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Erotic One Shots

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Erotic One shots - Each Chapter a new story

Erotica / Romance
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Number 1 - a Crush, a Brother and a Betrayer

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A party, my parents were away and he threw yet another party. There was no way I was helping Luke clean up and keep this one from our parents. I was so done after getting the blame for the last one. Finishing work early, I was so excited to get an early night, but now I came home to this shit. Getting out of my car, I could feel the bass pulsating through the ground from the loud music inside. Audibly groaning, I walked to the front door my hand hovering over the handle. Maybe I should call Damien and stay at his house, instead of dealing with this shit.

Not wanting to wake him, I finally made my way through the door. People were cramped in the lounge dancing and drinking. Cups littered the TV cabinet and book shelves. Walking through to the kitchen a girl fell to the floor right in front of my feet. She was so drunk that she just lay there not even trying to get back up. A boy rushed to pick her up as I stepped over her walking into the kitchen.

Justin spotted me the second I walked in. A smile reaching his eyes lit his face as he cut the girl off that he was speaking to, walking to my side. “Ash..” Only hearing my name being called over the music, I plastered a fake smile on my face before moving past his muscular frame. The girl he was speaking with glaring daggers at me as I walked around the island. Justin followed closely behind gently clasping my wrist to pull me towards him. “Ash can I speak to you?”

I knew where this was going. I used to have the biggest crush on Justine for the longest time and why wouldn’t I. He was hot, nice and always protective of me since I was young. Though of course, now that I was finally 18 he wanted to try, but I was seeing Damien and I was happy where we were at. Justin was all about the rules, even when I bared my heart to him, all he said was, ‘let’s wait’. I felt humiliated, I was not going to wait on the side until he decided whether he wanted me or not. I’d never seen him hook up with another girl, but they always surrounded him. “Not now Justin, where is Luke?”

Justin didn’t respond, seemly unimpressed with my response. “Fine, I’ll find him without you.” I was so angry. Stupid Luke, this stupid party, stupid Justin. He had been trying to speak to me for weeks, but I wasn’t going there. Plus, Damien was nice and sweet, he cared about me. He texted me every night before he went to bed, just like tonight.

Pushing open the back door I headed out to the pool. I knew Justin was behind me, I guess he wasn’t taking no for an answer today. Spotting Luke in the spa with some mates, I stormed over. A girl perched on his lap giggled turning to her friend who was all but having sex with a guy on the steps of the pool. Eww groping, thank god it was dark. I didn’t want to watch that shit in detail.

“LUKE, what the fuck is all this.” I was furious. Luke having heard me stood so quickly the girl on his lap was dunked in the middle of the spa clawing at the surface. Realizing after a few seconds it was shallow and she could stand. I almost laughed at her, almost.

Arms lifted me from behind, but before I could tell who it was, “NO.” Catching me off guard I screeched out. Looking back, I saw Justin taking big strides towards me. Before he reached me, I felt my body flying towards the pool. The cold water surrounded me as I sunk to the bottom before swimming to the surface. Moving to the stairs, I looked down knowing everyone could clearly see my black delicates under my now see through dress. My dress clung to my body like a second skin as I tried to cover myself with my arms.

“Move”, the two people on the stairs were still going at it completely oblivious to what was going on around them. My sudden outburst so close startled them. Jumping up, the girl revealed Damien underneath her. His mouth smothered in lipstick, wearing a dazed expression.

My eyes widened at the sight as Damien stumbled to his feet. Realizing I had just caught him with a girl who was now attempting to pull him off the pool stairs. He ripped his arm from her hands moving towards me. I couldn’t help but flicker my eyes from him to the girl, and back to him as my stomach bottomed out. “Ash, Ash it’s not what it looks like.”

I couldn’t even look at him anymore, I had trusted him. Moving forward, I stepped around Damien slapping his hand away that stretched out to grab me. I was an idiot, a total idiot. “Don’t touch me.” I slapped at him as once more as he snaked his hand out towards me. I turned my head to see Luke looking at us oddly. Seeing my underwear, or others seeing it must have bothered him, as he raced out the spa shielding me with his body.

Meeting Luke’s gaze, I couldn’t help as a tear leaked out my eye. Staring at me wide eyed as I never cried Luke looked to Damien who once again reached for me. “No, I’m serious don’t fucking touch me, don’t talk to me, whatever we were, we are done.” Luke’s eyes darkened as he released me slamming into Damien. Before I could see what was happening warm arms surrounded my freezing body.

“You touched my little sister! Then you cheated on her!” I could hear Luke losing his mind. I tried to turn and see what was happening, but ignoring my protests Justin lifted me throwing me over his shoulder heading towards the house. Knowing the way all too well, Justin stalked to my bedroom locking the door behind us, before proceeding to the bathroom. As soon as he shut the bathroom door Justin backed me into the cold tiles, “you have been seeing Damien?” It sounded more like a statement then a question, never the less it felt like knives digging into my heart hearing it out loud.

“What right do you have to question what I do Justin?” Using one of his hands, he pinned both of mine above my head against the cool tiles. His gaze raked my body as clearly he tried to dissipate his anger. Narrowing his eyes, he didn’t advert his gaze as he appeared to be waiting for an answer. “STOP IT JUSTIN, JUST STOP IT, YOU DIDN’T WANT ME!”

Justin’s nostrils flared as he pushed his body up against my own, pinning me to the wall. A shiver raked me, I just didn’t know if it was because of him or the cold. “Of course I wanted you Ash. I said wait, not find somebody else.” His voice was unwavering as I could feel his hard length straining through his jeans, pressing between my legs. “God, I couldn’t even talk to you about it after you confessed. I would have taken you right then and there. I said wait, it was only a couple weeks till you turned 18.” His tone was that of defeat as he dropped his head into my neck, sucking in a deep breath.

My heart wrenched in my chest, as tears streamed down my cheeks. Great this couldn’t get any worse. Damien cheated on me, and the person I actually loved in the first place was never going to want to see me again. Fucking great! Good job Ash!

Before I could die of embarrassment, and crawl into a hole that I never wanted to get out of, a tongue flickered across my neck. My body jumped in reaction as I was held tighter to the wall, Justin opened his mouth sucking a patch of skin. “I guess I’ll have to mark you this time to keep the boys away since you don’t follow my instructions.” My knees grew weak as he continued to assault my neck. His hand reached to the hem of my dress, before I could react, he used both hands to rip it right down the centre. The buttons flung across the room as they ripped free from the material.

Taking a step back, “Ash, I want you more than I have ever wanted anything. Do you want me?” I was completely stumped, was this actually happening. I couldn’t help but just stare at the hunk of muscle in front of me. He watched me clearly awaiting an answer yet again, I couldn’t manage to get it out of my throat. Doing the only thing I was able to, I nodded my head causing a smile to ripple across his features. Gosh that smile, he was gorgeous.

Allowing his gaze to once again roam my near bare body, he stepped forwards clutching my chin between his fingers. His free hand glided up my back sending yet another shiver through my body as he pulled me forwards crashing his lips into my own. His tongue expertly darted around my mouth consuming everything in its path. “Where did he touch you?” Justin demanded an answer.

His muscular arms lifted me onto the vanity with ease as he pushed between my legs, his hands reaching behind my back to unclasp my bra. A breath caught in my throat, as he questioned once more, “hmmm? Where did he touch you Ashley?”

I shook my head not wanting to answer. I didn’t have sex with him, but he had touched me, he had slipped fingers into my body. A smirk caught on Justin’s face as he dropped my bra to the floor taking a breast in each hand. “Did he touch you here?” His hand tightly squeezed at my breasts before circling my nipples, just teasing me. “Ashley? I can’t hear you.” Closing my eyes, I tried to avoid any eye contact as a yet another chuckle left his lips. With a little force he pinched my nipples between his fingers rolling them harshly causing me to cry out.

Tracing a finger from my thigh right to my centre drawing circles on the front of my soaked panties he continued. “What about here?” Hooking a finger under the lace he worked them down my body leaving me completely naked. Taking a step back, to take a thorough look at me, I raised my hands to cover the more essential parts. His hands swiftly captured my own pulling them away, “Don’t hide from me.”

My body was freezing, but god my face and cheeks were heated under his gaze. Anticipation hummed through my body as Justin pulled his shirt over his head. Thick ropes of muscle lined every inch of his body. Reaching for his belt, I couldn’t help but turn my head away. Yes, Damien and I have done a few things, but I had never seen a mans… bits. An Damien was the first guy I ever mucked around with, I didn’t have any experience with this kind of thing.

Lost in my own thoughts, I only realized Justin was completely naked when he picked me up off the vanity heading to the shower which he had already started at some point. Pushing my legs he indicated for me to lock them around his waist. Leaning his face towards mine, he took my lips softly as one of his hands glided through my hair before pulling me closer. Slowly the hot water pelted down on my body heating me up in seconds, yet I still trembled uncontrollably.

I was nervous, I was scared, this would be my first time. What if it hurt? What if I wasn’t good enough” Justin sensing my unease pulled from the kiss. With a more serious tone, “what’s wrong Ash? Do you want to stop? We can stop?”

What was I going say to that? I didn’t want to stop? I’d, had a crush on Justin since I was 14 years old. “I..” Defeated I would just have to tell him, “I haven’t… before, I’m scared. What if you don’t enjoy yourself.” I looked forwards into his brown eyes that were so focused on me they glazed over. Slowly he slid me down his body backing me into the glass shower screen.

“Ashley, I love you. It would not be possible for me to not enjoy myself.” My chest tightened in an instant, as Justin once again sucked at my neck leaving yet another love mark on my skin. Slowly he grazed his kisses downward until he was on his knees in front of me. His kisses continued until he found my clit. He sucked and tongued it over and over as a feeling I had never before felt started to heat my body from the inside. One of his hands ran from my ankle up my leg and thigh reaching my centre, as he still worked his mouth.

A loud moan escaped my lips and I quickly brought both of my hands up to cover my mouth, how embarrassing. He must have heard me as he started sucking harder letting a single finger sink in my folds. It was nothing like when Damien had done it, my body was on fire. After a few seconds he start pumping his finger in and out. Just when I thought I could manage the sensation he started licking more vigorously as he introduced a second and third finger. It stretched me apart, but he couldn’t quite move his fingers. The area wouldn’t stretch anymore, was this supposed to happen, was there something wrong with me?

Using his free hand Justin lifted one of my legs over his shoulder granting a wider spread of my legs. He easily now pumped his three fingers in and out. “Justin stop something feels weird,” a chuckle left Justin as he continued to suck harder. In and out, he pumped his fingers faster and harder. What was this feeling, it was so good, it burned. My body completely shattered as the most embarrassing noise I had ever made left my mouth.

My legs completely buckled under me as he released my leg. Sturdy hands on my waist held me upright. Standing once again Justin’s body was pushed flush against mine, the thick length of him pulsing on my abdomen. “We have only just got started Ash.”

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