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22 | Bonus Chapter Pt.3

*Warning - Contains triggering content*

Blaze’s POV

Cruel cold Egyptian blue eyes stared at me ruthlessly with no compassion.

Marco Hunter – behold, the bastard of the century!

This man ruined my childhood, robbed me of my teenage years.

This man taught me the true meaning of the word ‘Hate’.

I always remember my mother telling me that hate is a very strong emotion, one shouldn’t ever waste so much emotion on someone who isn’t worthy of it. So, I bottled it up. I bottled up all my rage only to unleash it on this poor excuse of a human.

I still remember his blood splashing my face as I repeatedly smashed his head with that vase. Watching the life seep out of him still engraved inside my brain.

This man was supposed to be my savior.

This man was supposed to be my hero.

This man was supposed to teach me how to love.

Instead, he was my biggest nightmare dressed like my grandfather in disguise.

I hated how he died. I wanted him to suffer badly for all his sins. He didn’t deserve to die this easily.

I wanted him to feel all the pain that he caused my father.

I wanted him to feel all the pain that he caused my sweet innocent grandmother.

I wanted him to feel all the pain that he caused me

My body still shudders with anguish whenever my mind strolls back to the time when he would send numerous strangers inside my room to sodomize me.

Yes, this bastard had me raped…countlessly

I could still hear all those people mockingly laugh at me as I kept on bleeding.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why I’m so homophobic. Yes, I supported gay people but seeing them act on their affections had me disgusted to my core.

Sometimes I wished to have confessed about all his disgusting ways to my parents but I was a four year old for crying out loud! I believed him all the times he threatened to kill my parents.

I couldn’t blame my parents either. My father himself suffered under this man’s vile torture.

My father witnessed my grandpa having sex with some unknown lady in his office when he was a toddler. Being a child, he told my grandma everything and that is when hell broke loose.

Grandpa would abuse my father on daily basis and he might as well as killed him if it wasn’t for my grandmother leaving him, taking my father along with her.

My father was the heir to all of my grandfather’s fortune and seeing that Uncle Mark turned to the world of law to become a lawyer, he gave up the family business to dad.

Thank fuck for that!

I studied the scoundrel’s face again and wince when I see the similarities between him and Landon.

Ah yes, Landon Ruiseart

Apparently, my bastard of a grandfather had countless affairs with women all across the globe and ended up impregnating a waitress in Dublin named Patricia.

After finding the pregnancy, he tried to get the woman to abort their child, and thankfully the woman fled away from his evil clutches and ended up in Greece. Sadly, she died after childbirth, leaving her daughter Marianne behind.

Marianne Bennet-Ruiseart, my half-aunt.

Marianne Bennet was born and raised in Greece by a happy Greek couple who took care of her and turned her into the fiercely independent woman that she is now.

She’s a very well-known attorney who married Roman Ruiseart, a famous Greek heart surgeon and settled here in Seattle after having her firstborn, Landon Evan Ruiseart.

She was a spitting image of my Grandfather Marco but thankfully their personality were poles apart. From what I’ve known from my PI, Marianne Bennet has no knowledge regarding her biological father and has always lived a happy peaceful life with her husband, her eldest son Landon and her young daughter Lyndsey.

Happy American family

Landon Ruiseart was a very well-known businessman who lived a very private life and spoke very few words. I was surprised when I saw his pictures provided by my private investigator. He was looked just like Phoebe described him.

Brownish-dirty blond hair, striking Egyptian blue eyes, hard features; he did look a lot like me except for some minor features in our facial structure and of course, the hair.

I was glad that he didn’t suffer the same fate as me. He has been raised in a very luxurious household but wasn’t tormented like I was. I tried to find many things about him but ended up with almost nothing. The man lives a very private life and hardly has any friends. All information about him was sealed which made me feel slightly dubious of him. But later on, my Private investigator assured me that he’s a really noble person who just loves to lead a private life.

He has chains of hotels, clubs, and casinos all around the world and also has a very clean record. Graduated from Harvard, started his own business from scratch at a very young age. In fact, he was a year older than me and that made me want to know him even better.

He looked like the type of person I’d want to look up to. Being the eldest boy in the family was a huge pain. Always carrying all the responsibilities and the burden of acting as a strict person, I wanted to let loose too.

But I didn’t

I always kept my cool even though there were times when I wanted to bash my sibling or cousin’s head. Like Noah for instance, the way he insulted Ava…Christ! I was one second away from breaking his nose that day in the hospital.

With all due respect, no one deserves to be treated like that!

Over the short period of time that I’ve known Ava, I’ve noticed that she’s a very wise woman with a very serene nature, which brings me to my million dollar question.

What was Landon doing outside Ava’s condo unit?

I wanted to ask Ava personally myself but then again, I didn’t have the heart to go behind Phoebe’s back. The last thing I needed was for Phoebe to think that I’m talking with her best friend behind her back for God knows what reason.

Speaking of Phoebe, ever since the day I pounced on her like an animal (which took place almost a week back), something about her changed.

It was almost as if she was avoiding me and trust me when I tell you, it frustrated me beyond words. I could tell that something was bothering her deeply but I couldn’t bring myself to ask her the reason.

When you’re with someone and you feel them drawing away from you, it feels like you’re worlds collapsing which is funny because it never happened to me until Phoebe came along. I’ve been in long-term relationships too before but no one made me feel this way.

I still can’t decipher what it is about Phoebe that draws me to her. The sex is good, that I have to admit but whenever I’m near her, I feel a swell in my chest.

I just simply feel…happy

Her smile and her honesty are what floors me all the time. There are times when I feel like I want to love her but there’s like some stupid barrier that keeps me away from her.

We both have our secrets but I don’t know who’s are the worst

Her’s or mine?

There’s an air of melancholy that constantly envelops her. She isn’t some stupid game to me but I can’t help but feel like she’s some mystery I want to solve.

Despite her amusing bluntness, it feels like she’s keeping something away from me.

Something that has the power to tear us apart

But I know myself. I know that I’ll never let go of Phoebe. There’s something about her that makes me want to be there for her always. It’s almost as if she’s struggling to be...normal.

I don’t know how to explain it but all I know is that there’s no way I’ll ever let her go.

Figlio Mío, it’s time for dinner” My mother’s angelic voice disrupts my train of thoughts and I turn to look at her and instantly a smile spreads my face.

My mother is the most stunning woman I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in my life. I thanked God every day for sending an angel like her. Her honey-brown eyes crinkle with fondness as she caresses my hair like him a small kid.

God, I love this woman!

I sigh and look at that bastard’s portrait one last time before following my mom down the corridor, leading towards the grand marble staircase.

Both of us don’t say a word about my grandfather because we both hate him.

“How’s dad handling the news?” I ask her referring to the fact about dad knowing that he has a half-sister.

“Well, he isn’t in shock anymore. Thank God for that! I almost had to poke him with my spatula yesterday after he went mute” She huffs and rolls her eyes as we reminisce his comical expression after he found out about Marianne.

“I don’t blame him. I still can’t believe I have a cousin who’s older than me…” I recede away whilst descending the spiral staircase.

“There’s still time to catch up I’m sure” My mother asserts hopefully and I really pray that she’s right. A small part of me always craved the presence of an older brother in my life and my mum knew that, hence, the encouragement.

“Anyways, tell me about your girlfriend. Phoebe is it?” My mom tries to sound cheerful but I sense a bit of wariness in her voice and truthfully, I don’t blame her.

My ex, Diana did a great number on my entire family which made my mother vigilant of all my lovers.

“Mother, trust me, Phoebe’s nothing like Diana” I put extra emphasis on the word ‘nothing’ and watch my mother relax…slightly

I wasn’t joking when I said that. Phoebe is indeed nothing like Diana! At all!

First off, Phoebe isn’t a raging bitch. Second off, she’s not a spoiled gold-digging brat. Third off, she’s not obsessed with herself.


Diana was unfortunately all of that and sadly enough, I spent my entire college dating her only to dump her when I realized that she’s a junkie.

I remember that she once offered me to fuck her after getting high on cocaine and I still thank the divine for not compiling with her wishes. The last thing I needed was fucking her without a condom whilst being high as a kite.

But that still didn’t stop her from getting knocked up by some another druggie of our college. At first, she tried to pass her evil spawn as mine and for some months, I even believed her. It all ended when I heard her argue with Carl aka the father of her child and after finding out that her offspring wasn’t mine, I dumped her.

As much as conceited and wrong as it sounded, I still don’t regret dumping a pregnant woman like her.

“I hope she isn’t” I hear my mum sigh and circle my arms around her.

“She isn’t. She has a very interesting character. You’ll love her. I promise” I reassure her.

As soon as we enter the dining room, I see dad perched on the head chair of the table, conversing with Ian and Brayden.

Brayden is the first one to spot me and as soon as he does, he smiles widely in my direction and scoops me in a tight brotherly hug and I reciprocate his embrace.

“God, I’ve missed you big bro!” He replies with such enthusiasm that even I envy him.

It’s been a day since I’ve been back in Italy and this is the first time I’m seeing my younger brother, Brayden after months.

Brayden is an absolute replica of mum. With sandy brown hair and honey-brown eyes, he looked like the opposite of me. However, his eyes looked slightly hollowed and had huge dark circles around them which reminded me of the fact that he was out the entire day, working his intelligent nerdy ass off for some thesis.

I sort of pitied him sometimes. College can really be a pain in the ass sometimes.

“I’ve missed you too” I reply and ruffle his hair before sitting down on the dining chair beside dad.

My father looks at me with a contented smile resting on his lips and raises his wine glass in my direction in acknowledgement.

I’ve always admired my dad for his loyalty and dedication to his family. He’s my biggest hero. Despite all my fuck-ups, he has always been there for me.

“Hello son. So, when are we going to meet your girlfriend?” He inquires with a soft smile. I was glad that dad trusted me on this regarding my mum who’s still skeptical over this entire girlfriend thing.

“You’ll meet her tomorrow” I reply and take a bite of shellfish from my Cacciucco. The taste of home instantly greets me at the first bite and I resist the urge of tearing up.

I missed home. Despite all the ugly memories, I missed this place a lot.

Being a man didn’t stop me from being emotional especially when it involved my family. The world is used to labeling me as a man with no emotions but my family knew better than to believe that load of crap.

I take a sip of my chilled Riesling and hum with appreciation when the sweet taste of honey-crisp and apricots greet me.

The entire dinner passes with me watching my family’s playful banter and for a moment I feel slightly bad for Phoebe.

That day after hearing her shout, I later on found out about what her mother said to her and the entire morning passed with me trying to comfort her as she cried her heart out. Phoebe Carter is a really strong woman who’s very fragile on the inside. She always shows people how strong and fiercely independent she is but on the inside, she’s absolutely lost. Like she has no clue on what to do with life.

I hated how her parents were so ignorant to her condition and I really prayed to God for the dinner to go smoothly tomorrow.

It was really important for me to make sure that my parents adore her and vice versa.


“Well, I’m still avoiding them…” She sighs gloomily on the other side of the phone and my hands itch to reach my car keys and drive my way to the hotel where she was currently staying.

“How exactly are you doing that?” I chuckle to brighten up the melancholic atmosphere and thankfully it works.

“Oh that? I didn’t leave the room ever since I arrived” My eyes widen with disbelief at this.

“Wait, so you’re telling me that you haven’t exited your hotel room in the last 24hrs? What the hell, amore? How did you have breakfast?”

“I ringed the maid whenever I needed food. It’s just that I don’t know what to say to them. I said some pretty harsh things too” She sighs heavily and I feel bad for her.

Avoiding your parents, huh? I don’t think I’ve done that since-

Shit, Blaze. Don’t go there

Suddenly an idea pops inside my head and I look over at the clock mounted in the middle wall of my room. It reads 11:06 pm.


“What do you say to sneak out of the hotel…now?” I ask her and hear her breath hitch from over the speaker.

She’s excited

“Right now?” Her voice rises with delight and I nod my head only to realize that she can’t see me.

“Yes, I’ll be outside your hotel. Meet me at the back entrance” I say and hang up, knowing full well that being the obedient good girl that she is, she’ll follow my orders.

A new-found thrill courses through my veins as I think about taking her to my favorite place.

A feeling that I’m experiencing after ages

I quickly grab my black leather bomber jacket from my closet and sling it over my shoulders as I rush out of my room.

As soon as I reach the entrance, our 60yr butler, Tom eyes me with surprise when he sees me.

“Sir, are you going somewhere?”

“Yes, Tom” I reply him cheerily and watch his face morph with confusion at my good mood. Ok, I know that seeing me in such a good mood is a very rare sight but today, it’s different.

I’ve going to take my amore to my most favorite place in Rome!

“Very well sir, should I fetch the driver?” He asks politely but despite his prim composure, I can see that he’s trying to fight back his smile.

“No need, just fetch me the keys of the Ferrari GT4


The air was exceptionally warm today which was absolutely fine by me. I didn’t really enjoy humid weather much but nothing beats the slightly cool breeze of Rome at night. Driving the GTC4 Lusso was a real fun experience as the car glided smoothly against the gravelly road.

I park my car in the back of our family hotel Cymbeline and send Phoebe a quick text.

Blaze – I’m here

Phoebe – Be down in 5 minutes

One of the best things I liked about Phoebe was that she’s always on time and also that she never strays away from her words.

I watch her walking towards my car with the moonlight illuminating her beautiful face. Her brown hair fell in soft waves behind her back and bounced with each steps. She was wearing a cowl neck beige satin cami top with short black skirt wrapping it all up with a black lace shawl.

However, what caught my attention were the thigh-high socks that covered her legs and for some weird inexplicable reason, I found myself getting hard at the mere sight.

Great! Now I feel like a fucking pervert!

I haven’t had the chance to fuck her after that stupid night a week back and now I feel like some hormonal teen. The fact that her period started the next day along with her excruciatingly painful cramps didn’t help either.

Sometimes it bothered me that she was a whopping six years younger than me. It often made me feel like some sick Pedo but that girl had me wrapped around her like a fucking vice. I don’t think there’s any way I can get rid of her.

Huh, like I ever want to get rid of her! No fucking way! She belongs to me

And now I sound like a brat.

I get out of the car to greet her and instantly pull her inside the confines of my arms. She smells delightful, as usual. Her warm vanilla peach smell welcomes me as I bury my nose in her fragrant hair and her slender arms wrap around me as if she can’t believe I’m here.

“God, I’ve missed you” She mumbles with her face buried in my chest and my heart warms with happiness at her words.

“I’ve missed you too, love

She breaks away from my embrace and pulls my face down for a kiss which has me slightly shocked for a moment. Our teeth clash with each other at the sheer force of it and my lips instantly part to give her access as she flickers her tongue inside my mouth. My hands travel down the length of her body, curling around her waist to pull her close to me.

Looks like she really DID miss me…

She tastes like caramelized apple, as her tongue strokes mine softly as if she’s trying to memorize each and every contours of my mouth.

She’s addicting and I can’t get enough of her

I don’t think I’ll ever be

Finally, she breaks away and looks at me with silent longing and adoration.

Her arms circle around my neck as she leans back on the passenger door of the car, “Please tell me that we're not going somewhere that’s fancy”

“We aren’t” I laugh lightly remembering that time when I once dragged her inside a five star restaurant with her wearing her yoga pants and sweatshirt when I found out that she didn’t have her dinner.

It was not the best experience for her but it was definitely a good experience for me. Watching her glare at me through the menu as she tried her best to ignore the other people’s stare was a very entertaining experience.

I open the passenger door for her, ignoring the fact that she’s hungrily drinking in my features. The last thing I want is for people to see me fucking her on the hood of my car and also getting arrested for that.

Once inside, I start the ignition and drive to my destination.


“Holy shit! This is absolutely amazing!” She squeals like a small child as she spins around to scan her perimeter.

The place was just like I remembered it to be.

The seawater lapped at my feet with its warmth. The entire atmosphere was warm and having my dearest amore prancing around the beach wearing nothing other than the cami top and that extremely short skirt wasn’t helping my cause either.

The waves were moderately tamed tonight as the water glittered underneath the moonlight’s glow. There wasn’t anyone in the near sight then again, no one really knew much about this place.

I found out about this place when I was just 10yr old. I never told anyone about it, not even Andres. This place used to give me solace and comfort whenever things would go downhill in my life.

After acquiring my family business, the first thing I did was buying this private property which previously belonged to a deranged old man, and shielding it away from spectators and tourists.

Finding a secluded beach in Rome is very rare which is exactly the reason why no one knew about it.

However, I regretted wearing my black denims since the saltwater was now itching my legs through my soaked jeans but seeing Phoebe enjoy herself was worth all the fuss.

I circle my arms around her waist as she takes in the view in front of her and kiss the top of her head gently.

“It’s beautiful, Blaze” She murmurs softly and I nod my head in agreement.

It’s indeed beautiful

For a few serene seconds, I imagined myself living a life with this beautiful woman by my side along with our kids.

Huh, kids!

I have always adored children but the mere thought of having one certainly terrified me, especially after that incident with Diana. But I don’t think I mind starting a family with my Tesoro. In fact, there were times when I would purposely think of ways to get her knocked up.

As ridiculous as that may sound!

It has only been roughly five months of me knowing her and yet I think I’m more than infatuated with her than I’ve been with anyone.

“I used to come here a lot when I was a kid” I murmur and watch her brows furrow as if she’s chastising herself.

“Ok, this is going to sound a bit embarrassing but I can’t stop thinking about it” She huffs and for the first time I notice that she’s tense, shifting her foot from one side to the another, “Oh my God, but there’s definitely a place I need you to come inside right now

I must have gone still with shock as soon as the innuendo tumbled out of her mouth because the next thing I know, she’s face-palming herself as her entire body gets flushed with possible feeling of humiliation.

When I’m finally out of my floored trance, I jog up to her and spin her around to face me and hilariously enough, she’s looking at anywhere but me.

“Phoebe Carter, are you horny?” I ask whilst try my best to tone down the laughter that bubbling inside my throat.

Her eyes go wide with mortification and she shoots me a death glare as she splutters, “Oh, fuck you!”

With pleasure” With a salacious grin resting on face, I kneel to clamp my hands around her knees and throw her over my shoulder.

“What the-” I cut her off with a sharp slap on her delectable ass and stride my way to the stone staircase leading to the top of the highland where my car was currently parked.

This is going to be a long, long night…


And it was

After climbing almost 50 stairs with Phoebe thrown over my shoulder made me thank God inwardly a million times for blessing us mortals with the hormone ‘Adrenaline’.

It wasn’t like Phoebe was heavy or something but climbing 50 stairs within twenty seconds is something I’ll always remember.

Although I don’t regret it one bit.

The vision of Phoebe perfectly-shaped tits bouncing in front of me definitely made all that pain worth it.

Her sharp nails sank over my shoulders even deeply with her screaming my name in ecstasy as I thrust myself inside her drenched core repeatedly.

And fuck, did I miss this!

I capture one of her caramel buds inside my mouth and flick my tongue over the areola just the way she likes it.

My hands run over her taut abdomen, all the way down to her swollen clit which was begging for my attention. Her body collided with mine and the slapping sound of skin reverberated through the interior of my car. Despite the air-conditioner turned on full swing, beads of sweat ran down our bodies as fucked each other raw.

Feeling her orgasm build with the telltale quivering of her inside, I throw her on the backseat only to flip her on her stomach as I take her from behind.

Her hands blindly reach to hold onto something and I use her shoulder as leverage for thrusting my erect cock inside her.

The best part about having her in this position is watching my dick disappear inside her tight little cunt which is now red with my constant assault.

“Oh my God, Blaze harder” Her moans are like music to my ears as I fasten my pace, and distantly, I feel the car slightly shaking with each thrust.

Her face is now plastered on the glass as layers of condensation coats the tinted glass windows with each heaving breath of hers.

Soon, I feel her clenching around me, swallowing me whole as she rides out her orgasmic wave with her mouth gaped wide. I follow right after her, my second release taking me with such force that I slump over her back after grunting out her name.


In the background, the lilting voice of Eagle’s Hotel California plays on the stereo system of the car as I untangle the untamed brown strands of my amore’s hair.

She’s softly humming the lyrics of the song along with Don Henley as he keeps on crooning in the background.

“I didn’t take you for an Eagle’s fan” She says softly as the song comes to an end with its acoustic notes.

“I’m not. I just particularly enjoy this song” I state truthfully and watch her contemplating something.

“What’s wrong?” I ask calmly even though my insides are wreaking havoc with the thoughts of her giving me cold shoulder again.

She sighs loudly and turns from her spooning position to straddle me and cups my face with her hands.

“There are two things I need to tell you”

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