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10 | The Unexpected Visitor

Phoebe’s POV

Unlike me, Blaze looked annoyed at the interruption but as his eyes land on top of my exposed cleavage peeking out of his shirt, he instantly pulls me off the table and hisses out, “Go get dressed, I’ll go and see who it is”

I nod in haste and sprint towards the direction of the master bedroom which was thankfully away from the foyer from where the sound of footsteps was coming from.

Once inside the confines of his large bedroom, I whip my head from side to side, searching for my clothes which were lying over the floor, strewn in all directions.

I momentarily facepalm myself at the situation and instantly shudder thinking about this ‘unexpected visitor’.

Holy shit, is it Noah by any chance?

Without wasting any more time, I quickly get dressed and rush to the washroom to fix my appearance.

As soon as I face the mirror, I cringe visibly when I see my disheveled self. My once-curled hair was now lying in a pile of messy beach waves and I go back inside the room to look for my purse to get my comb but grimace instantly when I realize that I left my purse on top of the kitchen counter.

Fuck my life!

I quickly head inside Blaze’s walk-in closet to look for a comb and jump with glee when I find one on top of the vanity table.

After brushing my hair to remove the tangles, I pull it up on a high ponytail and use one single strand of my hair to use it as a make-shift band for holding my hair in place.

Lastly, I splash some water and pick up a white fluffy towel from the towel warmer, and rub my face with it gently to remove the excessive water. After glancing at the mirror one last time, I head outside and hear distinct voices coming from the living room.

Two voices to be precise

One of them, I recognize as Blaze’s and the other deep velveteen one sounded unknown.

Thank God, at least it’s not Noah…

I stop in my tracks, deciding not to go any further. I mean for fuck’s sake, I don’t even know who’s on the other side of the wall, which was currently separating me from the duo who were lounging on the other side.

Feeling kind of curious, I strain my ears to listen to what they were discussing.

“…Oh I know right! Dad’s been on my case since that incident on the school grounds. I mean I’m an adult for Christ’s sake. What was he even thinking?” The other voice speaks out with frustration lacing his voice.

“Well, you didn’t exactly leave him with many choices did you?” I hear Blaze say and frown thinking that this guest might be.

“Tell me about it! Anyways, do you mind if I crash over at yours tonight? I really don’t want to go back to the mansion tonight. Don’t worry; I’ll start looking for an apartment tomorrow right away”

“You can stay here for as long as you need. When has it ever been an issue?” Blaze sounds kind of hurt at the stranger’s request and I strain my ears to hear the other guy’s response.

“I know I know big bro and it truly means a lot. I just can’t stand dad’s inquiry at the moment…” The other voice trails off and I freeze when I hear the words ‘big bro’.

Big bro? Fucking shit, is that Blaze’s younger brother?

“Oh hey, did you know what happened at our restaurant yesterday?” The other voice speaks up excitedly and I hear Blaze sigh before asking, “What happened?”

“I heard that Noah was having dinner with some crazy hot chick and they were quarreling and it ended up with the girl throwing a wad of cash right in Noah’s face before she stormed away” He bursts out laughing and I frown over his words.

Some hot chick having dinner with Noah? Storming out of some restaurant?

“Hot chick? Is it someone we know?” Blaze’s tone mirrors my skepticism and I lean further against the wall to hear the other guy’s reply.

“I think so. Oh wait, I think I saw her in our annual charity ball’s photograph. You know, the one with black hair and killer body”

My eyes widen upon recognition.

Fuck, he’s talking about Ava!

Before I have the time to think about what I heard any further, the vibration of my cell phone resting on my hand halts my thoughts and I look down to read the text from Blaze.

Blaze – Come downstairs, my brother’s here. I’d like you to meet him.

My eyebrows rise in surprise upon his request.

So, now he wants me to meet his family. Could he be any less confusing?

I wait for a few seconds so that he doesn’t know that I’m already downstairs, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Christ! I can’t believe this! Since when did I turn into such a nosey bitch?

Taking a deep breath, I stride towards the direction of the living room and find Blaze leaning over the armrest of a white couch whilst talking with a man who has his back turned towards me.

Sensing my presence, Blaze looks up, and instantly, a sweet smile graces his lips followed by a dark heated sensual stare that leaves my insides burning with desire. Following his gaze, his brother turns to look behind.

I had to admit, both of the Hunter men shared a striking gene pool. He was wearing a grey t-shirt paired with black jeans. Blaze’s brother was the actual replica of him except he had golden-brown eyes instead of Egyptian blues like his elder brother. Shock contours his features as he takes me in.

Blaze rises from his position on the couch and saunters towards me in long steps. Upon reaching me, he snakes his left arm around my waist in a possessive gesture, and the next few words he utters leave me breathless.

“Ian, I want you to meet my girlfriend, Phoebe. Amore, meet my brother, Ian” He introduces us but my mind stays stuck on the word, ‘girlfriend’.

Ian steps forward with an outstretched hand in my direction and breaking out of my daze, I take his offered hand and shake it.

“It’s good to meet you, Phoebe,” He says genuinely with his golden-brown orbs twinkling softly and I instantly warm up to him.

Suddenly, as if something dawned inside his head, he raises his eyebrows and eyes me warily with a finger pointed in my direction.

“Wait, I think I saw you somewhere. You were the girl standing beside the hot chick! Also, aren’t you Noah’s best friend?” I inwardly wince at his question and feel Blaze’s grip on my waist tighten.

“Uh, hot chick?” I ask after deciding to play dumb and look at Blaze for answers.

“There was some woman having dinner with Noah. Apparently, they had a fight which resulted in the woman storming off. I think it’s Ava” He shrugs and I find myself shaking my head.

“That’s almost impossible…” I trail off whilst laughing nervously.

I mean, it is indeed impossible. Ava is a very soft-spoken person who is used to hiding her pain. I make a mental note to call her first thing in the morning.

“Ah, does our little Noah know about the fact that you’re dating his best friend?” Ian asks and we both look at him.

I feel the muscles of Blaze’s arm tense as he shrugs.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s not like I’m screwing his girlfriend. We are all consenting adults here. Whatever we do is none of his business” Blaze says with a cold edge on his tone and I watch Ian wince momentarily under his brother’s glacial stare before slipping back to his earlier playful mode.

“Well, I’m happy for you, I guess. Anyways, I’m tired as fuck and would love to retire to bed. Can I occupy the guest bedroom downstairs?” He asks Blaze, to which he nods his head.

“Sure. Go ahead” Blaze motions his hand to the end of the hallway and Ian smiles at us one last time before heading in the direction of I what I presume to be the guest room he was talking about earlier.

When Ian leaves our line of sight, I turn towards Blaze and cautiously say.

“So…girlfriend, huh?” I ask him warily and he shoots me a cute dimpled lopsided smile which makes my insides melt.

“I don’t think there’s any other way to describe it, mi amore” He drawls out in his signature sexy accent and I wrap my arms around his neck.

“I don’t remember getting asked properly” I feign thinking and he throws his head back laughing.

“Well, what can I say? My brother has really shitty timing. So, tell me, Phoebe Carter, would you like to go out on a date with me even though I suck at this whole romance crap” He says with genuine warmth and I peck on his cheek before replying, “I’d love to”

And the rest is history…


“I still don’t like the arrangement over there, Courtney. We need a new designer to replace Franco, ASAP. If the other companies get wind of the fact that famous Franco De Luca was fired from The UrbanCresent, they will start flocking around the building like greedy vultures” I sigh and rub my temples in sheer frustration as I regard the blue loopy pattered curtains with disdain and I swear, I’m one step away from hyperventilating.

Our regular designer overstayed his leave this time due to his alcohol addiction and honestly, it was time, we started looking for a new one before the news leaked out.

Franco De Luca was highly regarded by everyone in the art world due to his mind-blowing modern abstract designs and I was truly honored to have him on my team but over the last two years, he has been more of a burden than an asset.

If the word about Franco’s unemployment from UrbanCresent gets out, we’d be in deep trouble.

“Find me a new designer who’s even ten times better than Mr. De Luca. I only want the best. Offer that designer twice the position’s price if needed but make sure that he or she is the best!” I continue and make my way to my office room.

I hear the familiar paper rustling sound of my loyal PA’s notebook as she furiously scribbles down my commands.

God, it felt good to be back at work…

The rush of getting the work done on time, visiting numerous sites, planning and designing various properties that needed innovation, being the boss bitch – Damn it felt good!

“Ms. Carter, I forgot to tell you that an elite society client is waiting for you along with his girlfriend inside your office” I stop in my tracks and turn around to face my assistant who looks slightly out of breath. Her ginger brown hair looks disheveled and I notice dark hideous circles underneath her eye bags.

“Yeah sure but Courtney, are you…ok?” I ask her genuinely and she looks up at me with surprise. I wasn’t shocked by her incredulous expression.

It wasn’t a secret that Phoebe Carter was a heartless bitch towards her employees but I had to admit that I was going kind of soft these days.

You do have a heart, Phoebe…” Alana’s words circle back inside my mind and I shake my head to get rid of my deep thoughts as I refocus my attention back on Courtney who was now literally huffing to catch her breath.

Jeez, am I the only one who’s fit around here?

“I’m fine Ms. Carter. It’s just the time of the year. The cramps are just a bit more painful than usual” She says whilst waving her hand around and I nod in her direction in understanding.

“Just drink hot water or use a hot water bag. It’ll help” I advise her with a small smile playing on my lips and move in the direction of my office as she follows up behind me.

As I swing the doors of my office open, without looking at the visitors, I head towards my desk, opposite to where they were seated, and turn to face them with a polite smile on my face.

However, my smile falters and blood drains out of my face when I register my visitors.

Seated in front of me, was no one other than Nate Woodward along with Jane Avery by his side.

A/N - Oh no, looks like our Nate is back. Let me know your thoughts on this chapter!

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