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30 | The Final Masquerade

Phoebe’s POV

The grainy sand underneath my skin feels soothing and therapeutic as we lay underneath the lit-up sky. The stars twinkled and winked at us with the sea-water lapping at our entangled limbs.

My mind felt refreshed and for the first time, I felt at peace. I felt like everything was going just the way I wanted it to be.

“What’s going around that beautiful head of yours?” Blaze asks, pulling me out of my star-gazing, and I roll over to face him.

“Nothing in particular actually” I shrug and inquire, “What about you?”

“I’m thinking…” He drawls out in a playful tone and at that moment I know that he’s about to say something funny, “…how smoothly tonight went”

I knew that he was going to say something awfully sarcastic like that!

I swat him on the chest and laugh with my head thrown back.

“Yeah right…smooth as in the fact that we almost got road-killed, I broke your mom’s crystal bowls and you left me frustrated on your room’s balcony” I recall today’s event and for some reason, a smile adorns my face when I think about how well Lucia and I clicked afterward. His mother was absolutely ah-mazing!

His eyes sport a dangerous glint when I utter the word ‘road-killed’ and just like that, it’s gone in a flash. I decide not to comment since I don’t want to ruin the mood.

“Frustrated, eh?” In a lightning second, he’s on top of me, his naked body pressing against mine with a few grains of sand falling on his side. I could feel his growing erection poking against my thigh as I stare at his hypnotic beauty.

My fingers trace his jawline dreamily as I giggle underneath him.

“Oh, well…” Ok, I admit that the 'frustrated' part was an over-exaggeration because my body is now more than satisfied from our previous tryst on the beach.

After another round of peaceful dinner, which didn’t consist of me doing anything stupid, I said my goodbyes to his family who made me promise to visit them again. We drove down to Blaze’s private beach right after exiting his father’s mansion and finished what we started earlier on his room’s balcony.

“I wanted to ask you something” Blaze’s expression grows all serious and I frown before he continues, “Would you like to be my date to tomorrow’s Masquerade ball?”

Shit, I almost forgot about the main reason for me to visit Italy.

Noah’s parent’s anniversary ball, of course!

My face scrunches into a grimace as I think about facing Noah.

“What’s wrong?” Blaze questions me when he registers my grim expression and I shake my head to make him know that it’s not about him.

“I just don’t want to see Noah. Then again, it’s his parent’s anniversary. However, I’d love to be your date” Hearing my response, his face adorns a full-blown grin as he leans down to kiss me full on the lips.

“Forget about Noah, I do. Besides, I’ll be there tomorrow. I’ll try my best to make sure that he doesn’t disturb you” He reassures me and reaches down again, muttering over my lips, “Now about the frustration part…”

His soft lips are just a breath away from mine as if to tease me and not being able to take it anymore, I pull his face down on mine by weaving my hands inside his silky black locks.

He chuckles after seeing impatience and the vibrations of it travel all the way down to my body, causing goosebumps to erupt over my skin, making my nipples instantly harden.

“Lord, I’m addicted” Those are my last words before my mouth captures his again.

He balances himself on top of me by resting his hands on both sides of my body. The warm sand moves deliciously against my back as I writhe underneath me. I’m the first one to pull away from his to get some air in my system as he continues teasing my bottom lips by pulling them with his teeth before his warm lips start trailing down.

Lower and lower…

Until he’s warm breath tickles my navel, over which he places a soft kiss, before trailing even lower. His teeth nip my hipbone before spreading my thighs to rest his face in between them.

But of course, being the tease that he is doesn’t place his mouth where I’m literally aching for him to be. His tongue sweeps over the soft flesh of my thighs before placing small bites over them which will cause them to bruise for sure.

Feeling impatient as ever, I pull him up with his jaw to kiss him and grind my hips over his growing erection that’s resting over my tummy. His tongue traces every contour of my mouth skillfully before hitching one of my legs up around his hips, rubbing the tip of his erection over my swollen clit.

The contact becomes too much for me to bear as I arch my back as his tongue glides over my neck. I dig my fingernails over his back as he continues to inflict sweet torture over the sweet spot of my neck.

Oh God, fuck me already” He abruptly pauses and looks up at me through his hooded eye shadows to show his displeasure as his mouth forms a thin line, causing me to frown in absurdity.

“I’m not sure if you want me to fuck you or if you want ’God’ to do it,” He says sullenly with a cute frown and I would’ve laughed over at this if I wasn’t so sexually worked up.

“Shut up and you fuck me” I whine.

He obliges to my request, muttering his assent, “Gladly

He roughly thrusts inside me so powerfully that my breath gets stuck inside my throat at the sudden pain which soon gets developed into pleasure as I cry out.

“Fuck, amore, you’re killing me” He rasps out with a groan before slamming himself inside me again, making me scoot away from him at the sheer intensity of it.

He wraps his arms around my shoulders, cupping his hands upward to use them as leverage for thrusting inside me. Tears spring to my eyes at his carnal ferociousness as I arch my back further to offer him breasts which he gladly swirls his tongue over before completely devouring them inside his mouth.

My legs start stiffening as I feel my orgasm coming close and in vain attempt to hold onto something, I clutch his hair, almost pulling them off its roots, to which in return he bites down on my nipple, harder.

I jerk forward as my orgasm seizes me with the waves of seawater lapping over our lower half. He continues thrusting inside me until he’s calling out my name, filling me to the brim with his warm seed, which entices another orgasm out of me.

As he collapses on top of me, with his head resting over my chest, I feel my throat getting clogged with fear. Fear of letting those three little words out in the open.

The fear of losing him

After spending so much time with him, I don’t know if I can ever let go of him.

I knew it from the day when I first surrendered to him, letting him go will be one of the hardest things I’ll ever do.

I’ll never be able to leave him.

But little did I know I was so wrong…


My hands clasp his offered arm which is clad in a sharp black tux. Despite the black velvet gloves keeping my hand warm, I felt ice cold.

I couldn’t recognize a majority of the people because their face was covered inside the masks.

“I don’t recognize a single person” I confessed truthfully and watched Blaze flashing his million-dollar smile to the people who were greeting him.

Leaning towards my ear, he murmurs, “Me neither. I don’t even have any clue who that guy was, the one who was narrating my childhood earlier”

This erupts a series of giggles out of me as he hides his grimace underneath his simple black mask.

With his simple black mask covering the upper part of his face, he appeared like the dark knight to me. A really hot one if I may add. His perfectly tailored Kiton suit fit his body like a second skin. The white dress shirt that he wore clung over his body, show-casting the outer lining of his carved muscles that made me drool.

I could almost feel people’s piqued curiosity to know who I was because all of them recognized him. His light cerulean eyes shining like two blue diamond studs from his mask paired with his jet-black hair was a dead giveaway.

“You’re nervous” He observed, looking down at me before he follows up with a question, “why?”

“It’s my first time joining you at a public event, Blaze” I whisper beside his ear so that the girl who’s leaning over to listen to our conversation doesn’t hear me.

Bitch, could you be any less obvious?’ I inwardly sneer at the fake-tanned socialite beside me.

“There’s nothing for you to worry about. I’m proud to have someone as beautiful and smart as you to be my date tonight” He mutters before placing a sweet chaste kiss over my lips.

My insides melt after hearing his soothing words and I take a deep breath to calm my raging hormones which are now sky-rocketing to have him ravish me right here.

And judging from his smirk, he knows what effect he holds over me.

That asshole’ I muse to myself with an amused smile dancing over my lips.

It was indeed our first time together at such an upscale event together. Over the three months of us dating each other officially, I never resorted to going out with him, despite his many pleas.

One of the fire cart-wheelers spins his flaming wheel over beside us and my eyes glue at the dancing flames with bewilderment.

Honestly, I was feeling kind of suffocated with my mask one, which was one of the black numbers with black and mid-night blue feathery plumes standing out on one side of the curved edge. The black mask framed my forest green eyes perfectly which is exactly why I chose it in the first place.

I could feel men’s eyes on me as I walked beside Blaze, and he noticed it too because the next thing I know, he untangles his hand from mine to snake his left arm around my waist, pulling me close to his side, as if laying his claim over me.

What am I? His dog?

I often found his possessiveness cute but sometimes it just gets on my nerves. Like the time when we were visiting his restaurant on our second date and he fired one of the waiters for staring at me too long.

Like, what the fuck?

His display of possessiveness often makes me uncomfortable because it feels like he can’t trust me. I decide not to comment on it, and by the time we reach our table, I request him to fetch us some drinks to which he gladly listens.

Looking over, I see no one seated on the table that’s exclusively booked for Blaze’s family which means that we're the first ones who arrived. Thankfully my parents anywhere around me either, which makes me slightly relax because I definitely don’t want to feed their curiosities regarding my boyfriend.

Just when I’m pulling one of the seats, I hear a familiar voice calling out my name.

“Phoebe, can we talk?”

A voice which I’ve been avoiding for months now…

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