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(This is book three in the moon goddess gift series) She’s the youngest daughter of two Alpha’s of the strongest packs in South and North America, the blood moon pack (her home) and the crescent moon pack, her mother is the true Luna. What happens when she accidentally bumps into her mate, will she accept who he really is, will he accept her for who she really is or will they both just walk away.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Leah POV

Hi, I guess I should do introductions first; my name is Leah. I’m the youngest daughter of two Alpha’s, my dad is Jamie who died not long after my mom had me. Sad right, I’ve never met him, never known him. I have a few pictures from when I was a baby but it’s not the same. My other dad Nathan (who is still alive) happens to be in charge of the strongest pack in South America. The blood moon pack. My mother is the true Luna, and her name is Payton. She is the strongest she wolf in the world as she is a direct descendant of the moon goddess herself.

I have three brothers Michael, James and Jamie. Jamie is my younger brother, who happens to be the next Alpha for this pack, which causes him to act so smug whenever we’re around dad. Michael is my twin who also happens to be twins with James, yes you guessed it right we are triplets and I’m the only girl, how annoying is that. There is something so special about us though we have a special connection you see, because we are triplets we can mind link each other, we know when the other is hurt and we can feel where the other one is. Anyways, Michael and James are the next Alpha’s for the crescent moon pack. That pack is currently being run by my big sister Chloe and her mates, which happens to be my dad's beta’s Chris and Michael. So that’s everyone I guess anyway, that’s enough with introductions let’s get on with the story

I wake to my alarm clock blaring, opening my eyes slightly. I reach over to my nightstand, pressing the snooze button for the third time on my alarm. My door bursts open causing me to let out a loud groan of annoyance, “get up Leah we’ve got school in 30 minutes,” my brother Michael says as he walks in. “Im getting up,” I growl out, glaring at Michael as he sits in bed. “It’s your last day before your transfer, don’t you want to say goodbye to your friends.” He says arching his eyebrow up questionably. I close my eyes letting out a long sigh.

So, I may have been a bad girl, I’m 15 years old and I’ve totally hit a rebellious faze. In my defence I don’t have to act like my brothers, I’m not an alpha I’m just and Alpha’s daughter. Anyways some boys thought it would be ok to start picking on a small wolf he must have been about 6, they were hurting him, calling him names you know the usual bully stuff. Well as I was walking up to them I overheard a comment, it just so happened to be about my dad. I may have lost my temper even more and attacked the boys in his defence. I broke one boy's arm, I broke another's leg and put two of them in the hospital without even breaking a sweat. What do they expect I am the daughter of the alpha and my mother is the true Luna so of course I’m strong. Whatever way it was grounds for expulsion as it was on school grounds, so today’s my last day as I will be starting a new school tomorrow at the crescent moon pack.

I shudder at the thought of living with my sister and her mates. Don’t get me wrong I love my sister a lot but she’s so good, it sometimes makes me physically sick, I often think how she can be so obedient all the time. Shaking my head from my thoughts I look back at Michael “you know I want to say goodbye,” I say before scowling at him. He leans forward, “Then get ready.” He shouts in my face before erupting into laughter. Grabbing my pillow from behind me, I quickly hit him with it causing his laughter to stop. He looks at me shocked for a moment before opening his mouth wide, before he has a chance to say anything I put my hand up, “if you want me to get ready you need to get out.” I say sarcastically raising my eyebrow up at him. Chuckling he begins to rub the back of his neck, “oh ye that’s right.” He says before standing from bed exiting my room.

Throwing my blanket off of me I jump of my bed, my feet landing on the floor with a thud, ‘what shall we wear today Cas.’ I ask my wolf through our mind link as I open my wardrobe. ‘Jeans and that red top I like.’ She says as I flick through my clothes, agreeing with her choice I nod. Grabbing the clothes, I quickly get changed, walking to my standing mirror I twirl. ‘Stunning,’ Cassie says before wolf whistling in my head. Laughing her off as I turn, exiting my room.

Walking down the stairs I enter the kitchen, smiling as I look at everyone enjoying their food, “morning everyone.” I say as I pull a chair from the table, sitting down as I grab an empty plate. “Morning, my love.” My mom says placing a pancake on my plate, “did you sleep well?” She asks as she places a pancake onto Michael’s plate. Nodding I grab my knife and fork, cutting a slice off I pop it into my mouth. I let out a loud moan, “this is delicious mom,” I say moaning as I swallow my bite. “Thank you, sweetie.” She says turning towards me with a warm smile.

We all quickly finish our breakfast, placing our empty plates in the sink. “Thanks mom see you later.” I say placing a kiss on her cheek as I grab my lunch from the kitchen side. Turning on my heal I walk out the door, placing my lunch into my backpack. The boys follow soon following me down the path and out of site. Turning I face them giving them a smirk, “want a race?” I ask arching my eyebrow up as I challenge my brothers. “You bet,” Michael says with a beaming smile, “I’m in,” James says giving me a smirk, ‘ye like you can beat me,’ I mind link him as I give him a smirk. “We’re not allowed to change into a wolf form before school.” Jamie says giving us all a stern look. ‘God he’s just like dad,’ Michael mind links me as he rolls his eyes. Me and James nod in agreement as we look at Jamie, “so you in or not?” I ask him again with my eyebrow arched questionably at him. Jamie looks behind him, then turns his head in the direction we would run, sighing he looks down at the floor, “I really shouldn’t,” he says as he begins to fidget from one foot the other.

Walking up to him I place my hand on his shoulder, “Jamie you're a kid not an alpha yet, you can have fun,” I say with a smile on my face as he lifts his eyes from the ground, looking at me he smiles, “I’m in,” he gasps out, running behind a tree before he changes his kind. We all take cover as we strip from our clothes, packing them in our school bags. Bones start to break as we all shift into a wolf forms, grabbing my bag with my teeth I emerge from the tree

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