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The moon goddess gift - The dragons princess

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Ditch day

Leah POV

As soon we emerge from the trees, we all look at each other, lining up we take our positions. We begin to count in a wolf forms, Michael barks first, then James barks, I look over at Jamie giving him a wink as I bark, making that three. We all speed off our paws hitting the floor as we race through the forest, Michael takes the lead as I follow right behind him. James and Jamie are fast on my tail as I nudge at Michael hind legs, this causing him to trip as he misses steps. I rush off in front giving him a smirk as I pass him.

The tree line comes into view as I come to a stop, running behind a tree I quickly shift into human form, grabbing my uniform out my bag I quickly put it back on. As I walk from behind my tree Michael comes into view, ‘you cheated,’ he says through mind link as he growls. “No, I didn’t,” I say out loud with a smile on my face, James and Jamie arrive before running behind two trees. Michael snorts before walking behind his own tree. All three emerge at the same time, “that was actually fun,” Jamie says giving me a warm smile. Walking up to him I place my arm on his shoulder, “you should do it more when I’m gone,” I say smiling as he looks at me confused for a moment before I continue, “have fun I mean.” I say before giggling. He nods as I remove my hand, “don’t forget Jamie you're still a kid,” I say before turning, heading out the tree line and to the school.

As soon as I get to school, I am instantly pulled into an embrace, “omg I’m going to miss you so much,” Bethany says as she hugs me tighter. I gently pull away from her embrace, looking up at her face I see her eyes fill with tears, “I’m going to miss you to,” I say as my eyes begin to fill with water, mirroring my best friend. We pull each other into an embrace hugging each other. “Want to get Claire and get out of here,” she says pulling away as she sniffs. Wiping my tears I nod at her, “if you two are sure I only came to say goodbye to you both anyway,” I sadly say trying to give her a small smile. She just nods as she grabs me by the hand, turning on her heal she pulls me into the school and towards her locker.

“Claire,” she shouts down the hall grabbing everyone attention. Dragging me down the hall she stops in front of her locker, Claire stands there fuming with anger until she sees me. Her eyes soften as she looks back over at Bethany, “first, don’t shout me like that down the hall,” she hisses before looking over at me, “second,” she starts as she grabs a hold of my arm, pulling me from Bethany’s clutches into hers. “I can’t believe you're going I am going to miss you so much,” she says as tears fill her eyes, she pulls me into a tight embrace, hugging me tightly. “I’m going to miss you to,” I whisper as I wrap my arms around her, trying to hold back my tears.

Bethany and Claire have always been my best friends for as long as I can remember. We have done everything together from potty training, first day at school, to first dates. We even have the same classes, there more than best friends there like my sisters. “So, I was thinking we ditch,” Bethany blurts out as she leans against the locker. Claire pulls away slightly as she looks down at me, “I’m in,” she says giving me another squeeze before letting me go. She quickly closes her locker before facing me and Bethany, “so where are we going,” she says walking through the middle of us.

Running up to her to catch her up, we fall in step beside her, “I was thinking the cliff,” she says shrugging. I jump up and down with glee, “let's go to the cliff, that will be perfect,” I say with a smile, I’ve always loved going to the cliff especially with the girls, it holds so many memories, ‘it will be the perfect way to say goodbye,’ Cassie whispers in the back of mind as I internally nod. Looking over at Claire and Bethany I smile. “Sure, let’s go to the cliff,” Claire says shrugging her shoulders.

It doesn’t take us long to get to the cliff, sitting on the soft grass I allow my body to soak up the sun. ‘We are not going to be able to do this again,’ Cassie whispers in the back of mind, ‘I know but we can still talk to them,’ I reply back giving her a stern look not to push, she turns in the back of mind before she retreats. What’s her problem I think to myself “We don’t want you to go,” Claire says sadly, breaking me from my thoughts.

Looking up at them both I realise there both staring at me their eyes watering, “I don’t want to go either but I can’t exactly drop out of school, we will talk all the time, I will even FaceTime, plus you can come and visit any time you want.” I say giving them both a small smile, “we know but it’s not the same, you won’t be with us.” Bethany says looking down towards the floor. “I know but it’s better than nothing and it’s only for three years, time will fly by, and I will be back in no time.” I say as they both look up towards me giving me sad smile.

We stay there for hours talking and watching the clouds above us. The sun begins to settle over the cliffs as the sky turns into a beautiful pink. “I think it’s time we head home.” I say standing on shaky legs. They stand beside me as I pull them into my embrace, “I love you guys,” I say as we squeeze each other tightly. Pulling away I wipe the tear that has slipped down my cheek, taking one last look at my best friends I turn on my heel as I run behind a tree, stripping my clothes off before packing them into my bag. I shift into my wolf form, letting out a loud painful howl I run into the forest, heading straight for the pack house.

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