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3 | The Meet

Phoebe’s POV

“And this is going to be your room,” He says.

“Miss Carter?” He asks.

Breaking out of my daze I turn towards the voice of the house butler, Gerard. He eyes me warily and I flash him a fake smile whilst nodding my head vigorously to assure him that I heard everything he said.

He briskly nods before leaving me inside the vast room.

It wasn’t just some room. It was regally gorgeous beyond words.

Even after designing so many prestigious homes and decors, I couldn’t help but feel jealous of the architect who designed this entire Castle.

Yes! A freaking castle!

A few minutes after my arrival in France, I was escorted to a luxurious Maybach.

I couldn’t help but release a sigh of satisfaction now and then at the sight of the lush green environment. Huge trees adorned both sides of the road. After a while the trees were replaced with vast green fields, giving a teasing sight of the countryside. The sky was marred with dark grey clouds with a promise of a storm.

But nothing really interested me that much.

My mind was mainly occupied with the event.

I was truly nervous and for the first time in my life, I doubted my expertise.

I was afraid to screw up this opportunity and from what I read on the internet. The Hunters were absolutely ruthless when it came to their employees not like I was one of their workers but basically I was hired to do their job so it was indeed my concern.

One thing I absolutely abhorred was a bad attitude. So, I couldn’t help but feel anxious because I know damn well that I won’t be able to stomach any bad behavior and might end up retorting with some hideous comment which might put my career in jeopardy.

After arriving at what looked like a Victorian-era castle, I was totally impressed.

It was like one of those castles you saw in movies with princess stuck inside hideous towers, except this one was modern and every side of it screamed wealth.

For a moment I was confused after I passed the entrance. The place was eerily quiet and made me think if I was indeed in the right place. But after seeing a familiar figure disappearing in one of the extensive corridors with a phone on his right ear, I was more than convinced that it was indeed my friend Noah. Even after knowing that he probably didn’t notice me, I couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed that he was so busy with work.

‘What were you expecting Phoebe? A grand feast with a darn cake?’ My subconscious snarled at me.

Whilst on my way towards the elite quarter, I find out that the whole place was bustling with people given to the upcoming function, and judging by the look on the butler’s face, it was obvious that he was horrified. This was pretty ironic since I saw no one that I knew of except the rushing figure of Noah.

I did not even see any of my crew members who arrived 3 hours ahead of me but upon interrogating the butler I found out that they were resting in the guest quarter which was a floor below mine.

After the butler left, I settled down on the bed and looked around the ginormous room. It was three times bigger than my bedroom in Seattle and more elegant.

There was a huge queen sized bed with a thick comforter and a plethora of silk pillows piled towards the massive headboard. Huge windows were sealed behind the hefty looking bronze drapes and sheer white curtains. A large Venetian mirror stood out from the entire décor of the room. I couldn’t help but admire the small intricate details and stonework of the mirror closely, it was just so beautiful!

And a ginormous crystal chandelier sealed the deal, making me aware that this is indeed the most magnificent room I’ve ever occupied.

Letting out a groan of tiredness, I sink into the sea of silk and arch my back to soothe my aching muscles which were the result of the long flight.

But my momentary bliss is broken after I heard the sound of an incoming text alert on my phone and begrudgingly picked up the flat device and swiped the screen to find a text from Noah.

Noah – Hey Pheebs, I heard from Rowland- Who the fuck was Rowland?!- that you arrived. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t greet you myself because I was busy with work. I hope you like the new room and if you don’t mind can you please come and visit me in my study. Gerard will fetch you.

Letting out a huge sigh, I rise on my elbows and drag myself towards the door. Gerard looked at me with a stoic expression with his hand hovering mid-air, assuming that he was about to knock before I opened the door. Without another word, he nods towards the hallways and I follow behind him like a lost puppy.

After what felt like 2 minutes, we finally reached a double door with brass doorknobs carved into the shape of a lion’s mouth which Gerard knocked a few times and a while later a soft ‘come in’ was heard from the inside. Opening the doors wide, the butler steps aside to let me in and closes the door behind me.

I notice Noah as soon as I look forward and see him glance up from some documents with a frown which soon gets replaced with a grin upon seeing me. He rises out of his chair and strides towards me to envelop me in a great hug. I wrap my arms around him and smell his woodsy scent, reminding me of much simpler and happy times.

“Goodness grief’s look at you! You look absolutely horrible!” He exclaims with mock horror to which I laugh it off. He did not say anything that I didn’t know before. I indeed looked like shit given the fact that I did not get any time to change after my arrival.

“You, however, look absolutely dashing my friend,” I say teasingly batting my lashes and laugh as soon as I spot a red tint on his cheeks. In fact, he did look good wearing a two-piece suit with no tie. The last time I saw him, he was always wearing casual shirts paired with denim.

“Yeah right,” He rolls his eyes and says “So, did you fall in love with the décor yet?”

I wordlessly look around the tidy study and lines of bookshelves and say “For fuck’s sake cut me some slack! I mean I just arrived” I chuckled.

He offers me a smile and goes around the mahogany desk to pick up some brochures and hands it to me saying “Well, these are the blueprints of the palace and the entire property. There are some instructions set out too for you to go through and in case you have any confusion, you can always call me”

“Wait for a second, a palace?!” I exclaim with widened eyes.

I mean I thought I was going to design this castle ballroom or something.

“Yes a palace, Pheebs” He drawls out slowly like I’m some kid who doesn’t understand A, B, Cs and also adds “You won’t be designing this castle if that’s what you are thinking, then no. The venue is a bit away from this castle and that is where the Ball will be initially held. The file says it all and-” He stops mid-sentence and looks at me guiltily. Before I can ask why I hear the double doors open and feel a presence behind me. Before I look behind I see the shift in Noah’s expression and notice him slightly flushed.

I swiftly turn around and come face to face with a wall of muscle. Slowly, I tilt my face upwards and am instantly lost in pools of crystal blue orbs. They had got to be the most gorgeous set of blue eyes I’ve ever seen in my life framed behind impossibly thick black eyelashes. His jawline looked like it was chiseled by Michelangelo himself and those pink pouty lips promised nothing other than sin itself. And just like that his eyes lock with mine for a second and abruptly breaks contact and moves behind me in long strides towards Noah presumably. I’m faintly aware of his scent which is a mixture of spice aftershave and some expensive body wash. I take a steady breath and calm myself.

After gathering a lot of courage I turn towards the duo and find them both in a heated conversation which I miraculously can’t hear even if I’m standing a few feet away from them.

Suddenly the blue-eyed Greek God looks at me coldly and says “If you are done then leave”

And for some weird unknown reason, I find myself following his harsh command and immediately scurry out of the study.

Upon reaching my room and closing the door, I close my eyes and slide down on the door laying on the floor I replay the event in my head again and again.

This feels so foreign. Never in my 25 years of existence have I felt so...
I don’t even know what to call it.

And as soon as I regain my composure, I’m instantly hit with red hot rage burning through my veins.

How dare he address me like I’m one of his servants? Ugh! The nerve of that man!

I quickly take deep breaths and look down at my appearance and note with disapproval that I indeed look like crap.

My eyes widen as I register the fact that the brute saw me in this attire. It wasn’t like I was wearing rags. I was wearing a peach pink silk top paired with black jeans but compared to his three-piece Armani suit; I sure did look like crap.

Oh, c’mon who cares? YOU care Phoebe! You care what that handsome beast thinks of you!

Cringing at my wayward thought and pull myself up and enter the bathroom to freshen up.

As soon as the hot water hits my skin, I push away the thoughts of him.

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