No Strings Fun

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It is six months later and Nikki and I are still together. In fact, we are more than just together, today is the day that Nikki moves in with me. She has sold her house and has agreed to come and live with me, but not as partners or lovers, but as man and wife. She accepted my proposal last month, which made me one of the happiest men alive.

It has been a big decision for me to take, and I didn’t go into it lightly. I spoke to my daughters, expecting them to be a little reticent about moving her in, and, asking her to marry me. But I was surprised, and I shouldn’t have been. Both of my daughters were delighted for me and had secretly hoped that this would be the path that I chose almost as soon as they met Nikki that first weekend. So, Nikki moves in today, and we have the rest of our lives to look forward to, together.

As for the website? Well, we thought about deleting our profiles, but after much discussion, it turns out that both of us have the same fantasy, threesomes. We’re not sure whether we have the guts to go through with it, but, as she said, “We should keep our options open.”

So who knows?

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