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7 | Take Off My Mind

Phoebe’s POV

The phone keeps on ringing on the bedside table yet I ignore it for the 37th time. I was literally boiling with rage. My hands were itching to turn the whole place upside down. I wanted to hurl the phone towards the wall as it started ringing again. I let out a huge groan of annoyance and immediately search my bag for medications that Alana prescribed me.

I really wanted to call her right now but I knew that now would not be the best time.

Begrudgingly, I check my phone and notice hundreds of texts from Noah and Ava. There were threads of apologies. But I couldn’t care less. Apparently, those idiots forgot to mention that the Lordly “Woodwards” family will be joining us in Monaco. It was almost like avoiding cockroaches. No matter where you go, they will always be there, in some way or the other.

It was a huge shock for me to see Emily and Nate in the lobby. I almost lost it. That duo had the ability to always bring out the worst in me.

They are the reason why I always avoided family dinners whenever they were invited. No matter how much I love my parents, I always hated them for hiding what happened years back. I myself was glad because I always hated being pitied. However, there were times when all I wanted was to smack their faces with a baseball bat for making me go through so much pain. Emily ruined my social status by being the spoiled attention-seeking brat that she is and Nate ruined my life without even too much effort.

My body shook with anger as I recalled that night’s event.

To drown my sorrows, I quickly fetched myself a bottle of scotch from the minibar and took a huge gulp from it. As soon the liquid touched my throat I coughed due to its burning sensation.

I put the bottle back on the minibar and scolded myself mentally.

Alana’s words from one of our sessions came back to me “You can’t them affect you. That will only make you the bigger loser in the end. They will keep winning if you continue to let them get under your skin. Someday you have to face them…” I remember her saying.

God! I’m such a mess right now!

I reluctantly head inside the washroom and wash my face in the sink. I also wash my mouth to remove all traces of alcohol. The last thing I needed was for people to think I was some sort of alcoholic. After that, I stare in the mirror and look at myself. I had forest green eyes and dark brown hair with pale skin. There wasn’t really anything that attractive except for my eyes. I always received compliments for them.

Sighing, I dry my bare face using the towel and look at the tray of food laid out by one of the maids. Despite my reluctance to eat and go downstairs, Noah forcefully made one of the maids to drop this off in my room. I wasn’t like this usually but then again it’s not every day you see the people who destroy your life and your friends not mentioning you about their arrival because they are too afraid of your reaction.

‘Well, at least now they know my reaction!’ I think sarcastically.

I know that the only person to put all this out of my head is probably somewhere inside the castle. Probably sleeping, judging from the time since it's 11 pm.

‘What if he’s awake?’ a small part of me asks hopefully.

Without thinking any further, I put on a burgundy robe over my matching silk nightwear and head outside my room. Unfortunately, as soon as I open the door, I come face to face with one of my other favorite people, Gerard. Kindly note the sarcasm.

“Miss are you headed somewhere?” He asks in a polite tone.

‘Yes, to see to see the man who owns your ass’ I think bitterly.

“I need to speak with Mr. Hunter,” I say.

“Which one of the madam?” He asks

“Blaze Hunter,” I say firmly. Hearing my answer, the butler eyes me warily and says “I’m afraid that’s impossible, miss. Sir has strict orders to not disturb him when he’s at work” He says each word slowly as if I’m stupid.

“I need to speak with him urgently and if you can’t help me, then I’ll make sure to tell him that how you stopped me from informing him about one of the major changes about the upcoming event,” I say feeling a little evil.

The butler’s eyes widen at my words and he hesitantly nods and gestures me to follow him. For a moment I feel guilty for making the poor man afraid and for lying. By the time we reached outside Blaze’s study, I started regretting my decision, for all I know; he can fire me for unprofessional behavior.

Before I can change my mind, Gerard knocks on the huge door and a cold tone replies “Come in”.

This is it. There’s no more turning back. I don’t know what was going to happen but I knew that Noah might be very mad at me if he finds out what happened between me and Blaze.

It was not like I wanted to intentionally hurt Noah by doing whatever I was doing with Blaze. I just simply wanted him. My attraction for him was undeniable and I knew that this would not end well and that the stakes were high.

The double doors of the study opened to reveal Blaze who was busy reading some document in his hand. The study looked similar to Noah’s, except it was more spacious and neat. Each file was placed tidily labeled with a red marker and notes of different colors. Blaze was dressed in a white shirt and navy blue pants. The shirt sleeve was rolled up to his arms reveal those bulging arms and a hint of ink on his left arm which looked like a dragon’s tail.

So the enigmatic CEO even has tattoos on his hand. Wow, could I not know this guy any better!

Upon the intrusion to his work, he looks up with a harsh glare, scaring poor Gerard and me both. However, his eyes soften a bit as soon as they land on me.

“Close the door on your way out Gerard” He commands in a stern tone, making the butler scurry out of the study like a small rat.

“So…” He drawls out with a dangerous glint in his eyes and continues “…what brings you here Ms. Carter?”

I gulp down on my saliva nervously and decide to take the safe road.

“I wanted to say sorry for leaving so suddenly inside the lobby this afternoon,” I say casting my eyes down. I was afraid to see his reaction because so far he hasn’t shown or said anything to make it seem like he was pleased to see him, which makes me feel stupid even more for coming here without any notice.

“Well, I have to admit that was quite a show. I presume that you are acquainted with Mr. Woodwards?” He adds cautiously. I snort at the word ‘acquaintance’.

“Unfortunate acquaintances, I’m afraid” I nervously thumb the end of the sash of my robe.

His eyes follow my tiny action and roam over my frame. Soon lust clouds his features replacing curiosity towards my reaction to Nate. I swirl the pen on his hand in a cartwheel manner as he keeps on studying me like I’m some foreign goods almost making me feel naked.

“Come here Phoebe” He commands to me before opening the top two buttons of his shirt, revealing his worked-out chest. Desire pools my system as I watch him and subconsciously make my way to where he was sitting.

After I reached him, he pulls me by my hand in one sharp tug and I fall on his lap. As soon as our bodies tough, desire courses heavily through my veins at our proximity. I could already feel myself get wet and he was only toughing me on my hips. It was given that I was a total lost cause when it came to him.

He soon captures my mouth in a hard passionate kiss. Soon his mouth travels down my neck as he slides away all the documents on his large desk to a side and lays me down on it. My body arches off the cold hard surface as his mouth keeps on traveling southwards. The feel of the cold surface on my back paired with the heating sensation of his mouth made me feel things I’ve never felt before. It was truly a heady combination.

His lips glide over my sternum and his other hand unties my robe. Soon after the robe is open, he slides down one of the straps of my nightdress and captures my left nipple in his hot mouth, and bites on it, hard. My head hits the desk with a loud thud as my arches off, even more, providing more access to my breast to his heavenly mouth as pain and pleasure both mixed courses through my body in a wild frenzy.

He keeps on continuing his torture with both of my breasts and slowly I feel myself building towards an orgasm. My mind started clouding as soon as I realized how easily my body responded under his touch. And this scares me. I know that this is wrong yet here I am.

His fingers start playing with my clit over the fabric of my silk underwear whilst continuing his torture with my aching breasts. I wanted him inside me but all my thoughts came to a standstill as he applies more pressure on my clit. I throw my head back with a loud moan.

“C’mon Phoebe, come for me” His words along with a bite on my nipple was my undoing as I came.

It took me a few moments to regain my senses back after receiving yet another mind-numbingly good orgasm from Blaze, who was gently kissing my neck.

Suddenly a knock on the door with Noah’s voice on the other side makes both of us freeze on our action.

“Hey bro, I’ve looked over the spreadsheet you’ve told me to go through. There are some things you need to see”

I look at Blaze, eyes wide with horror knowing how I’ve secured my dooming fate.

A/N - I really pity Phoebe here. What do you think will happen? Would love to hear your thoughts on this one!

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