The Guy Next Door

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I met my neighbor from across the hall walking from the mailbox, meeting him changed my life forever. Read along and find out how my now Best Friend through my life for a loop.

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The Meet

“Hold up Bae I got to go check the mail box” I told my girl as she walked towards her car. Looking down at my keys I wasn’t paying attention until I saw a shadow heading towards me. That’s when I looked up and I’m glad I did, the nigga walking by could stop time! And why did he have to be shirtless in basketball short, I mean that’s my fucking fetish I love that shit! He must have had on some thin boxer because you could see a print of what he had clear as day. I tried not to stare but I couldn’t control myself. I found myself walking backwards to the mailbox as I watch him jog down the street. “Damn, he fine” I thought. You could just imagine how I happy I was to find out he stays next to me. I knew it was time to meet my neighbors. Days went by and I hadn’t seen him, so he slowly slipped out of mind. Until one day I was sleeping and heard a knock on the door, I woke up mad as hell. “Who is it?” I yelled “Steve” he answered. Even thought I didn’t know who Steve was I opened the door thinking they had the wrong apartment. “Man I hate to bother you but my girl tripping, she done locked me out and I can’t get to my phone can I use yours?” At first I was going to slam my door in his face for waking me up for some bull shit that has nothing to do with me. But that angel showed up on my shoulder like in the cartoons and pushed the devil away and I told him sure. I invited him in and went over to the end table and to get my phone, still groggy I handed him the phone and sat down across from him. I kept nodding off and every time I looked his way he was staring at me funny. Thinking dude might try and rob me or something I woke myself up best I could. After he finished his call he stood up and handed me my phone, when it slipped through my hands and feel in my lap, that’s the moment I realized I was naked. I jumped up embarrassed, and kept telling him “My bad”. He was real cool about it though. I mean it must really didn’t bother him because he asked me could he chill until his girl calm down. I should have said no but then again I could never say no to a sexy man in need. After that day, we started chilling more and more, and started to get to know each other. To be honest I don’t know why his girl tripped so much, he paid all the bills, she worked to spend money on herself; to me he seemed like a real good guy, unlike myself. One day while my girl’s at work and I got at dark skinned, hung brother who’s tongue is so deep inside me that I don’t think he himself could find it. I’m moaning as it curls in and out me, I can feel his warm breath breezing up my crack. He had me going crazy, clawing the sheets as he beat my back out all while pulling my dreads. As I rode his eight inches, I felt a tear fall, I hadn’t had dick this good in far too long, and it was almost time to bust that all important nut, I could feel it was so close, I was right there about too. Right as I was about to catch my it, I heard a knock at the door; not thinking and scared it might be my girl I jump off his dick and put my boxers on and I tell him to hide in my closet. As I open the door I realize it’s Steve and I‘m relieved, he tells me he came by to chill and I tell him I’m kind of busy, he says he just wants to chill until he girl goes to work in an hour. So I tell him he can chill in the living room but I got some business to take care my room. Scared that he’d hear me screaming if I started back fucking this guy, I just got on my knees and sucked the cum out my neighbor. So what I swallowed every last drop, it was to tasty not too. I came out the room and went into the kitchen to clean myself up. As I walked out the bathroom my neighbor was standing there, “I’ll see you another day I hope” he said. “Maybe” I said and he grabbed my close and said “Maybe what, I’m hooked I got to see you again.” I laughed and told him to leave and that he’ll see me again he stay right next door. He laughed and walked towards the front door. Right pass Steve, when I walked out into the living room Steve was giving me this confused look. I could tell he was dying to ask me something so I said “What you looking like that for.” He shook his head and said no reason. We hung around until my girl came home and it was time for me to head to work. That night when I pulled up to the complex, I seen the same guy who was fucking earlier coming out of Steve’s place but I knew he was at work. It finally dawn on me why his girl was always treating him so bad, she was cheating. Well it wasn’t my place to say anything but maybe I could hint, you know being a friend and all. The next day Steve and I went down to the gym and as we were working out I asked him about his girl and if she’d ever cheat on him. He was like none, he don’t think she has, but I told him I think that’s the reason she’s been acting real shitty towards him. I told him on her next day off try coming home early. “Bro you know something don’t you.” He asked “I don’t know shit, I ain’t getting into your shit but I know from experience. Plus I’ve dabbled in cheating myself.” When we left he asked me if I could run him by the house before I took him to work. When we go to the gym I just drop him off to work and he drives one of the company vehicle back home to save on gas, and his job is close to the gym. On the way home he kept asking me if I knew something and I kept telling him “no”, he said “You know something”. As we pulled up, he saw her brother’s car in the parking lot. We walked up to his apartment and he unlocked the door. And when he walked in, there his girl was riding her brother on the couch. I can’t say I was shocked, but I was surprised he would catch her with her brother. And Steve just stood there in speechless in disguise, as she tried to explain to him, how it’s not what he thinks, and all this shit. I was checking out the brother, dude had a fat piece of meat, I needed his number. “How could you do this to me, I gave you everything, and with your own brother, you’re a nasty bitch!” Tim screamed “I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry I thought you were going to work after the gym” she cried “Look I want you and all your shit out of here when I get back.” “But where am I suppose to go” she asked “With your brother, I really don’t give a fuck; go have some retarded babies together all I care.” I couldn’t help but laugh at that comment; she turned to him and yelled “He’s not my brother!” “What he’s not your brother?” we both said “No he’s not my brother, me and him been messing around for some years, he’s married; I just told you that so we could keep seeing each other.” Steve started pacing around in circle, and then went to grab her but I caught him just in time. He push me off of him and started going off bad on her “What the fuck is wrong with you, I mean you had a good man” He ripped his shirt off “”I stayed in shaped for you, anything you wanted, I got you. A car, clothes, jewelry, trips overseas. You know people told me I was stupid over you now I see they were right.” He sat down on the other chair and asked her “What was it, why cheat. Huh?” and before she could answer he jumped up and pulled his dick out “I know it wasn’t because of the sex, his dick and ain’t got shit on mines.” I can’t explain to you how happy I was that I tagged along for this. Seeing two dicks in one day; it was turning out to be a good one. Steve started jacking his dick to get it hard and told the other guy to do the same. He was over on the couch looking scared but jacked his dick like he was told. When both of their dicks were hard, Steve yanked the guy up to his feet and asked his girl who dick was bigger. Standing there crying she said “Yours is” point to Steve’s. Then he pulled her close and pushed her down on her knees. “Now taste me” he demanded and she sucked on him for a minute. “Now him” she did the same to her fake brother, “Who taste better?” Steve asked again she replied “You“. He laid her on their couch and started fucking her for bit, not regular fucking though he was abusing her shit, that mad kind of fucking. Then he pulled out and told the guy he was up next. And as soon as he stuck it in Steve punched him in the back of the head, knocking him out and threw his ass out the apartment. He looked at her and told her “We are finished.” Leaving we stepped over the guy who was still unconscious and headed up to my place. He asked for a drink, and I fix him a little Hennessey and he started to relax. He was hurting, he loved that girl, he really did. Steve sat there on my couch and drunk my whole bottle of Hennessey then fell asleep. I called in at his job for him and let him sleep in the guest room that night. The next day wasn’t any he wasn’t better, so I told my girl me and him were going to take a trip to Vegas, maybe he could get his mind off of his wife. She was ok with that. My job didn’t want me to go on a trip, being the Vice president of Marketing for a marketing company auto companies, it wasn’t the best time but I needed a break from work too. Steve didn’t have to ask anyone for a vacation he was a CEO of a regional supermarket chain. We are both successful black men, not to brag or anything and to be young too, make it a lot more fun; im 27 and Steve’s 29. On our way to Vegas, steve kept on talking about his wife, how much he missed her and all this shit. I knew exactly what he needed and as soon as we landed I text some friends I had in Vegas ‘Party @ Bellagio Penthouse, bring plenty of pussy for my friend.’ Now that had that taken care of we head to the casino where we were going to be staying. The penthouse was crazy looked like some Real World MTV type shit. We shower, got dressed, and then went down to the casino to lose a couple grand. I was just happy to see Steve loosening up, actually having some fun. It was party time when a friend texted me ‘Time to party, and the pussy is in the building’, I grabbed Steve and we headed up to the suite. When we got there I did the introduction. “Steve that’s Marco, we were in college together, watch out for him he’ll sneak into your bed at night.” I joked with him. Now Marco, he’s a sexy as Columbian, smart as fuck but would leave you breathless at that sight of him, and the chico got cash out the ass, and loves to spend it. Next I introduced him to Brian, he was the nigga who was always in clubs but made it to work and did a good as job even though he was half drunk. We use to fuck around back in the day but when I moved to Florida we moved on. They brought plenty of friends, about 50 of them along. So the party got heated, it went from dancing to and all out orgy. I saw people kissing on the couch, a dude getting head in the corner, a couple fucking on the counter, the pool table, and on the wall. I walked into the lounge, and a guy was fucking a girl on the floor, a chick was riding a dick across the room, then I spotted Steve, he was getting some head from a blonde chick, while a black girl sat on his face over by the fireplace. The chick was having a hard time taking his entire dick in her mouth I just laughed and continued to walk on. I walked into the master bed room to find people fucking in there, the room filled with moans. I spotted who I wanted. Marco he was getting some head from a chick, and Brain was waiting his turn. I walked over and pushed her away and gently started sucking on Marco’s head, his eyes lit up as I stared him in his eyes all while I slowly took his tasty, thick, dick further and further down my throat. I could slightly hear his moans over everyone else’s. I seen Brain waiting for some action, I reached over and slid my two finger inside him and he began to rock on them, smiling in pleasure. I flipped on my back and told Marco to come get it, He threw my legs on his shoulder and slid in e slowly, Brain squatted over my face and I munched on his ass, and what a good ass he had. Um Marco was hitting deep, sending tingles up my spine, Brain was riding the shit out of my face. When Marco let up on beating my inside, I pulled off his dick and pulled Brain off my face, He laid on his stomach, and I slide my nine inside, I felt like I was home again, I caressed him slowly, as Marco found his way back inside me, oh he felt so good Brain shit was moist and tight, and Marco was digging me just right, the combo had me moaning loud ass fuck. Soon all eyes were on us. Including Steve’s who must have finished the two chicks off and came to see our action. He looked surprised but intrigued but the threesome we were having. After a while of watching I waved for him to come over. But he shook his head no. I kept on asking, but kept saying no, so I pulled out of Brain and sent him over to Steve. He walked right up to him and started kissing him. Steve pulled back but Brain pushed him against the wall and started kissing him again then his kissed his neck, then his chest, then his abs, soon he was on his knees pulling out Steve’s dick. But I wanted the pleasure of doing that. So I told Brian to bring him over to the bed. Brian pushed Steve back on the bed and I pounce on his dick. I took it in my mouth and took him all the way in, and held him there. I heard him say “wow”. I sucked him fast, my head bobbing under his hand, with slob dripping down his dick. Marco was still fucking me as Brian licked his balls. I all could think about was pleasing Steve, his dick was thick, and vieny; huge too looked about ten inches or so. I was falling in love with the taste of him. I was sucking on it, licking his balls, kissing his head, doing everything I can to make sure e was enjoying my head as much as I was sucking it. I wanted him in me BAD! I pinched Marco on the side, meaning I wanted him to pull out. I got up and position myself over him, and I let him slide in me slowly. The look on his face as he got to feel the inside of a man for the first time was crazy. But I could tell it wouldn’t be his last. I rode him slowly back and forth, rubbing my nipples. His dick felt as good as it tasted. Brain started sucking my dick while I was riding Steve and Marco slipped in Brain who ass was wide open I the air. Aw man, Steve sexy ass was biting his lip as he squeezed in and out of me, his dick hurt so good. I wanted t see how he fucked. So I let him lay me on back and I wrapped my legs around his waist and we started kissing, he whispered “I’m going to love” then kissed me again. He was deep in me grind, I was rubbing his back, and his tongue was deep in my throat. He leaned up and took my leg and started sucking on my calf all while my ass cuddled around his dick. His body was amazing, watching the sweat drip from his forehead, down his face, across his cheek, further pass his neck, and then connect with more sweat on his chest that turning in to a stream that lightly flows down the center on his defined abs. When he placed my leg on his shoulder and started putting his back to work, he had perfect stature; it was like he was doing pushups inside me. He was hitting me just right! I couldn’t hold back anymore, I was about to cum, he was beating me even harder now that he seen I was about to explode. But we he flipped me into a doggy position and kept his dick inside me, I lost it until Brain lips met my dick and I nutted all over his face. I collapsed and Steve collapsed on top of me and kept thrashing my insides, I could fell his meat thickening and his body tensing up, and a loud moan in my ear, them warm shots filled inside of me. We both laid there breathless, unable to move; Marco stood up on the bed over use jacking his dick and Brian was fingering his asshole. Marco busted all over me and Steve, while Brian managed to shoot cum in his own mouth. The crowd of party goers stood there clapping. I had forgotten they were even there. The next morning when I woke up Steve was still laying on top of me, I managed to get from under him without him waking up. Walking thru the penthouse looked like a scene out of a movie; bodies were everywhere. I guess people don’t know how to party and go home, I mean I had to pee between this chick legs, because she fell asleep on the toilet. I had a bad headache and didn’t feel like waking all these people. So I just went out on the balcony and called my better half. “Hello” she answered in a groggy voice. “Baby you still sleep” I asked, “Naw baby I’ll wake up for you, how you enjoying yourself?” “It’s hot as hell but I’m trying to have fun.” “Well how’s Steve?” she asked “Oh he seem like he’s doing much better.” “Oh that’s good so what have you two been doing, losing money I bet.” Laughing I said “I’ve been thinking about you, and how I can wait to see my baby when I get back, oh yea and losing money.” “Well I miss you too and can’t wait for you to get back.” She answered, right then I felt a kiss on my neck and I jumped. I turned to see Steve standing there naked. “Damn” slipped out and my girl said “What happened?” “Huh, Oh baby I just seen a bad wreck let me call you back. Stay beautiful.” Before she could say anything back I hung up. “Is it my birthday” I asked. “It must not be, you’re not in you suit.” Hearing that I stripped right on that balcony, I was ready for round two. He walked up to me and was just about to kiss me when the maid walked up, she wanted to know if I wanted the pent house cleaned. I told her yes and to give me a second I would clear the place out. I whisper “Later” in Steve’s ear and started clearing house.

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