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Her Saviors/Her Doms

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Destiny needs help to move past some trauma that is holding her back and nothing has helped so far so.... Master Leo and Master Jake need a sub who really needs them and someone they can love and cherish. Two friends of Destiny decide to bring them together and see what happens

Erotica / Romance
Debbie Tumminello
4.7 22 reviews
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A Night Out

Destiny Ray

A Night Out:

“Destiny, I hope you are ready,” Nicole said.

“I am. Where are we going?” “I am not sure if I’m wearing the right outfit,” said Destiny.

“Please, do not worry about it. Sammie and I have been planning this for a long time,” Nicole said.

“We are going to make sure you have the time of your life,” said Sammie.

Sammie asks me, “what I am wearing.” I tell her, “a little black dress that is backless and goes to mid-thigh and has lace on the trim.”

Nicole asks, “how are you wearing my hair and make-up?”

“Hair is down and light make-up,” I told her. My best girlfriends have made it a mission in their lives to make me live again. After so much tragedy, I was dead on the inside, only going through the motion of living.

The girls text me they are outside and for me to join them. I lock up my apartment and go out to meet them. I notice a white limousine.

“Hi, my name is Liam. I will be your driver for the night.“He opens my door and helps me inside.

{Liam} informs me that “You can have any drink you want.” So I ask for an “Amaretto Sour.” My night has begun. “Thanks, Liam, this is a perfect start to our night,” I tell him. Liam smiles, and I realize he is sweet. Liam noticed I seem to be nervous, so he tells jokes, and he is hilarious.

We get to a building made of all brick and low lights and no sign with the club name on it. There was, however, a long line of people in front of it. I tried to use that as an excuse to go back home and watch movies. Sammie takes my hand to lead me to the side door and knocks, and a huge man answers the door asked for the password.

Sammie gives him the password, and we were let in. Sammie leads us to an office where we meet a man named Dan, and we are given bracelets that hold a different meaning.

{Dan} tells us not to remove or lose these bracelets, as they let the Doms know if we are touchable or not.

{Destiny} I look at Sammie and Nicole and ask if they just brought me to a BDSM club.

{Dan} smiles; and said, why yes, they did.

{Dan} You should go to sit at the bar and observe. He walks me over and introduces the bartender Eric.

{Destiny} Hi, I am Destiny. Nice to meet you.

{Eric} holds out his hand and says, I am Eric, and I will be taking care of you tonight. What can I get for you?

{Destiny} Amaretto Sour, please.

{Eric} smiles at me and says, coming right up.

{Destiny} So, Eric, I am curious, what is it like here?

{Eric} There is something for everyone if you like to control or be controlled.

{Eric} asks me, Which do you think you are?

{Destiny} I think I like to be controlled. I am so out of control with myself and need someone who can bind my pieces back together.

As I sit here talking to Eric, he watches the bar and notices a man, nodding his head to get his attention.

{Eric} Excuse me, I have to serve the gentleman and the end of the bar.

Eric comes back with a fresh drink for me, telling me it is from the gentleman at the end of the bar.

I notice that the napkin has a note on it, so I pick it up and read what he wrote. Hi, beautiful, my name is Leo, and I would love to take you to dinner at the rooftop restaurant. I would like to know what you think of this club and get to know you better.

{Destiny} Eric, can I get a pen, and when he brings one to me, I flip the note over and write, when and what rooftop?

Leo laughs and stands up and comes to me.

{Leo} We have a restaurant on top of this building for people to talk without all the noise.

{Destiny} Okay, I am curious to see what you have to say, and it seems safe enough with all these people around.

{Leo} Please follow me then. Leo leads me to the elevator to go up and get seated right away.

{Leo} So, tell me a little about you. Like what is your name, and what brought you to the club tonight.

{Destiny} I tell him, my name is Destiny, and my girlfriends brought me here to restart living again.

{Leo} I see, so you have been closed off emotionally for some time now? Would you mind telling me what happened?

{Destiny} I would rather not have to say just yet. I hope you can understand I just met you, and this is a story that only is told when it has to be. Not suitable for a club night.

{Destiny} Leo, tell me about yourself, how often do you come here?

{Leo} Well, I am a Dom, and I have a partner, we are best friends, and we are looking for a Sub that needs us as seriously as we need her.

{Leo} You look gorgeous. But miserable or tormented.

{Destiny} I smiled weakly and said, I am.

{Leo} Do you want to meet Jake and me for dinner when Jake comes back into town.

{Destiny} Yes, just let me know when. I would like to get to know Jake if he is half as charming as you are.

{Leo} Would you be willing to entertain the idea of two Doms in your life?

{Destiny} I would. I have never thought I would, but that was before, and now I try to not limit myself; if it takes two Doms to help me remember the lost me, then I will accept that.

{Leo} Excellent! I can not wait until Jake gets back; he is going to be so thrilled.

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