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38 | The End?


Phoebe’s POV

“Huh, I totally get what you were saying when you went to visit my parents. Christ, I’m literally one step away from hyperventilating” Blaze mutters with a grimace as he fixes the shirt collar of his midnight blue shirt in the mirror.

I break in a fit of cackle behind him as he puts on his black blazer over his broad shoulders. My mouth waters as I stare at the mouth-watering specimen in front of me.

He sends me a warning glare before saying, “Ciccino, don’t give me that look”

I look at him innocently, something that Ava’s Persian white kitten does with her after breaking her dishes or pooping outside the litter box.

“What look?” I blink my eyes in mock confusion and watch him narrow his eyes at me.

He starts sauntering in my direction like a predator nearing his prey and raises my face by using two of his fingers underneath my jaw. My eyes level with his and I open my mouth to drag air inside my lungs as his hungry gaze sweeps over my body.

I was currently dressed in a tight halter-neck midnight blue bodycon dress which matched along with his dress-shirt that he was sporting. I wasn’t really happy at the thought of meeting my parents in this tight dress but I wanted to show them that we were matching each other’s dress.

I know it’s silly but I think a wise man once said that ‘love makes you do silly things that you’ve never imagined’.

Even though I have no recollection of who might’ve said it.

However, I was glad that I was wearing this dress because seeing Blaze’s eyes hooded with illicit desire as his eyes roam over my fitted curves is one of my top favorites.

God, I love this man!

Yes, I love him. I really do and now I don’t have to hide it because I was more than welcome to say it out loud whenever I want to. In fact, Blaze insists that I remind him of how much I love him, and of course, he extends his courtesy to do the same.

I never thought that loving someone could be this beautiful. Sure, we both suffered a lot in the beginning but I was glad that everything was now all well between us. It’s been two weeks since we both confessed our pasts to each other and since then, we did our best to make up for the lost time which is entirely my fault.

But still, I appreciated the distance between us because it made us both realize the ultimate depth of our love for each other.

I never imagined Blaze to face such a traumatic childhood because most people who suffer from situations like these either wound up as a serial killer or off themselves by committing suicide.

How do I know? Because I opted for finishing myself off after the nightmares of that dreadful night started haunting me. There were even days when the mental facility where I used to be would bound me in straight jackets to prevent me from self-harming.

I shake the ugly thoughts away from my brain.

“I don’t want to see that look because you’re sore and I don’t want you to bleed,” He says the last word with utmost sincerity shining in the hypnotic pools of his Egyptian blue eyes.

My face breaks into a full-blown grin and I try my best not to glaze my eyes over his genuine words and wonder to myself, ‘What did I do to deserve a man like him?’

My mind is bought to present as he leans down to place a soft kiss over my lips, quickly pulling away before I can respond and that is when I notice it.

He’s nervous. Like really, REALLY nervous!

He unconsciously keeps on tapping his Italian show clad foot repeatedly on the ground like he’s highly disturbed.

“Oh for fuck’s sake Blaze, they will welcome you with open arms. You’re an amazing guy” I reassure him and circle my arms around his neck in a comforting manner, “Besides, if they don’t, it doesn’t really matter because they aren’t dating you. I am. I love you and I think that’s enough, no?”

His posture relaxes slightly after my reassurance and he blesses me with his cute dimple-kissed smile that has me weak on the knees.

Girl, you got it sooo bad…

“That’s more than enough, my love” Suddenly he frowns as if he just realized something, “I wonder, why didn’t your parents ever cut off Nate’s family? I mean, he’s the reason why Emily made your life miserable and he also did cause a lot of damage in your life…”

His words cause me to grimace as I try to suppress my anger. This isn’t the first time someone asked me this question. Ava and Alana also probed me of the same thing which often made me sad thinking that, ‘Do my parents care more about their friendship with Ryan Woodwards than me?’

I try to play off my growing sadness by feigning nonchalance with a shrug like it’s no big deal when in reality it caused havoc to rise within me.

Sensing my southward mood, he promises me, “We’ll get through this. I’ll be by your side through the entire night”

I was nervous too about tonight’s dinner. Unlike Blaze, I wasn’t worried about my parents’ acceptance of my boyfriend, I was nervous because the Woodward family will be there which includes both Emily and Nate, unfortunately.

Apparently, my mom ringed me up a couple of days back, saying that she and dad want to meet Blaze and is officially inviting us to join them for dinner where the Woodward family will be present. It appears that Nate has some very important news to share with everyone at the family dinner.

I wonder what he has to say…

I shake my head to get away from thoughts of Nate. I didn’t really speak to him much after our little incident at the Green Gallows and later on, I sent another fellow well-known interior designer to finish off my remaining work. I also told him to take the entire payment because, for some inexplicable reason, the thought of having Nate’s cash stuffed inside my bank account made me uncomfortable.

Besides, I’ve always been somewhat squeamish whenever monetary issues were concerned which is why I had a very efficient assistant who managed all my financial details. She is also the one who handled the payment issues with Nate’s assistant.

I don’t think Nate was really happy with me for not taking the money; but honestly, I couldn’t care less about it!

“We should probably get going, right?” I say after breaking out of my daze and look up to Blaze for confirmation. He just warily nods his head and releases a huge sigh before grabbing the car keys of his black Lamborghini Veneno.

I halt him by holding the sleeve of his black blazer and say to comfort him, “Hey…I understand that it matters to you for my parents to like you. But it doesn’t to me because despite what they think or say, my love for you will never change”

He smiles with relief at my words and we both enter the tidied living area to walk towards the elevator.


“Welcome back home Ms. Carter” Our housekeeper greets me as soon as Blaze and I enter my parent’s mansion in Seattle. My parents hardly resided over this place because they would normally be in NYC, wrapped up in their own work. My brother normally occupies this mansion.

My parents offered me to stay in this colossal mansion more than a few times but I always declined because I loved my own home and since the Fidel incident, I liked residing amongst the crowd. By crowds, I mean I liked being a part of a small home community where I would have neighbors around my house.

Albeit the fact that they can be really notoriously nosey sometimes but still it gave me comfort. Moreover, my workplace is located close to my own home.

Coming back to the present, I step inside the beautiful lit-up Victorian mansion and wonder to myself, how would it feel to live in a home-like this with Blaze and our kids if we ever decide to get married? My subconscious raises her eyebrows at me with mock disbelief.

What? A girl can dream, right?

However, my dreams come crashing down when I spot a familiar blonde in a yellow dress typing down furiously on her phone.

Behold, the bitch of the century – Emily Woodward.

As soon as her eyes land on me and Blaze, her mouth gets pulled up into a sneer.

Ah, shit here we go again…

“Well, if it isn’t Phoebe Carter. I have to thank you for helping my brother plan his future home with Jane. Even though you left the project in the middle or did Nate fire you purposefully for acting inappropriately. I mean clearly, it didn’t take long for you to spread your legs for Noah’s cousin”

Bitch, you just did not…

My hands clench into fists as I try my best to not rip off her fake extensions from her head.

Sensing my hostility, she smirks like she just won some unknown battle and that is when I realize that she did this to purely evoke this ugly part of me and unfortunately, I just gave her the satisfaction of mocking me.

“What? You forgot your medications?” When on earth did she notice them? “C’mon Blaze, what did you even notice in her?” She directs the last part to Blaze and I feel him stiffen with rage beside me.

“Oh, it’s really simple. I noticed that she isn’t an attention-seeking slut like you” He finishes with a saccharine ‘Fuck you’ smile and drawls out the word 'Slut’.

I watch Emily’s smile get wiped from her face as she tries to respond to his statement, opening her mouth and again closing it back like a fish.

“So, do us a favor and kindly just fuck off before you embarrass yourself further. Even though it’s kind of evident that rubbing your nose in people’s business is kind of your thing. Kindly go back to sucking off losers like you always do” Blaze tuts mockingly with a pitiful expression on his face before he drags me away with him, leaving Emily shunned to the core, and instantly déjà vu hits me.

“You didn’t have to do that” I mumble petulantly, feeling bad for not defending myself. I mean let’s be real, Blaze is not my watchdog or my bodyguard (Although I’m pretty sure that he’ll look hot as fuck in a suit with a white shirt), I won’t always have him hanging around to swat off obnoxious people as Emily like swarm of flies.

“No amore, I had to do that. Not because you can’t defend yourself, because I won’t just stand like a garden gnome and watch Emily insulting my girlfriend” He explains and my heart swells with happiness.

I try to distract him from his serious mood by dragging the conversation somewhere else when I notice that were standing in front of the large window, just like the time from Monaco.

Scanning my surrounding, I see that the coast is clear save for the maids hurrying with the foil-covered dishes in hand with the smell of roasted turkey wafting in the air.

I lean forward to whisper in his ear, “Aren’t you going to command me to meet me in your study?”

He frowns momentarily after hearing this and arches one of his brows up in my direction after getting the meaning behind my words.

“Not sure if your parents would appreciate me fornicating with their daughter inside their study” He whispers warily and I burst out laughing.

“So, you wanted to only have sex with me from the beginning?” I ask dryly and watch him go serious immediately.

“No Ciccino, I don’t think I ever knew what I wanted from you. But, what I did know was that I just simply always wanted to be close to you and I don’t think that’ll ever change” He says with sheer sincerity and I smile.

Before I can respond, I hear a fake cough behind me and turn around to see my father standing at the doorway of the living room.

“Oh, dad” I quickly compose myself and from the corner of my eye, I see Blaze straighten, “Dad, meet my boyfriend. Blaze, meet my dad”

Blaze reaches forward with an outstretched hand and introduces himself formally, “Blaze Hunter, sir. It’s a pleasure to meet you”

“Ah, Blaze. I really haven’t heard much about you then again my daughter doesn’t tell me much these days, what can I say?” My father jokes with Blaze and sends me a look pointedly.

Ok, maybe I’ve been avoiding my family for some time…

“Oh, by the way, just call me Caleb”

Blaze just simply nods his head in acknowledgment and I see my brother emerging from the stairs. He’s still in his work suit with his phone attached to his ear as he barks orders to whoever's on the other side of the conversation.

As soon as he spots us, he smiles widely and I’m hit with the nostalgia of seeing my brother after such a long time. He pulls me into a warm hug and after a moment he releases me as his hazel-green eyes scrutinizing my boyfriend who’s standing next to me.

“You are…? Are you Phoebe’s friend?” He asks confused whilst looking at Blaze and my smile vanishes off my face when I realize that I’ve never told him that I have a boyfriend.

Man, this is going to be tough…

Here’s the thing, my parents might still be on good terms with Nate’s family despite knowing everything but my brother is on the other boat. He basically loathes Nate and Emily for what they have done to me.

Since then, he has always been over-protective of me when it comes to men. Not like he had many suitors to fend off since I never dated but since Blaze is the first guy I’ve ever bought home who’s not my friend, this is going to cause a serious ruckus by Adrian.

“Oh I’m Phoebe’s boy-” I halt Blaze as I fling myself between both men and send a look of help in my dad’s direction before clasping Adrian’s suit sleeve.

“Ad, can we have a little chat?” I ask him even though my voice sounds demanding as I tug him away from everyone all the way inside the balcony in the living room.

Once inside the balcony, I pull the French windows shut and close them with the heavy drapes so that to conceal what might turn into a very heated argument.

“Ok, I’m confused” Of course, you are, “Who’s that man Pheebs?”

I swallow nervously and quickly mumble, “He’s my boyfriend”

His eyes widen upon hearing me say that Blaze is my boyfriend and I quickly expound further before he can start lecturing me about men, “Ok, look – Blaze is nothing like other men. He’s a really good guy and he’s Noah’s eldest cousin. He’s a really sweet person who loves me and I love him. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you about him before but we’ve been seeing each other officially for four months. Would’ve been five if I wasn’t acting like such an insecure stupid bitch”

He shakes his head and bursts out, “He doesn’t even know you, Pheebs! You can’t just say that you love a person after knowing them for such a short term. Mom mentioned that you met Noah’s cousin whilst you were in Monaco but I didn’t know that you two were seeing each other! Does he even know about Fidel?”

I scoff rolling my eyes and say, “You won’t believe this. Fidel was Blaze’s ex-girlfriend’s father. Fidel’s daughter confronted me about telling Blaze that I killed her father. So, I left him. I swear it has been so hard. Not only for me but for him too! He was hurting so much and one day, I just went to him and told him everything about Fidel Pietro”

Adrian looks shocked o his core when I utter the last sentence because I’ve always been very closed-off about the Fidel topic to everyone and I continue, “Do you know what he did? He told me that it isn’t my fault and accepted me with his open arms. I understand that you’re wary because you’re my brother but please give him a chance. I love him so much and I want you guys to like him!”

Adrian’s face softens as he takes in my narrative and nods his head before tugging me in an embrace. I gladly sink into his arms and inhale in his familiar comforting scent as he kisses my hair just like he always does since we were little.

“Wow, looks like my baby sister’s all grown up now. I’m glad that Blaze is a good person. You deserve the best sweetie. However, if he ever hurts you, I can’t promise you to not rip off his balls” He waves his fingers right in my face and I release a loud chortle.

I was glad to have managed Adrian.

Soon, we both exit the cool breezy exterior of the balcony and enter the living room where the built-in fire is glowing brightly, shining in yellow embers.

Blaze looks up from his phone as I approach him and I frown when I see the lack of people. Noticing my skepticism, he elaborates, “I met your mother whilst you were talking to your brother. She’s really nice. Everyone’s already seated at the dining table and they’re just waiting for you and Adrian”

Hearing his name from Blaze’s mouth, he strides in his direction and offers his hand for a shake before introducing himself nicely, “Hello mate, I’m Adrian and you must be Blaze”

Blaze looks slightly stunned for a few seconds after witnessing my brother’s care-free attitude but quickly masks his surprised look with a polite grin.

“That’s me. It’s great to meet you” Blaze offers and I watch them both engage themselves in a friendly conversation as they start walking towards the direction of the dining hall.

They both talk about NBL players and instantly I tune them out. It’s not like I hate sports or anything, but I just simply don’t have the time to divulge myself on TV.

Sleep always over-ruled my free schedule but that is until Blaze Hunter swooped inside my life.

I release a dreamy sigh as I watch my man interact with my brother animatedly and grimace inwardly when I spot Emily seated beside Nate at the dining table. However, I almost lose my shit when I see Jane seated beside Nate opposite two empty chairs which I’m presuming as mine and Blaze’s.

Great, looks like my mum pretty much lost all her brain cells when she decided to seat me opposite Jane. You’ve got to be kidding me, mom!

Everyone pauses their conversation when they spot us and I decide to break the tension by waving my hand saying, “Hi”

Everyone starting from my and Nate’s family are present and for a moment; it feels awkward for some inexplicable reason. Or maybe it’s the fact that Nate’s father is openly gawking at mine and Blaze’s joined hands whilst Nate looks like he swallowed some sour lemon.

After a brief introduction, everyone starts digging inside their food and there’s a light buzz around the table.

I watch my brother, dad, and Blaze debating about some shipyard’s cost and profits when Emily clanks her fork against her crystal champagne glass, gaining everyone’s attention.

We all look at her confused and she shoots me a dirty smile and that is when I know that she’s up to something terrible.

“I’m sorry for interrupting but there’s something that Nate wants to share with all of you” She announces cheerfully and I find myself vaguely wondering what this ’something’ might be.

Nate’s mum and dad look pleased after hearing this and Nate’s dad pats him on the back as he continues to look uncomfortable.

Although, instead of Nate, Jane exclaims with a giddy expression, “We’re having a baby”

I think I almost choked on my glass of Sancerre when I hear her exclamation and feel myself go stiff.

I can absolutely guarantee you that no sad violins are playing on the back of my head but yet I feel very weird. I’m not mad or melancholic, I just feel oddly uncomfortable?

Everyone around the table starts congratulating her and I feel Adrian whisper beside my ear in a hushed tone, “How the fuck is that our business?”

I can’t help but giggle after hearing her sentence and catch the eyes of Nate who’s looking at me with an unreadable expression on his face.

’Congratulation on being a father Mr. Woodwards” Blaze says good-heartedly and Nate freezes for a couple of minutes with shock as if he wasn’t expecting it.

Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting Blaze to be so pleased about it either, especially after knowing all the things Nate made me go through.

Nate still has his eyes glued to me when Blaze reclines side-ways to speak in my ear in a hushed tone, “You look surprised at my behavior”

I shrug nonchalantly before replying, “Well, it seemed sort of unexpected”

He sniggers mutely before whispering back, “Call it my manners. Although, I’m happier because now he won’t be planning on stealing my girlfriend”

Now, my mouth’s agape with amusement as his words sink in, “Yeah right, as if I can be stolen”

At least not when I’m so madly in love with you…


The gentle breeze swayed my hair away from my face as I inhale the fresh scent of roses mixed with the dewy scent of damp soil coming from the watered plants.

Taking one last deep breath, holding the wine glass in my left hand, I raise it to take another sip of my white wine. The rich lime-like taste of the Sancerre smoothly glides down my throat.

I couldn’t help but come outside to inspect the various colored roses, shipped from all over the foreign countries after my mom promised me their beauty.

And I had to admit, they were indeed beautiful.

Everyone was busy chatting inside. Even Blaze too.

‘Looks like my brother didn’t take much time to make my boyfriend his best bud’ I remark to myself and spin around to see Nate standing a few steps away from me.

His hands were buried inside his pocket as he keeps staring at me with an unfathomable expression cemented on his face.

I shift from one foot to another and swiftly glance behind him to the house to see everyone talking lively inside through the glass French windows.

“Hey” I offer nervously before adding, “Congratulations on the baby”

I smile at him genuinely even though it doesn’t stay long as his impassive face turns scornful.

“Huh, I never thought it would last this long with him” It takes me a few seconds to realize that he’s talking about Blaze and my relationship.

This starts infuriating me and instantly my face hardens.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t find it necessary to have this conversation with you,” I say stiffly before marching away from him. But I don’t make it that far until his next words catch me off guard.

“I always took you for a very sweet naïve girl, Phoebe Carter. Never did I ever think that you’d turn out to be such a fucking whore” He spats venomously

I stand stock-still with disbelief when I hear his spiteful words.

The fuck? Is this dude high?

“Excuse me?!” I splutter with anger and glared at him right in the eye and that is when I notice that his pupils are roundly dilated.

Wait a minute…

He confirms my suspicion when he slurs his next words, “What? You shouldn’t be surprised after all I saw you throw yourself at Blaze during the charity event in Monaco inside the castle’s library? Tell me, Phoebe, how far can you go for attention?”

Without any further ado, I smack him across the face with big fat tears streaming down my eyes.

I hear several gasps and spin around to see Jane, my mom, and dad, Adrian, and Nate’s family. Surprisingly, Blaze is nowhere around.

Emily stomps in my direction and shrieks, “You ugly bitch, what’s your problem? You just can’t stand to see anyone happy can you?”

I shake my head at her ridiculous question and exclaim, “Are you serious? You’re telling me that after everything you did”

“Phoebe enough!” My mom shouts and throws me a look of disapproval like I’m a huge disappointment to her and I feel my heart crumbling into pieces.

My own mother doesn’t even support me, wow!

The realization springs fresh tears to my eyes as I try to keep my breathing in check.

Suddenly, an intense urge to spill everything starts rushing through my veins and that’s when I decide that I’ve had enough!

“You know what? Fuck you. All of you. You people should be ashamed of yourselves!” I point my fingers at everyone except Adrian because, despite everything, he’s the only one who has ever supported me.

Understanding my intentions, he nods his head encouragingly and I continue after turning to Nate’s horrified looking parents who are staring at me like I’ve been possessed, “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Woodwards. Did you know that your son’s a fucking cunt? Why if you ask me because he was about to have sex with me because he was intoxicated on his birthday. Thank God he uttered Jane’s name or else that would’ve been the most regretful night of my life.

“Oh and let’s not forget about what happened afterward. After he uttered his ex’s name, I stormed out of the place and decided to confront him later and man oh man did I get a good confrontation. Right where he was about to have sex with me, a blond bimbo was doing real-life pornography with him. It might sound silly and whiny to you people but it was utterly humiliating for me because I spent years loving your son”

Nate’s father, Ryan, and his wife, Tarynn, turns to look at their son with disgust written on their faces as Nate stands there red-faced.

“Oh, did I ever mention the fact that your beloved pathetic daughter made my life hell after telling everyone that I loved your son? She would bully me by calling me names and by writing hateful messages sprawled over my locker. Like someone please clarify me, what exactly was my fault?! Was it the fact that I fell in love with someone who had no feelings for me? What did I do to deserve such horrible treatment?!” By this time, I’m hysteric with my explanations.

I watch Emily look down with what I assume as shame as her parents shoot her arrows of disappointment.

“Oh but last but not the least – My dear mom and dad” I spit the words with venom and see them look up to me with remorse filled eyes, “I get it that you did everything to cover up the fact that I killed Fidel Pietro. Oh Fidel, did I tell everyone how I encountered the most notorious serial killer of that time?

“Funny story, you see, after I witnessed Nate having sex with another girl, I rushed out of that place and felt someone strike me in the back of my head. The next thing I know, I’m trapped in some human slaughter-house, being starved for days. But poor Fidel was really kind, he’d feed me cooked human meat and when I would hesitate to eat because I’m an ungrateful girl, he would beat me to the point of unconsciousness.

“Oh and last but not the least, I killed him. The day when I finally managed to escape, I killed him. Why? Because if I didn’t, he would’ve killed me. I’ll admit he was a really creative soul…” I pause and turn to look at Emile, “Yo, Emily I’m sorry for killing him because you could’ve learned some really good ways to torture me from him. Do you know what he would do? He would dismember his victims right in front of my face. He would beat me to a pulp with his cane. Damn, you could’ve taken some good classes from him”

I shrug mocking sadness and watch everyone’s eyes widen like saucers. Jane looks like she’s about to faint and Nate looks like he's one minute away from a panic attack. Which makes me wonder if they’re already traumatized hearing this, what would they do if they were actually in my place.

Assholes, all of them

“Ever since then, I’ve been suffering from PTSD and a truckload of other mental illness, so forgive this ranting of mine, something which I will probably start regretting within a few minutes. Oh and mom, I’m sorry for not taking my meds today. Anyways, good night ya’ll. Ciao

With that said, I take off from the place with everyone standing in their place like garden flamingoes with shock. I throw my head back, laughing back like a fucking lunatic as slowly my face becomes drenched with tears.

I ignore everyone on the street as they shoot curious looks at me. I don’t blame them. It’s not every day, you see someone with makeup smeared on their face thanks but no thanks to the tears.

Damn, I shouldn’t have forgotten to use my setting spray today

Then again, I didn’t know that today was going to be such a fucking disaster.

A couple strolls past me and look at me with pity.

Little shits, they don’t even know what I’m going through

Numbly, I hail a cab and give the destination to my house.


I feel the leather couch beside me dip, causing me to turn to look at the intruder.

Concerned light cerulean blue eyes study me cautiously. I was so absorbed in my thoughts, that I did not even notice Blaze sneaking inside my house. The entire place is shrouded in darkness, save for the moonlight emerging through the glass walls, illuminating the empty house with its brightness.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this comfortable in darkness because I would normally be scared out of my mind with thoughts of ghosts and other crap. But fearing the spirits of the dead was the last thing I could care of right now.

‘Maybe darkness is where I truly belong…’ I muse to myself sadly.

“I leave you to talk to my father for a few minutes and come out to find everyone standing outside with tears in their eyes. I have to say, my girlfriend really does know how to keep her audience captivated” He says amusedly with a slight twinkle in his eyes.

I chuckle after hearing his somewhat of a compliment and shake my head in grief, “I really ruin everything, don’t I?”

He angles himself so that he’s facing me and cups my face in his hand before leaning forward to kiss me softly before saying, “No, you don’t. No offense, but those people with your family included, wronged you. They never understood you. Even if they don’t, it doesn’t matter. I’m here to remind you every day of your worth, my love. And I always will. You know why? Because I love you and I’ll do my best to make you happy”

“Also, I made sure that Nate goes home with a nice black-eye to make sure that he chooses his choice of words around women carefully the next time,” He remarks and I frown when I realize that he wasn’t even there when Nate called me a whore.

Sensing my confusion, he clarifies, “Your brother filled me in on what happened while I was gone”

For a split second, I feel guilty for Nate but then his vile words resurface inside my head and just like that, I smile at Blaze with gratitude for standing up for me even though it’s wrong for him to hit someone.

“See, I told you that I’ll try my best to make you happy Ciccino and I wasn’t lying when I said that”

His words brighten my dull mood and I reach forward to embrace him as he wraps his arms around me tightly. We stay like this for God knows how long until I break away from him. We might not be perfect but our imperfect pieces join together to make us whole. Without his presence in my life, I feel incomplete. I’ve never been with anyone who made me this loved or cherished.

Having someone like Blaze in my life is a blessing that I never thought I’d be graced with.

Suddenly, he rises from the couch and kneels in front of me as I look at him with bemusement.

“Blaze, what are y-”

“Ok, this might not be the way I wished for it to happen. But honestly who cares?” He pulls out a square black velvet box from his Blazer’s pocket and my breath gets stuck inside my throat.

“I bought this in Italy because I knew that you were the one for me as cheesy as it may sound. But I mean it amore. Maybe I never got the chance to do it in the right way and maybe this is too soon but I don’t care. I don’t think I want to spend my life with anyone who isn’t you…”

He opens the box to reveal an exquisitely beautiful platinum diamond ring but I don’t pay much attention to it because my gaze is focused on the beautiful man kneeling in front of me with his Egyptian blue eyes shining with love and adoration.

“Marry me?”

- The End...? -

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