my previous partners were vocal during sex.

Hell! I never even ever screamed during my sexual encounters but with Blaze, the only thing I could do was scream my lungs off as he fucked to oblivion.

He’s that good…

“This…” He points at the spot which was glistening with our mixed juices, “…will definitely give the maid something to think of tomorrow. Besides, I can always get a new one”

With that said he slides himself inside me in one swift thrust and at that moment I knew that it’s gonna be a long, long night…

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This chapter is entirely dedicated to all my naughty readers who waited patiently for this update. Love you all!

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