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5 | Warmth

Phoebe’s POV

The harsh glare of the sunlight forces me to blink my eyes open to welcome the bright morning. The curtains were cast aside and on the left side of the sliding door, stood no one other than Blaze himself.

He was dressed casually in a white V-neck t-shirt with black sweatpants that hung on his hips lowly, accentuating the narrowness of his muscular abdomen.

He was smiling down at me warmly and held out a glass of red-colored liquid that looked like cranberry juice. I hoist myself up on the mattress and try my best not to wince visibly as sharp arrows of pain shoot through my entire lower region, making sure that the dark grey silk duvet is wrapped around my naked top. There wasn’t anything that he didn’t see before but it was the first time for me to wake up with him around which kind of made me feel shy.

Usually, I left the room at the whisper of dawn when we were in Monaco. The only time we woke up to each other was the first time we slept together in his childhood bedroom.

I appreciatively accept the glass from him wordlessly and take a tentative sip from it. My face scrunches a little as the unfamiliar taste of slightly sour and sweet juice glides down my throat but still, it felt refreshingly good nonetheless.

“What’s this?” I ask him as I take a long sip of the juice.

“Oh, it’s just Aloe Vera juice mixed with concentrated mixtures of cranberries and raspberries. I usually have them in the morning; I thought that you might like it too. It’s good for health” He replies sincerely and I smile at his caring gesture.

“You were right, it is good. I kinda like the aftertaste that it leaves. Almost like drinking wine”

As soon as the words are out of my mouth, I vaguely muse at how normal our conversation sounds at the moment as if were couples who wake up to each other like this every day.

Although, I don’t mind it one bit if that means that I get to see this fantastic view of Blaze’s freshly showered form. His jet black hair looked still wet from the shower and the familiar fresh smell of his signature aftershave mixed with cologne fills my nostrils as he sits down on the bed in front of me.

“Exactly. By the way, breakfast is served, you should come downstairs”

“Do you have a spare toothbrush lying around or something? I really need to brush my teeth. Sorry, it’s an OCD thing I have” I say sheepishly and watch him enter the door on the right side of the room. It’s probably the bathroom.

“Yes sure. Here” He hands me a white toothbrush that looks brand new.

“Umm, not want to act like a burden but what am I supposed to wear downstairs? You ripped my dress and I don’t even have a slight clue on where my panties are” I say the last part looking at him pointedly and watch him frown at my words.

“What do you mean by burden amore? Don’t be ridiculous! Besides, you were never a burden and neither will you ever be one” He pronounces every word slowly with sheer genuine firmness which leaves my insides brimming with untold happiness.

Not knowing what to say at his sweetness, I offer him a bright smile saying, “Thank you, Blaze. I’ll see you down within a few minutes”

I mean what do you say to this? No one has ever made me feel this special in ages!

‘Uh, honey? Men did try to please you but you were just never interested’ My subconscious shoots me a dirty look over her reading glasses and I immediately dismiss her out of my head.

As if understanding my speechlessness, he offers me a soft smile.

“Good. The shirts are on the hanger and the t-shirts are inside the top drawer of the left side part. Help yourself” He points at the double door on the left side of the bed which I presume is the closet and shrugs before exiting the room when his phone starts ringing.

I stare at his back silently as he saunters out of the room whilst watching him slip back inside his cold stance as he addresses the caller on the other side of the phone.


“This is so good!” I exclaim enthusiastically as I take another bite of the strange sandwich that he served.

The sandwich was really odd. Its outside was coated with a layer of crispy golden crust and the inside was filled with mashed potatoes and chicken mixed with exotic spices and caramelized onions.

A warm smile adorns his face as he watches me eat and takes a bite of his own food.

“Wow, this surprisingly came out good” He comments as he chews his first bite thoughtfully.

I pause momentarily and ask him, “Wait, you cooked this?”

He nods his head in answer and I find myself wondering, ’Is there anything unsexy about this man at all?’

“I thought about experimenting with something new today and knowing that you love anything that resembles a sandwich and croissants, I decided to cook something related to sandwich” He shrugs as if it’s no big deal and I almost fall off my seat at his caring gesture and thoughtfulness.

“Well, I would love to ask you ab-” Before I can finish my sentence, a loud chirpy voice interrupts me and I watch Blaze cringe visibly over his coffee cup.

“Hi, Mr. Hunter! How are you doing?”

I turn around to see a beautiful red-head with flawless pale skin and doe-grey eyes. She was quite attractive but judging from Blaze’s expression, I think he thought otherwise.

The girl looked like she was in her early twenties. She was carrying a huge wicker basket and from the looks of it, it looked like it was filled with groceries. Her smile drops instantly when she spots me wearing nothing but a white cotton t-shirt which barely covered my long legs with the hem stopping just a few inches on top of my knees.

Her grin gets replaced with a sad-torn expression when she takes me in and throws me a look of disgust as if I was a bone in her picture-perfect life.

From the look on her now-shocked face as she takes in the food laid out on the table, it was obvious that it wasn’t a very typical scenario for her to see her boss have breakfast with some lady, which makes me smirk inwardly with evil satisfaction.

I look at Blaze quizzically as he nods in her direction with acknowledgment and faces me to answer my silent question.

“She’s the maid’s daughter,” He says in explanation and continues drinking his black coffee out of his brown mug which had a cute mustache artwork on the top part of it.

“Did you ever fuck her?” I can’t help but ask discreetly so that only he can hear and watch him amusedly, half-choked on his coffee.

“Are you fucking serious? Oh hell no!” He looks at me incredulously and I burst out laughing whilst sighing with relief on the inside.


It was almost 3 pm when I finally reach my house.

Blaze was strongly adamant about making me stay with his sexual tactics but somehow I miraculously managed to resist the temptation besides my pussy was literally aching from all of our heated exertions.

But that didn’t stop us from doing it twice inside the shower and on the bed three times. The best part was when I exited his room looking all flushed and dazed, much to Celine’s horror aka the maid, Savannah’s daughter. I knew that I was vocal with my shouting as he pounded inside me but I couldn’t help but be a tad more vocal with my screams, knowing that the gorgeous red-head is probably outside listening.

What can I say? I loved to mark my own territory, especially when it came to Blaze.

Breaking out of my daze, I send him one last wave before I hurry on the porch of my driveway to escape the rain and turn back one last time to see his gorgeous light cerulean blue eyes twinkling with warmth and some emotion I couldn’t decipher.

He throws me his signature smirk-like smile before he drives his black Lamborghini Veneno out of my driveway. The car catches a few eyes of my neighbors who were sitting on the window seats of their home.

Before their gaze can land on me, I sprint inside the interior of my house. The last thing I want for people is to gossip about my non-existent dating life and lock my door upon entering inside.

However, I instantly freeze when I hear a familiar voice behind me speak up.

“Phoebe Carter! Where the hell were you throughout the entire morning?!”

A/N - Any guesses on the new visitor? Also, what do you think about Blaze’s behavior towards Phoebe?

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