No Strings Fun

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Chapter Three

Having had my first successful encounter I was eager to see if it was a fluke, or I could have as much success again, so I decided to message Sarah, the eager young thirty-six-year-old. She had replied by the time I went to bed that evening, she said that she wanted to meet and was I free the next day? This was unreal, women were coming to me! I told her that I was and we eventually arrange to meet at her place, about eight miles away. As I went to bed that evening I suddenly had a scary thought, what if I cant get it up? I mean, it’s been three years since I had sex, and now I was facing the prospect of having sex on consecutive days!

I pulled up outside of her flat, it was a six-storey building and it looked quite nice, the area looked clean and I felt safe leaving my car there. I stepped out of the elevator, always a good sign when it is working in a block of flats. I was quite nervous as I knocked on the door, I heard movement behind and a couple of chains being removed then it opened and she stood there smiling. “Hi James, come on in!” She said and welcomed me in.

As soon as she had closed the door I turned and she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. I was caught out for a second, but then I held her and responded and our tongues danced in my mouth. We broke, I took a breath, “well, that’s better than a hand-shake,” I said, she giggled and we walked into the lounge.

She pointed to the sofa, “take a seat. Drink?” She asked.

I shook my head then she sat beside me. “So, you met anyone yet?”

I told her about Nikki and how sweet she was, she listened and told me that I needed to be careful.

“There are a lot of lonely women out there, who confuse a good fuck with love James.” She said.

I was surprised by her directness, but also admired it, she knew what she wanted, why we were there, and I liked that.

She took my hand, “well shall we?” She said.

I nodded, “love to.”

Sarah was as far from Nikki as could be possible. She was confident, boy was she confident, she dressed as the sexy young woman that she was. She wore a short skirt and a tight t-shirt and revealed a tight stomach and cute belly-button. Her top clung to her body and defined what appeared to be perfect breasts. We kissed and I could feel myself harden, I held her against me and she began to unbutton my shirt, she wasn’t wasting any time. I felt my shirt pushed back over my shoulders and onto the floor, her hands spread over my chest, she leaned and kissed it.

I tugged at her t-shirt and pulled it up and over her head, her breasts were held by a lovely sheer pink bra, I could see her dark nipples through the thin material. I stroked my fingers gently over the material as she started to unbutton my trousers. I felt my zip come down and then she pushed my pants over my hips and onto the floor, I heard her gasp as my hard cock pushed against my boxers, “oh yes.” She cooed.

I smiled as I unzipped her skirt and it fell away to the floor. I gazed at her beauty, she had a beautiful figure, perfectly proportioned, and a tight, toned stomach. She put her hands around my neck and we kissed, I reached behind and unclipped her bra, and as it fell away I looked down on a perfect, tight, firm pair of breasts, her nipples hard and erect. I caressed them and bent my head and licked one, tasting it and rolling it in my lips, she let out a moan, her fingers stroked through my hair and she pulled me back and we fell onto her bed.

I covered her breasts in kisses, softly licking and playing with her nipples, my fingers gently stroking across her soft skin. She suddenly pushed me onto my back, she was definitely in control here, she sat up and hooked her fingers into the top of my boxers and slide them down my legs, my cock sprang free, another moan from her.

“Fuck James! That is thick!” She said.

I felt her fingers wrap around the shaft and then she stroked it a few times before the spread her lips and closed them around the head of my cock. It was my turn to moan, her lips so soft on my sensitive tip, then she started to slide her mouth up and down my shaft. Her lips gripped my fat shaft tightly, it had been so long since I’d felt that, I prayed that I wouldn’t blow my load prematurely.

I watched as this young woman expertly sucked my cock, working her lips on the shaft, as her tongue teased and licked my tip. I was moaning more and more now, it was the most amazing blow job, the one thing my late wife wasn’t that accomplished at, but Sarah? Well, she was an expert. I had never experienced anything like this before. I stroked my fingers through her hair as she bobbed up and down on my cock, then I felt it, I was going to cum, “Oh Sarah, I’m gonna cum honey,” I warned her.

She nodded and mumbled something like “good,” and she seemed to move faster and suck harder. I felt it coming, I held her head and pushed up with my cock, as I felt the first spurt of cum leave my cock and into her mouth, she moaned as she swallowed it, followed by several more spurts as my cock jerked in the mouth and she eagerly swallowed all of it. I groaned as my orgasm rushed past and soon I felt that familiar warm sensation of port-orgasm bliss as I felt her lick and clean my cock.

She looked up and me and smiled, “mmmm that was lovely, James. You have a wonderful cock.”

I nodded, “that, Sarah, was the best blow-job of my life.” I replied.

She grinned, “thank you, I’m sure you say that to all of the girls!”, she teased.

Then she slipped up beside me and kissed me, then laying on her back she looked across at me, “my turn now!”

I smiled as I moved down to her feet, ‘ god I loved this woman! She’s awesome.’ I reached up and slowly peeled her panties down, I stared, her pussy was shaved, the first time that I’d seen one in the flesh as it were. I parted her legs and slid between them, I kissed her thighs and moved slowly towards her wet puffy lips. Finally, I closed my lips over her mound, she tasted so sweet, my tongue probed her lips, and flicked across her clit, she gasped as I teased it, and my lips closed around it and nibbled on it. It was my first taste of a bald pussy, and also, one that was over twenty-years my junior and she tasted delicious.

She lifted her legs over my shoulders and crossed them, clamping my head against her pussy as I licked and lapped at it. He responses became for loud and more frantic, she was crying out, she ground her pussy hard against my mouth as I worked on her clit, then her pussy, alternating, loving her response. Her cries drove me on, as I felt her start to jerk her hips, she gripped my head tight between her thighs, her fingers grabbed my hair and clenched into fists, then she lifted her bum off the bed and screamed as her orgasm rushed through her body. She panted, cried out, begged me not to stop and ground her pussy hard against my mouth as her body was racked with a huge orgasm. As it subsided, her bum slowly fell back onto the bed, her breathing began to slow, and she released my head as her legs fell away, limp. I lapped up her emissions, then I slide up and lay over her, we kissed, she moaned and stroked my back, “my James, you do know how to pleased a lady.”

I smiled, “It was my pleasure, Sarah.” I kissed her again, I could feel her fingers searching for my cock, when she found it she gave a little moan, and I smiled, “you want it?” I asked.

She nodded, “oh yes.”

I shifted my position and reached out to the side of the bed when I’d left the condom. With it in place, she guided my cock towards her tight pussy. I felt her slide it between her lips and it lodged in her entrance. I pushed, it was very tight, I’d not experienced once this tight since Sally and I first had sex. I pushed again, she winced, “oh god James, your big!” She moaned.

I smiled, a guy never tires of hearing that, I pushed again, but harder, another cry then a yelp and her eyes popped wide as the head forced its way into her tight pussy. I paused to let her catch her breath, then I pushed again and it slid inside her, I groaned, her pussy was so tight it felt as if I could feel every twitch and spasm of her pussy muscles.

I began to move in and out, her pussy gripped me tightly and I knew that I wouldn’t last long in her, even with a condom on. I soon got into a rhythm, and she responded to my motions and our bodies moved together. We synchronised our moan and groans as her fingers stroked all across my back, and she held me tight as I gradually increased my pace and started to fuck her harder. “Oh god fuck me James, fuck me hard!” She begged.

I heard her words and began to thrust hard into her tight pussy, all hope of lasting a long time gone as I pounded her. The room filled with moans, cried, grunts, the headboard of her bed banged against the wall as I almost reached a frenzied state, then I thrust hard and held myself in her as a rush of pleasure swept over me from my toes to my cock and I shot the first jet of hot cum into her young body, caught by the latex glove that I was wearing.

She cried out and threw her head back as she felt my cum fill the condom, my cock twitched inside of her as I felt her legs squeeze around my back and I could feel her pussy muscles clenching around my shaft.

She held me in her arms as my orgasm subsided, stroking my back and purring like a kitten. I sighed, kissed her neck and rolled off her, my softening cock rested against my body, the condom flopping on it, the end full of creamy cum.

I laid beside her and sighed. “God Sarah, that was incredible, your body, fuck!”

She smiled and stroked my face, “you weren’t so bad yourself James, I love older guys like you, you’re so attentive to my needs, that orgasm you gave me was out of this world, and wow, you fucked me like a twenty-year-old.”

I took that as a compliment, it sounded like one so I took it. She leaned over and kissed my cheek and patted my chest, “time to get up lover boy.”

I looked at her, we were done, she was kicking me out. A little surprised, I nodded and slipped off the bed and began to dress, she slipped on her robe, she sensed that I was surprised by her reaction.

“James, this is not a relationship, I do this purely for the sex, so don’t take offence.”

I smiled, “I’m not, I guess that I’m just getting used to it.”

She walked over to me and kissed me on the lips, god she tasted good, but I had to remind myself, ‘it’s just sex’ she smiled, “but the sex was awesome.”

When I was dressed she showed me out, and one final kiss and the door closed behind me, I checked my watch, fifty minutes, in, out, done!

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