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7 | Dinner

Phoebe’s POV

I finished curling my hair when the clock struck 5:30 pm and quickly entered my closet to find a decent outfit for tonight. Honestly speaking, I had no clue what to wear. I didn’t know if this was a date or a simple dinner. I mean what do you wear to a man’s house who you’re fucking?

As I said earlier, sex has never been on my top list of priorities which is another reason why I’ve never had fuck-buddies. Sure I had plenty of one-night stands now and then, but they were just that.

I went on dates too, but the majority of them were spent talking for hours about useless stuff and ended with the men talking, sorry, let me correct myself, boasting, about their job and wealth to the point where I just simply gave up going out on dates altogether.

After rummaging inside the closet for a long time, I finally settle for a chiffon white off-shoulder top pairing it with a light peach-pink short skirt which stopped a few inches on top of my knees.

After quickly getting dressed, I receive a call through the intercom from the area guard informing me about some driver coming to pick me up. On cue, a text from Blaze informs me that his driver, Julian is here and I order the security to let him in.

By the time I’m outside, I notice a black Audi SUV parked outside my porch and a middle-aged man of mid-forties coming out of it. He was dressed sharply in an immaculate black suit and looked stoic as ever.

“Ms. Carter, I’m Julian. I’ll be escorting you to Mr. Hunter’s residence” He grates out in a voice that sounds like he chain-smokes all day but knowing Blaze, I don’t think he would ever employ someone who uses cigarettes, let alone drugs.

As I slip inside the warm interior of the lavish car, I lean back on the black leather seat and close my eyes thinking about what will happen when I reach there.

I couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous because it’s Blaze we’re talking about. The man is the epitome of the word intense.

With that thought in my head, I open my eyes and admire the view of Lake Washington as we zoom past it in the dark of the night.


My white suede heels click on the grey marble floors of the foyer as I make my way to the east direction where the grand kitchen was located. The place was complete dream come true. With high ceilings and glass walls welcoming the stunning vision of Seattle skyscrapers, it was a sight to behold.

I was always the one who enjoyed solitude but nothing beats the feeling of living in a place like this. To some people, the place might represent an ivory tower given to the great space, but to me, it didn’t. The lightings were slightly a bit brighter than my home but it contrasted well with the house setting.

I placed my purse on one of the white fluffy couch and instantly blush when I see a new couch in the middle of the room where we fucked last night.

Oh well, looks like the maid wasn’t able to clean the stain after all…

Speaking of the maid, a woman in her early forties with flaming red hair that was pinned on the side of her head, wearing a white maid’s outfit, saunters past me and heads to god knows where whilst completely ignoring my existence.

I raise my eyebrows in surprise at her behavior and wonder to myself, ‘Looks like his staffs don’t like me’

Then again, who cares? The only person I was concerned about liking me was the owner of this penthouse.

I step inside the kitchen and my heart instantly bursts with joy when I see Blaze interacting with another woman who looked like she was in her early fifties, with pale skin and crisp platinum blond hair which was tied in a high bun. As if sensing my presence, she turns to look at me and sends me a sweet smile, with the skin around her eyes wrinkling which hinted her growing age. Her smile was full of maternal love and affection as she pokes Blaze on the shoulder, who was busy stirring something inside the big cooking pot.

The rich scent of parmesan cheese and herbs wafted through the entire room making my stomach cry with hunger. However, my hunger for food soon gets replaced with the primal need of having Blaze inside me when he turns to look around.

He was wearing a dark maroon shirt with its sleeves rolled up to his forearms pairing it with black jeans. The thick dark veins of his hand contrasted against his fair flawlessly smooth skin and the slight ink of his tattoo were visible through the lower side of his sleeve.

Oh lord, fuck me!

“Hey” I mutter shyly and watch him take teasingly slow steps in my direction as his eyes roam up and down my entire frame. His hot hypnotic melting stare turns me into a lake of puddles as he walks in my direction.

“Hi” He encircles his arms around my waist and pulls me toward him in a quick tug, capturing my lips in a slow rhythmic kiss that leaves my insides tingly with anticipation. Releasing me, his left-hand rests on the small of my back as he introduces me to the elderly woman in front of us.

“Phoebe, meet Evita, who was used to take care of me once as my childhood nanny. Evita, meet Phoebe” He speaks the last line while looking down at me fondly. I smile at the woman in front of me as she strides towards us, holding a dishtowel, and to my horror; she swats Blaze in the chest with it.

“Huh, what do you mean by ‘used to’? I’m still taking care of you young man, in case you haven’t noticed” She scolds him and he laughs at her. The woman was quite short, maybe a few inches shorter than my 5’7 frame.

“Ignore this idiot’s comment, my dear. I’m Evita. It’s so nice to meet you after hearing so many things about you” She gushes and shakes my hand.

Well, at least someone likes me

“It’s nice to meet you too” I reply to her enthusiasm genuinely and watch her leave us, probably to provide us with some privacy.

“I like her. So, what’s cooking?” I ask him whilst circling my arms around his neck as he holds my hips.

“Well since you’re a huge fan of classic Italian dishes. I thought of cooking cheese cream Alfredo pasta with herbs and spices. I hope you like it” He murmurs.

I disentangle myself from him and move towards the kitchen island. I lean over the counter to see the pot boiling with white substance and leaves and judging from the smell, it was certified that the taste of the dish will be phenomenal.

“Dinner looks good” I comment and hear him say in a low tone, “It sure does”

I turn to look at him only to find him eyeing me with carnal hunger lying on the pools of his light cerulean blue eyes.

Trying to steer the topic away from something dark, a thought enters my head.

“You know I went to visit Alana today, you know just for some girly chat” I lie since I don’t him to know that she’s my therapist. Not yet at least and continue, “There was this man who barged inside her chamber and they were kind of in a heated shouting match”

One of his eyebrows arches upwards indicating his surprise and he says, “Alana shouting? That’s weird”

“Yes, and I think his name was Rafael…” I trail off and watch his eyes widen with recognition.

“Whoa, what? Are you sure his name was Rafael? Did he have silver-blue eyes?” He asks me warily and for a moment, a concerned expression on his face.

“Yes…Why? Who is he?” I ask him to which he shrugs.

“He’s a very powerful man and nobody really dares to cross him. From what I know, Alana and Rafael had a history together but I’m still on the blurry side regarding why they parted ways” I nod in understanding to his words and watch him place his phone on the island before striding towards the stove.

“Besides, aren’t you guys’ friends? I thought you knew about it” He states casually whilst getting back to stirring the aromatic concoction.

“We are friends, but we’re just not that close” I offer in my defense as a form of explanation and watch him hum his response.

“Although, I’m curious. How do you know her?” I ask him cautiously.

“I’ve known her since she was a kid. My younger brother, Ian, and Alana are really good friends and both of them even attended the same school until they both left to join college to pursue their own respective careers” He says and I nod in understanding.

We both converse about random things for a while and soon he leads me to the dining table where the mouthwatering dinner was served. The red-haired maid from earlier, along with her daughter Celine, serves our dinner whilst glaring at me with contempt. It took me a moment to realize that the cold maid aka Savannah was no one other than Celine’s mother. Judging from the looks the mother and daughter duo were throwing at me, it was obvious that they probably thought that Blaze would end up falling for Celine.

Talk about being pathetic!

Before Blaze could sit down, Celine strides inside the dining room with a smirk plastered on her face and announces that someone is on the office landline waiting for Blaze.

I grimace inwardly and shoot him a fake smile to assure him that I’m fine while he excuses himself.

I watch the red-haired bitch sneer in my direction and do my best to resist the urge of throwing the black ceramic vase in her unfortunately gorgeous face.

Suddenly, a ping sound of a text alert breaks me out of my murderous thoughts and I peer over Blaze’s phone screen, which he left on the dining table.

I lean forward to see the text sender on instinct and before I can catch a full glimpse, the phone disappears from my line of sight and I turn to see Blaze with a grim expression on his face whilst holding the phone in his right hand.

“Who’s that?” I ask out of curiosity but regret doing so when I hear his next words.

“Nothing that should concern you because it’s none of your business” Every word of his pours down on me like a bucket of ice-cold water. Instead of feeling mad, I feel something inside me break as his cold words sink inside my head.

He’s right. Who am I to him even?

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