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It was difficult but we made it work, we managed to keep it quiet until she and Tom got divorced. A few months after it was made final she told him about us. I had dreaded the conversation and unfortunately, it was as bad as I’d feared, he went crazy. He started shouting and swearing.

He accused us both of doing it behind his back for years and no matter how hard she tried he wouldn’t calm down, or see reason, so in the end, she walked away and left him ranting and shouting. She was upset when she returned home and had clearly been crying. I tried my best to comfort her but in the end, I had to hold her and let her cry it out of her.

I had to face him a week later, I sent him a text to meet me for a drink in town. I waited nervously for his arrival, wondering whether a public place like this was the best location for a meeting like this.

When he walked in I tried to gauge if he was angry or not, I got my answer when he walked over to me and simply held out his arms and we hugged. I had already got his beer and he sat down, I had taken a booth to try to give us a little privacy. I watched him take a long drink and them wipe his hand across his mouth and I waited for the explosion.

It didn’t happen. He remained calm and was so reasonable that the level of guilt that I felt increased even more. He said that whilst he was surprised by her revelation, he was not shocked.

“I’ve known that she had a thing for you since before we got married, Dad. She even used to use it on our roleplay games in the early years of our marriage. I’d have to be you!” He’d said, looking uncomfortable. I had no idea how to respond to him so I simply listened and nodded when I thought appropriate.

He added that whilst he couldn’t be happy for us, he was no longer angry. He accepted that had he behaved like a good husband and not cheated, we wouldn’t be in this situation. We talked some more, and it was almost starting to feel normal again. He said that it would take time, and, it might never happen, but he didn’t want to lose contact with me, so for him and I to see each other, it would have to be on my own. I understood and was more than happy with.

Eventually, Grace and I moved, we headed south and bought a small property in a quiet little village. It was a new home, a new life, just the two of us, and life had never been better, for either of us, and I thought that life couldn’t get any better, I had a second chance at love and I intended to grab it with both hands.

However the peaceful life didn’t last, and a year after we moved, and a month after her thirty-third birthday she announced that she was pregnant. We were having a child together, a boy, and after the initial shock, we couldn’t be more delighted.

As we lay on the sofa in our new home, a three-bedroom cottage in the middle of the Cotswolds I stroked my hand across her tiny bump and sighed.

“You have made me the happiest man alive Grace. I never thought that I would love again after Mary, but you have come into my life and proved me wrong.” I whispered.

“I love you.”

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