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17 | I'll Be There For You

Phoebe’s POV

Are you out of your mind?” He menacingly whispers through his gritted teeth and goosebumps cover my skin when I see his pupils dilate with anger.

Fuck you and your stupid loud mouth Phoebe!

“I, uh-h, Blaze-e please, you’re scaring-g me” I stutter with fear and watch his blue eyes soften when he realizes his behavior.

“What on fucking earth compelled you to say something as stupid as that?” He says with a groan and rubs the sleep off his eyes.

“I-uh, I met a guy in the hallway of Ava’s condominium yesterday. I swear, he reminded me of you so much. Both of you look a lot alike, even your eyes! You both have the same shade of Egyptian blue eyes and facial features except he has blond-brown type hair or something in between. I’m not so sure…”

You lying bitch! You literally ate that man with your eyes and you are not sure? Hah!

Oh c’mon, it was indeed hard to pinpoint his hair color.

Anyways, I focus on Blaze and watch his eyebrows furrowed into a frown as if he’s contemplating my words.

“Blaze look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say it like that but it’s just. I can bet my life that your eyeshade is really unique. I’ve seen a lot of men with blue eyes and let me tell you – no one has the same shade of eyes as you”

“It’s alright. I believe you. My father and I are the only people in my family who have light cerulean blue eyes…unfortunately

“Unfortunately?” I say, a little surprised.

I mean, is this guy for real?

Sure, I love my forest green eyes, they are somewhat unique too but Blaze’s eye color was rare. They were a lovely shade of winter sky with swirls of cerulean ocean blue.

“Yeah…my father inherited from my grandfather and I inherited his eyes from my father,” He says the word ‘grandfather’ with such disgust that I find myself wondering, how can someone’s grandpa be so cruel?

I can never imagine my grandpa, Carlisle Carter, act like such an abusive cunt. He was a gentle sweet old man not only to us but to the whole world. He knew how to disarm and charm his opponents with his sweet kind words.

This reminds me; I should actually ring that old man some time and make mental note to myself.

“Hey, look at me” I mutter and cup his chin to make him look at me, “It doesn’t matter from whom you inherited your eyes. It’s a part of you. I understand your reason for resenting your grandfather and honestly, if he was still alive, I would’ve kicked the shit out of him but since he’s not. Forget about him. Forget about that miserable shit, ok? He doesn’t even deserve to be remembered”

Whilst I uttered my consolation, I could see that Blaze was trying his best not to snort when I said that I understand his reasons for resenting his grandfather but all my thoughts get wiped when he looks at me with an amused smile.

“What?” I ask innocently and watch him flop down on the bed, taking me with him as he laughed, throwing his head back. His gorgeous dimples were now on full display and his laugh was just so contagious, I followed along too.

“Dad used to call him ‘miserable shit’ all the time” He keeps on laughing but I stop.

“Blaze, I really am sorry for saying if you have a half-brother or not. I mean, I didn’t want to accuse your father of being a cheat-” Before I can finish that sentence, he cuts me off.

“It’s alright Phoebe. I have no clue about whom you’re talking but just know that my father is anything but a cheater. He loves my mother blindly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them fight except for the times when my dad would go all possessive on her” He rolls his eyes at this and I chuckle.

“However…there might be a possibility that Grandpa…” Before he can finish, he shakes his head, and weirdly, his expression changes from thoughtful to playful and within seconds, he has me pinned down underneath him within a flash of my eye.

Is this man bipolar?


“So, you were saying something about seeing a lot of men with blue eyes, huh?” He says with a playful expression but I know better than he’s anything but happy when I spot that dangerous glint in his eyes.

My smile instantly turns wary when I realize how artfully he steered the conversation’s topic but instead of commenting on it, I decide to play along.

“Well, half of the people in this world have blue eyes, you know…” Not being able to resist his body pressing on top of mine, I reach forward to grab his face and pull it down to my mouth. He instantly responds to my kiss and spreads my legs with his hand.

“Waking up to you in the morning certainly has its advantages…” On cue, I feel his hands push against my vaginal walls and I release a loud throaty moan.

Oh Blaze…” I throw my head back when he circles my clit with his expert hand and watch him place searing kisses over my collarbone through my hooded eyes.

He moves the duvet downward, away from my body, revealing my breasts which are now marred with purplish bruising marks. With his fingers still plunging inside me, he circles his tongue over my breasts, avoiding my nipples and I grow wet by each second.

“I swear your body was made to be worshipped by me, Ciccino” And with that said, he curls his fingers inside me and I cry out with the burning sensation sparking inside me.

“Just fuck me already…” I cry out again and arch my body off the bed when I feel his warm tongue replacing his finger over my clit.

“All in good time, love” He chuckles softly and as always, the vibrations travel to my core, clenching my insides with hunger.

Hunger to have his cock inside me

My legs spread wider as if they have a mind of their own and he throws one of them over his shoulder to gain more access from this angle.

My hips move in anticipation but he stills my movement by digging his hands inside my flesh. I was sure that it was going to leave bruises but I couldn’t care less. All I wanted was to have Blaze’s fat cock inside me, ripping my insides until I can’t walk.

He was merciless in his assaults

His tongue plunged inside my wetness making me cry out in the heat but as soon as I’m close, he gets up from his position and I almost claw his eyes out from frustrations.

Yes, yes, he makes me THIS violent sometimes

But my anger dissolves when I feel his hard member pressing against my clit and just when he was about to enter me, the shrill sound of my phone’s ringtone goes off and both of us groan in frustration.

“For fuck’s sake” With an annoyed expression he looks at the nightstand and instantly his face grows serious. I look at him confused and then my body goes rigid when he says, “It’s Kyle”

I quickly scramble up as he gets off me and picks up the phone, moving my disheveled bed hair away from my face.

“Hey man, is Ava ok?” I say worriedly over the phone as soon as I press receive.

“She’s out of the coma”


It was a miracle how we reached the hospital within five minutes but I don’t dwell on that. My sandals slap against the tiled floor as I almost jog my way to Ava’s cabin with Blaze in tow.

As soon as we reach the hallway, I see Kyle barking orders to someone over the phone near the lounging area and spotting him, I quickly make my way towards him.

Hearing our footsteps, he turns and ends his call.

“Hey, I’m sorry for disturbing-” I cut him off and say incredulously, “Are you serious? You didn’t disturb us at all. Is she talking?”

From the corner of my eye, I see Blaze’s eyebrows rise mockingly in my direction.

Ok fine, maybe we were disturbed in our morning’s sexual rendezvous but who cares? Ava’s more important! For her, I’m ready to ditch a thousand Blazes.

“Yeah…about the talking part…” Kyle rubs the back of his neck nervously and avoids meeting my eye.

“What?” I ask him with confusion and fear lacing my voice.

“Her vitals are ok, but she not talking” Seeing my wide eyes, he quickly explains, “She hasn’t gone mute. It’s just that she doesn’t want to talk about…anything…at all

“Oh…” I whisper and watch Kyle grimace whilst Blaze remains quiet.

“I’m not surprised. I mean she has gone through so much, it’s normal for her to not wanting to talk about it” Blaze says after a beat and shrugs whilst I nod my head in agreement to his words.

Christ, I don’t even know what to say to her. I decide to go to Alana and ask her about this. I mean, surely she knows how to deal with these types of situations?

On cue, I feel a pair of footsteps approaching us, and turning behind, I see Alana walking in our direction with a handsome doctor walking alongside her.

“Hello everyone, I’d like you all to meet my colleague Dr. Jasper Cohen. He’s our internal medicine doctor who will be observing Ava’s condition” She points at the gorgeous brunette man with cyan blue eyes beside her who just merely offers us a small polite smile.

Before Alana can move further inside the hallway, I sprint towards her and grab her wrist, halting her.

“Uh, hey…can I talk to you for a second?” I ask her nervously as she watches me dubiously.

“Yes, sure” She nods and steers me near the floor to ceiling glass walls on the other side of the floor and turns to face me, “So…what do you want to talk about?”

Judging from her expression, it was obvious that she knew what I wanted to talk about but I know that she wants me to admit it out loud.

“I don’t know what to say to her” My shoulders slump with resignation and I look down at the floor, not being able to look her in the eye.

I hear her sigh and she calls out my name which makes me look at her concerned face.

“Just go a bit easy on her. Try not to say anything that might trigger her because she needs to stay mentally stable too”

I nod my head and mentally prepare myself to face my best friend.

“I just feel so lost. It has always been me who runs to her whenever things go wrong. But now the roles are totally reversed, I just don’t know what to do...” I say truthfully and keep my hands folded over my chest to prevent them from shaking.

She places a comforting hand over my shoulder and says, “Just don’t say why she did what she did. Just be by her side as the friend that she needs right now and besides, I’ll be outside the room too with Dr. Cohen. If things go out of hand, we’ll handle it. Also, don’t talk much. Let her wrap her head around all these”

I nod again and watch her head towards Ava’s room with Dr. Cohen.

“You know, we should get a move on too” I hear Kyle murmur beside me and turn to look at him.

“Yeah, you’re right” I watch Blaze look at me with a concerned expression and offer him a small smile of reassurance.

“I’ll stay here,” He says and with one last look in his direction, I amble my way towards Ava’s room.

This is it…


I knew it from the stiffness of her shoulder that she’s aware of my presence. It broke my heart to see that despite knowing that I’m here, she still didn’t turn her face away from the window to look at me.

Who am I kidding? If I wasn’t such a self-centered friend, none of this might’ve happened!

Trying not to let guilt overcloud my thoughts, I gesture Kyle to go out of the room with a motion of my head which he gladly obliges. Next, I make my way towards her bed, taking small cautious steps.

The bandages of her face were thankfully gone and miraculously, she hardly had any scars on her face, just a small cut on her left cheek. Her usual carved face looked bloated and her natural silky raven black hair looked like a complete greasy mess.

After finally reaching her, I follow her gaze and look at the window which overlooked the beautiful Seattle skyline. The dark clouds promised rain which was good for me since I was always a fan of rain. Nothing beats the smell of fresh rain.

“Hey there,” I say with a wide smile and Ava looks at me with surprise etched all over her face.

Heck! I’m even surprised by the fact that I’m so calm regarding this.

Judging from her reaction, she probably thought that I’m going to lash out at her.

“Hi,” She says so quietly that I almost had to strain my ear to hear her.

“Aren’t you mad at me?” My eyes widen when I hear her question and quickly I reply to her, “Hun, are you for real? Why would I be mad at you?”

“I don’t know. It was so stupid of me…” She trails off and covers her forehead with her hand as tears cascade down her cheeks.

I carefully sit beside her on the bed and gently wipe away the tears from her face.

“What you did wasn’t the best decision Aves but it's ok. We all make mistakes. We all fall off the wagon sometimes. It just…happens. Stop feeling ashamed about it. It’s my fault. Being your best friend, I should’ve known…” I trail off and before she can say anything, I continue, “I’m not here because I feel guilty Aves. I’m here because I love you. I swear if we were lesbians, I would’ve even married you

Hearing the last sentence, she starts laughing at her beautiful one-sided dimpled smile. Even in such a horrendous condition, she looks beautiful. I always knew that Ava was somewhat insecure about herself but she deserves someone who will make sure to praise her day and night because she deserves all that!

Without thinking much, I reach forward and pull her into an embrace. Her signature vanilla and exotic floral scent are now replaced with the smell of hospital antiseptics which I hate by the way. But it doesn’t repulse me because of the joy of holding my best friend beats away every bad feeling.

At first, she stiffens inside my arms but soon I feel her fragile little arms wrapping around me.

Suddenly I feel moisture creeping from the corner of my eyes at the contact and in seconds, I’m crying. Like always, she comforts me, which kind of makes me inwardly laugh because even in this state, she’s the one comforting me, gently running her hand over my hair in a soothing manner.

This is Avalynn Arya Hayes. The girl with the soul of an angel but still chooses to believe otherwise. But until the right guy comes, I’ll always make sure that she knows that no matter what, I’m always here for her.

Life really has a funny way of teaching us lessons. Four days back, I thought I lost the only person who ever understood me. Despite having her in my arms, alive, the fear still rests heavily against my shoulders.

“You know this is so unfair. Why the fuck am I left out?” I hear Kyle’s deep voice breaking me out of my thoughts and I break away from Ava to see Kyle standing at the foot of the hospital bed with a playful expression.

Ava laughs lightly and extends her arms towards him to which he gladly dives into.

This is us

We might not be perfect but then again, no one is. Our flaws are what make us who we are.

Sure, it took the fear of losing someone for me to realize how absent and detached I have been. But life’s all about learning our lessons, right?

A/N - That went well...

Just a reminder to everyone out there, SUICIDE IS NEVER AN OPTION. The events I discussed over the last few chapters might appear boring to some people but this is reality. Life isn't always rainbows and sunshine.

My stories portray things that go down in real life. None of my characters are perfect because perfection doesn't exist among humans.

No one is perfect. To all those insecure people out there - FORGET WHAT OTHERS THINK. YOU ARE AMAZING!

Everyone is amazing in their own way. Learn to love yourself because, at the end of the day, you only have yourself.


Anushka x

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