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*This is the rough version of the book that is ONGOING MAJOR GRAMMATICAL EDITING

Even after mentioning the fact over and over again that this book is unedited, it's disheartening to see some readers constantly posting bad reviews over the grammar. What you all don't understand is that a review helps us authors gain recognition on this platform. And reviews are something that is written like a recommendation and as feedback to the author but reminding me of something I warned in the very beginning of the book is just discouraging and honestly makes me want to quit writing and unpublish the book. If you can't handle dark romance and grammatical errors, don't read it*

~One Year Later~

Phoebe’s POV

“With the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride”

There are deafening cheers all around me as my husband lifts my veil to land his feather-soft yet firm lips over mine. My eyes flutter close to relish the feel of his lips on mine after what feels like an eternity even though it’s been only a few days.

Ten years ago, if anyone told me that I’ll be marrying someone as magnificently amazing as Blaze Hunter. I would’ve probably laughed my ass off.

My mind drifts back to the time when he first proposed to me. I think I went mute for over a minute before he started breaking into cold sweats.

Later on, I said yes and until now, that’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my 26yrs of living on this planet Earth.

Blaze taught me things that I never thought I’ll experience. Over a decade back, I thought that my life was ruined, torn into pieces. I thought that no one will be able to love me knowing that I’m a monster, but Blaze proved each and every doubt of mine wrong.

He showed me a side of him which he never thought existed inside him after he was betrayed by Diana’s infidelity and lies.

But I was more than honored to have witnessed this lovely side of him which made me fall in love with him even more.

This past year, he showed me how patient he can be and I’ll be truthful; it was a really painful journey. Both of us have never claimed to be perfect, let alone normal. But we tried our best. We hardly argued but when we did, it would usually be because of his possessiveness and my bipolar disorder.

There were days when I would ignore him like he’s some parasite or pollution to the air I breathe in, even though my heart pleaded otherwise. He isn’t air pollution in my life; instead, he’s the oxygen that I desperately crave. I know that I can be really childish sometimes by prolonging my tantrums, but Blaze always treated me with his utmost patience of a saint.

He knew that being in a relationship with me would be difficult and yet he never left. He always patiently listened to all my problems and would help me navigate through them. We were originally supposed to get married after a month of his proposal but due to some unfortunate happenings, we had to cancel it and set the date after a year.

Speaking of unfortunate happenings, my maid of honor cheerfully claps her hand, beaming at the newlywed couple and I send her a huge smile.

At one point, I thought that Ava would even make it today but yet, here she is.

Why I thought she never made it is not my story to tell.

The last year developed her into a whole new different person. A person who finally knows how to love herself and knows how to take care of herself. Her mid-shoulder black wavy hair was pulled to one side artfully, secured by a thin diamante clip. Her once pale skin now had a beautiful tanned glow which she developed in the former year by vacationing in Chennai.

The beige bridesmaid satin mermaid dress with lace applique that I chose for her, fitted her curves perfectly, and made her look like a goddess.

The next thing I know, I’m swamped with relatives from both sides of the family. Everyone’s cooing at me and Blaze and in the midst of the crowd, I meet up with Lucia as she comes to my rescue, serving me my much-needed glass of champagne.

“You need this” She laughs like a small girl and hands me the glass of bubbly. I drink it all in taking one big gulp.

Let’s just say that my mother-in-law’s one of the coolest people you can get yourself acquainted with. Maybe I doubted her intentions in the beginning, but over the last year, she treated me like her own daughter, always showering me with her love which often made her own sons jealous.

Her lovely sandy-brown hair was pulled up into a loose chignon bun with few strands framing her lovely oval-shaped face as she sported an elegant plum red dress. If it wasn’t for the slight wrinkles marking her skin, no one would’ve guessed her age.

“You are my lifesaver, I’m telling you” I clink my empty glass with her filled one as we laugh.

“Ah, and here I thought that I was your savior and your best friend” A melodic voice chimes behind me dramatically and I turn over my heels to look at my bestfriend looking at me with a raised brow with her slender arms crossed over her chest.

“Trust me, Avalynn honey, no one can take your spot in our Phoebe’s life,” Lucia says with a warm smile and excuses herself to go to her husband.

“She better not be replacing me” Ava mutters under her breath and reaches over to hug me before releasing a hushed squeal.

Oh my God! If only you had any clue on how happy I am at the moment!” She jumps in excitement as if she can’t contain her happiness and I can totally understand her.

She has always been so supportive of me and she always approved of Blaze. Blaze admired Ava too and considered her as his sister.

“You sure that your happiness isn’t connected to a certain dark, tall, mysterious stranger who’s practically undressing you with his eyes?” I tease her by tapping my fingers against my chin, feigning to think thoroughly.

Instantly, her face flushes beet red as she stutters her reply, “Oh bitch you’re lucky that I’m not ripping your hairs out of their roots after the stunt you pulled this week and stop being so delusional, no one’s undressing anyone just so we’re clear”

“Oh really? Are you trying to convince me or yourself?” I snort with laughter and watch her grow pissed.

Did I ever mention the fact that I love pissing off Ava?

It was truly a sight to behold.

Speaking of the devil, Landon strolls in our direction, wearing his custom made heavily expensive tux with a small boutonnière. He resembled Blaze a lot except for his hair. It was a natural shade between dark chocolate and blonde as if his hair strands can’t decide what they want to be.

He reaches forward and flashes his panty-dropping smile in Ava’s direction and I watch with amusement as her pupils dilate largely as if someone dropped a generous amount of belladonna in her eyes. Her lips part, reveal her tongue unconsciously sweeping over the front of her upper teeth unconsciously.

This coaxes a sharp inhale from Landon as he stares at Ava hungrily. I try to contain my smirk as I watch this two interact and just in time, my phone dings with a text from my now husband.

Blaze – I think we’ve entertained enough guests for the night. Come and meet me on the top floor.

I smile reading the commanding tone of my husband.

Looks like some things never change…

Not like I want them too

With that thought, I look up to see Ava and Landon still looking at each other lustfully as Andres eyes them with disdain from the other side of the room, not paying much attention to the woman who’s continuously chatting beside him.

I shake my head and remind myself – Again, it’s not my story to tell

“Excuse me guys, I’ll be back within a few minutes” I play my excuse but I don’t think they hear me as they’re still busy tearing each other with their staring battle.

I was looking really forward to spending some alone time with Blaze because I knew that after a few hours, our guests will start hunting us down like wolves to get the photos clicked.

The thought of seeing him instantly brightens my mood because he has that effect on me.

Before him, my life was a monotonous abyss devoid of colors. After him, he filled my white canvas with his rain of colors, turning me into the person that I thought got lost inside the battle of reality.

I have always been so focused on my misfortunes that I didn’t realize that I was missing out on the other happy moments of my life.

In fact, I’ve wasted years over staying focused on the patterns of my past that I never looked forward to my future.

I know that we’ll get through this. With this man by my side, I promise my future self a better version of myself. At least for my loved ones.

Then again, our pasts are what make us who we are today. Some follow the light route and some follow the dark. But with him, I was bound to follow the path of light. Because is he can do it, why can’t I?

My husband was my biggest motivation after I learned the way he fought his way through depression. My admiration and love for him grows every day as I spend my days with him and I can’t wait to explore this new part of my life with him.


Blaze’s POV

Growing up, I always dreamt of spending my life with someone after I escape my grandfather’s evil crutches. At one point, it almost seemed inevitable. There was once a time when I wouldn’t let anyone come near me, let alone touch me.

I was traumatized, in the worst way possible.

There were days when I would stay mute, not talking to anyone.

There were days when I would nod my head and lie to my mother saying that I ate whereas my stomach was protesting for food.

Of course, my mom would take none of that bullshit and would coax me into eating by singing me songs.

There were even days when I would convulse with sobs as my mom and dad both comforted me. I could see the pain in their eyes.

Their pain for me

I could see the regret that they have for not being there for me, for not discovering my grandfather’s torture sessions on me earlier.

I would cry day and night, skipping school and my meals. My shrink tried his best to heal me and pull me out of my pit of depression that I was spiraling myself into.

Then suddenly one day, I was walking past the corridor to my room and when I passed my father’s study, I heard mom and dad crying.

Dread rushed through my tiny body as I took in their sorrow. Being the curious bean that I was back then, I pushed my tiny hand through the small opening between the door and the doorframe and watched with horror as my mom laid on the floor crying with my dad trying his best to comfort her with tears streaming down his own eyes.

Tears developed inside my own eyes as I witnessed my parents calling themselves a failure. They hated themselves for not taking care of their son properly and since that day, I felt something wake inside me.

A desire

A yearning

A hope

I wanted to achieve everything I can and let my parents know that they aren’t a failure. Since then, I made my life’s biggest goal to make my parents happy.

I had to make sure that they never call themselves failures for me ever again.

So I did

I started receiving therapy willingly and from that day, my therapist became my greatest friend. I wasn’t that weak four-year-old anymore, the one who was scared to live and was a walking carcass. Instead, I was transformed into the boy that was the absolute opposite of what I was before, the one brimming with life and happiness.

I could see my improvement reflecting through the eyes of my parents. Their smiles weren’t teary-eyed anymore instead, they were full of joy.

Then Ian was born. He was like our little ray of sunshine and I thought life couldn’t get better.

But of course, my bastard of a grandfather had to ruin that.

I found myself burning with rage when I saw Marco Hunter attempting to kill my father.

Such a pathetic asshole

That was my last thought before I picked up the bludgeon from the decorative shelf and started hitting him straight in the face with it. I didn’t want people to see the face of that bastard anymore as I smashing his face repeatedly until there was nothing left of him.

What enraged me even further was that I felt absolutely nothing for this man. I was mad because he’s my grandfather for fuck’s sake and he’s dead because of me and yet I felt nothing.

Again, my coping mechanism was in full-mode as I acted like nothing happened as my father advised me to do so. Marco’s trial was very short which proved my suspicion that everyone was glad that this disgusting piece of shit was dead.

I started drowning myself in my studies and focused solely on getting the top grades. I became my school’s basketball team’s caption and our football team’s star quarterback.

Life couldn’t get any better for me and this time, I didn’t have my grandfather’s filthy shadow looming over me.

That too of course did not last for long after Diana announced that she was pregnant with my child. I knew that my parents did not approve of my relationship with her but I did not pay much heed to their words because I did not love Diana and I sure as hell wasn’t planning on loving her in the near future either.

My parents weren’t disappointed when they learned about the baby but they were pretty mad when they heard who the carrier of the unborn child was.

So was I, mom and dad, so was I

As days went by with me thinking that the child was mine, I started scheming on how to get rid of Diana after the child was born. I mean for fuck’s sake, I didn’t want my child to be near a drug-addicted mother - No matter how unfair that sounds. She wanted to us to get married after the child’s birth and I agreed. Not because I want to spend my life with that drug-addicted bitch.

Oh hell to the no

So I planned to keep her around for a year before legally filing for a divorce. But it seems like God had other plans for me.

It was a shock for me to know that the child wasn’t mine when I overheard Diana and Carl (who’s actually the real father). I wanted to kill her. I mean for fuck’s sake, how could someone be such a lying manipulative bitch?

But of course, I did none of that and dumped her, not bothering to know how she’s going to manage being a single mom.

Sorry but not sorry

It didn’t matter that Diana’s mother was Noah’s mom’s good friend; I just simply couldn’t care less. Maybe aunt was a bit mad at me for dumping her friend’s daughter but as I said, I couldn’t care less.

Life started going great for me until my grandfather’s only friend; Arthur decided to crash my life. Apparently, that old senile was angry because I killed his old pal.

Fucking little shit

It didn’t help that Arthur was also involved in shady prostitution rings. He sold off Andres’s dead fiancée Martha in one of them and that is when hell broke loose. Andres was already involved with the mafia and let’s just say that Martha’s disappearance pissed him off, BIG TIME.

We deliberately chose France for the annual charity ball’s location because our people sighted Arthur in that location and also we never hosted our events in France before. It was like killing two birds with one stone.

It wasn’t hard to get hold of that little shit and man did we torture him.

Well, Andres mainly tortured him because he wanted revenge and I was simply busy arranging other business issues.

Then, I met her...again

I didn’t really pay much attention to the woman inside Noah’s study because I assumed she was one of his whores only to remind myself that he’s already dating a gold-digging whore.

However, when I lifted my eyes to make her leave, I was stunned. She changed so much that it took me days to realize that she’s the same person.

Her parted lips called out to my libido as I stared at her. But I was disappointed in myself when I scared her off the room.

I’ll be honest; it was a really cringy moment.

Then I decided to approach her in an anti-hostile manner and that is when I lost it.

She was absolutely breathtaking

I’ve bedded a lot of attractive willing females in my past. She didn’t look like an exception because I knew that she wanted me…badly

And so did I

But as I started to get closer to her, which is when I noticed that she had humongous walls built around her, to guard her. Her desire might be transparent, but her heart wasn’t.

I wanted to unravel her – not only in the literal sense

Once I had a taste of her, I was addicted.

I still am

I knew full well that nothing good will come out of it but the more I spent time with her, the more I fell for her. However, she didn’t turn out to be my downfall like I thought she would be, instead she accepted me with open arms after she learned about my past.

Her smile was what I wanted to cherish every day and something I wanted to wake up next to always.

I’ll admit it did take me very long to figure out my feelings for her. I realized that I loved her to the fucking moon and back when Arthur’s bunch of sloppy cronies decided to avenge their dead boss by trying to kill me and my amore.

That is where they crossed the line.

Unfortunately, Arthur managed to escape from the Hunter family’s old cellar and fled to Germany. I sent my PI Scott after him to finally get rid of the disgusting filth that Arthur is.

His bunch of cronies were upset after learning about their leader’s death and decided to avenge him. If they attempted to kill me, I would’ve laughed my ass off because I knew that sooner or later, I would send Andres’s men to finish off those idiots.

But they crossed the line when they targeted Phoebe along with me.

That is when I knew, that I had to wipe them off from the face of planet earth.

I wasn’t going to risk Phoebe’s life.

I love her. The feeling of fullness whenever she’s around me, envelopes me, making me feel like I’m on top of the world.

It wasn’t just some meaningless game of lust anymore; we were too far gone to be just playing games. She was mine and no one can ever steal her away from me.

It wasn’t like I was treating her like she’s some invaluable possession – Ok maybe, that’s a lie.

I know that I piss Phoebe whenever I go way too possessive on her to the point of dragging her away from bars from all the ogling eyes of the horny teenagers or making sure that there are only female staffs in the restaurant.

Those were the days when she would stay mad at me for days and deep down, it hurts like hell whenever she goes on an ignoring ‘Blaze Hunter’ rampage. But despite all that, I managed to stay calm because I promised her that I’ll always make her happy.

We’re not the most perfect couple or anything near that but at least we’re happy and in peace and as Alana always says, “It’s the most valuable assets that life rarely offers you”

Speaking of Alana, I watch her giggling in the arms of her husband to the song, ’Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin (One of Phoebe’s all-time favorites)

It was good to see everyone around me happy with the exception of a few people that is.

Even Phoebe’s parents were having a really good time. It took them almost a year to get their daughter’s apology but in the end, Phoebe forgave them. I was glad that Caleb and Darla finally realized their mistakes and since then, we never heard a single word from the Woodwards. Although, I think I heard that Nate divorced Jane after three months of marriage only to find out that the child wasn’t his.

I kind of felt bad for that dude because I was also in that same situation with Diana but after my mind replays all the things he did to my wife, I feel like he deserved worse than this.

Also, it was kind of hilarious to witness Ava struggling to fend off three men away from her life. That list includes my bestfriend, Andres, my cousin, Noah and my half-cousin Landon.

Three of them were close to me and I didn’t know who to support. However, I knew that I wasn’t going to support Andres anytime soon because he made his bed when he treated Ava the way he did. That I won’t reveal because it’s not my place to say.

With a deep sigh, I look down at the picture that I’m holding in my hand one last time and smile. It was the graduation picture of my cousin Noah. Phoebe and Ava stood beside one another, smiling at the camera with my aunt and uncle behind them. On the far left corner stood a boy with jet-black hair, and blue eyes, smiling at the camera faintly.

I’m pretty sure that I was irritated because my parents forced me to attend Noah’s graduation. After all, they were unable to do that. I remember sitting at the rows of chairs with Noah’s mom beside me as she nagged me into getting married to someone.

I remember spotting Noah with a raven-haired girl with large doll-like brown eyes, framed behind impossible large black lashes. She looked like she was 5’6 foot or something with a beautiful body. Later on, I found out that her name was Ava when the university’s counselor called her name to receive her degree.

Beside her, there was a brunette with expressive gem-like green eyes; she looked bored instead of being happy as the rest of the student body as if she can’t wait to get out of here. I didn’t ask her name because she didn’t really spark much interest in me like the raven-haired girl. It’s not like I didn’t try. I did try getting more glimpse of her but as soon as the graduation ceremony was over, she just vanished in thin air.

‘What a bummer!’ I thought to myself back then after the brunette left because I didn’t get to meet her properly.

It wasn’t like she dominated my thoughts or anything, but still. As years passed, her face faded away from my memory until I saw her again inside Noah’s study.

“Hello, husband” A sweet teasing voice demands my attention, stretching my lips into a broad smile automatically.

I click my phone’s screen shut to prevent her from seeing that photo because I want to tell this to her some other time.

Now, I just want to spend some alone time with my beautiful wife.

We held our wedding in the lovely city of Rome because my bride basically loves it here. It was arranged inside a very beautiful castle that belongs to my father. This is the same place where my parents got married. This place is like a symbol of their ever-growing love. I once joked to Phoebe about spending our honeymoon here on my private beach to which she enthusiastically agreed, causing me to immediately shake my head.

There’s no way on hell I’m spending my honeymoon here!

Don’t get me wrong, I love it here in Italy and it’s an amazing place but I think we’ve visited this place numerous times over the last year.

I want our honeymoon to be extremely memorable, something she will remember after a hundred years from now.

That is if we suddenly become vampires out of nowhere

“Why are you smiling like a loon?” She questions confused and circles her arms around my neck. I pull her close to me. She looks like a walking sin even after being dressed like an angel inside the ivory silk of her mermaid wedding dress.

Her body molds into the contours of my body as I hold her close.

Her gorgeous dark brown hair was now styled with caramel highlights, secured into a French twist updo with flowers adoring her hair.

She looks gorgeously breathtaking

However, her arms leave my neck, and instantly, I’m craving them back to their previous position.

“I can literally feel the sexual tension brewing between these two” She mutters amusedly whilst peering down at the balcony and I follow her gaze.

The top floor, where we were currently standing had the stadium-like view of the entire place. The floor was isolated and devoid of people so there was less chance of people catching us together.

FINALLY some peace!

I follow her gaze and find myself looking at Landon caging Ava between him and the wall as she looks away from him with her chin raised petulantly. It was funny seeing them together like this because over the somewhat of a long time of me knowing Landon, he seemed like a very private person who enjoyed solitude by keeping to himself.

But it was clear as the daylight that the Enigmatic billionaire, Landon Evan Ruiseart was hell-bent to win back Ava, even though she’s the one who left him.

At least he’s fighting for her, unlike Andres who’s busy sulking on one corner of the room, and Noah who’s busy drilling holes inside Landon’s head…

But in the end of the day, my real curiosity sparked to know, who would Ava choose?

It isn’t really any of my business but I hope she ends up with someone who values her.

“See, I told you we did a great job by reuniting them together” I remind Phoebe and she leans her body to my front with a serene smile on her face.

It gave me immense joy to know that my girl’s happy.

Even though, a week ago, she was chewing my head off over this reunion plan which she considered as a disaster before.


“Are you sure that we’re doing the right thing?” My fiancé nibbles on her freshly manicured nails nervously and shoots me a panicked look.

I roll my eyes in annoyance after hearing her same question for the nth time.

“Hey! Don’t roll your eyes at me” She scolds and continues, “For fuck’s sake, I’m meeting her after a year. I can’t afford to lose my bestfriend again

I rise up both of my hands in surrender and hiss, “Just have some fucking faith in me will you? I swear I’ve thought this through beforehand. Nothing will go wrong” I reassure her and motion her to go and bring Ava.

As soon as she’s out of my sight, I saunter in my half-cousin’s direction, watch him converse with my old man. They are both talking with a glass of scotch in their hand and I could literally see the adoration spilling out of my father’s eyes as he chats with Landon.

It felt good to finally have an older brother figure in my life after so many years. Landon might be my father’s half-sister’s son, but he still loves him like he loves his own three sons.

I think I distinctively heard Noah complaining to my mom about Landon getting all the attention. I swear, sometimes I feel like he never grew up.

Fucking idiot

“Hello dad, do you mind if I borrow Landon for a while? I want him to meet a friend of mine” Landon looks up from his drink after hearing my voice and like a good cousin, he follows me after excusing himself from my father.

I’ll admit I’m really giddy with excitement. Landon is that type of cousin who has the ability to make his younger cousins and siblings squeal with joy.

He’s that type of cousin for whom you would wait eagerly to meet on Christmas holidays.

“Who do you want me to meet?” He asks inquisitively in his rich velveteen and I try my best to hide my secretive smile.

“She’s a really good mutual friend of mine. You already met all of my friends except for her. She just flew out from her vacation yesterday” He frowns after hearing my answer and I could almost see the wheels turning inside his head.

He’s probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned this ’friend’s name yet.

Well, he’ll find out soon…

Behind him, I see Phoebe drag Ava towards where Landon and I are standing. Tonight’s party was all about mingling with guests which is why everyone was present.

Ava also has the same questioning look on her face like Landon as Phoebe guides her in our direction. I watch her eyes widen when her eyes land on Landon’s back and I can bet that I saw her quiver for a split second before she composes herself.

“Ah, she’s here” I announce and Landon turns around only to freeze at the sight of Ava.

They both stare each other for the longest time and I feel Phoebe tense beside me.

I think I even heard Landon mumble under his breath with something like, “You have to be kidding me

Phoebe takes the initiative to introduce them first, “Landon, meet my best friend, Ava and Ava, meet Blaze’s cousin Landon”

I could see Ava frowning with confusion at Phoebe’s lack of detailed introduction.

Here’s the thing, my father advised me to dismiss the word ‘half’ whenever I would address Landon. Because even though Landon’s mom is the living proof of Grandpa Marco’s infidelity, everyone in our family welcomed the Ruisearts with open arms.

“Half –cousin” I clarify and watch Ava squeeze her eyes shut.

Phoebe sends me a signal using her eyes for us to get the fuck out of here and quickly, I pretend to rummage with my phone, beckoning Phoebe over, “Amore Mio, there’s something I need to ask you regarding the wedding event”

With that said, we left the duo to talk amongst them.


“Looks like you did a pretty good job. Despite Ava protesting otherwise, I can see that she’s happy after seeing Landon after so many years. She probably thought that he got married with 2.5 kids” Phoebe comments and I chuckle behind her.

I wrap my arms around her slim waist and press her against me, before dropping kisses on the length of her exposed shoulder.

“I can’t wait to peel this dress off you Ciccino. You know what? Let’s consummate our marriage right here” I suggest her and hear her chortle that soon gets transformed into a loud throaty moan as I bite down on the sweet spot at the nape of her neck.

“Blaze-e, there a-are like t-thousands of people-e down-n t-there” She stutters as she grabs hold of the railing in front of her.

Her moans were like music to my dick and I knew that even after several decades, I’ll never grow tired of this.

I was ready to devote my life to this amazing woman. Both of us are flawed in the best way possible but I’m ready to fight for her just like she’s ready to fight for me.

What we both assumed as a fatal infatuation at the beginning of our relationship morphed into love - Something that we both never saw coming.

We are in this together and I can’t wait to begin this new chapter of my life with this wonderful lady by my side.

“In that case, let’s give them a show” I whisper beside her ear and hear her gasp before pulling down the zipper of her dress.


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