Fatal Infatuation | 18+ βœ” {Book 1&2}

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+Fatal Predilection+

*This story is the spin-off of β€˜Fatal Infatuation’ and I’d recommend you all to read β€˜Part - I’ to understand the events that take place here*

As if life wasn’t hard for Avalynn Hayes already, fate decided to add an affair to her growing pile of problems.

After losing the person she thought she was in love with for years, Ava decides to move on with her life but things take a nosedive in the wrong direction when she gets hung up on a mysterious enigma that is Andres Russo. Still hoping to have something good coming in her life, she starts an affair with Andres, in hopes of forgetting her dreadful reality.

But what she doesn’t know is that Andres is damaged in every emotional way possible. Then there’s her past that keeps looming over her head, torturing her every single day.

With everything at stake, will things grow better or will it all burn down into ashes?

A/N - After seeing so many comments about wanting to read Ava's story, here you go! 'Fatal Predilection' is now available on Inkitt

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