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32 | Bound By The Past

Phoebe's POV

I think all the air evaporates from my body as I whip my head to look in her direction again. Only this time, I scrutinize her properly from head to toe. I instantly cringe when I register her magnetic presence.

She was awfully gorgeous

I feel my hands fist on their own accord when I see Blaze’s eyes still locked with her.

Her beautiful symmetrical face was visible to me as she removed her silver mask. She was wearing a silver organza gown which accentuated her hourglass figure and unfortunately, she didn’t look like the slutty type of ex you read about in novels. She looked very well-groomed. Her wavy platinum blond hair was pulled into a loose chignon bun and her make-up was minimal like mine.

However, my vision loses her when I feel Blaze literally drag me away from her like I’m some rag doll and she’s a bully who’s about to snatch away his precious toy.

“What the fuck, Blaze?! Ow, slow down!” I manage not to trip over my pencil heels as he drags me to god knows where.

He doesn’t pay any heed to my words as he drags me towards the crowded area where people were chatting and drinking champagne.

“What is wrong with you, Blaze? Why are you acting like this?” I ask as I huff out with frustration for walking so fast whist wearing such high-heels. I’m used to wearing heels all the time but I’m not used to running in them.

“She’s absolutely lethal, Phoebe!” He hisses at me through his gritted teeth and looks over my shoulder as if making sure she’s not anywhere around.

“Are you afraid of her or something?” I can’t help but question warily as I register his grim face.

“I’m not afraid of her. I’m afraid of what I might do” He spats at me and I could feel my face drain all the blood as his words sink in.

Does he still love her?

I lower my eyes to the ground to prevent people from seeing the hurt in my eyes. I could feel my nails digging inside the skin of my palms as I clench my fists to prevent myself from lashing out.

Apparently, he notices my shift in stance too because he closes his eyes in regret and annoyance.

“Shit, that came out wrong. I meant that I’m afraid that I might start screaming at her” He rubs his eyes and continues explaining when he takes in my skeptical expression, “I hate her, amore. That bitch made my life hell

For some inexplicable reason, I roll my eyes and swiftly pick up a glass of two bubbly from one of the passing waiters.

Blaze extends his hand thinking that one of them was for him so it’s safe to say that his face was pretty much contoured with a shock when I down both of the glasses in two go.


“What is with you men always saying that ‘Oh, this girl is a psycho’, ‘Oh, this girl ruined my life’” I mimic a deep whiny voice to prove my point and watch him raise one of his eyebrows at my behavior.

I mean seriously? Men would always go around saying that their ex is a psycho. If she’s a psycho, then why did you date her in the first place?

There was a dark glimmer in the pools of his hypnotic blue eyes and I could see a silent storm brewing inside them as he clenched his fists.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, Phoebe…” He trails off and I wave him off casually.

“How am I supposed to know when you always dismiss the topic about your beloved ex?”

Honestly, I was pissed. Big time! Or maybe it’s the liquor courage doing its work.

I know that Blaze has a very daunting past with Diana but for fuck’s sake, I’m not a psychic. How the fuck am I supposed to know what went down between these two?

I snort and turn around to head in the opposite direction when Blaze suddenly clasps my arm and pulls me flush against him. Instantly like some switch turned on, I inhale sharply as my system pools with desire at our close contact.

He’s furious. I can literally feel his anger seeping from each and every pore of his face. If the surrounding was different, he would’ve probably dragged me to his bedroom to fuck the anger out of me. I wish I was kidding but it’s the actual truth.

Is that considered toxic?

How the fuck am I supposed to know? I’ve never been in a relationship before for crying out loud!

I could feel people stare at us but I don’t think Blaze cared. His eyes searched my face as if he was desperately seeking out some secretive way to calm me down but instead, he was coming out blank.

“Ah, there you are, you two!” I hear a sweet cheerful voice and it takes me a moment to register that it’s Lucia’s voice.

I turn to look at her only to see her frown at us.

She’s looking down at my arm which is under the tight hold of Blaze’s hand. I could read her thoughts on her face. Heck! I could read everyone’s thoughts.

It probably looked like I was being abused or something and I cried to God for my parents to be not anywhere near here.

“Blaze, what on earth are you doing?” Lucia hisses in Blaze’s direction with disapproval etched in her lovely features as she regards her son with a death glare.

As if snapping out of some trance, he releases me so suddenly that I have to hold the nearby table for support as he marches over to his mother with a furious look.

“What the fuck is she doing here?!” He almost yells at his mother and he says the word ‘she’ with such venom that I think Lucia got the hint about whom he was talking about because I see her face pale instantaneously.

Yep, she definitely got it loud and clear!

“Well, I thought that maybe she might not come…” Lucia tries explaining but quickly shuts her mouth when she sees her son glowering down at her.

“You thought?! Well, you should’ve at least warned me!”

Having had enough of this, I shake my head exasperatedly and saunter off towards the entrance of the house unnoticed by the mother and son duo.

There was a small mansion on the east side where a very few senior guests were lounging when I entered and the distinct smell of Cuban cigars hung on the air.

I pick up the light material of my dress to prevent tripping on the train as I nearly rush to the entrance where the staircase was thankfully empty and plop down on the middle step of cold marble and wince when the cold surface makes contact with my clothed back.

Thankfully, no one pays much heed to my absence because I can’t see Blaze in my line of vision. The space is slightly illuminated with warm lighting as a few senior people of my grandpa’s age converse with each other about their retirement days.

I don’t know for how long I remain there but suddenly I feel a presence beside me and turn to look at the intruder with a sullen face which soon turns into shock when I see Noah.

Fuck my life!

“What? You came here to demand an apology for me?” I referred in a somber voice to the series of events that took place regarding Leo.

“Nah, not really. I know I fucked up, Pheebs. But I guess I deserve what’s coming to me. I didn’t really get much time to think but I got enough time to realize how much of an asshole I’ve been to you all, especially to Aves. If getting her friendship back means begging her every day, then I’m ready for it. I’m ready to fight for my friends again. I’m ready to start fixing my mistakes” He says with a determined face as I stare at him with surprise.

For the first time in a long time, I see the friend who has always been there for me and Ava both. Although, I just hope he sticks to his words.

“I hope you stick to your words” I voice out my thoughts with a timid smile.

“I’ll try doing my best!” He offers with a steely resolve and continues, “And maybe I should start with you. Judging from your face, I’m assuming that you’ve met the bitch of the century, Diana?”

I roll my eyes and rest my head on the balustrade of the stair as I try to read his face. His face was scrunched up in a grimace, showing his displeasure.

“Hasn’t Blaze told you why he hates her?” He persists and I dejectedly shake my head ‘no’.

“He only told me that she ruined his life” I quote and watch Noah sit up straighter. I recognized this posture, he only used this posture when he’s about to lecture me or console me.

“Listen Pheebs, I’m not exactly fond of my cousin for sleeping with my best friend behind my back but he isn’t lying. Diana really did ruin his life. She’s here probably because her father’s a rich socialite but that doesn’t matter.

“Just hear him out. I know that I haven’t been a good friend but I can see that you and Blaze care for each other a lot. Don’t shut him out this easily. Hear him out” Before I can respond my attention is diverted away from him when I see another figure approaching us.


He looks tired almost like he aged several years over the last few minutes. His eyes fall over Noah’s figure that’s hunched beside me and watch them turn into slits as he looks at us grim expression.

Sensing his cousin’s presence, Noah look up and turns to me as he rises from his seated position on the stair-step and repeats, “Just hear him out”

I think he managed to surprise Blaze because as he leaves us alone, I watch Blaze regarding his cousin with a somewhat grateful look.

Soon, he’s beside me as I look at him with a blank expression. His throat bobs up and down as if he’s swallowing some invisible lump inside his mouth.

“Are you ok?” I surprise us both by asking this question calmly because now that I think of it, I have been acting a bit dramatic too.

“I am now. What about you?” He asks cautiously and I release a huge breath that I’ve been holding ever since he sat down beside me.

“I’m sorry for over-reacting” I apologize first and watch him frown.

“Why are you apologizing? I’m the one who should be apologizing to you for acting like such a cunt” He says and pulls me into his arm, where I obligingly sink into.

He gently strokes my back as I nuzzle my face into his neck, inhaling his addictive scent.

“She pretended to carry my baby for over six months until I found out that she’s carrying some addict’s child. She almost managed to drag me down the wedding aisle whilst I was still in college” I stiffen as soon as I hear his words and jerk away from him to study his face.

He looked ashamed and…sad

“I thought the child was mine. I never loved Diana. We were just fuck-buddies but I thought I felt something for her, so I made her my girlfriend. She had serious drug usage issues which I thought I could make her overcome but she was just way in too deep. She needed rehab and kept on pampering my studies which made my parents mad.

“Then one day, she suddenly announces that she’s pregnant with my child. I was so shocked. I love children but I was still in college for fuck’s sake. Despite my parent's support, I opted for doing odd jobs like delivery and everything. I really took care of her despite all her snarky attitude. It was such a huge disappointment for me when I found out that the child wasn’t mine. I felt nothing for her so it was easy for me to dump her later on I guess” He finishes with a shrug and now it all became clear.

He didn’t care for her but he did love the child. The unborn baby became his most favorite thing. I thanked heavens for him not getting married to that witch.

“God, now that makes a lot of sense” I reply and lean my head on his chest and feel a soft vibration only to realize that it’s coming from his phone.

He retrieves his phone from his suit pocket and opens his mouth to say, “The dinner has been served apparently. We should get going”

I nod my head and smooth my dress as I rise from my seated position in the staircase.

We both descend the stairs together with his hands enveloped around mine. We walk towards the made-up tent together in comfortable silence.

Suddenly, I halt to say that I need to visit the restroom.

“You want me to come with you?” He offers and I shake my head.

“Oh no, it’s ok. It’s just the restroom, I’ll be fine” I reassure him and leave him before he decides to follow me.

As soon as I enter the rented powder room that’s located at the far end of the vast property, I hum with appreciation when I find it empty.

I fix my hair on the large rectangular mirror and lastly wash my hands.

“So Phoebe Carter, how does it feel to roam around freely knowing that you’re a cold-blooded murderer?”

My hands still upon hearing that statement and turn behind in horror to find the person I least expected to see.


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