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18 | Doubtful Intentions

Phoebe’s POV

“I swear nothing beats Gordito’s burritos” Ava moans with delight and takes a cute little bite from her extra-large burrito with the mayo running down from her brown glossed lips.

I could feel the couple beside us gazing at her with what seemed like lust and I resist the urge to throw my head back laughing.

I mean, both the girl AND the boy were gaping at her!

Ava really did look like a complete vision. With her now-wavy hair let loose, falling over her pale olive-skinned shoulders which glowed underneath the dimmed orange lights. She was sporting a baby blue halter-neck sleeveless top tucked inside a black pencil skirt with a slit on the side. Her full lips were glossed with brown lip-gloss and brown eyes were ringed with black wingtips. In conclusion, she looked absolutely gorgeous.

Like 90s beauty reborn…

Her fashion sense and the way she held herself, made me look nothing in comparison.

Three months have passed since that horrendous incident and now life felt…fucking fantastic.

Ava was back to her normal self with even more enthusiasm than before. The first month was a bit hard because she had to cope with the absence of Noah in her life. It wasn’t like they met up every day but they did text each other almost every day.

Noah broke Ava in the worst way possible. Maybe I just recently found out about Ava’s liking over Noah but ever since they were friends, I always saw that Noah used Ava.

During the time span of the last three months, Noah tried to reach Ava but thankfully, she blocked him from everywhere. Starting from her social media accounts to her phone number.

He even tried contacting me but of course, I always dodged his calls.

Phoebe Carter never forgives someone so easily.


Especially not someone who has hurt her best friend.

I know that it seemed slightly irrational but telling your best friend to go and end her life when she’s already struggling with so many things on her plate, it’s absolutely unacceptable.

Ava was already fed up with John’s consistent ways of weaving his way inside her life but Ava knew better than to fall for his trap.

Then there’s her overprotective toxic family, after hearing that she suffered an ‘Anemic attack’, her parents were adamant to fly here in Seattle but somehow she managed to calm them down over the phone but that didn’t stop them from calling her every day to check up on her AND scolding her for being so irresponsible.

Like what the fuck? For fuck’s sake, she just got out of the hospital. Cut her some bloody slack!

Then there’s Blaze, he made sure that the last three months were fucking bliss.

The majority of my days were spent inside his penthouse as he picked me up from work.

And the sex…


It was beyond the world. There wasn’t a single doubt that he was the best I’ve ever had but fuck, it should be illegal to be THIS skillful in bed!

This often makes me wonder how many girls he has been with to be this good in bed, which instantly darkens my mood.

Trying to wipe my jealous thoughts away and take a generous slurp of my chocolate smoothie and soon the sweet rich flavor of chocolate cools my system a bit.

“Girl, you’ve got it sooo baaaad” Ava drawls out playfully and takes a spoonful of salsa inside her mouth.

“Hah, tell me about it!” I snort and pick another potato wedge after dipping it inside sweet chili sauce before putting the entire wedge inside my mouth.

You tell me about it!” She smiles widely, showcasing her pearly white teeth with a ballerina-tipped sky blue painted nail pointed in my direction.

“The sex is…oh my God, Aves, it’s soo good! But it’s just that. He’s just so intense sometimes. I might as well go far to say that he’s bipolar. One minute he’s laughing, the next minute he’s moody…” Before I can end, Ava speaks up with a thoughtful expression.

“Hmm, I remember Noah telling me how he hates his cousin or acting as a responsible dimwit all the time. He always seemed to admire Blaze whilst hating him. He’s such a weirdo…” When she realizes whom she’s talking about, she instantly grows quiet and her light expression grows gloomy.


I couldn’t blame her. It was indeed sad to let go of a friendship that lasted almost over a decade. Ava always had a thing for Noah and maybe I didn’t notice it before, but I’m definitely noticing it now.

“Hey listen, forget about that dickwad, ok? He doesn’t deserve you, Aves. I know it’s going to be painful, but fuck him. He can fuck himself with a dildo for all we care” I finish dramatically and watch her expression grow breezy again.

“Bitch, you’re literally my soul mate” She chuckles and takes another huge bite out of her burrito.

I was about to ask her about herself when a loud huff draws our attention to the table beside us.

Two teen girls and a blond dude were occupying it. The brunette kept on bawling her eyes out about some old family friend whilst the blond guy kept on cursing him.

Christ! They were so damn loud that I think the entire restaurant heard the girl whining about how she’s confused about her feeling over this family friend and out of nowhere she suddenly turns cheery when she talks about her sexual experience with that guy.

Yeah, yeah, I can literally hear them THAT WELL.

“Ok, first of all, lame. Second of all, lame” I hear Ava say and turn to look at her as she eyed the group of teens with a horrified expression on her face.

“Huh, it’s like watching Lele Pon’s version of Grease parody” I respond and watch her agreeing with me with a nod of her head.

“Oh, by the way, I need to tell you something,” Ava says nervously and leans forward with her elbows resting on the table, “I’m sleeping with Andres”

My eyebrows shot up when I hear her blunt confession and carefully observe that her eyes looked devoid of emotions like it wasn’t any big deal.

“Uh…ok? Sleeping as in, are you guys like…friends with benefits?” I ask warily and lean further since the conversation’s kind of private.

She shrugs and takes a long gulp of her Pepsi, “Nah, not really. We’re not even friends. At least that’s how I’d like to keep it. I’m not looking for anything, neither is he. He’s good in bed, so I guess that’ll suffice”

“Wait, you guys aren’t even friends?” I ask her confused. I mean having a one-night stand is one scenario, but how do you consistently have sex with someone who isn’t even your…friend?

“It’s better this way, to be honest. Friendship only complicates things. Take this as the real meaning of no strings attached” She shrugs again and takes another spoonful of salsa inside her mouth.

I rest my back on the wooden chair and contemplate her words. However, I refused to judge her, after all, she deserves some fresh air in her life too but she’s my best friend too. I can’t help but worry at the same time.

Her phone goes off and she looks down at the caller before answering, “Oh hey girl! I’m so sorry for not replying earlier…”

She keeps on talking over the phone with God knows whom and I use that time to check my phone for my emails and instantly cringe when I see an email from Nate, giving me the address of the location of where he’s about to set his ‘dream house’ with Jane.

For fuck’s sake!

“Hey, you still there?” It takes me a few seconds to realize that Ava’s talking with me and snapping out of my daze, I throw her an assuring smile to say I’m alright.

“Yeah, you were saying…? Who was that by the way?” I ask her curiously not being able to help it.

Ok, as much as childish as it may sound, I hated it when Ava’s attention would divert away from me. I did not hate Ava for it; I usually hate the person causing her attention to drift away from me. I have always been possessive of her. Knowing how she always keeps up with my moody ass, I don’t ever want to lose a gem like her.

“Oh, it was Davina. I kind of needed her for organizing my next event. Trust me when I tell you, her cakes are the best!” She smacks her lips to show her delight and I rack my brain after hearing the familiar name.

“Wait, Davina as in Davina Lawson?! The famous culinary chef, Davina Lawson? She’s Alana’s best friend as far as I know”

Davina Lawson was a very pretty blond. I saw her a couple of times in Alana’s chamber room.

“Yep, she’s the one” She confirms and my mind drifts back to my original question.

“Anyways, you were saying about Andres…?” I probe further and watch her shrug whilst taking a slurp of her Pepsi using the straw.

“Don’t sweat it Pheebs. It’s just sex. If one of us catches any feelings, we’ll end the arrangement and move on in our own ways” She ends with a light chuckle and I shoot her a convincing smile even though deep down, I feel unsettled.

It was Ava we’re talking about. I don’t want her to get hurt. From all the things I know about Andres so far, I don’t really like him for my best friend. I mean, yeah sure, he’s a good friend to Blaze but from the subtle hints Blaze often dropped about Andres, I don’t want him to take advantage of Ava.

Specifically, after he told Ava that they are nothing right after sleeping with her. I just simply don’t want my best friend to get hurt…again

“Phoebe” She calls out my name suddenly and turning my head to face her, I see her eyeing me nervously which causes me to slightly frown.

“What’s wrong? You look worried” I remark and watch her take a long gulp of her lemonade.

“Can you be honest with me about something?” She asks in a small voice and I nod my head slowly, feeling a bit wary over what she might ask me.

“Do you think I’m a slut for sleeping with Andres? I mean we have no feelings for each other. Does that make me look like a whore?” She asks sorrowfully, almost as if this thought has been eating her whole.

My eyes widen upon hearing her question. I’ve always known that Ava’s very insecure with herself but I’ve never thought that her insecurities ran this deep.

“What the hell, Aves? How can you say such a vile thing about yourself? You’re anything but a whore!" I burst out and watch her frown.

“Really? So...you don’t judge me?”

“No! Why would I? It’s your decision. Did you judge me when I started sleeping with Blaze when he was still my boss? No, you didn’t. So, what makes you think that I’ll judge you? Besides, you’re my best friend. I’ll always support you because I love you! Yes, I’ll admit that I’m a bit worried that you’re sleeping with Andres but that doesn’t mean that I’m judging you. I’ll never judge you. Stop beating up yourself so much, Aves”

Hearing my statement, she visibly relaxes and smiles gratefully.

Extending her hand in my direction, she holds my hand and mutters, “God, I love you! Thank you so much for always understanding me” She says genuinely and I smile back at her.

“Hey, that’s what I’m here for” I reply and soon all the negativity in the air is dismissed as we start talking about the latest fashion trends.

“Very well. By the way, babe, I got to cut it short today. I need to go and see Nate-” Before I can finish my sentence, Ava chokes on her drink and falls into a coughing fit.

“Shit! You ok?” I ask frantically whilst leaning forward from my seat to hit her back gently to make sure that the liquid doesn’t reach her windpipe.

“Hold up, hold up, Nate as in Nate Woodwards? Why on earth are you going to meet that cunt?!”She asks incredulously and I groan.

Honestly, I don’t even want to see him but work is work. I had to face him whether I liked it or not. Later on, I filled in Ava with everything about Nate coming to my office with Jane and carefully leave about the part of me finding her unconscious in her apartment the same day.

She nods her head and says, “Hmm…I still hate him, and I kind of suspect his intentions. Just be careful with him, ok? I think he finally likes you-”

But I don’t! Not anymore! Why is he acting like this after all these years?!” I splutter with disbelief and watch Ava shake her head with annoyance.

“That’s the problem with men like Nate, Phoebe. They don’t care for someone until the other party moves on. He didn’t care for you or even bothered to acknowledge your existence because he knew that you already worship him and now that you’ve moved on. He’s just purely jealous although I have no clue on how the fuck he knows about you and Blaze…” She trails off with a confused look and I nod my head in agreement.

She was absolutely correct and somehow I had this constant questioning inside my head on how Nate came to know about mine and Blaze’s relationship.

Who cares? He made his bed, let him lie on it now.

A/N - What do you all think about Nate’s intentions and any guesses on what might happen next? Let me know!

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