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31 | Say Your Apologies

Phoebe’s POV

Great! Just what I need – Note the sarcasm

“Noah” My voice is chilled like ice as I turn to face him. Even though` his half-masked face, I can see that he’s desperate. His normally vibrant brown eyes now look dull with no light in them. I wince when I see his lost expression and it was obvious that he’s been through a lot.

Christ, was I THAT harsh to him?

“Can we please talk, Phoebe?” He repeats his question and seeing him almost on the verge of tears, my anger thaws a little.

I nod my head silently and look at the vast crowd that’s starting to gather underneath the huge made-up tent. I couldn’t see Blaze anywhere. I know that he would blow a fucking gasket if he finds out that I’m talking with Noah, knowing how possessive he is but honestly, I don’t know what to do.

Oh for fuck’s sake, Noah has been my friend for ages; it’s just a few minutes.

“You have a very short time to say whatever the fuck you want to. So, be quick!” I wave my hands as I speak urgently, taking one last look at my surrounding, before focusing my attention on him.

“Ok, right” He nods his head and continues, “Look, I’m sorry for everything that happened”

“You shouldn’t be apologizing to me. In fact, you should be begging Ava for forgiveness” I frown at his lame attempt at apologizing.

“Christ woman, let me finish explaining first” He gives me a condensing look which instinctively makes me shut my mouth.

“Ok, go ahead”

“As I said, I’m sorry. I truly am. Mainly to Ava but seeing that she didn’t attend today’s event, I’m assuming that she wants nothing to do with me” His shoulders slump with a defeat which momentarily makes me feel bad for him.

“She wasn’t invited, Noah. She would've been here if she was” I roll my eyes and watch Noah look at me with bewilderment.

“Wait, what? I did invite her. Oh well, since she did not want to see me, I went to her apartment unit and slid the invitation under her door” He explains and now it’s my turn to frown.

My mind travels back to the time when I told her about my three-day stay in Italy. She sounded like she had no clue what I’m talking about. For Christ’s sake, she even helped me pack for my trip. Why would she decline an invitation?

One conclusion – She’s really over Noah for good now.


“Let me guess, she never told you about it, did she?” He scoffs bitterly like he can’t accept the truth himself.

“Well, you didn’t exactly leave her with many choices now did you?” I counter back with a saccharine smile plastered across my face and he looks away with a face that screams ashamed.

He should feel more than ashamed!

“I know, but still…I just…miss her…so much” He sighs dejectedly and I refrain from rolling my eyes.

Well, you should have thought of that before you used her in the name of friendship only to throw her in the curb.

My head recalls every moment of how he used her. Ava knew Noah way back before I met him. They used to be neighbors back in New Jersey before her parents permanently moved to Chennai. They used to share a very good bond before I came into the picture. Now that I think of it, Noah always used her.

Ava was the one whom he called whenever he was drunk out of his mind. He would always ring her up when he needed to get one of his knocked up slut's spawn aborted.

I still remember the day when he fucked Camille in our college dorm room, also on Ava’s bed. I still vividly recall the look of disgust on Ava’s face when she witnessed that. I always thought that she was disgusted because of the germs and everything, but now that I look back, it was all hurt.

Jesus! Maybe I was absorbed with my life, but Noah wasn’t. Oh wait no; he was too busy knocking up sluts in college to care about Ava’s feelings.

“If you really do want her back in your life, then you’ve got to try harder Noah. She always forgave you for basically each and everything you did. She always forgave you no matter how horrible your fuck-ups were. You should literally worship the fucking ground she walks upon but instead, you threw your decades-long friendship to the curb as soon as your so-called ‘reputation’ got ruined! Jeez, Noah, I feel disgusted to be even acquainted with you.

“Yes, I’ll admit. You’ve been the friend that I always needed whenever I got into trouble. I’m beyond grateful for that. But then again, you and I both know how much I value justice. It doesn’t matter if you’re my best friend. What matters is that you treated Ava like absolute garbage. I might’ve never voiced it out before, but I always disapproved of your friendship with her. Why, if you may ask? Simple, because you ruined her!

“You out of all the people know how much she suffered from depression and everything. She’s sensitive, you know that. She’s way over the top insecure, you also know that. She has always been suicidal, you knew that too. Then how could you do this to her after knowing everything? It doesn’t matter if her feelings were beyond platonic towards you because the last time I checked, you didn’t know either. It shouldn’t even matter if she wasn’t suicidal. As a friend, you should’ve never said that!

“I don’t recall you texting Camille, saying that she’s a whore and that she should end her fucking life because she ruined your reputation. What? You thought I’d forget about the time when she spread over the campus that you got some girl pregnant in our freshman year. I can still recollect all the headlines of the tabloids with your name. In fact, you apologized to her for everything. Jesus H Christ, Noah. You disgust me”

My words are like venomous arrows as I target them towards Noah, who can’t even look me in the eye after I stated down all the facts.

God, he really doesn’t deserve Ava…

Which makes me wonder - ‘What the fuck did she ever see in him in the first place?’

However, I still when I feel a presence behind and twirling around, expecting to see Blaze, my eyes widen like saucers when I see Leo Hunter, Blaze’s father. His shock of Black hair and blue eyes was a dead giveaway through the midnight blue Venetian mask that he wore.


I can tell that Noah is still clueless over the fact that his uncle is behind me because he’s still staring down at the made-up marble floor. I feel the roots of my hair stand in attention when I see Leo trying to tame his raging fury with a grim look gracing his face with his lips stretched in a thin displeased line.

“Noah” As soon as Leo utters his name, he whips his head to look up and I marvel at the fact of how he didn’t manage to break his neck.

“U-Uncle” His voice trembles as he acknowledges his uncle’s presence and that’s when I realize, he’s fucking terrified of Leo.

Shit! How much did Leo hear?

“If you would be kind enough to leave me and Phoebe alone, it would be of great help” Noah nods his head vigorously before spinning on his heel to get away from us.

“Also, don’t forget to send Phoebe a text regarding how she should end her life. After all, she just ruined your reputation. If she didn’t manage to do that, I will personally make sure of it” He calls after Noah and there’s a similar dangerous glimmer in his eyes as he calmly mutters the last sentence and taking one last look at Noah’s ghostly pale face, it’s obvious that he’s in deep trouble.

For Christ’s sake, I could feel a shudder break out of me as I stand beside Leo’s powerful compelling presence that’s doing a good job in attracting almost everyone’s attention as they stop to greet him.

Finally from the corner of my eyes, I detect him facing me and take a huge gulp to push the bile back down in my throat that’s literally threatening to escape.

“Hello dear, it’s great to see you again. Did I mention that you look lovely?” He says good-naturedly with a fatherly smile and from the coldness, I’m feeling inside my mouth, I’m pretty certain that my mouth’s gaped open like a damn fish.

Is the entire family mercurial or is he bipolar like me?

After gaining some composure, I quickly shut my mouth and manage to croak out, “It’s great seeing you too, and thank you for the compliment”

I clear my throat to get rid of my squeaky voice and flash him a wary smile.

“I’m telling you, the event management is absolutely horrible, dad. They only set up one bar to tend all these thousand people. Like, what even?” Blaze sighs exasperatedly as he addresses his father whilst holding two flutes of champagne.

He extends his hand to offer me a glass, which I take gratefully and watch him offer his one to his dad, who politely declines.

“Well, your uncle’s persistent failed attempts at event-planning never stopped I guess. What can we say?” His dad chuckles lowly and looks at his son with silent adoration in his eyes as Blaze takes a small sip of the golden sparkling liquid.

His throat bobs up and down as he swallows the drink, and like the sucker that I am for him, I relish the sight with hunger in my eyes.

He notices my dark stare too but before he can provide me any reaction of his own, his dad interrupts us and turns to me. I flush at my delirious wayward thoughts and watch Blaze smirk.

That asshole!

“Phoebe caro, do you mind granting this poor old man a dance with someone as elegant as you?” Like father like son, Leo has me charmed with his words.

Blaze’s eyes narrow with irritation as he thins his lips after his father and I refrain from laughing as Leo steers me away to the checkered dance floor where the band has already started playing a melodious rhythmic soft tune.

“Gotta make my wife jealous, you know” He whispers conspiratorially like a child and I throw my head back laughing as he twirls me around.

I could see Blaze eyeing us from the corner of the dance floor with a pleased grin but with one look in his eyes, I could read all the salacious thoughts dancing inside the irises of his Egyptian blue eyes.

I can’t help but clamp my legs together to alleviate the growing tension in between my legs as my mind tries to focus on his father’s words.

“Ah, Lucia. I don’t think I can help you here because she did have me under the illusion that she hates me when I first met her. Can’t have that emotion turn real now, can I?”

This time, Leo throws his head back laughing, and shakes his head as I make out the crinkled lines near his eyes that reveal his old age.

Even at the age of late-fifties, he looked breathtaking. With a strong carved jaw-line teamed with jutting cheekbones, his jet-black hair was slightly peppered with a few strands of white hair and his Egyptian eyes looked prominent under his tanned face.

If Blaze ends up looking this when he grows old, I’m not complaining!

Nay, nay, not even one bit

“I think that’s impossible. Lucia’s a gentle soul. I don’t think she really hates anyone except-” He pauses and frowns before clearing his throat, “Nevermind. I’d say that my entire family, including me too, of course, is taken with you, Phoebe. You make our Blaze smile a lot. I don’t think I’ve seen him gaze at any woman like the way he looks at you”

My heartstrings tighten when I hear his words and instantly a smile makes its way to my face. If only they had any clue on how much their son affects me.

“Your son makes me happy too. I don’t think I’ve ever been this close to anyone…” I say truthfully and suddenly an idea pops inside my head, “Leo, about what happened with Noah-”

He cuts me off with a sharp look which I don’t dare disobey and says, “Don’t worry about that. His parents have spoiled him rotten. I know that you’re mad at him and it’s absolutely justified. He will get the punishment that he deserves and about your friend Ava, I’m really sorry for that poor girl. She didn’t deserve my nephew’s harsh words. Pass her this advice – If she’s smart, tell her to never forgive Noah for being such a despicable friend after all the disgusting things he did”

His eyes glow with paternal love as he gives away his advice and I nod my head.

“May I cut in?” The smooth rich velveteen voice of my lover reaches my ear and it is then when I realize that the song has come to an end.

“She’s all yours, Figlio” Leo bows before sending me a quick wink as he sprints to his wife who was waiting for him with an amused expression.

“Your dad’s a really funny person,” I say as we start swaying to a familiar song. It’s a jazz number with a teasing tone. I think the name’s ’Like a Falling Star’, but I don’t remember the singer’s name though.

My hands rest near the lapels of his jacket as his side-face brushes over mine, with his minty sweet breath spraying over the spot between my ear and my neck.

“Mm, is that so? I hope he hasn’t spewed anything stupid that regards my childhood because trust me, I had enough of hearing what sound I made when I was asleep as a toddler” He groans near my ear and I try to tame the laugh that’s threatening to erupt from my throat.

“Really? Maybe, I should go around mingling with people to hear all about the cute noises you used to make when you were a kid” I coo at him teasingly and watch him shooting me a sharp glare.

“Oh, hell no”

However, my smile gets wiped off my face when I see a very glamorous platinum blond glaring at us with her blue venomous eyes.

If looks could kill, I’d be poisoned by the toxic daggers she’s shooting in my direction.

“Uh Blaze, do you by any chance know any Julianne Hough look-alike?”

Upon hearing this, he stiffens momentarily before nodding in my direction warily.

“Unfortunately, yes I do. Why?” He inquires with his brows pulled into a frown which I can detect even through the black half-face mask.

“Because, she’s marching in our direction” Before I can fully finish my sentence, the tall blond stands beside us with a sneer coating her face as she looks at Blaze with deep sultry eyes.

Bitch, what even?

Blaze’s lips curl with distaste as he addresses the woman in front of us.


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