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8 | Worth

Phoebe’s POV

He knew it

He knew it from the moment when the words left his mouth

It was evident from his guilt-ridden face that he crossed the line

You see this is what I hate, in normal situations like these; I would’ve probably lashed out. But this isn’t normal.


What we have is far from normal if we even have anything at all. Even though I stood stock still like a statue, my insides were hurting from excruciating pain. This is what I hate about mental sufferance, if the pain is physical; sure, just apply for a fucking medicine over it. But the mental pain, oh lord that was a whole different scenario.

The feeling was like a torturous nightmare you can’t get rid of, almost indescribable. Like someone tearing at your insides and you don’t even have any clue on where to apply the ointment or where to seal the wound.

I take a lungful of air to soothe my nerves and without a word; I stand up from my seat and stride towards the leaving room to fetch my purse.

I could hear the distant echo of his expensive Italian shoes hitting the marble as he stalks behind me but that only makes me fasten my pace.

“Phoebe, you can’t just leave!” As soon as the words leave his mouth, I turn around to gape at him with disbelief.

Is this man for real?

His expression was clouded with anger as if I was the one who’s at fault here. Technically speaking, it wasn’t anyone’s fault. I should be relieved to finally know where I stand in his life. I should feel glad to finally have the situation clarified but instead, I feel like a part of me has been shredded into pieces.

“Watch me” I hiss back at him and without sparing him any last glance, I walk towards the foyer in long strides.

However, my vision reverses when I feel a pair of hands swivel me around and clasps my calves. He throws me over his shoulder effortlessly and I feel shock vibrate through my entire system.

What the actual fuck?

Finally, after my equilibrium is reserved, I register from my upside down vision that we’re heading upstairs. Instantly I start hitting his back stubbornly with my fists in a vain attempt for him to let me go. However, my stunt backfires on me when I wince with pain as his muscular back comes in contact with my balled-up fists.

What the fuck, Blaze?! Let me go!” I yell at him as my body bounces up and down with every step that he takes. After hearing my desperate yelling, I hear him chuckle.

Yes, you’ll heard me right. He FUCKING laughed!

I feel my anger increasing tenfold at my helplessness and despite my hands protesting, I keep on hitting him on the back with my hand.

“Hitting me won’t get you anywhere Ciccino,” He says with mirth laced in his voice and I almost resist the urge to hit him with a vase.

Huh, like you’d ever have the guts to do that

As soon as we enter his room, he deposits me on the bed and my body jumps at the sudden movement.

“What is wrong with you?” I shout at him and watch him regard me with amusement which only increases my anger.

“Me? What is wrong with you, love? Since, when did you become so short-tempered?”




The fucking audacity of this asshole!

Before I can counter back, he starts unbuttoning his shirt whilst keeping his gorgeous blue eyes locked with mine.

Holy fuck!

My mind blanks as his muscular frame clouds my vision and soon I feel the evident throbbing between my legs as my core pools with moisture.

Will I ever get used to seeing his body? No

Each contour of his body was carved to perfection and I think I almost drooled right then and there. I snap out of my daze when he starts inching closer to me on the bed until his minty breath is hitting my lips.

“I thought you invited me to dinner?” I manage to croak out.

Lord, I hated this. This whole me turning into a weak-submissive-bitch thing whenever he was near me

I didn’t know what this effect is but I hate it. How can you enjoy something so much even though deep down you hate it?

I hated that he made me feel this weak but I also loved every second of him claiming me.

It is wrong for me

He is wrong for me

Yet here I am

He angles my face upwards and moves closer to me. Just when his lips are a whisper away from mine, he mutters, “Since you’ve lost your appetite. Let me bring it back for you”

I shiver deliciously at his words and my nipples harden from the effect of strong adrenaline coursing through my veins.

“That’s not a good reason…” I say and lick my glossed lips, thanking heavens for not wearing matte lipstick today.

“Well, in that case, let me show you exactly how much you mean to me, Tesoro Mío

Holy hell, fuck me already!

My pussy wets hearing his words and without any thought, I slam my mouth against his and soon he responds to my kiss.

The next few moments pass in a blur of touches and sensations as his hands roam all over my body. Before I know it, we’re both naked and he’s kissing his way down my sternum.

Moans after moans spill out of my mouth as I run my hands over his silky straight jet-black hair.

His tongue runs low and low until it reaches my heated core which is now literally begging for his attention.

Suddenly, he flips me over and latches his mouth on my pussy from behind, making me cry out with euphoria.

Fuck Blaze…





His tongue circles over my clit and two of his fingers enter my pussy as he flicks his tongue over my sensitive bud.

“How are you always so wet, love?” He asks whilst chuckling and the vibration of his voice acts as a stimulation, traveling all the way down to my clit.

I throw my head back as my eyes roll over my head from all the sensation he was giving me. He arches my hips upward to get better access and my hands curl around the silk brown bedsheet as I cry out when my first orgasm embraces me.

Yet he still doesn’t stop…

He keeps on eating me out like I’m his last meal on earth and I keep on panting like a bitch on heat. For a moment I want to taunt him about whose appetite he was talking about but with the rate, he was going on, it was hard for me to even think straight.

Finally, after having his fill, he flips me on my back again and hovers over me. His mouth lands on mine and I taste myself on him as his tongue meets mine in a frenzied dance.

Suddenly it hits me. The door of his bedroom was wide open and probably the whole staff heard me scream. I feel the blood rushing to the surface of my skin at the mere thought of Evita hearing our moans but I smirk inwardly when I think about Celine.

I really hope that bitch hears us

I know, I know, I can be really evil at times but then again, she better start watching her actions around me. I wasn’t the type to tolerate someone insulting or mocking me. I had my fair share of insults hurling in my direction and honestly, it taught me a lot.

I break out of my thoughts when Blaze licks the sweet spot of my neck and my hands curl on his hair to keep him there.

My hips move in anticipation of having him inside me and he clasps them to stop my movement.

“Don’t move or I won’t hesitate to tie you up” He teasingly threatens me and despite the playful look, I knew full well that he indeed won’t hesitate to tie me up.

“Then stop toying with me…” I whimper as he engulfs my left breast inside the heat of his mouth and circles my erect nipple with his skillful tongue.

“All in good time…” He murmurs and continues sucking, which makes me arch my back to give him more access. He doesn’t leave my other breast unattended as his fingers gently twist the swollen bud, elongating it further under his sensual touch.

I scream helplessly with pleasure as he gently bites on it whilst pinching the other one. The pain felt bearable but the pleasure that followed left me breathless.

When he finally positions his erect member at my entrance, I almost sigh with happiness but instead of entering me, the crown of his erection rubs softly over my wet folds as if lubricating it.

Both of his hands rest on either side of my head as he locks his intense Egyptian blue eyes with mine. I gulp at the intensity of those beautiful blue orbs and flutter my eyes close when his feather-soft lips drop on top of mine.

For the first time, there’s no rush in his kiss except it’s filled with longing and sweetness.

He breaks away from me and slowly he enters me, making me feel each velveteen firm inch and veins of his thick hard manhood.

I gasp reveling in his possession as he stretches my inner walls until he’s fully inside me.

I moan in quest of wanting the pace harder but he pulls away with a slight smirk on his face and before I can pull him back to me, he clasps his hands with mine and pins them down on the soft mattress in a warning gesture.

“Blaze” I whine away wanting more, “Please…

“Have some patience, amore” He says huskily with his thick accent and slowly pushes himself inside me again.

My mouth is wide open to gain some oxygen in my system and he keeps on repeating this pattern.

Slowly moving in

And out


And out

He keeps up with the same pace and warmth envelops my body as his entire frame covers mine. In my hazed state, my eyes run over his heavily built-up form. Watching the veins of his arms flex, the dark lines contrasting with his lightly tanned skin as he plunges in and out, I cry out as my legs wrap around his muscular torso tightly, wanting more of him.

Everything about his movement was slow, gentle, unhurried, and intense as if he has all the time in the world.

For me!

My body lights up in flames at the turmoil of emotions that swirl inside my chest.

Pressing my face against the silk pillows, I moan loudly as his pace starts growing aggressively fast.

He moves my face out of the pillow with his hand and whispers “Scream all you want, love. The walls are soundproof”

He doesn’t need to tell me twice as I almost scream my lungs off when he lifts one of my legs over his shoulder and thrusts inside me harder and even deeper than before, successfully hitting my g-spot over and over again.

My body arches off the bed as my legs stiffen and soon I fall off that now-familiar unknown precipice through which only Blaze is capable of throwing me off.

“Fuck Blaze…”

I cry out his name over and over again like he’s my prayer.

Soon I feel his dick spasm around my vaginal walls, swelling even further making me wonder how that’s even possible.

Soon he grunts out his own release, filling me to the brim with his warm juices.

I wrap my arms around his neck and my hand leisurely trails down over his well-built back, feeling every muscle relax underneath my fingers as we both regain our breath.

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