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29 | Confronting The Unpleasable

Phoebe’s POV

The glittery waves clashing over one another acts as a source of tranquility for me as I keep my gaze locked on the beautiful landscape laid out in front of me.

Currently perched on the stone railing of the balcony inside Blaze’s room, I stare at the sea in front of me, wondering how it would feel to drown in that exact sea-water before memories of Blaze and me fooling around the beach on the other day floods inside my mind.


I’ve flawlessly managed to embarrass him in front of his family. I ruined everything. His family must think that I’m some uncoordinated imbecile who is undeserving of the eldest son in their family.

Maybe Emily was right all along – I ruin everything

My head falls back against the hard wall with a loud sigh passing my lips and I keep on staring through my hooded eyes at the magnificent scenario of the moonlight clashing against the clear water of the sea, illuminating it with its soft glow.

“Ava called” I feel Blaze’s rich velvety voice wash over me like layers of Belgium chocolate even though I can feel him seething even from here.

“She said that you ’loathe’ crabs. Her words, not mine” He continues and releases a loud sigh. I still don’t look at him though.

"Yes, that sounds exactly like something Ava would say" I snort.

“Why didn’t you tell me, amore?” He inquires and this time, I rest my feet on the ground from the parapet to look at him whilst keeping a safe distance away from him.

“I didn’t want to disrespect your mother, Blaze,” I say in a small voice like a child getting scolded by her principal and don’t lift my eyes to look at him.

“It shouldn’t have mattered. Do you have any clue on how much mad I am right now?” He almost yells and I feel fresh tears leaking from the corner of my eyes.

There it is – He’s going to break-up with me…

“I know. I’m so sorry. It’s just that I can’t tolerate crabs-” I stop talking when he openly face-palms himself as if I’m an idiot.

Christ Phoebe, what the fuck?! I’m not mad at you for not liking crabs. Heck, I don’t like it too! I’m mad at you for not telling me that you hate crabs. You shouldn’t just eat something to impress someone” He finishes and I continue sniffling.

God, I feel so pathetic right now

He slowly starts inching towards me and after finally reaching me, he nestles my face in his warm palms and I lean into his touch.

“It’s ok for someone to not like something. Not everyone enjoys everything” He tries to soothe me gently but I shake my head in mortification.

“You don’t understand, Blaze. Your mom already dislikes me. On top of that, I ruined so many glass-wares of your home”

He appears confused upon hearing my confession and probes, “Wait, what glass-wares?”

“The one’s carrying dessert” I reply and wonder to myself, ‘Was I hallucinating or something?’, even though it seems highly unlikely.

“Oh, that…” His eyes widen upon recognition of the memory and he chuckles before continuing, “Don’t worry about that. It’s nothing. I bet my mom has several of those lying around the house. Besides, it’s the maid’s fault too. She should’ve looked where she was going”

Of course, his mom has more of them. Who am I kidding? They’re multi-billionaires for crying out loud! Trivial things like this shouldn’t bother them’ I think to myself wryly.

“Still, I don’t know how to face your mother after this” I admit truthfully and watch him regard me with amusement.

“About my mother…” He drawls out playfully, “…the last time I checked, she was busy scolding the maid for not noticing you rising from your seat”

Hearing this, I slightly sag with relief and embrace Blaze finding solace in his signature fresh clean woodsy scent that envelopes me. He uses his hand to tip my chin up to meet his hypnotic Egyptian blue eyes and just like that; I’m awestruck at its mere beauty.

The words I’ve waited so long to say to him are stuck inside my throat, begging to break free from its prison. Without any further ado, I pull his mouth down on mine and soon he responds.

He tastes like raspberries, ripe grapes, and lastly my favorite, himself. A moan breaks out of my throat as he takes control of our tongues, softly stroking mine. His hands grip my hairline to hold me in place as he walks us backward until my back hits the stone-carved balustrade of the balcony, causing me to gasp loudly.

I tilt my head to stare down at the ground, noticing that were several feet on top, one wrong move, I’m going to die.

However, Blaze claims my attention as his mouth shift from the lobe of my ear, moving down to suckle the sensitive spot between my collar-bone and the base of my neck. I clutch his shirt for support as I feel my knees buck, instinctively wrapping them around his torso.

“Blaze-e, are you seriously planning to kill-l me by making me fall from here?” I say jokingly even though my insides slightly quiver with fear at the height.

He momentarily pauses his assault on my neck and resumes again, releasing a short chuckle and his fingers reach behind me to teasingly undo the zipper of my dress down several inches, lower enough for him to reveal the swell of my breasts as his mouth slowly travels southward.

“Oh, ye of little faith Ciccino Mío? You and I both know that I’ll never do anything to harm you” He murmurs before capturing one of my breasts that has managed to spill from the confines of my dress, making me throw my head back in pleasure.

On cue, his right-hand holds my back tightly to ensure that I don’t fall as his left hand explores the outer lining of my black lace thong.

“You know why I bought you right here at this place?” I shake my head ‘no’ as tides of euphoric bliss clashes over my entire being, “Open your eyes, love

Throwing my back even further as he bites the tender flesh of my aching bud, causes chills to run over my spine despite, the warm heat of the pleasant weather.

Following his order, I open my eyes and suck in a deep breath when my vision is greeted with the most enchanting view of my life.

Growing up, I always loved stars illuminating the inky black sky. I loved them so much that my passion to study about them developed into an obsession that I wanted to be an astronaut. Even at this age, I still find myself studying stars because it still fascinates me.

And right now, witnessing the midnight-blue night-sky enlightened with various luminous stars, with swirls of dark violet and teal coating the sky, like something taken from the picture book, I feel my veins pumping hard with adrenaline.

My insides stir in the most euphoric way possible as the enthrallment of being at the edge of such a high altitude coupled with the ecstatic feeling of Blaze circling my clitoris through the fabric of my thong with his thumb, pushes me over the edge, sooner than I expected.

I cry out a garbled version of his name, as my climax seizes me with such force that I swear I almost see stars underneath my closed eyes.

He gathers me in the confines of his arms as I ride the post bliss of my orgasm. Although, his attention gets moved away from me when his phone starts ringing, causing him to release a loud groan.

“This better be good” He mutters under his breath as he balances me on the railing whilst retrieving his iPhone from the back pocket of his pants.

I briefly catch a glimpse of the name, Scott, and frown when I realize how familiar it sounds.

“I have to take this call. Sorry, love” He apologizes and sets me down on the floor before exiting the room.

I sigh after his departure and decide to go and apologize to Lucia for being such a horrible guest. It’s the least I can do after costing her so many things. Despite, Blaze’s nonchalance, I can bet that those crystal glass-wares cost a fortune.

Sure, I've come from a very wealthy family too, but that never stopped me from being humble to everyone.

Taking one last look in the mirror to fix my disheveled appearance and exit the room to find the unpleasable woman that is Lucia Hunter.


Pressing the piping bag a bit harder, I create cute swirls using the milk-chocolate cream frosting. The cake looked marvelous and the only thing missing was the sprinkles of red-velvet that I planned to put on the sides of the cheese-cake.

For some inexplicable reason, I couldn’t find anyone after I descended downstairs. So, in search of Blaze’s mother, I came straight to the kitchen after asking for directions from the passerby maids, and upon reaching here, I saw one of the maids preparing a recipe for red-velvet cheesecake.

Now anything related to cooking red-velvet sweets was something I was a pro at since the age of twelve thanks to my mother. Seeing this as an opportunity to seize the day, I persuaded the maid after a lot of convincing to let me make the remaining dessert and in the end, she thankfully agreed.

And here I am, putting the last touches on the cake as I kept on praying for Lucia to like it. It was impossible for someone to hate what I bake because being a patisserie chef’s daughter does come with some perks and one of them was being a pro at baking the best cakes.

I sprinkle the crushed red-velvet macaron shells over the sides of the cake and when I’m finally done, I stand back to admire my work.

“I have to say, it does look tasty” My back goes rigid when I hear the gentle feminine voice of Lucia. Finally gaining some courage, I turn around and watch her accessing my handiwork with her shrewd cold honey-brown eyes.

From all the stories I’ve heard about her from Blaze, he always mentioned that she’s a sweet serene genteel woman. However, the woman standing in front of me spoke otherwise.

“Phoebe, I have to say I was quite surprised when I figured that Blaze happened to be your employer at the charity event that took place a few months back in Monaco. What I’m trying to say is that you slept with your employer when you were supposed to maintain a professional distance. I know that my son can be a bit...manipulative. But for a smart woman like you, I expected a bit more professionalism from your side”

Her words were like a slap to my face. I couldn’t decipher if she was trying to paint me in the tainted light of some gold-digger, opportunist, or a slut but I knew that all of them were derogatory, and unfortunately all them pointed at me.

Suddenly, I have this burning urge to just be honest with her attitude. Summoning my true-self, I speak up.

“Look Lucia, I really don’t know why you hate me but there are a few things you should know. I didn’t sleep with your son for money. I have to admit that he did tempt me from the beginning and yes, I gave in. Do I regret doing it? No, I don’t, and I never will. Your son makes me feel happy, something which I haven’t felt in a long time.

“Sure, I’ll admit that in the beginning, I lusted him. But as time moved on, I started falling for him. I won’t lie about my feelings regarding him. I love him. I really do. He means everything to him. I understand that you don’t like me because I myself feel unworthy of your son’s presence in my life but no matter what, I know that I’ll never stop loving him. Nothing can ever stop me from loving him. Not even you.

“I tried, I tried impressing you and honestly I don’t know what Diana did to Blaze but I can assure you that I’m not with him for his money. I’m an independent woman who knows how to earn for herself and doesn’t rely on another person or her lover for paying her finances. So, before you judge me, please think twice. I’m not your doormat over which you can walk whenever you want”

By the time I’m done with my speech, I’m panting to gain some air in my lungs from talking so much. I’m pretty sure I’ve stunned Lucia because her mouth is gaped wide open.

Shit, where did all that come from? Liquor courage?

However, I’m surprised, when a huge grin makes its way to her face and at that very moment, I see the woman Blaze constantly described to me. Like some fairy-tale movie, the glacial coldness from her eye vanishes as she regards me with amusement.

What the fuck? Am I hallucinating things now?

She approaches me with a mischievous smile and I think my eyes almost pop out of my sockets when she pulls me in for a warm embrace.

Just like her eyes, she emanates a sweet honey scent paired with a type of comforting smell I think only mothers possess.

“I’m so sorry for being rude, my dear” She mumbles and I start wondering, ‘Is she bipolar?’

As if reading my mind, she lets out a melodious angelic laugh which I never thought I’d hear from her when I first met her.

“I know that you’re probably thinking that I have some mental issues but just hear me out Mio caro, I know that I’ve acted like a bitch to you but it’s all for a reason. My son, Blaze is very precious to me. I think you know that he already suffered a very horrible childhood under the hands of his disgusting grandfather…” As she speaks, I can see rage and hatred radiating from her as she talks about Blaze’s grandfather, and honestly, I don’t blame her.

“That man ruined my son’s life. Ever since that time, I’ve always been cautious of him. He’s my little gem, my Tesoro. I won’t be able to live with myself if something ever happens to him. I’m sorry for being so horrible towards you but please understand I only did this to make sure that you are with him for all the right reasons. I know that you are not a bad girl but I’m a mother. What can I say? I couldn’t help but be cautious.

“I want my son to be happy and I can see that you make him smile so much. He really adores you a lot and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this happy. I’m glad that he has an amazing person like you in his life. With that said, I’m begging you for his forgiveness. I know that it was terribly wrong for me for being so crude and I’m truly sorry for that”

By the time she's finished with her narration, I see an entirely different woman I’d never thought I’d encounter. For a brief second, it saddened me, wishing that what if my parents were like Blaze’s mother. I could see that the woman is a really kind-hearted person and I know that she never meant any harm.

She had her eyes cast down in shame and surprising us both, I hug her. After a few seconds, she returns my hug and I try my best to stop my tears.

I don’t know why I was crying but I was drowning in so many emotions that it was hard to pinpoint the right one. I was happy that Blaze’s family liked me and I felt sad wishing my parents to be so loving like them.

“It’s alright I understand. If I were you, I’d do the same thing too. So, is it ok for me to say that you like me?” I throw her a wary look to which she laughs. With her smiling face, it was hard to grasp her age because she looked so lovely.

“Like you? Honey, I love you! I could use someone like you around this place. Now, what do have here?” She rubs her hands with glee when she turns to look at the red-velvet cheesecake with child-like delight whilst I try my best to hide my Cheshire grin.

As I go on full swing on how I managed to make it within an hour, I spot Blaze at the doorway of the kitchen, looking at me with an emotion I couldn’t put my finger on.

He looked…proud

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