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27 | Close Calls

Phoebe’s POV

“Stop that” Blaze snaps at me with a pointed annoyed look in my direction, putting a hand on top of my knee. It is when I realize that I’ve been constantly jerking my leg up and down nervously.

“Um, sorry” I mutter out my apology and start toying with the wrist band of my watch as I gaze at the streetlamps that we zoom past by. The roads aren’t that crowded, unfortunately.

The less the traffic, the soon we reach his parents’ mansion.


“I don’t understand. Why are you so tensed?” He asks with vague frustration lacing his voice and I avoid the urge to throw something at him.

Meds, I need my meds.

I fumble inside my purse for the yellow striped container that I keep with me for emergencies and answer Blaze, “Imagine this - You’re meeting my parents and they don’t like you”

Hearing this, he visibly grimaces and nods before throwing a wary look at the pill in my hand and thankfully keeps his mouth shut.

“I’d be devastated becau- Oh…” He trails off when he finally realizes my point.

“Exactly, ’oh’” I say pointedly and down the pill without water.

I slightly doubt him to actually understanding the depth of my anxiety. Impressing Blaze’s parents right now is my biggest priority because I want the people he calls his mom and dad to like me because I love him. However, I’m not sure if my feelings toward him are mutual from his side or not.

Pushing the depressive thoughts aside whilst trying to distract myself, I connect the car’s Bluetooth stereo system with my phone and play The Weeknd’s ’Die for you’.

As soon as the beats of the song start playing over the car’s high-tech speaker system, I relax my back on the comfortable plush cream leather seat and resume gazing outside.

As we glide over the highway, I see a huge truck approaching our car from the other side of the road, driving in the opposite direction, and hear Blaze tut with disapproval upon seeing this.

“Rule-breaking assholes” I hear him mutter under his breath knowing that the road is one-way directed.

To our surprise, the car speeds right in front of us as if targeting us and as soon as I register this, I shout, “Shit, Blaze, lookout!”

Blaze quickly twists the steering wheel and we swerve in the right direction, hitting the hillside of the rounded highway. I feel my body getting jerked on the left by his strong muscular arms pulling me to his body and cry out when I hear the right outer layer of the car body crumple upon the harsh impact with the steel fence on the hillside of the highway.

My breath starts coming out in short pants as I take deep breaths to supply my brain with oxygen. As the truck misses us and keeps on speeding away as if trying to make a quick getaway, Blaze untangles himself away from me and I whimper when he gets out of the car like a maniac with his phone in his hands, leaving my frightened-self inside.

Wait, is he seriously taking a picture now?!

Stronzo di merda” I hear him cuss out loudly in his mother tongue as he bangs his fist against the hood of the car, instinctively making me jump. My body shakes with the convulsive sobs that break out of my throat from the close call.

For fuck’s sake, we could’ve died!

My hand latches over my mouth as I try my best to not wail in front of him.

Seeing my state, he opens the car door and quickly gets inside, pulling me to him.

“What-t was t-that?” I stutter and fist his dress shirt tightly to just get hold of something.

Try getting hold of your sanity first, Pheebs!

“Are you alright, amore?” He asks with concern and keeps me at his arm’s length to scan my body for injuries and judging from his relieved expression, I think there’s none.

Finally gaining my composure, I look at him with a serious expression and ask, “Blaze…what was that?”

I watch his brows furrow as he swipes through the pictures in his phone’s gallery and taking a closer look, I notice that they are pictures of the truck’s number plate.

“I don’t know. But I’m going to find it soon. I won’t rest until that bastard’s behind the bars. I’ll make sure of it” He says with a tone of dangerous glint and instantly I shudder when I note his expression. That’s the same expression he wore the next day when he found me in that stupid cellar of Irisfield.

The face that's capable of sending chills down anyone’s spine.

I gulp with fear and as soon as he turns to look in my direction, his face softens but again gets pulled into a frown when he registers me shivering despite the warm weather.

Before he can ask me anything, I quickly divert his attention saying, “I’m sorry for your car”

He shoots me an incredulous look that screams, ‘Are you serious?’

“Trust me, Phoebe, my car’s the last thing I should be caring about right now!” He exclaims and starts the ignition as I peer over the damaged passenger door of the car through the window (which is still thankfully intact).

Cadillac Ciel – Damn, what a waste of a good car…

Soon we start coasting again through the dark night with more caution this time. I watch Blaze checking his rearview mirror again and again and I find myself reflecting on his actions.

“It was a fake license plate” I whip my head to look at him with wide eyes when my ears acknowledge his words.

Fake? Was it a hit? Of course! What kind of idiot drives in the opposite direction on the highway, also targeting a car like that…?

Millions of question along with the theory starts swarming inside my brain and I hear Blaze exhale loudly whilst raking his hand through his silky black hair.

“Why would anyone do that?” I ask, my voice just a mere whisper as my brain goes into overdrive.

I see him clenching his hands on the steering wheel to the point where his knuckles look pale as snow. I could tell that he's trying his best to keep his anger at bay.

“I-I don’t know,” He says dejectedly, and judging from his tone, it was obvious that he hated feeling helpless and both clueless, “But I’ll make sure that person pays and also, always know that I will never let anyone hurt you, Amore Mio. I’ll make sure of it”


Instead of city lights, my vision is now greeted with lush greenery as if we're visiting the suburbs. Although the trimmed lawn and the vast property suggest otherwise signaling that we're in a posh property.

We pass a giant metal gate which opens as soon as the guards notice the black Cadillac approaching the steel gates.

Oh dear…here goes nothing…

As we move further into the vast greenery, I notice an outline of what seemed like a humungous mansion, standing proud in the midst of a huge garden full of blush pink roses. My mouth gapes open like a fish as I take in the entire mesmerizing view.

It was like something taken out of some fairy tale book.

The car entered the clay-brick driveway, the sides illuminated with small halogen lights like some fancy ramp.

There were a few palm trees surrounding the mansion, giving off fresh tropical vibes, and on the foot of the stair, stood a man dressed in a suit.

Spotting the car, he descends the staircase and I make out the man’s face more clearly. He looks like he was in his early sixties with silver-grey strands of hair. He almost reminds me of Alfred from ’The Batman’ with his suited-up appearance.

Blaze parks the car right in front of the marble staircase where the butler's standing and turns off the ignition. At first, the butler greets us with a lovely smile which morphs into shock when he registers the appearance of our vehicle.

Mio Dio, signore. Cos’è successo alla tua macchina? State entrambi bene?” He exclaims in a language I fail to understand and it takes me a moment to realize that he’s speaking in Italian.

Stiamo bene, Tom. Sistema la macchina e basta” Blaze replies in his native language and I stand there like a fool in the midst of two Italians conversing to each other with no fucking clue on what they’re talking about but appraising from Blaze’s pissed face and the butler aka Tom’s anxious look at the car, it’s obvious that they’re talking about the Cadillac.

Honestly, watching Blaze talk in his mother-tongue made him look ten times sexier in my eyes and suddenly I start feeling the telltale throb between my legs.

For fuck’s sake, behave Pheebs! You’re sore and you’re in his folk’s place!

Just as I’m scolding myself inwardly, I see another man descending the stairs. He looks like the absolute older version of Blaze with peppery black hair and striking cold Egyptian blue eyes and I swallow with fear.

Shit, it’s his dad

He had a stoic expression on his face with his hands folded behind his back, wearing the same colored outfit as his son except he was dressed in a fitted black polo shirt.

His face adorns a gentle smile when his eyes land on me and he steps forward with an extended hand in my direction.

“Hello dear, you must be Phoebe, I presume” He speaks in his deep baritone voice which is very heavily accented, even more than Blaze.

I nod my head graciously like Ava advised and reply, “That’s me, sir”

Instead of shaking my hand, he pulls it up to his lips and places a small kiss on it like a gentleman and I swear if he wasn’t my boyfriend’s father, I would’ve swooned at this gesture.

From the corner of my eyes, I see Blaze eyeing his father with narrowed eyes.

“Call me Leo my dear. I’m not your boss” He says with a sweet laugh and now I can say that I officially like this man. However, his smile doesn’t stay for long as he witnesses the damage on the car and like a switch flipped on, his face turns hard as his eyes meet Blaze’s. They look like they are exchanging some silent conversation, conveying it through their eyes.

“In my study,” Leo says to his son silently and Blaze nods his head obediently.

“Oh dear, look at me. Come in, come in. Welcome to our humble abode” Leo speaks with a hearty laugh and I resist the urge to shoot a sarcastic smile upon hearing ‘humble abode’

Yeah right!

If this mansion is humble then I don’t know what luxurious and extravagant means to them.

Who am I kidding? The Hunter family is richer than the royals of England, and this mansion is just a droplet in their sea of wealth.

And for the first time in my life, I feel intimidated by someone’s wealth.

Blaze guides me inside the beautiful house with his hand resting on the small of my back, with us ascending the marble stairs.

As we walk past the designed wooden grand double doors of the mansion, I feel him leaning close to my ear and whispering, “My father likes you. See, I told you it’s going to be alright”

Hearing this, I beam in his direction but my smile gets rinsed off when I spot a gorgeous sandy-brown-haired lady standing in the middle of the foyer. Her entire aura radiated elegance and sophistication with her dressed in a maroon knee-length dress. Her warm honey-brown eyes assessed me shrewdly and instantly, I feel uncomfortable under her scrutinizing gaze.

Her face breaks into a gorgeous grin as Blaze approaches to embrace her, kissing both of her cheeks lovingly.

“Mom, I want you to meet Phoebe. Phoebe, meet my mother, Lucia Hunter” Blaze introduces us and I step forward shyly, extending my hand to her which she thankfully takes.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Hunter,” I say courteously with my nerves shaking inwardly with fear.

“Likewise” She replies her monotone response with a forced smile and at that moment, I know that she’s going to be really hard to please.

Boy, it’s going to be SO hard…

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