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5 | Heated Rendezvous

Phoebe’s POV

I stare restlessly at the golden-edged ceiling design while listening to ‘Fire for you’. I scoff at the irony of the song as the lyrics register in my head.

It was half-past 2 am and yet I still did not manage to get a wink of sleep.

The dinner at the hall still kept playing in my head like a bloody broken record on repeat as I remember the way Blaze looked at me. Thinking about him was a massive crime and I wasn’t being dramatic for no reason.

First off he was Noah’s elder cousin which I still found odd since, over the last few years of me hanging out at their house, I never met him. Ever.

Then there’s the fact of him being the freaking CEO of the industry who hired me. I mean isn’t there any non-fraternization policy for this sort of thing?

What irked me the most was the fact of how much he affected me. Or more like how much his mere presence made me feel.

It was like a deadly fever I couldn’t shake off. I still remember the hot stares he gave me during the dinner. While everyone was busy chattering their ass off, nobody noticed all the hot glances he was giving me now and then. Honestly, I don’t even know if he desired me at all.

I mean he was the epitome of a Greek god. His muscles were practically ripping from the suit he wore like a second skin. It was obvious that every woman adored him and threw him lusty stares all the time judging from the fact that as soon as he entered the hall, all heads were turned on his way. Even Ava looked at him in awe which made me feel slightly jealous.

He was like a walking wet dream and for the first time in my life, I wanted to be pinned under a man. I wasn’t a virgin but sex was never on my list of priorities. However, after seeing Blaze, I felt like dry tinder ignited on fire. Which sounded pretty funny given that his name was Blaze, well I had to say that he did stick to his name and aroused passion within me.

God! Just the mere thought of him left me tingling in desirous sensation everywhere.

Pushing his thoughts aside, I decide to abandon sleeping and hop up from the bed to get some fresh air outside. I check my appearance in the enormous Venetian mirror. I was wearing a black quarter sleeved crop top paired with white shorts. I looked fine, to be honest. On my way out, I grab my ballet flats and open the bedroom door.

I release a breath of relief when I don’t see Gerard. I really didn’t like him much and it also didn’t help the fact that he was the one who showed me around the giant castle. That idiot was the most boring guide of the century.

I decide to go to the kitchen to fetch water before heading towards the balcony. As soon as I reach the ginormous kitchen that was on my floor. I open the fridge and take out a bottle of fresh water which was still sealed. As I almost passed the big kitchen counter, I stopped to admire the moonlight shining through the vast windows.

Sensing a presence beside me, I turn and come face to face with no one other than Blaze. He was standing a small distance away from him wearing a dark V-neck t-shirt and grey sweatpants. The way the shirt clung to his biceps almost made me drool. But my reverie gets broken when he asks “Thirsty?”

Not getting what he’s talking about, I stare at him in confusion until he points the long finger towards the water bottle in my hand.

Flushing for no reason, I nod vigorously and try to take a step behind.

Suddenly he lets out a chuckle and I stare at him skeptically.

“Do I really intimidate you that much, Phoebe?” He asks smiling. I smile inwardly when I hear him say my name for the first time.

I quickly flush again in embarrassment and stutter “W-what no! Of course not!” I let out a nervous laugh and turn at the kitchen counter not wanting to face him.

All of a sudden he comes behind me; his fingers curl around my waist in a feather-light grip and as he presses my back to his chest.

This prompt action causes my heart to accelerate as adrenaline and desire surge through my veins in a tidal wave.

“What are you d-doing?” I gasp as I feel his breath close to my ears.

My chest heaves as I struggle to take deep breaths as I feel his other hand caressing its way down from my ear lobe to my neck. He wraps his hand on my ponytail and tugs sharply to angle my neck to his lips. As soon as his lips touch the top side of my neck, my mouth opens widely in shock as I release a soft moan.

“I really don’t like listening to lies Phoebe. Especially coming from someone as innocent as you” He says whilst kissing my neck. The vibration of his voice on my neck travels all the way down to my groin as his grip tightens around me. If the situation was different I would’ve laughed about him calling me innocent but all my thoughts went haywire as he bit down on my neck putting exactly the right amount of pressure to make me clutch his shirt tightly.

“This is so wrong Blaze,” I say as my eyes roll back on my head due to this intense pleasure. I was literally trapped between him and the steel kitchen counter.

He lets out a groan and says “Fuck! My name feels so good on your lips”

Swiftly angling my face towards his, he captures my mouth his frenzy kiss. It was undoubtedly obvious that he was a really good kisser with probably a lot of experience. My belly clenched deliciously as he explored each contour of my mouth. I could feel myself grow wet with need.

Jesus! He wasn’t even naked and here I am all wet and hot for him.

As if reading my mind, his fingers travel south and push inside my shorts to find me bare underneath.

I grab a fistful of his hair and arch my back as soon as his thumb applies pressure to my clitoris.

“You really are an exquisite creature aren’t you?” He asks teasingly and before I can respond, all idea of speech abandons me as he pushes one long finger inside me.

I quickly grab the edges of the counter for support to avoid falling as my body is hit with pleasure.

“Christ Phoebe! You’re dripping wet” He rasps out as he bites on my shoulder.

As he keeps on pumping his fingers inside me, I feel myself build towards an orgasm.

“C’mon amore, let go!” I immediately come on his command and take drag precious air into my lungs. Vaguely I feel his hand coming out of my shorts and hear him suck on it, making me feel mortified.

“Oh lord, I can’t believe this happened” I shake my head not turning. Because I really had no courage to face him after this. Yes, he sure did give me one of the most intense orgasms of my life but it was wrong on so many levels.

I couldn’t believe that I allowed a stranger's hand down my pants whom I just met today. It was so humiliating. In the heat of the moment, I totally lost it.

Oh c’mon bitch, stop acting like you did not enjoy it!

Feeling him behind me once again, he whispers beside my ear in warning “Oh Ciccino, this is just the start”

Just like that, he leaves the kitchen like nothing happened, with me still stuck on the counter frozen with shock.




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