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6 | Drama

Phoebe’s POV

“Mom?!” I squeak out in disbelief.

There she was, standing tall with her arms crossed over her chest was no one other than Darla Louise Carter. She was what people would call timeless beauty. With flawless shiny brown hair and olive complexion, she was a sight to behold.

I still remember a few of my male classmates calling my mother ‘The MILF’, the mere thought of it still makes me cringe. Looking at her often made me feel reassured because I was the exact carbon copy of her except she wasn’t an emotional fuck-up and the fact that she had hazel green eyes whereas mine was a deep shade of forest green which I inherited from my father.

At least I would look hot when I grow old.

She was wearing a black jumpsuit with a shiny silver belt in the middle which accentuated her narrow waist and flaring hips. Her regal attire made me awfully aware of the fact that I looked anything but decent.

I was still sporting Blaze’s white t-shirt paired with a pair of his black sweatpants which looked extremely loose on me.

I could bet that I looked like a fucking hooker!

“Why on earth are you wearing men’s cloth?” She shrieks out and for a moment I almost worry about her suffering a heart attack given to her tone.

“Hello, mother! It’s great seeing you too” I greet her with a nervous laugh and step inside the living room. I plop down on one of the couch casually like it’s no big deal even though on the inside, I was screaming with anxiety.

“Don’t be so casual young lady! Do you have any clue on how worried I was? I thought…I thought…” She trails off and that’s when I look at her to know what exactly she thought.

“I even called for like 30 times last night!” She continues frantically and on cue, I check my phone to see 31 missed calls from mom and 20 missed calls from dad.


Handling mom was no big deal. She was cool in her own way but handling dad was a whole different scenario. It wasn’t like he was too stern or domineering; the problem was I had no clue on how to live down the embarrassment over the fact of my father seeing me dressed like this.

“I’m sorry mom. I had no clue that you’d be in Seattle and I was over at…” I try finding words to say and end up with, “It’s complicated”

“Is he the type of guy whom you guys call fuck-buddies these days?” My mum quizzes me and I almost break my neck when I whip to look at her with my face etched in horror.

Christ mother! What the hell are you even asking? No! We’re not fuck-buddies but that doesn’t mean we’re official either” I try to explain to her but she clicks her tongue in displeasure.

“Well, I hope you make it official soon. After all, you’re fucking him”

“Hah! You fucked dad too but you guys weren’t even dating back then” Her face goes red with mortification at my retort and I suppress my laughter at her expression.

“That was different! At least we had kids, wait till you have kids of your own!” She tries to reason out even though her explanation made no sense. However, my blood runs cold when a sudden realization strikes my head.

Shit! We didn’t use a condom and I did not even take a bloody birth-control pill!

Noticing my terrified expression, my mother’s face softens and she asks me gently, “Sweetie, please don’t tell me that you forgot to use a condom. As much as I would love to have grandkids, from the look on your face, it doesn’t look like you are ready for news like that”

Ready? Hell, I don’t even know if Blaze wants children. That is if I’m ever impregnated by him.

“Oh my God, mum. I-I wh-h” I stutter out as tears cloud my vision with panic. My breath starts coming out in short gasps and my entire being shudders with sobs.

Seeing my state, she rushes over to the kitchen and quickly returns with a glass of water.

“Here, here. C’mon sweetie, deep breaths. It’s going to be ok. We’ll fix this” She tries to soothe me by rubbing my back in a comforting gesture and within a few seconds, the panic starts subsiding.

“For how long have you having unprotected sex, sweetie?” I try my best not to wince at her words but then again, Darla Carter was never the one with a mouth filter.

“Only last night,” I say in a small tone and watch her sigh with relief.

“Ah see! It’s no big deal! Let’s just go to our favorite coffee shop and we’ll grab a Plan B on our way home from the pharmacy” She suggests and continues, “You can tell me all about your mystery man on the way”


“…and then I somehow managed to distract her” I finish with my narrative and look down at the brown glass jar that is now filled with candies.

“Hmm, I see” I hear her mumble and instantly lookup with shock.

Alana Axton never stays this quiet

I was currently sitting inside the warm interiors of Alana’s chamber. I knew that something was troubling her when I noticed her off expression as soon as I stepped inside the warm brown office.

This place was one of my most favorites, quite ironic thinking that I used to dread coming here once.

Polished dark-wood walls dominated the floor and the ceiling was lit up with small halogens that cast a soft ambiance in the entire room. On one side, a huge plush cream three-seat sofa dominated the place and on either side of it were two brown armchairs. The bright floor to ceiling windows was concealed underneath the beige sheer curtains. On the opposite was a huge shelf filled with books about psychology and shiny golden awards. In front of it was a brown mahogany desk and in the very midst of the room was, what I’d personally call, was the high chair, the chair where my therapist usually sat but for some inexplicable reason, she was sitting behind her desk with a hand resting her chin as she kept on gazing far away.

I slightly panic when I see her onyx eyes turn a bit misty as if she’s trying her best to hold her tears at bay.


For fuck’s sake, I’m not the therapist, she is!

I don’t even know how to comfort people except for Ava. Ever since the accident, I’ve been emotionally wrecked in the worst way possible, which has snatched away my ability to feel any type of emotion properly.

For a moment, I envisioned a baby boy with striking Egyptian blue eyes and a head full of raven-black curls. Just the way Blaze looked when he was young.

Which is the reason why I’m here right now, today was such an emotional wreck.

From worrying about being pregnant to dodging my tenacious mother’s bombarding questions regarding my love-life.

Huh, as if you have any’, my subconscious snorts at me and I immediately dismiss her to focus on Alana, who still had the same look on her face.

“Alana” I call her but she doesn’t even look in my direction.

“Alana!” I call out a bit loudly this time which causes her to jump in her seat momentarily as if she’s out from some trance.

“Great. Let me guess I zoned out again, didn’t I?” She asks and drags a hand through her dark brown hair which now had a few red highlights among them.

Can she be any hotter? Her bold chic fashion sense often made mine put to shame.

“I’m sorry. It’s just-” Before she can finish, a man bursts abruptly inside the room and we both look up wide-eyed at the stranger. Behind the stranger was Alana’s assistant, Ella, who looked as if she’s about to faint.

Let me correct myself, a Greek Adonis bursts inside the room.

Hell, if I didn’t meet Blaze first, I would’ve totally let him fuck me in every way he wants. His entire demeanor screamed sex and dominance.

With chiseled jaw to pointed nose along with sculpted lips, bulging arms that were prominent through the rolled-up sleeves of his white shirt, a broad chest that heaved with each breath underneath the fabric of his black waistcoat, he was what you’d call, every woman’s wet dream. Like the type, you read about in erotic novels.

But I’m broken out of my daze when I hear Alana ask, “What the hell are you doing here, si-Rafael?!”

Whoa, did she almost call him ’sir’? He looks nothing like a professor.

Rafael? Oh wow, even his name’s sexy

“Dr. Axton, I-I really-y tried t-to stop him-m” Ella stutters and Alana dismisses her with a look that said, ‘Out, now!’

“What the hell I’m doing? What the hell are you doing here when I told you to stay inside the mansion?” He yells and his deep husky voice booms through the entire room, bouncing off the walls. The man was glaring at Alana harshly with a dark look that screamed hostility.

I turn my head to look at Alana and see her flexing her jaw with her fists clenched.

Oh no, this doesn’t look good

Suddenly this ‘Rafael’ turns to look at me with furious eyes and I almost stop breathing. He had the queerest eye color I’ve ever come across. It almost looked silver-blue but if you looked closely enough, you could see flecks of dark grey near the pupil.

“Can you please see yourself out?” He manages to ask in a polite tone even though it was obvious that he was doing his best to control his rage.

If the circumstances were different, I would’ve protested about how he was supposed to be the one to get out of here, after all, my session has still not ended. However, instead of arguing, I find myself gulping with fear under the scrutiny of his arctic glare.

“What?! She’s not going anywhere! You get out!” Alana shrieks out and I look at the back and forth not knowing what to do.

Precioso Mío, don’t make me do things you’re going to regret” He warns her in a dangerously low voice and takes slow predatory steps towards her.

Like a switch flipped on, her demeanor shifts, her breath quickens as she looks down, glaring at the floor as if it was her mortal enemy.

“Why do you care? I’m nothing, remember?” She speaks in a low tone through gritted teeth with her voice laced with hurt.

Upon hearing it, Rafael visibly winces before his cold mask slips back again. This literally made me feel like I was watching some movie.

“Uh, I’ll just go…” I trail off after feeling like an intruder amongst them. Rafael doesn’t even spare me a glance as he keeps on staring at Alana, who tilts her head in my direction and says apologetically, “I’ll call you to reschedule our session tomorrow. Sorry Pheebs”

“It’s no big deal” I mumble under my breath before nodding at her and immediately scurry out of the study like a rat.

What’s wrong with my life today? It almost resembles a cheesy soap opera right now!

By the time, I reach the parking garage, a ping sound of text alert makes me look at my phone screen and I instantly smile when I see Blaze’s name on it.

He made sure to obtain all numbers. Starting from my phone number to my office landline. Truth be told, it was kind of hilarious, but cute nonetheless. Who knew that someone as ruthless as Blaze Hunter could turn out to be such a sweetheart.

However, there were times when I would find myself wondering about Blaze’s past. Despite feeling safe and comfortable around him, there was something a tad bit shady about his aura too. Not in a bad way, but in a way that stays in your thoughts.

Then there’s the fact that I don’t even know many things about him. Now that I think of it, I can vaguely recall times when Noah will constantly praise his eldest cousin aka Blaze, but unfortunately, the idiot never mentioned his beloved cousin’s name.

Speaking of Noah, I don’t even have any clue to say what to him regarding me and Blaze. What do I even say to him? I mean he’s my best friend after all.

‘Oh hey, here’s a scoop. I kind of whored around with your cousin during the event where you hired me. Or more like where your cousin hired me. Anyways, I hope you don’t mind!’

If that isn’t cringing then I don’t know what is

Most importantly, what was I to even say to Noah. What was there to tell anyway? I don’t even know where Blaze and I stand at the moment.

Fuck buddies? Friends with Benefit? Occasional hook-up? His girlfriend?

Damn it! We really need to talk.

Blaze – Dinner tonight at my place?

Before I could tap ‘yes’ on my keyboard, I pause to think, where the hell is his place anyway?

Sure I’ve been at his penthouse but I was occupied with sucking his face to notice the direction.

Blaze – I’ll send my driver to pick you up if you want to come that is…

Christ! Is this man a psychic or what? The fact that he’s a good face reader did not help my case either.

Phoebe – Sure J I’ll see you at…?

Blaze – How about 6?

Phoebe – Perfect! See you.

I cringed as soon as I sent the last text knowing that I sound a bit too excited.

Looks like we might end up talking tonight after all…

A/N - Well, she definitely wasn’t joking about the ‘soap opera’ part tho. Let me know your thoughts on this chapter! Feel free to comment.

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