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13 | The Reason

*Warning - Contains triggering content relating to suicidal ideation*

Phoebe’s POV

Before I can land another slap on his pathetic face, a pair of arms wrap around my torso, preventing me from doing it.

“Shit! Pheebs, control!” I hear Kyle say behind my back as I struggle to free myself from his hold.

“Who the fuck called this asshole here?! He doesn’t deserve to see her. It’s his entire fault!” I shriek out, not caring who heard me.

“Wait, what?” Kyle says unsurely and as his arms loosen around me for a fractional second, I use that opportunity to free myself from his hold and charge towards Noah again, who’s staring at me with utter shock.

Before I can grab hold of him, a familiar pair of arms wrap around me in a deathlike grip as I bawl my eyes out in frustration.

Oh for fuck’s sake

“Stop, Phoebe! This is not the place for this” Blaze hushes me and I calm down a little after hearing his voice.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Noah points his finger in Blaze’s direction and I feel Blaze’s body go stiff. If things were different, I would’ve come up with an excuse to hide my relationship with him but at this point, screw Noah. He can fuck himself for all I care.

“He’s here because he’s my boyfriend!” The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them and I instantly cringe when I hear them.

Shit, that sounded so clingy…

At first, Noah looks at me with disbelief but soon his expression changes like he’s amused.

Amused at me

“God, Pheebs! Have you gone delusional?” He mocks me which eggs on my anger even further. Before I can come up with a retort, Blaze beats me to it.

“No cousin, she’s not delusional. She is indeed my girlfriend and like any good boyfriend, I’m here for her” Blaze remarks in his glacial tone, and soon Noah’s expression clouds with anger.

“Is this a fucking joke? What the hell, Phoebe? You knew how much I hated my girlfriends swooning over my cousin. Did he screw you or something?” He speaks with disgust and having had enough, I finally speak up.

“Yes, he screwed me. He screwed me so good. Also just a tiny reminder, I was NEVER your Noah. Never was and never will be. Get this tattooed in your brain if needed. I care for your cousin and it was never on my agenda to get involved with him. But it happened ok? It happened and I’m glad it did. I don’t know what made you think that I’m yours but get over that idea. Yes, we dated once but that meant nothing, ok?” I huff out.

As soon as I utter the last sentence, Blaze looks at me with shock and I realize that I never told him that I dated Noah back in High school once.

Fuck it! Who cares?

“How could you, Phoebe? I loved you-” Before he can finish the sentence, I cut him off.

“I don’t care, Noah. Ava loved you too and look where she ended. You knew how sensitive she is and yet how could you say it to her? Fuck you, asshole. I hope you rot in hell and I swear to God, if something happens to Ava, Blaze’s cousin or not, I’m going to ruin you with everything I have!” I warn him and watch his face lose color with every passing second.

“Ava loved me? That’s impossible” His voice is just a notch below whispering and I almost strain my ears to listen to him.

“Oh wow, just exactly how dumb are you Noah? How blind are you to not have noticed it?” Kyle butts in and for a moment I feel attacked by his question.

‘For fuck’s sake, I did not notice it too…’ I say to myself but keep quiet.

“How could you say such vile things to her Noah? Didn’t Zia and Zio teach you anything about respecting a woman? You know full well that our PR team would’ve been able to fix your ‘reputation’ as you quoted, you knew it all! Despite all your faults, she still apologized, how could you verbally abuse her after all that apology?” Blaze exclaims with anger and I frown at the unfamiliar terms, ‘Zio and Zia’.

“How is all this my fault even?! She is the one who insulted me in the middle of the public and the news spread amongst people like wildfire. So, in the heat of the moment I called her an attention-seeking slut and told her that I don’t ever want to see her face and that she’s better off without living her pathetic life” He finishes and before we all know it, he lands on the ground with a heavy thud when Kyle’s fist hits his jaw.

“Get the fuck out of here before I finish you with my bare hands,” Kyle says in a menacingly cold tone, something which I never have seen him use in the past, and before things can escalate further, the security guards magically pop out of nowhere and takes Noah away from us.

I breathe out a sigh of relief and regret not telling that son of a bitch that we aren’t friends anymore. At least, I don’t want to be friends with that spineless egocentric bastard anymore.

“Are you guys out of your damn mind?! This is a hospital for crying out loud! Not only are you disturbing other patients, but you’re also disturbing Ava too!” A familiar female voice speaks up with frustration and I turn around to see Alana dressed in a casual pair of black jeans and a purple cami top pairing it with a black leather jacket. She looked anything but a doctor but the clipboard holding papers in her left hand proved otherwise.

“Oh c’mon, it’s not like the walls are made of lace-” Alana scowls in Blaze’s direction which causes him to shut his mouth directly.

Looks like I’m not the only one who’s scared of Alana’s wrath

“We are truly sorry for the commotion, err?” Kyle says contritely and looks at her expectantly for her to say her name.

“Dr. Alana Axton. I’m the psychiatrist who will be monitoring Ava’s health whilst she stays here and after seeing her condition, I’m afraid that her duration of staying here might be quite long” She says sheepishly with a grimace and shrugs.

She looks up from the floor and with her eyes, she motions for me to come closer to her. Getting the hint, I walk in her direction and ask her, “How is she, Alana?”

“If you want me to be honest, so then be it. She’s going through hell Pheebs. Which reminds me, I actually have to ask you some important questions and I need you to answer them for me properly. No slip-ups are allowed” She says firmly and I nod my head to confirm my agreement.

“Absolutely. What do you want to know?” I ask her.

“Did you know about her taking anti-depressants?”

“Uh, yes”

“When did it first start, in your knowledge?”

“Her first doctor prescribed her some when she was in grade 6”

“Do you by any chance know what kind of antidepressants she used to consume?” I rack my brains for answers and a momentary vision of Ava downing a blue capsule comes into my head.

“I don’t remember the name but I think it was a capsule…a blue one!” I exclaim when the vision gets clearer.

I watch her scribbling down notes on her clipboard as I wait for her next question.

“Did you know that she was in contact with high-powered anti-depressants?” She inquires me and I shake my head.

“What? No…” Then it suddenly hits me. All those mood swings and crying back in Monaco, holy shit! How did I miss them all this time?

Seeing my expression, Alana answers, “Yes, Phoebe. Whatever abnormal behavior she was doing was because of the side-effects of the medicine. A high amount of paroxetine was found in her blood sample. It’s either that she’s been using the drug for over a long time or it might be that she overdosed on it. Whatever the cause was, the excessive melatonin reacted with the paroxetine violently which is why the effect was instant. Just be glad that you bought her to the hospital on time, if you were just a tad bit late, I’m afraid she would’ve died a long painful death…” She ends her narration with a long sigh and I just keep on staring at the flower pot with sadness.

How was I so blind to never notice all this?

Sure, it wasn’t like we were attached to the hip or anything but this far? How did I let things go this far?

“Don’t beat yourself up, Phoebe. Depression can happen to anyone at any time. It’s unstoppable and unpredictable. There is nothing you could’ve done anyway so stop feeling guilty. Just try to stay strong for her. She’s going to need you. Also, did you contact her family?” She asks me and I shake my head to which she frowns.

“Trust me; they are better off not knowing. Ava would kill me if she finds her parents here because of her attempted suicide stunt”

Alana nods her head in understanding and leaves when one of the nurses calls her name.

“Do you want to meet her?” She says before leaving and I instantly whip my head in her direction with a hopeful smile.

“Can I? Like am I allowed?”

“Yes but you have to wear protective clothing along with a mask and gloves to avoid germs spreading. The ICU is a very important unit; you kind of need to follow the rules. Also, I’m afraid that you can’t touch her either”

I nod my head frantically and say, “Anything, I’d do anything for her. I just need to see her even if it means glimpsing at her through small glass holes”

“Well then, follow me” She motions in the direction of a room beside the ICU double doors, and looking back one last time, I see Blaze and Kyle nodding in my direction before I follow Alana.

Within a few minutes after following all of the nurse’s instructions, I enter the ICU hall and am instantly surprised when I see the interior. It was like normal hospital hallways, except there were two nurses assigned outside each glass-walled room and all the rooms were close to each other. In the midst were young doctors wearing scrubs, rushing in all directions, and picking up calls. I look around through the glass walls and see nothing but sick people with tubes attached to their bodies.

The area consisted of very few people and surprisingly there was no one other than the nurses and the duty doctors.

“Here…” I hear Alana say and turn to see a similar glass room where Ava laid.

Instantly a sob broke out of my chest when I witnessed her frail body which was covered in a flimsy dotted hospital gown. Her eyes were closed and two tubes joined to one long pipe which I assumed as the oxygen supply was attached to her nose as she breathed gently.

My heart lurched at the sight and the only thing I could do was just stare at her face. Even in a sedated state, she looked troubled. Gone were the laughing lines of her face, it was now covered with fresh white bandages.

“Can I-I, just-t go a-a bit-t near her-r?” I ask shakily as I try to rein my body from the convulsive sobs that threaten to spill out of my throat.

“You can but you have to maintain 6feet distance” Alana answers and I nod my head wordlessly before entering the glassed expanse.

The room looked blearily dark with very minimum lighting and the LED lights of the monitor showing her pulse flashed right in my face as the numbers keep on descending and ascending.

I kept my focus on the monitor because I was too afraid to face her. I was mad. Mad at myself for not being the friend that she deserved. Finally taking a deep breath, I face her sedated form and whisper.

“From now on, I’ll be the friend you deserve Aves. I can’t lose you. I can’t lose the only person who has ever been there for me…” With that said, I make a silent vow to always protect her from all the bad things in this world.

A/N - Will Phoebe be able to keep her promise to Ava? Let me know your thoughts on this chapter!

Also, I know I didn’t write much about Blaze and Phoebe in this chapter but just know that this book also focuses on character development. This is why I wanted to portray things that occur in daily life. As I said from the beginning, this is not a typical fairy-tale romance.

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