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15 | Agitation

Phoebe’s POV

I stare at the TV listlessly just to feel the silent void that keeps on nagging me about all the things that have been going on. Honestly, with the way things escalated over the last three days, I don’t think I’ve ever had the time to just sit down and think about it all thoroughly, and not that I’m doing it, I feel like bawling my eyes out.

For fuck’s sake, I almost lost my best friend!

The mere thought of it brings fresh tears to my eyes. As much as I want to steer that image out of my head, I can’t. It’s like someone hard-wired it inside my brain. The vision of her inside her house, lying like a carcass with blood surrounding her…

I shake my head to get rid of all those painful thoughts.

Ava was hurting. She was hurting so much. My mind drifts back to all those times when she would cut herself because it felt euphoric to her and unfortunately, I can relate to that feeling. Both of us were self-destructive at some point but as life moved on, so did we.

But did she ever move on?

I wasn’t sure when the doctors will pull her out of the coma but I’m trying my best to prepare for it. I lied to that stranger when I said that I was over at Ava’s place to pick up a few things of mine, actually, I was there to clean up her mess of a condo.

It was like a fucking tornado over there. Expensive glass pieces and statues that she spent years collecting from all over the world, all of them now lied in a heap of dusty mess on her floor.

It took me almost six hours to get the place looking clean and fresh like before with the help of cleaners minus the broken statues and figurines. However, I figured that replacing the vacant areas with flowers will do a good job too. At least it will suffice for the moment.

Then there’s Blaze.

Oh my God

Never in my life have I ever thought that I’ll meet someone like him. I’m not saying that he’s ‘oh-so flawlessly perfect’, I’m saying this because he has flaws. He has his secrets about which I have no fucking clue. I didn’t forget the fact that I saw a man beaten to a pulp in Irisfield’s cellar. I also remember how he left me in his room like a whore after making me cum. I remember it all. There is something secretly shady about him but I know that I shouldn’t comment on it.

Then there’s my fight with Noah. I kind of missed that asshole. No matter what he did, I couldn’t deny the fact that he was there for me when I needed a friend. But instantly I wipe away all thoughts of forgiving him when I remember how much pain he has caused Ava.

Knowing that the type of forgiving soul Ava is, she’ll forgive him. But I pray to God that she doesn’t repeat her mistakes.

It wasn’t a secret that Noah always took Ava for granted. Each time Noah fucked up, Ava would forgive him and resume being friends with him but this time, he clearly crossed the line.

The pinging sound of a text alert makes me look at my phone which was resting on top of the wooden coffee table and I lean forward to look at the sender and instantly freeze.

Nate – I heard what happened with Ava. I hope she gets well from the Anemia attack. Inform me whenever you’re ready to talk about the project.

I secretly thank Kyle for informing Nate about Ava’s made-up condition on my behalf and slump down on the couch whilst taking a pillow to hug it.

Life felt like such a mess and suddenly, I had this overwhelming urge to cry. Just to simply cry myself to sleep. I know that I sound pathetic but all these changes in my life scared me.

I’ve lived the last eight years of my life monotonously, shielding myself away from all types of unwanted attention and disasters. I was content with living inside my own made-up bubble where no one could harm me.

And this trip to Monaco now felt like a fucking train wreck. Life isn’t a movie where you just meet a guy and he turns your life into a fucking fairy tale. Life is something that teaches you that there are struggles, that you need to overcome before you get to finally enjoy it.

After that horrible incident, I’ve sheltered myself away from others and threw myself into studies. Building my career has always been my topmost priority and still is but now, every single thing felt stupid.

To any other people in this situation, they would want to go to their parents and lie down on their lap, but that wasn’t the scenario in my case. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and I know that my mom’s cool and everything but I just don’t feel that comfortable with them. I drifted apart from my parents the day I came back home from that horrid incident.

Since that day, Ava has been my savior but unfortunately, I couldn’t be hers. As much as I try to wipe the image of her lying on the floor unconsciously in the midst of all the chaos, I can’t. The picture keeps on worming it's way back inside my head like a broken record and I find myself wanting to cry again and again.

And I do

Warm tears slide down my cheeks as I think of what my life has turned into.

I keep on crying until my vision goes blurry and sobs after sobs break out of my chest.

The only person who has the ability to comfort me isn’t even here. I want to see her so bad but every limb in my body feels like they weigh a fucking ton. In fact, I’m so fucking exhausted that I didn’t even bother myself with dinner since I was used to not having it. I know it was unhealthy but who cares to be honest?

On cue, the doorbell rings with its chiming tune and instantly a frown makes its way to my face.

Who can it be?

I wasn’t expecting anyone.

Gathering up some energy, I collect myself up from the couch and discard the pillow on the armchair which was previously lying on my lap. I ascend the small number of stairs in front of the entrance and after finally reaching the wooden double doors, I open the door without peeping through the peephole and gasp when I see the person in front of me.

Clad in a sharp charcoal black suit with a black shirt underneath is no one other than Blaze Hunter. He’s holding two boxes of Belle’s pizza using one hand with the other one holding a bottle of white wine.

His impassive face morphs with concern when he looks at my face.

“Are you alright, Ciccino?” He asks and I refrain from hurling, ‘What part of my face says that I am?’

Whilst holding the side of the door, I tilt my head to the right where dark shiny glass walls were placed and instantly cringe when I register my blotchy face and puffy eyes.

“Come in” I move away from the door to let him in and before I can move much further, I feel a hand grab my wrist and tug on it, causing me to halt on my steps to look behind.

“You didn’t answer my question,” He says pointedly and I frown when I see him balancing both the wine bottle along with pizza boxes.

How’s he doing that?

“Do you want to have this conversation in the foyer whilst balancing all those boxes or do you want to talk inside?” Without waiting for his answer, I free my wrist from his grip and pad my way inside the living room.

I move behind the kitchen counter to get plates for the pizza and watch him set down the packaging on top of the kitchen bar as his hawk-like eyes follow my every move.

Pulling the plates out of the rack, I instantly feel a presence behind me and stiffen for some inexplicable reason.

“Noah called me today” His frigid tone causes me to turn my head in his direction as he reaches forward to take the plates out of my hand and moves away from me to set them down on top of the counter.

“I didn’t know that you guys dated exclusively” He continues in a glacial voice and that is when I realize that he’s mad.

Well mad would be an understatement, he’s seething.

I inwardly curse Noah and turn to face Blaze completely as he unscrews the lid of the white wine.

Over the short time of me knowing Blaze Hunter, I could tell when he’s mad about something by the stiffness in his posture. He wasn’t the type of person to lash out irrationally. He would just remain menacingly calm, like the calm before a thunderous storm.

“Ugh, he told you that? Yes, we dated but it meant nothing. He was just a means of getting thirsty unwanted boys steered away from my direction. We were always good friends and after dating for a month, we broke it off because it wasn’t working” I briskly in my defense and keep my face blank.

Honestly, at this point I wondered to myself, why couldn’t Ava fall for someone who isn’t a dick like Noah? I mean what kind of friend calls their best friend vile things and tells them to end their life.

I shudder at the mere thought and instantly my mind gets boggled with disgust towards Noah. He wasn’t like this back in high-school; God knows where his screws went loose.

I see Blaze relax after hearing my answer and he pops the cork using the corkscrew before answering, “He wanted to meet Ava. I said I’m not her guardian but I’m sure that Kyle or you wouldn’t let him in there anyway”

He shrugs and I laugh silently. He wasn’t kidding at least. Kyle volunteered to look over Ava tonight, telling me to get some rest for myself. At least it wouldn’t be so hard to stay inside the hospital today. Sure, she was still in a coma but at least she was out of the danger zone.

She was now placed inside one of the hospital rooms and I was pretty shocked when I went to see her room. It was literally brimming with ‘get well soon’ cards and flowers and I felt a pang of sadness for Ava knowing how much she adored flowers of any kind. The room was abnormally huge with a large beige cream-colored couch on the left side and behind it was a hypnotic view of the Seattle skyline. If she was awake, I could bet my money that she would’ve loved it.

Hospital or not

And with the way Kyle’s eyes lit up like the fourth of July when he spotted the couch, I’m pretty sure he was planning on how he’s going to enjoy sleeping there tonight.

Poor guy needs some sleep himself but like the loyal dutiful friend he is, he stayed back to make sure that she's ok.

The next hour passes with us having dinner in silence whilst we sit on the couch watching ‘Arrow’ but deep down I know that none of us are paying attention to the TV.

I take small tentative sips of my Pinot Gris and hum with delight when the rich fruity flavor glides down my throat. Suddenly the lit-up screen of the TV turns black and I look at Blaze to see him holding the remote with a pissed-off expression.

“What?” I ask him innocently and wince when I hear him place his wine glass on the table a little bit too loudly.

“What’s wrong, Phoebe? You haven’t been acting like yourself ever since I walked inside your house which is beautiful by the way” He pauses momentarily to looks around with appreciation and despite my bleak mood, I warm up inside, “I know that you’ve been crying before I came here and I can guess why. I know that you are upset - nevermind, upset sounds like an understatement, I know that you are devastated after what happened with Ava but you need to stop beating yourself up for it

“You need to be there for Ava not because you feel obliged to, but because you love her. She means everything to you. I know that I will not be able to fully grasp your pain. The pain of seeing your best friend lying on the floor, almost dead but I can sort of relate because there have been times when I’ve witnessed Andres go on a self-destruct rampage. I know how it feels.

“Do you know what I did? Instead of feeling like a bad friend, I took it upon myself to bring him out of his dark place. Why? Because I care about him. Ava’s really in a bad place at the moment and you know that you don’t want her there. You need to drag her out of wherever she’s in and I know that you can do it. Have some faith in yourself and be yourself around her. She loves you for who you are and stop beating yourself for things you can’t control”

I’m stunned to silence when he finally finishes and I silently speculate over his words.

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