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Stronger as One (Completed)

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[Exclusive on Wattpad] You play the hand you are dealt or you just punch the dealer- that's what Riley has always believed in. Which is why she never let herself be defined by the car crash that took her family away as a toddler or the mystery of her past. Embracing the love of her adoptive parents, she pushed on with her life and worked her way up to become Britain’s top security and protection expert at only 27 years old. Until one day her past came knocking on her door, turning her life upside down and leaving her questioning everything she ever knew and who she really was. A hidden world full of powerful magic, hot-blooded shifters, fated mates, and impending threats awaits her now. A world that is completely unfamiliar to her, yet one she will fight with fire and fury to save. But when everything is on the line, can her badass ways help her this time or will she crumble? And will her heart accept her destiny and the men fated to be by her side?

Erotica / Fantasy
4.9 174 reviews
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Stronger as One has a new home

Hey lovelies,

This is just a quick update to let you know that Stronger as One and all the books in the Stronger Together series are now available exclusively on Wattpad, where you can still read them for free (if you are a Wattpad reader, find me as @IvetoR there).

Thank you for all your support and love for this book and the series... this is definitely a bitter-sweet moment but I promise to explain it all the first week of November :)

If you like my writing or mafia romance, do follow me here, if you haven't already, as I will be working on my mafia duology, exclusively for Inkitt.

Iveto xx

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