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16 | Sated Hunger

Phoebe’s POV

He’s right. I feel guilty because I wasn’t a good friend. I shouldn’t be a good friend to Ava because I’m guilty. I shouldn’t feel obligated to help her because I feel guilt. I should be there for her because she’s my bloody best friend and I fucking love her.

And suddenly it dawns on me; Blaze is the one who gave me this piece of advice. I don’t know what the fuck happened with Andres and honestly, I don’t even care. All I know is that, despite my doubts and confusion about Blaze, he has always been there by my side, often defending me when needed. This increases my respect towards him tenfold as I look at him with gratitude.

“Thank you, Blaze. You’re right. It’s just that I feel so fucked and helpless. All my life, it’s been Ava, holding on to me in my worst days. It has always been her who has helped me and suddenly she’s…God, I can’t even spell it. I just feel helpless with absolutely no fucking clue on what to do…” I trail off and rest my back on the leather couch. From my peripheral vision, I watch Blaze nodding at my words and leaning close to me.

Slowly, he pulls me inside the warmth of his embrace and I lean back on his chest, listening to the rhythmic beat of his heart.

My skin heats up underneath the gentle caress of his hand running up and down on my shoulder and I breathe in his fresh masculine scent mixed with his signature woodsy cologne which instantly turns me on.

Despite my exhaustion, I want him- no, I need him.

As if reading my mind, he shifts slightly so that he’s looking down at me and I tip my face up to look at him.

Like a switch turned on, my system pools with desire as I take in his form. He looked delicious beyond words with his bulging arms ripping underneath his black shirt sans his suit jacket and his eyes looked hooded with an unmistakable yearning.

It feels like an eternity has passed since I’ve seen this look in his eyes.

The next thing I know, I straddle my legs over his lap and my lips join him in a wild passionate frenzy. He tasted like mixed berries and flavored fruit which I couldn’t pinpoint.

His hands run up and down over the length of my upper body and finally rest on my butt cheeks which he kneads with his hand. Feeling overpowered with lust, I push him down on the couch and unbutton his black shirt whilst placing searing kisses on his neck. His throat vibrates underneath my lip as he groans. I nimble with my teeth on his soft skin and momentarily bite my lips trying to fight my smirk when I see the slightly reddish mark appearing on that spot.

Why let him have all the fun when it comes to marking?

I feel him tug my brown curls out of my messy bun and feel my hair cascade over my back as he twists his hand over them and tugs sharply which forces me to expose my neck to his hungry gaze.

I moan headily when his lips land over my sweet spot. At first, he places soft kisses over them but soon they turn aggressive as his hand tugs my hair painfully but I welcome the pain with open arms.

“Fuck amore, all the things that I could do to you…” He trails off and I moan with delight when he soothes the pain of his bite using his tongue.

“Then-n do it-t” I stumble on my words due to all the sensation and hear him chuckle with the sound traveling all the way down to my groin. My core starts pulsating for his attention as I use my fingers to twist them inside his dark locks which have grown a bit long since I’ve first seen him in France.

“Not so easily, Tesoro Mio…” He whispers hoarsely and my nipples harden to the point where it feels painful. Not liking the barrier between us, he sits upright, taking me with him, and gets rid of his shirt and I gulp down when my eyes run over his enticing form.

Fuck! I might as well as cum just by staring at his body

His hands play on the hem of my oversized black t-shirt and soon he pulls it over my face, out of my body. His eyes drink in my naked chest with appreciation and lust dancing over his blue orbs and instantly his tongue swirls over my aching bud with his hands pushing past my shorts to circles over my clit.

I cry out in euphoria when he places two of his fingers inside me and puts slight pressure over my throbbing clit using his thumb.

Fucking hell! You’re literally soaking wet, love” His voice is like honey to my ears as he softly bites down on my nipple and my head starts feeling dizzy like I’m drunk.

Drunk on a Blaze...

My mouth gapes open like a fish as I desperately try to drag oxygen inside my lungs. With my mind in a foggy state, I fumble to undo his belt and groan with pleasure when I feel myself getting close.

Suddenly, he throws me down on the couch and scoots backward whilst pulling my legs forward so that my head rests on the armrest of the sofa with my entire body lying on the couch. His lust-filled eyes run over my body for a few seconds before he pulled down his slacks along with his boxer briefs and I’m left eyeing his long hard dick open-mouthed.

'How that fits inside me is still a mystery I’m trying to solve…' I inwardly scoff with disbelief.

Before he knows it, I get up on my knees and take him inside my mouth. I wrap my mouth around his smooth velvety skin which is firm like a steel rod wrapped with velvet. Honestly, I never enjoyed giving men blowjobs but every sexual act with Blaze felt more like a need than some random want.

Damn it, Tesoro” He groans out in a raspy voice and I swirl my tongue over the tip and finally try to take him partially inside my mouth only to end up choking. I use my hand to run it over his other half-length and watch him with my eyes locked with his.

He tips his head back with a soft moan which causes electric shock-like sensations all the way down to my aching core which is practically soaking with lust now.

I move my head up and down over his length, wrapping my hand around the base where I can’t reach with my mouth, stroking him.

“Christ amore, you suck me soo good…” I was glad that his eyes were now closed with pure ecstasy written all over his face because I didn’t want him to see my dubious expression.

Here’s the fact, I’m absolutely inexperienced when it comes to sucking men off. I can even count the number of men I’ve gone down onto and that number is three with Blaze included.

Trying to not think about other men’s dick, I continue pleasuring him with my mouth, enjoying the look of euphoria on his face because something about giving your girl control is a huge fucking turn on.

I release his cock with a small pop and bring my mouth to his balls but continue moving my hand up and down on his shaft which is now wet with my saliva.

I could tell that he was close as soon as I taste his precum but before I feel him entirely in my mouth, he pulls me up by my shoulder and throws me down on the couch.

Not wasting my more time, his mouth lands on mine in a thirsty domineering kiss which leaves me begging with the need for more. I feel his hard member nudging against my slit and in one go, he’s fully inside me making me cry out his name like it’s my prayer.

“Fuck Blaze, fuck me already!

And he does

He fucks me whilst looking at my eyes as if I’m some rare work of art. My legs tighten around his torso as he fucks me into oblivion. My nails drag over his masculine shoulder blades in an attempt to grab something and feeling the pain, he increases his pace even more which makes me wonder, how am I not unconscious yet?

The walls echo the sound of slapping skins and I'm pretty sure that the neighbors now know the name of Blaze pretty well with the way I was screaming. Then it hits me, I've never fucked anyone in my home.

For the first time in five years, I was having sex inside my home and that's also with such a fine specimen of a man known as Blaze Hunter to the entire world.

My body arches off the couch when I feel myself coming closer to the edge and using that opportunity, he takes one of my breasts in his mouth and flicks his tongue over my sensitive nipple.

My eyes roll over the back of my head when I finally cum all over his hard erection, my inner walls squeezing down on him and I hear him groan.

Fuck, amore…are you planning to eat me whole?

I try to form coherent words but fail to do so when he still keeps up with his hurrying pace.

Suddenly he picks me up from the couch with him still inside me and asks, “Your room?”

I tip my chin upwards in indication and within the next minute, he’s inside my room after ascending the flight of stairs effortlessly with me wrapped around his embrace.

He doesn’t even look around my room as he deposits me on the bed partially with my butt resting on the edge of the mattress. The only source of light is the moonlight shining through the sheer white curtains from the bay window as I stare at him.

God, he’s so beautiful!

I wish I was kidding, but I wasn’t. With beads of perspiration running down his mouthwatering abs, his tattoo was on full display, lips swollen with my kisses, his straight jet black hair flopping on his forehead, and last but not least, his hypnotic Egyptian blue eyes holding me captive.

And he was all mine!

His right-hand reaches behind me to weave my hair around his wrist, tugs it upward, making me look up into his angelic face.

“God, you’re beautiful, Tesoro Mio” With that said, he places his mouth back on mine and I open my mouth to give his tongue access.

My treasure

Yes, I now know the meaning behind his pet name, ’Tesoro Mio’.

It made my heart flutter knowing that I was his. Despite all his flaws, he was beautiful. His flaws are what defined him. His flaws are what made him human.

That was the last thought in my head before he wrapped his left hand around my left ankle before putting it over his shoulder and with one hard thrust he enters me to continue assaulting my pussy with his divine expertise.

In this position, his cock hits my g-spot over and over again and each time I scream out his name.

“God, Blaze, I can’t-t” I have no fucking clue what I’m saying but it felt so good.

He felt so good.

He leans forward to kiss me and my legs bend as he reaches forward.

Everything about our fucking is filled with desperation

Desperation to devour each other

And we do

Within a few minutes, I feel myself coming close again and soon I release myself all over him. I feel him close to his own orgasm when his dick pulsates around the tight walls of my pussy and soon he’s calling out my name as he releases himself inside me.

Finally resting his forehead on top of mine, he places a gentle kiss on my temple and murmurs something which I can’t comprehend as sleep takes me over as soon as the exhaustion kicks in.


Did I mention that waking up to Blaze Hunter’s embrace in the morning is my most favorite thing?

It’s a really phenomenal experience, to be honest. You know, the whole waking up to someone experience. It’s something that I never thought I’d experience. Not after all the sins that I’ve committed.

I find myself wondering about what Blaze would think of me when he finds out that I’m a murderer. Instantly, my hand that was previously stroking Blaze’s hair gently stills.

I peer down at my hand and look at it with sheer disgust. This exact same hand took away a life. As much as Alana and Ava tell me to believe otherwise, I knew better. Yes, maybe I did rid the world of a psychotic serial killer but the price of taking away someone’s life still rests heavily on my entire being.

Before I can think further, I feel Blaze gently stir, and looking down, I watch him look at me with silent adoration in his eyes with a cute boyish dimple-kissed smile playing on his lips.

“Good morning, love,” He says with his delightful heavy accented voice, and I myself drowning inside his gorgeous Egyptian blue eyes.

Oh wow, Pheebs. Could you be any LESS sappy’ I hear my subconscious yell at me sarcastically and I decide to ignore her.

“Good morning to you too” I reply with a cheeky smile and he places a small peck over the skin of my sternum where his head was previously resting.

Suddenly, a thought pops inside my head and without thinking much, I ask him, “Uh Blaze, do you by any chance have a half-brother?”

As soon as I voice out my question, I watch him tense underneath me.

Oh shit, why did I say that?

A/N - What do think will be Blaze's answer? Let me know your thoughts on it!

I felt like the steamy part was long over-due ;) I hope you all enjoyed it!

Also, anyone interested to read Blaze's POV?

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