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21 Shock and Potential Killer

Phoebe’s POV

My blood runs cold after reading the text and it feels like someone injected ice cold water inside my veins. Even after being wrapped inside the warmth of the thick comforter, my body shivers with fear.

Oh my God, it can’t be!

My mind goes into over-drive as it starts creating logical explanations for Blaze receiving such a morbid text. From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like Blaze ordered some guy named ‘Scott’ to kill his irritating dog.

For fuck’s sake, he doesn’t even have a dog! What the fuck are you thinking, Pheebs?

I shake my head as ideas like Blaze being some underworld mob boss circles inside my head.

That might explain why he’s so filthy rich!

But honestly, the possibility of that seems highly unlikely. Then again, what the fuck do I know about this man? We’ve hardly known each other for five months for crying out loud! The only thing I know the most about him is what he likes to eat and what his favorite colors are.

Despite knowing so much, I feel like I don’t know him at all!

Whoever the fuck said that curiosity killed the cat – wasn’t lying. I feel like a damn dying fish right now with all my nerves shattered. My breath starts coming out in short pants as I try to wrap my head around everything.

Meds. I need my meds right now.

My hands shake as I shuffle to get out of the bed. I pick up my black silk robe from the couch from the lounge area of the bedroom and head out towards the living room where I left my bag.

Honestly, I should stop doing that because I don’t want anyone putting their hand inside my handbag.

Sure, Blaze’s household staffs are trustworthy but I don’t trust that red-headed maid, Celine.

Whenever I was in Blaze’s residence, she would constantly keep on shooting me dirty glares and evil smirks to the point where I often got paranoid that she might have poisoned my coffee or something. But so far, she didn’t do anything but still, I don’t want to risk it.

After finally reaching the coffee table, I quickly dig inside my handbag for the plastic container and pop two of the pills inside my mouth, and down them with water after finding the small water bottle I keep inside my bag for emergencies.

I zip up my bag and take it with me to the bedroom after checking the contents for safety and sigh with relief when I see Blaze still in his deep slumber.

Suddenly another question pops inside my head.

Was he drunk when he came to pick me up from work?

I could swear that I smelt whiskey on his breath when he kissed me inside the foyer.

Why was he even drunk in the first place? I have a small feeling that whatever went down tonight wasn’t entirely my fault but seeing me in the arms of another man certainly triggered his emotions.

Huh! If seeing me in the arms of some random stranger made him THAT MUCH angry…what will he do when he finds out that Nate tried to kiss me?

‘He’ll probably kill him’ My subconscious shrugs and I frown.

For a moment, my mind conjures up a stupid fact – Did Blaze hire someone to kill the janitor?!

As soon as the thought enters my head, I dismiss it away after thinking how ridiculous it sounds.

Surely Blaze wouldn’t go THAT far?

The rational part of my brain tells me to come clean to him about the kiss because I don’t want to keep any secrets among us then again I’m keeping my darkest secret away from him anyway.

“Oh Lord, such a mess!” I groan with exhaustion and flop down on the bed beside him. One of the best things about Blaze was that he was a really heavy sleeper which worked in my favor oftentimes.

I hated myself for sneaking on his phone behind his back. I mean what did I gain?

Nothing, absolutely nothing

My mind gets foggy and I interpret it as the sleeping pills doing their job and the last thing I remember before dozing off was putting Blaze’s arm around me as he slept contentedly.


“You have to be kidding me, mom! What the actual fuck?!” I shout over the phone, not caring if my groggy morning voice hurts my mother’s ears.

Huh, her ears! I feel like poisoning her in her sleep right now!

“Don’t shout at me, young lady! I’m still your mother and I’ll always be your mother! Besides, it’s just for three days…”

Three days of tolerating Noah’s persistent ass? I’d rather die!

“Mom you don’t understand…I already have so many works piled up on my plate. I don’t have the time for some bloody vacation” I whine like a 5yr old kid and rub my temples with growing annoyance.

“Who said that it’s a vacation? It’s Noah’s parent’s 30th anniversary! You can’t miss that! Furthermore, Pauline and Mark are our family friends remember?”

Ah shit, here we go again with their family friend crap…

“I thought Noah was your best friend sweetie?” I wanted to correct her saying that he was my best friend but decide to keep the details to myself.

Noah really was a sly bastard. Knowing that he can’t reach me, he contacted my parents to get through to me and invited them to Italy for a three day stay in a hotel which their family owns.

And now my parents want me to go along with them from Seattle to Rome.

For fuck’s sake! I have a job! People rely on me for their monthly wages for crying out loud!

Going to Monaco for two weeks might’ve gained me more customers due to handing such a prestigious project but to serve those customers, I need to be here.

“Noah’s not my friend anymore. Not at the moment at least…” I mumble and almost hear crickets on the other side when my mother doesn’t respond to my admission.

“Seriously, Phoebe? Another fallout with a friend?” She sighs with frustration whilst putting exaggeration on the word 'another' and instantly my blood boils.

I can’t believe that she just said that!

Sure, I get it that I had gone through many friendship fallouts over the years. But that doesn’t mean I broke my friendship with them for an invalid reason!

One of the major drastic changes occurred when I broke my friendship with Emily, but then again, it was because she made my life hell.

For fuck’s sake, she doesn’t even know the real reason for my anger towards Noah.

“Hah, you don’t know shit, ok? You don’t know what Noah has done and before you judge your own daughter think twice. Don’t call me until you realize what a shitty mother you are!” I say in a menacingly low tone and before she can respond, I hang up on her.

My head starts throbbing with pain as all the memory starts flashing inside my head and instantly wince. Moments like these make me hate my parents so much that I feel like emancipating myself from them.

They didn’t know shit and even after knowing almost nothing, it never stopped them from judging me!

They knew how I was kidnapped and all the time Emily put me through hell. Even after all my sufferings, they are still friends with the Woodwards. Sure, they know all the things that Emily made me go through but they didn’t know what Nate did with me. Besides, they never inquired about it anyway.

“You alright, love? I think I heard a little bit of shouting?” I freeze when I hear Blaze coming inside and slowly lift my face to look at him.

He looked absolutely edible wearing his casual white t-shirt with dark grey joggers that hung over his hip in a sexy manner as he gripped both ends of his Navy blue towel that was slung over his neck.

Beads of perspiration rolled down his forehead making his silky straight jet-black hair plastered to his head. He had a cute amused smile playing on his lips, revealing his gorgeous dimples faintly but concern swirled over his hypnotic light cerulean blue eyes as he regarded me.

Despite his compelling presence, my mood remains bleak with anger and I shake my head petulantly.

His smile gets wiped off when he detects my raging mood and strides towards me taking cautious steps.

“What happened, Phoebe? Is it about last night?” My mood darkens even further when I recall last night’s event and grimace.

“I’m sorry for my behavior. I mean it. I was so mad yesterday and seeing you with that man, heightened my anger even further” He apologizes and I look at him with a surprised expression.

“Why were you mad?” I ask him curiously and watch him exhale exasperatedly.

“Yesterday was my Grandpa’s death anniversary. I hate that man which you already know. I also found out about…some news…” He trails off as if he’s struggling to find words and I scoot closer to him and hug him.

He responds to my embrace and pulls me closer to his chest and I inhale his fresh woodsy smell which instantly soothes my nerves.

“You scared me last night…” I truthfully confess and feel his hold tighten around me.

“I know and I’m so sorry for that, Ciccino. I didn’t mean to scare you. I wanted to discuss with you about…so many things but instead, I ended up acting like an absolute jerk with you” he sighs and places a gentle kiss on top of my hair.

I was glad for the fact that at least he owned up to his mistakes. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to forget about what I read yesterday on his phone. Besides, I need some space from him to wrap my head around all of this crap.

“By the way, what did you want to talk about?” I ask him and watch him gulp down uncomfortably as if he was nervous.


From the little time that I’ve known Blaze, he’s always confident. He’s never nervous. Ever!

He pulls away from me to kneel on the floor, crouching in front of me as he locks his determined blue eyes with my confused green ones.

“My parents want to meet you for dinner, amore” It’s like someone knocked the wind out of my lungs and of course he doesn’t stop there, “Oh, and I also have a half-aunt"

What on earth…

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