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20 | Jealous Lover's Touch

Phoebe’s POV

“Oh, shit” I whisper faintly when I detect the storm brewing inside Blaze’s Egyptian blue orbs.

“Madam, I’m really sorry” I almost forget about the man who’s holding me upright and instantly move away from him and watch him wither away from me too when he notices Blaze’s death glare.

Without another word, he runs off in the direction of the staff room like a damn mouse and for the first time, I notice that he’s holding a broom on the other hand.

‘He must be the janitor’ I wonder to myself vaguely and after gathering a lot of courage, I turn to face Blaze and watch him move towards the revolving glass doors.


“Blaze, wait!” I call after him and move in his direction in such an inhuman speed that I can bet flash would be jealous of.

By the time I’ve reached outside, it’s drizzling and Blaze is standing beside his car with a silent impassive face.

“Blaze, I swear-” before I can finish my sentence, he cuts me off with a death glare that screams borderline hostility.

“Just get inside,” He says warningly as if daring me to speak another word and without any more thought, I clamber inside the dark leather-clad interior of his car.


I honestly saw no point in his anger.

For fuck’s sake, if that janitor didn’t help me, I would’ve fallen flat on my face!

We were currently riding his penthouse’s elevator which consisted of only me and him along with a random teen who was busy eye-fucking Blaze with a ‘come hither’ look in her eyes and I swear if I wasn’t so nervous, I would’ve gladly shoved my tongue inside my boyfriend’s throat.

Although judging from my boyfriend’s rock hard expression, he doesn’t look like he’ll be very enthused with the idea of sucking faces in public at the moment.

Thankfully the pesky teen gets off on the 23rd floor, leaving me and Blaze alone. The tension was very palpable in the air and despite the silent calm before the storm, I found myself getting wet.

Like what the fuck?!

This man might as well abuse me or scream at me from the dangerous glint in his eyes and yet here I am, getting wet for him.

Out of all the time, the bitch in heat had to be back now.

This is how much control Blaze has over me and honestly, I hated it!

I’m used to living my life like a loner so much that being with him makes me feel like I don’t know myself. It’s like a boomer kid kicked inside the 27th century full of electronics – sounds weird but it’s true.

There’s something about him which calls out my inner libido like a siren. My body has a mind of its own whenever I’m near him which is kind of highly annoying.

I’m broken out of my thoughts when the dinging sound of the elevator makes me stand erect on my toes and we both exit.

As soon as my heels touch the foyer floor, Blaze pulls me in his arms and holds my lips captive in a bruising kiss. Instantly, a moan breaks out of my throat and he takes this as an advantage to swipe his tongue inside my mouth.

Our tongues stroke each other in a lost lover’s embrace as he grips my jaw with his hand. Angling my head up, he delves his tongue inside my mouth further and I moan.

Suddenly it hits me, he tastes like whiskey. The faint smell still lingers in his breath and instantly I break away from him.

“Blaze, are you dr-” He cuts me off by spinning my hips to press my front against the glass walls of his penthouse.

When did we even reach this far inside?

I inhale sharply at the impact. Not because I’m scared – Ok maybe I’m a bit scared but anticipation dominates my head and I moan louder when he lifts my skirt, pushing his way past my panties before plunging his fingers deep inside me.

I try my best to drag air inside my lungs and his grip on my throat tightens.

Holy fuck!

You belong to me. Get that hammered inside your head if needed” He whispers beside my ears harshly and instead of feeling scared, I ride his fingers as he fucks me with them.

Angry Blaze is such a fucking turn on…

I think I almost lost my footing as my knees buckle when his forefinger enters my other hole and after a bit of protesting, he enters his finger which is coated with my pussy juices, acting as the only lubricant.

Ok, I’m not ready for THAT

With my mind protesting otherwise, I whimper for him to violate me in every way possible.

How sick are you in the head, bitch?” I could almost hear myself screaming inside my head but all my thoughts leave me when I feel the crest of his hard dick at my entrance.

When did he get rid of his trousers?

“I want to taint you in every way I can Tesoro Mío. You are only mine. Be wise to remember that” He says through his gritted teeth and not being able to form any words, I just simply nod my head which earns me a stinging slap on my bare bottoms.

Say it

“Yes, yes¸ I’m yours. Only yours, Blaze. Christ, fuck me already!” I whine and arch my back into a ‘C’ as his fingers delve inside both of my holes, hitting my g-spot over and over again.

“You are one greedy little girl aren’t you?” He chuckles and suddenly, with one thrust, he’s inside me, almost knocking the breath out of my lungs when I feel him hitting my cervix.

Jesus H Christ!

He winds his hand around my hair on his wrist and tugs to one side, exposing the length of my neck to his hungry gaze.

I could see his lust-filled eyes through the reflecting glass and he grips my hips backward, thrusting his hard length inside my pussy with a punishing rhythm.

His teeth bite down on my neck in a possessive manner as if he’s staking his claim and soon he’s setting the rhythm.

My body moves in sync with him as his pace fastens and I was glad for his hold on my hips or else I would’ve been a heaving mess on the ground. My legs shake with the force of his thrust and I almost come undone at the mere sight of his face, which was morphed with pure ecstasy.

Everything about our fucking was rough.

Not like I minded

My back started hurting like a bitch for being bent in this position but I couldn’t care less. The only thing that mattered was Blaze. My insides started pulsating around his throbbing dick as he gyrates his hips, striking all the right places and soon I start feeling myself coming close and the next minute passes in a blur as we both grunt out after reaching our peak.

My orgasm hits me like a freight train and I slump down on the glass like a rag doll. But that doesn’t last long as he revolves my body to face him.

Collecting me inside the warmth of his arms, he snuggles inside the crook of my neck and I could feel the warm remnants of his seed slide down my leg.

But of course, he doesn’t stop there

He throws me down on the new white L-shaped couch and crawls over me like a panther circling his prey.

Except he’s not a damn animal, he’s the hottest man I’ve ever encountered in my damn monotonous life (which was boring as fuck by the way).

I manage to rise on my hands as he hooks his fingers inside the opening of my blouse to tug me towards me and lands his mouth over mine.

I feel his hands ripping my blouse open and the sound of the buttons hitting the cold tiled floor. With one swift motion, he unclasps my bra and unzips my skirt, finally making me completely naked to his hypnotizing gaze.

God, you’re so beautiful” He whispers over my lips before looking down at my bare body with appreciation and my brain tries to carve these four words inside my head.

There’s just something uniquely interesting about Blaze. Whatever comes out of his mouth turns out to be my most favorite words.

Which is a first and that is also something which scares the fucking daylights out of me. My feelings for him are so intense that it terrifies me. Nate didn’t even make me feel this much.

My chains of thoughts are interrupted when Blaze flips me over and my face presses down on the soft leather of the couch as I gasp for air. I knew why he liked this position so much. Lying like this, I have absolutely no clue what he’s about to do next, which almost makes my heart soar out of my chest in anticipation.

“Did I mention the fact that I love seeing you like this? All bound with no way to move” On cue, he captures both of my wrists and binds them together using one of his hands.

“No, I-I don’t-t think so-o” I stutter as I struggle to get syllables out of my mouth.

I feel his warm chest pressing against the small of my back and his hot breath hovering over my ears right before he whispers, “Well, now you know”

With that said, he slams his entire length inside me and I cry out in both pain and pleasure.

Only he can keep going at it without care even after emptying his load inside me. Don't men need to recharge or something?

Adrenaline thumps inside my veins as he rams inside me and uses his other hand to hold my shoulders as leverage for thrusting.

Fuck” I scream my lungs out in euphoria as he fucks me to oblivion.

This is the best high I’ve ever experienced.

The kind of high only Blaze Hunter is capable of making me feel.

His hand that was previously holding my shoulders travel underneath me, heading southwards, and finally stops over my clitoris.

His finger rubs over my clit in a circular motion vigorously and that’s when I lose it.

My body bucks off the couch when my second orgasm hits me and my vaginal walls clench down on his manhood like a vice. His dick starts throbbing inside me and grows ever bigger and don’t ask me how that’s even possible.

All of a sudden, he drags my exhausted body up from the couch by pulling my throat which is under his hand’s grip.

“If I ever see any man’s hand over you, I won’t hesitate to punish you amore” He rumbles harshly.

If the situation was different, his possessiveness would’ve terrified the fuck out of me but it didn’t.

Strangely enough, it didn’t. Instead, I feel myself growing insanely wet over his threat and keep on thinking to myself, 'how would it feel to be punished by him?'

God, I need to get my head checked by Alana soon.

Soon, he reaches his climax and grunts out my name before shooting his load inside me, filling me with his seed to the brim which coaxes another orgasm out of me.

Christ, I’ll never get enough of you” His words lull me to bliss even though I know that one day he’ll leave me when he finds out what a monster I am.

But before that day comes, I do my best to drown out all the bad thoughts as I focus on the present.


What have I done?

It’s been three hours since he fell asleep after finally getting tired.

I was exhausted too but despite my fatigue, I was wide awake like a bloody owl.

How did I let him do this to me?’ The words keep circling inside my head like a broken record and the more I think about it, the more I feel myself getting close to a panic attack.

Now that my dopamine rush is over, my brain is finally able to acknowledge my fucked up emotions.

I don’t know why but for some inexplicable reason I find myself feeling used.

I know that Blaze is possessive.

I knew it from the day when I saw him glaring at the restaurant waiter like he was some threat to our relationship. A little bit of possessiveness was cute but being over-possessive indicated that he has trust issues.

Big ones!

I wanted him to trust me but as soon as that thought comes into my head, I snort scornfully.

Who was I kidding?

How could he trust me when I haven’t properly told him the real truth about myself?

Suddenly my head starts throbbing with pain after all that internal debate inside my head.

I can never tell him what I’ve done and the reason why I can’t do that frightens me even further.

I have fallen for Blaze, so BADLY…

Whether I liked it or not, this is the darn truth. In this short amount of time, he accepted me for who I am. Despite my flaws and often mood swings, he always astonished me with his patience.

Just when I thought that my life has been going all well, Nate had to come barreling inside with his baggage.

Damn it! I should’ve paid heed to Ava’s warning regarding Nate. After all, she was right all along…

Suddenly, the sound of a text notification pulls me out of my jumbled thoughts and I tilt my head to peer over the bedside table only to see Blaze’s phone screen lit up.

Curiosity gets the best of me as I turn over to see Blaze deep in sleep and note the time on the bedside clock that it’s literally 4 am.

Who the fuck’s texting Blaze at this hour?

To find the answer to my question, I slowly lean towards the phone display before the screen turns dark again and instantly regret doing so when my eyes register the words written in front of me.

Scott – Your orders have been carried out, sir. He’s dead. We made sure of it.

A/N - looks like Blaze isn't that much innocent either...

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