No Strings Fun

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Chapter Ten

We all trooped off to bed just before one. I slipped into bed, and watched as Nikki stepped out of her panties and turned to face me, she looked so beautiful, silhouetted against the moonlight streaming in through partially open curtains. She looked around.

“Have you got a shirt or something that I could wear, just for tonight?” She whispered.

I smiled and pulled back the covers.

“Yeah, you can put it on after,” I said softly.

She rolled her eyes as she slipped into bed beside me.

“We can’t, not with everyone in the house.” She whispered.

I smiled and, as she slipped into bed I rolled over onto my side and stroked my fingers across her stomach.

“We can. We will just have to be quiet.” I whispered.

She sighed.

“I’m not sure James.” She said.

I kissed her and let my hand cup her breast, my fingers rolled her nipple around gently and teased it. Then, I lowered my lips and sucked her other nipple between them, and as I flicked my tongue across the tip I felt her hands slide onto the back of my head and she moaned softly. I had her decision.

As I sucked and teased her nipple, I slid my hand down her body, over her soft, warm skin. As my fingers slid across her stomach I felt it shiver and tremble, I loved that, it always made me smile, and, when I felt the soft down hairs surrounding her pussy she parted her legs and I slipped my hand between, cupping her pussy and gently inserting a finger between her wet lips. She moaned a little louder, then clamped her hand to her mouth. I smiled, her nipple still between my lips as I continued to work my finger gently inside her.

After a short while, I gave her nipple a last kiss and then started to slide down her body, I felt her hand on my head, I looked up at her. She was breathing hard, and she stared at the door to the bedroom. I smiled and moved up to kiss her.

“It’ll be fine, I promise,” I whispered after we’d kissed.

I could see the concern on her face. I reached across with my left hand and picked up a pillow.

“Here. Bite on this if it gets too much!”

She stared at me, and then the pillow, then she grabbed the pillow and as I moved, she hit me on my head with it. I glanced back to see her smiling, and now holding it with both hands on her chest.

I knelt between her legs, which she had parted for me as I moved down to her feet. I looked up and she had the pillow tight to her chest and her chin rested on it. I took a breath and leaned forward. My lips brushed along the inside of her thighs, I heard her moan and felt her thighs tremble as I planted soft kisses on her skin. I could smell her sex, I loved that smell and knew that I would never tire of it.

I heard a muffled moan as my fingers parted her swollen wet lips. I glanced up and she now held the pillow against her mouth, her eyes stared down at me, her pupils wide. I grinned and lowered my mouth onto her pussy.

Another moan, louder this time, but still muffled as my lips pressed onto her clit and immediately sucked it between them, She responded by spreading her thighs wider and lifting her legs over my shoulders and hooking her feet behind my back. I pressed my lips against her pussy, sucking her clit between them and nibbling gently on it, just as I knew she loved. I sucked it between my teeth and applied just the right amount of pressure as I chewed gently on it. Her response was immediate, she thrust her hips up and ground her pussy against my mouth, my teeth and her muffled moans became stronger, louder and more frequent.

As I worked my lips and tongue on her clit, I slid a finger back inside her and felt the walls of her pussy immediately clench around it, and as I worked it to and fro, I could feel her trying to grip it between her muscles.

I don’t know whether it was the alcohol, or the situation, with everyone around us, but she was soon panting and crying out, and even I was grateful for the pillow, she bucked and writhed around on the bed as I brought her rapidly towards her orgasm.

And when it hit it was huge. I had my mouth clamped on her pussy, her thighs squeezed my head so tight that for a while I had to hold my breath, I couldn’t breathe. I looked up at her, she had the pillow tightly pressed over her face, her fingers were stretched out, forcing it against her mouth as she cried out and squealed as her whole body seemed to experience her orgasm.

I held onto her, my mouth clamped onto her pussy and mu finger deep inside her as she came. I could feel her orgasm, my finger was trapped inside her and I felt her spasms as the walls of her pussy clenched and unclenched rapidly, and her juices flowed down and over my digit.

Almost as soon as it came, it began to subside and she slowly released the pressure on my head, and as her thighs parted I was able to slowly withdraw my finger, and raise my head. I looked up. The pillow was still firmly clamped over her face, her breast rose and fell as she gulped in air, trying to get control of her breathing.

I looked down and could see her swollen clit, out of its hood, and her blonde pubic hairs soaked in her juices and my saliva. I kissed her clit softly, she groaned and then I rolled from between her legs and slid up beside her.

I pulled the pillow from her and looked into her eyes. She stared back at me, he mouth open as she breathed in.

“That was amazing.” She panted.

I smiled and kissed her. “You’re welcome,” I replied, grinning.

She playfully pushed my shoulder.

“I meant it. It was wonderful.” She sighed.

I kissed her again, “I know, and, we’re not done yet.” I whispered.

She bit her lip and glanced at the wall separating us from the rest of the house., she was still concerned. She looked back at me.

“Or?” She smiled, and slid her hand between us and let her fingers wrap around my rock-hard cock, the head soaked in pre-cum.

We exchanged glances, then, without another word she handed me the pillow and slid down my body, moving slowly, she began by kissing and sucking gently on my nipples. I held the pillow and looked down as her lips closed over my nipple and I moaned softly when I felt her tongue flick across it before she sucked it between her lips. I lay back, as she worked on my nipples, her fingers caressed and teased my other nipple, this was going to be good.

Eventually, she worked her way down until she knelt at my thighs. I looked down at her as she stroked my cock slowly and as she exposed the head of my cock she lowered her mouth and I felt her wet, warm lips slide over it and close around my shaft. I moaned, louder this time, and without thinking, pulled the pillow over my mouth.

I lay my head back and closed my eyes as she worked her lips over and down my shaft. I groaned when I felt her tongue flick over the sensitive head and then suck hard. I loved that feeling, when she tried to almost suck my cum out of me it was amazing.

I was moaning and sighing as she worked her mouth up and down, at the same time, her fingers cupped and squeezed my balls, gently, but not too gently and I began to move my hips up and pushing my cock into her mouth as she lowered her lips over it.

She hadn’t done this many times before I met her, but boy, was she making up for lost time, and she was very good at it. I had promised myself never to make comparisons between Nikki and Sally, but god, Nikki could suck!

I was in heaven, it was turning out to be one of the best blow-jobs of my life, and we were both enjoying it. I had one hand on the back of her head and the other pressing the pillow hard against my mouth and I knew that I was getting close. Suddenly, I felt her hand leave my balls, and slide underneath me. Her fingers slid between the cheeks of my bum as I thrust my hips up and in an instant, she was pressing her fingertip against my tight hole.

I gasped and as she pressed hard on my bum-hole I felt a huge wave of pleasure shoot through my body and I let out such a cry as I suddenly came hard. My cock exploded inside her mouth and I shot a huge spurt of cum which splashed onto her tongue.

I panted, groaned, cried and moaned as my cock twitched and jerked inside her mouth as cum shot out, she seemed to respond to me by pressing harder on my bum and sucking harder on my cock. It was such an intense experience and I was almost out of control as my head spun and I honestly thought that I might pass out.

Eventually, my orgasm started to subside and my cock emptied itself into her mouth, and as she licked it clean it began to soften. I laid my head back and the pillow covered my face. I was breathing hard and desperately trying to get control of myself.

I’d lain there for I don’t know how long when the pillow over my face was removed and I looked up into the eyes of a beautiful woman. She smiled.

“Did that meet with sir’s wished?” She whispered.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her down, rolling her onto her back and leaning over her.

“Oh Nikki, that was amazing.” I sighed.

We stared into each other’s eyes for a while then we kissed and cuddled for a while before she turned onto her side and I spooned into her and wrapped her in my arms. As I slowly drifted off to sleep, I could hear her softly breathing, she was sleeping. I stroked my fingers across her arm as I held her, I nuzzled into her neck and sighed.

“Oh Nikki, you have no idea how much you have changed me. I never thought that I would be capable of loving again, but I was wrong, I am, and that is down to you.” I whispered.

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