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6 | Irisfield

Phoebe’s POV

“So, what do you think of this one?” Savita says as she shows me pictures of a mint green theme.

“Oh hell no!” I shake my head with disdain. The theme indeed looked hideous. I would’ve said yes to any other occasions but this was a royal event. Everything had to look upscale and over the top. Noah specifically mentioned that ‘Go all out, no expense should be spared’ and I totally understood him. This was his first time handling a family project and from what I heard, his cousin was really hard to please.

Odd, he seemed to really enjoy you the other night’ my subconscious sniggered at me.

I shake my head and instantly blush feeling mortified. After last night, I called myself a whore while facing the mirror at least a billion times.

Yeah, like it would remove what you did last night.

This morning after putting on a full-sleeved blue shirt and black jeans, finished with floppy shades and scarf wrapped around my head, I exited my room. I still remember all the weird looks I got from the staff after seeing me like that.

I was so afraid to face anyone and most importantly him, that I even told Savita, one of my top employees, to visit me on one of the numerous back doors of the castle.

So here I am, sitting underneath a wooden pergola, near the palace, facing the lake-side.

To call this location just beautiful would’ve been an absolute shame, this place was gorgeous!

The palace which I was supposed to design was not that big as the castle where I was staying. But it was lovely. The location was a remote one and was surrounded by ruins of wartime. There were broken marble pillars here and there, which reminded me of the time when I visited Rome with my parents a few years back.

The Iris-field palace was named after the lovely ‘Fleur-de-lis surrounded both sides of the palace.

And the crystal clear water of the river was a fresh sight.

The scene looked like something picked out of fantasy novels with angels and all.

Focusing my attention back on Savita, I look at her and tell her “I was hoping to go for something more royally elegant yet bold” She nods understandingly.

“Then, how about royal blue?” She looks at me.

I shake my head “No it would look too bright and something our grandmas would like to visit instead of highest bidders” I already had enough with the color blue, given to my last experience in LA at Mr. Pedo-Banker’s house.

But blue was actually a bold color. It normally goes with almost everything and gives the atmosphere a vibrant feel.

I quickly rack my brains for more ideas that would go with the event and come up with two plans.

“What do you think about Maroon-gold and Midnight blue-gold theme?” I say.

Hearing my suggestions, she lights up and nods her head enthusiastically. She writes down my ideas and starts hunting for the matching drapes, wallpapers, and other items on her laptop.

After a while, I get up from the grey sofa and walk towards the brick-wood mansion away from the wooden pergola.

The palace was made of beige sandstone and was enormous. There were a few dents here and there, reminding the natives and tourists of its age.

From what I learned from the locals guarding this place, this was owned by some British Baron from the Dark ages.

As I entered the palatial château, the first thing I noted was the dusty smell of old books and mossed wet mud. The inside was a bit dark because of the thick walls shielding it from the harsh glare of the sun outside. However, there was still a speck of light here and there thanks to the ruins. The place needed a bit of remodeling.

As I entered further, I felt a bit creeped out due to the ancient paintings and artworks. The place was full of paintings, possibly from the Renaissance period.

I trudged down the wide hallways, the narrowed faces of the dead barons from the painting, looking down at me with each step I took.

Suddenly I hear a clinking sound from somewhere down below and immediately pale in fear. Without thinking farther, I dash behind, following the path from where I came from, and run like the bat out of hell.

The loud sound of my boots resonates in the hall as I keep on sprinting at a fast pace. Making sure that no one is behind me, I look back one more time and something small catches up on my left foot causing me to fall backward in a twisted way.

Instead of colliding on the stone floor, someone catches both of my arms and twirls me around with so much force that my front collides into a chest. At this action, I shriek out loudly from alarm and feel those arms shaking me.

I cautiously open my eyes and find myself facing the exact person I’ve been avoiding since the morning.


He studied me like an archaeologist would study a rare artifact. His eyes were such a unique shade of blue that I couldn’t help but get lost in them.

I don’t know who initiated it first, soon our lips locked in a wild kiss.

As he grabbed my waist towards him in a tight possessive manner, my mouth opened in a pleasurable moan and he took this opportunity to slip his tongue inside my mouth.

His tongue explored each recess of my mouth in a passionate kiss and he let out a groan as I tugged his soft silky straight hair with my fingers.

Our heated make-out session ended quickly as soon as I heard Savita’s voice coming nearer yelling “Phoebe! Phoebe! Are you there?”

Blaze let out a disappointed grunt as he released me from his grip reluctantly.

My hands started fixing my appearance in a desperate attempt to look presentable and I avoided meeting Blaze’s eyes.

By the time Savita reached us, her gaze fixed on Blaze, who was busy typing on his phone with a concentrated expression giving nothing away.

Seriously, how did he manage to do that?

Here I was, adrenaline still vaguely pumping through my veins from our recent kiss, whereas he looked the epitome of calm.

However, my thoughts come to a halt as I become aware of Savita still eyeing Blaze with a come-hither look plastered on her face and him still typing on the phone.

“Savita, can you please give me and Mr. Hunter a moment alone” I emphasize the word ‘alone’ which makes her snap her attention towards me and obediently leaves.

I take a deep breath and look at Blaze, only to find him looking at me amusedly.

Ignoring his look, I ask him “What are you doing here?” crossing my arms in front of my chest.

He looks at me with a raised eyebrow and says “You do realize that I’m the one hosting this event and also the owner of this place”

I frown at the newfound information of him owning this place and ponder on the fact that why would someone buy this place.

“And….?” I ask.

“And I wanted to see how the work was going and of course to see this place for myself. I haven’t had the chance to visit this mansion after I bought it” He says shrugging in shoulders causing his muscles to flex.

I try to focus on his face rather than his body and feel the heat creeping up my neck.

“Blaze about what happe-” before I can finish, he cuts me off saying “You do realize that your air-headed employee is right outside and the voices might echo down the hall. So, please keep quiet for the while and we’ll talk once we're alone” He said and took my hand leading us both out of the palace.

The thought of being alone with him thrilled me and feared me at the same time.

As we reach outside, he releases my hand and goes towards Savita, and says something to her. She glances at me as he keeps on speaking and nods obediently and goes towards her car.

I frown at their exchange and walk to where he was standing.

“What did you say to her?” I ask frowning to which he replies “I told her that your work here is done for the day and I will escort you back to the castle,” He says casually.

Before I can ask him anything else, he stalks off towards the roadside silently asking me to follow him.

I sight in defeat and I stride to catch up with him.

Honestly, he was so confusing.

One moment he’s all passionate and the next moment he’s ordering me around.

And like the fucking idiot I am, I’m following all his commands.

‘Bitch you do realize he’s paying you, right?!’ my inner voice yells at me and I quickly diminish thoughts my thoughts.

I silently follow him towards his black shiny Maybach Exeloro. I was really impressed by his choice of transportation.

He opened the passenger door for me and I smiled at his chivalry.

By the time I settled inside, he was already walking to the driver’s side in long strides and settled beside me.

Soon we zoomed past the vast greenery in a blur due to the car’s acceleration.

And boy, can the car move!

The car was enveloped with a comfortable silence until I decided to speak in.

“Umm…Before you came, I was actually thinking about the main theme of the event. Like you know, I was wondering what color would suit the palace halls more”

He furrowed his eyebrows and said, “Didn’t I hire you to make that decision?”

“Yes! But I just felt like asking your opinion. I mean as you said, you are the owner of the place and the whole event is a big deal to you after all” I quickly said in my defense.

“Correction, the whole thing is a big deal for my cousin. I have been doing these events for a long time and Noah always insisted that you are really good with your job. So, I told him to hire whomever he liked as long as the whole ball goes smoothly” He says.

I was really flattered knowing that Noah considered me to be the best.

“I thought that the charity ball was going to be hosted by Hunter and Russo industries both. I didn’t see many people so far” I ask perplexed.

He looks at me sideways and says “Andres Russo, the CEO of Russo industries is a bit busy right now. He will arrive in a few days. His crew members are already here, so are ours. You just didn’t happen to see them because the Castle is a huge estate and they are busy working with other stuff”

I nod in understanding.

The rest of the ride was silent as we reached the castle. He unlocked his seatbelt and opened his door. By the time I was done unbuckling my seatbelt, he was already beside my door.

The tension between us started growing as we headed towards the entrance.

We both walked hand in hand until he clasped my wrist and halted right beside the staircase.

I looked at him and swallowed hard.

I knew that one time or the other, I would have to face the fact that I basically kissed my boss (until the event) and made out with him in the time span of two days. Shame washed over me as I realized that he was still a stranger. Never in my life ever have I ever let a man come this close to me willingly in such a short time.

I mentally face-palmed myself when I realized that I knew absolutely nothing about him. Unlike my other clients, I did not get the time to do any research on him because Noah was in a sense my employer and I trusted him.

“We really need to talk Blaze” I murmur sheepishly whilst looking at the ground to avoid meeting his eyes.

He brings his hand to my chin and gently makes me look at him. Before he can say anything, I notice a familiar blond woman and a dark-haired man beside her.

My eyes widen in recognition and all my hair stands in hatred.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

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