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9 | Interruptions

Phoebe’s POV

His gentle fingers play with the loose strands of my disheveled hair as I rest my right cheek on top of his chest, over his heart, feeling the gentle rhythmic beat.

“You know…” I lift my head from his chest slightly, instantly missing the warmth of his skin as I move away to stare into his hypnotic blue eyes, “You really know how to get a girl’s appetite back don’t you?”

He chuckles lightly and turns to check the clock on his bedside which now reads 1:00 am.

“I have my talents, what can I say?” He replies coyly.

That was indeed true.

We have been going at it for four hours straight and right now my body felt like a total train wreck although I can’t say the same for him.

“That you do…” I peck the spot right above his heart and feel the skin rising a bit quicker than usual underneath my lips.

Placing one last kiss on my lips, he pulls the duvet higher up over my naked body and rises from the bed.

Suddenly it occurs to me why exactly we ended up here and I feel myself recoiling away from facing him.

Noticing my shift in demeanor, he opens his mouth to say, “What’s wron-”

I cut him off and curtly say, “I need to go”

His expression clouds with confusion as he edges towards me.

“I’d rather go home than stay here, Blaze. Don’t think that you succeeded in distracting me from your behavior. I get it that I mean nothing to yo-” This time he cuts me off as he storms towards me with a seething look that sends chills down my spine.

He kneels in front of me and says, “What do you mean, Tesoro Mío? Don’t ever say stupid things like that again! Don’t you understand how much you mean to me? Sure I got mad earlier and I also said some harsh things. But I didn’t lie. It is indeed none of your business because it doesn’t concern you.

“Yes I said it rudely and there are some things I’d rather you don’t have any knowledge about. Not because I don’t care about you. It’s because I don’t want you to get mixed up with that shit. It’s not my place to tell you. I just want to protect you and the only way to do that is by not telling you as absurd as it may sound”

Every word of his is spoken with genuine honesty and I find myself nodding over to his words.

“I’m sorry for storming off like that earlier” I mumble my apology and wonder.

He wasn’t wrong. I knew that there was something about Blaze but in my opinion, that only made him more human. Everyone has their own flaws and secrets. After all, nobody is perfect. If everyone was perfect, there would’ve been nothing new to learn.

We both have our ups and downs and yet we’re still here.

“It’s ok. I was wrong to say it like that anyway. Besides, don’t ever think that I’m letting you go that easily” He says and offers me his sweet dimple kissed smile which instantly makes my heart do somersaults with happiness.

“I’ll hold you on to that Mr. Hunter”


God I love this…” I croon in a sin-song voice as I swallow the last piece of sauteed mushroom.

Man, did he know how to cook…

“Thank God for that,” He says relieved and I roll my eyes at him.

Shrouded in the darkness of the night inside the penthouse, we ate our food in silence with him munching on his cheeseburger.

Yes, you all saw it correct, the famous reserved billionaire was munching on cheeseburger like it was caviar served on a golden platter.

I watched him eat with an inexplicable sense of ease. With the lights off, the neighboring city lights of the skyscrapers highlighted his rugged features. His long eyelashes cast long frisky shadows over his high cheekbones which moved in sync to his mouth as he kept on talking about something I have no clue on since I was busy gawking at him.

God, could he be any more dreamy?

Noticing my lack of response to his words, he looks up and intertwines his gorgeous blue eyes with mine. Those beautiful light cerulean blue eyes were like tidal waves, calming over me with its coolness.

“What is it Tesoro Mío?” he asks with amusement swirling inside his cerulean blue orbs.

I feel blood rushing to my cheeks and inwardly scold myself for appearing like one of those sappy stupid teen girls.

Oh for fuck’s sake, Phoebe. Get a grip!

“Oh, nothing. I was just admiring the view” I motion my wine glass in his direction and his eyes widen at my bold declaration.

What? I was never the one to shy away from the truth. Men deserved to be admired openly too…

“Oh well, good to know that I’m not the only one,” He says and shrugs whilst I smile at him coyly.

Suddenly, he stands up from his seat and heads to the direction of the kitchen whilst holding his plate on the other hand. I continue eating my food in absolute silence and presume that he probably went to get more fries.

Yes, I’m not kidding.

Blaze loves fast food THAT much

For some inexplicable reason, I smile over this. I mean the fact that he loves something as simple and trivial as cheeseburgers like many of us, makes him appear sort of…normal

If that even makes sense.

I’m broken out of my silent reverie when I feel two warm arms wrapping themselves around my waist and giggle when I feel his hot breath hit my neck, leaving a tickling sensation in its wake.

Goosebumps run over my spine as I feel my nipples strain against the linen fabric of his shirt which I was currently wearing along with my lingerie underneath it.

At this point, my mind was used to the idea of my body reacting this way towards his touch.

“What do you say about going out tomorrow?” He whispers beside my ear and I turn to look at him with confusion.

“What do you mean?” I voice out my question and for a moment his expression falters as he nervously gulps but he soon masks it with his calm expression.

“Out as in for dinner, somewhere out. Like a…date?” He asks almost as if he was asking himself.

I raise one of my eyebrows at his question and study his face. He looked quite determined but his eyes told a different story. It was almost as if he couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“Are you sure?” I ask him while emphasizing the pronoun ‘you’. Honestly, I was just a tad bit disappointed at his confusion over his actions. It just proved further that he was unsure about us and damn did it hurt like a bitch.

I drop my eyes down at my nearly finished plate of food and instead of picking up my fork, I swallow a huge gulp of the white wine and feeling a bit courageous, I drawl out cautiously whilst monitoring his expression, “What are we, Blaze?”

He looks thoughtful for a mere second and before I know it, he turns me around and picking me up, I wrap my legs around his hips for support as he places me on the dining table and moves between my legs whilst rubbing gentle circles around my thighs.

“I’ll be honest, Phoebe. It sounds like a hard question to answer but then again I’ve known the answer for a long time but I just don’t know how to phrase it out” Once again, his honesty floors me and I find myself nodding in understanding.

He wasn’t the only one facing this dilemma. We were on this together, maybe a few pages apart on the same book. I wasn’t going to lie; I had no single urge or desire to be in a relationship because commitment always complicates things.

I avoided commitment like one avoided plague. After being in a string of bad relationships (If you even call them relationships), I was thoroughly tired.

However, with Blaze, I was willing to try. But there were just so many things rearing to tear us apart. Like my lack of commitment no matter how much I feel for him, the fact that he is Noah’s cousin doesn’t help things either.

Honestly, I never understood the fuss of dating your friend’s somewhat of a sibling but now being in such a similar position, made me understand its complications.

I sigh loudly.

“Hey, look at me,” He says gently and I feel myself locking my eyes with his hypnotic blues.

“I want you to be-” He gets cut off when the dinging sound of the elevator from the foyer resonates through the room and my eyes widen with alarm when I hear a pair of loafers smacking against the tiled floors of the penthouse.

A/N - Let me know your thoughts and any guesses on who might be this unexpected visitor? ;)

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