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25 | Louder Amore

Phoebe’s POV

As soon as the words spill out of his sinful mouth, a sharp gasp escapes my lips.

Holy fuck!

Every muscle in my body contracts at his licentious promise and I can vividly taste the metallic taste of blood from biting my lips too hard.

I could feel his thirsty gaze running over my naked back and that does nothing other than fueling my desire for him. At this point, I’m ready to let him do whatever the hell he pleases to do with my body.

I trust him that much

However, the waiting game almost makes me combust into an explosion of anxiety and anticipation.

After what feels like an eternity, I feel his hot breath coating my neck as his finger digging into the soft flesh of my hips, moving them forward onto his erect manhood that rests just a few meters away from my cunt, arching my back.

My pussy creams at the small touch as my cheeks press against the cold marble walls, my eyes following the path of the golden glittering swirls inside them. The faint vision of Blaze’s angelic face graces my vision from the shiny surface of the marble and I almost cum at his mere sight.

Oh lord, just fuck me already Blaze!

To gain some amount of friction, my hips move to their own accord, rubbing my ass cheeks softly over his bulging erection and I literally feel his burning stare on my back.

A sharp slapping noise resonates inside the confines of the glass shower and it takes me a moment to realize that he spanked me when the sharp sting registers inside my brain.

What surprises me the most is the fact that I’m enjoying it.

I want more

As if reading my mind, Blaze whispers, “More?”

“Y-yes” My own voice is hoarse and heavily coated with desire which I thought would never be possible until now.

I never really enjoyed the idea of someone fucking me in the ass since it involves putting a lot of trust in your partner and so on. But the mere thought of surrendering myself to Blaze fully turned me on like a damn pomeranian on heat.

Another sharp slap lands on my ass but this time, the area is directly above my wet heat which creams at the mere stimulation, making me feel even more aroused than possible as my body jolts up to absorb the sensation.

I could almost now feel my wet fluid running down the side of my thighs as he lands a series of slaps over my now-sensitive ass but the hot water acts as a balm to my tender flesh.

My mind morphs with shock as a wave of orgasm engulfs me from all the pain that he’s inflicting and I almost slide down on the smooth wall like a blob of jelly if it wasn’t for Blaze holding me upright.

“Do you have coconut oil?” He says in his husky deep voice which sounds calm like the ocean although his rough breath says otherwise.

In my dazed self, I nod and say, “The top left cabinet”

My back feels cold when his warm skin distances away from mine and the soft padding sound of his foot making contact with the floor fills my ear. Within a few seconds, I feel his presence behind me once again as he pops open the lid of the scented coconut oil and the smell of roses and coconuts waft through the humid air surrounding us.

I risk a side glance and instantly gulp when my eyes fall over his large erect manhood which is now thoroughly coated with the oily substance.

Suddenly, fear envelops me as I contemplate what’s about to happen next. My mind wanders back to the first time when we had sex and I vividly recall the pain which I faced when I took him inside my vagina which scares me thinking what will happen when he enters me there.

I feel his slick hands massaging my shoulders with his thumbs drawing in a circular motion over my tense muscles which surprisingly relax me almost instantly.

“Relax amore, we don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to,” He says in a soothing gentle tone. Instead of the disappointment that I was expecting in his voice, it’s tinged with serene sweetness.

This makes me make up my mind that I’m going to go through with it and just like that, a thrill of excitement sparks through my veins. Besides, I’m too into this to back down now.

“No, I want to do this” I hear his sharp intake of breath at my bold statement and whisper the last part continuing, “Have me the way you want Mr. Hunter”

And that’s all it takes before he’s bending me on the spacious shower, with the still warm water spraying over us.

I feel the warm oil over my sensitive flesh as he coats the outer layer of my anus with a generous amount of the oily liquid, some of it running down over my slick cunt.

I feel his finger probing against the opening of my ass and after the slight protesting of my anal walls, his fingers slide in and I suck in a deep breath at the intrusion. The feeling felt slightly odd and very sensitive than anything I’ve ever felt before.

His index finger keeps rimming inside me as his middle fingers slide down to enter my drenched core. The pleasure is absolutely otherworldly and I struggle to contain my delight as moans after moans rip out of my throat with him continuing to fill both of my holes.

When I feel like bursting at the seams from all the sensation, I feel the tip of his hard manhood pressing against my tight opening and this instantly makes my muscles clench with anxiety.

“Relax, amore” His appeasing voice intertwined with lust instantly calms my racked nerves and I remind myself again that I trust this man and I know full well that he’ll never put me through the pain.

I relax my tense muscles and slowly he pushes the swollen head of his dick inside my taut opening.

Instantly, my body arches further on its own accord as it gets engulfed in spasms of euphoria. Slowly, he keeps on pushing deeper inside me and when he’s halfway in, I wiggle my hips to tempt him.

The pain was extreme but the pleasure dominated my senses more as he slowly rotates his hips and my hands curl into a fist over my mouth to stop myself from screaming.

Christ amore, you feel so good” He rasps out and my strangled cry is the only response I can manage to provide him.

I feel his lips sucking and biting the tender flesh of my neck and shoulder with my body slowly feeling at ease, I try to accommodate the fullness of having him inside me there. The feeling was oddly strange but astonishingly ecstatic.

One of his hands grasps both of my breasts in his hand as the other one reaches downward to enter my pussy. I scream at the sudden feeling and before I know it, I’m releasing myself all over him. As my insides shudder with aftershocks of my climax, I feel him fastening his pace and just like that, I’m lost.

A small part of my brain wonders how the fuck I’m still standing and not fainting.

Fuck” I scream at top of my lungs as he starts pounding inside me with his hand resting on top of mine of the marble wall.

My body gets torn with pleasure as orgasms after orgasms envelop me with him slamming himself inside me. Finally, I feel him swell, knowing that he’s close and soon he’s gripping my hips so hard that I’m sure that it’ll bruise as he empties himself inside me.

We both sink on the floor with my head resting on his shoulders as the jets of water keeps pouring over our naked bodies.

My throat gets clogged with all sensation that I received today and he rests his forehead on my shoulder.

Gathering as much as energy I can, I lift my hand and see bruises forming on my finger.

I don’t even know where they came from

“My fingers are pruney” I comment before slumping down on his chiseled front with my legs stretched forward. My back hurts like a bitch for being in a bent position for so long and the only thing I want to do is sleep as my eyelids start closing with the heavy exhaustion kicking in.

I feel him observe my wet appearance and note with amusement lacing his voice, “You’re exhausted”

“Mhmm” I hum and he chuckles melodiously which makes me smile despite my tired self.

“Let me put you to bed” Those are the last words I hear him utter before sleep overpowers my brain.


Despite the heavy velvet brown drapes covering the windows, sunlight disrupts my sleep as I open my eyes to greet the glorious sunny morning.

What a view!

However, turning around, I see Blaze in a deep slumber with his long sooty eyelashes casting a shadow over his chiseled cheekbones. As soon as I see this, a sigh of admiration leaves my lips. I slump down on the plush pillow, looking at him with my wide dreamy eyes.

As if sensing my gaze, his eyes blink open and I find myself entranced by his compelling Egyptian blue eyes. He smiles his gorgeous dimple-kissed smile and I almost melt into a damn puddle.

Christ, where did all the sappy shit come from?

“Good morning, love” He speaks in his heavily accented voice and I stretch my sore muscles with his eyes trailing over my body.

“Good morning to you too” I reply with a lazy grin making its way on my face.

My entire body felt train-wrecked and I squint my eyes when they come in contact with the rays of sunlight peeking through the blinds. The sharp ache between my legs acted as a prominent reminder of what went down yesterday.

What an eventful day…

At first being self-locked inside my hotel room the entire morning, sneaking out with Blaze at night, the fight, confrontation with my mother and lastly the shower sex – God, I need a drink!

Oh no, I deserve a drink

Then there’s meeting new people…

Speaking of which, I frown when I recall that today’s the day of me finally meeting his parents.

Great! Just what I need!

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to meet his family but the mere thought of not making a good impression rests heavily on my shoulders.

Sensing my dampened mood, his brows furrow and before he can ask, I blurt out, “I’m scared to meet your folks, Blaze. I mean, what if they don’t like me? Don’t say that they will because I know that you’re saying it to calm me down!”

“Whoa Phoebe, relax. Despite what the media portrays, my parents are very laid back people and as I said, I know that they will like you. How can they not? You make me happy and you’re absolutely fucking amazing! Just chill out” He waves off the topic nonchalantly and I throw him a convinced smile even though deep down I know that I’m anything but convinced.

Oh God, just make it all go well…

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