Her Saviors/Her Doms

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Sir Gets His Time

And Sir just nods his head and tells Jake to clean up dinner since he cooked and then takes my hand and leads me to the playroom. And I do as I am supposed as I am already naked, I just kneel and put my arms in position, and Sir is delighted that I remember.

{Sir} We will set you up on the St. Andrews Cross but not to flogging, I have other toys I want to play with, and they will cause no pain or fresh marks.


So, he handcuffs me to the cross and blindfolds me. Then it gets so quiet that I am tempted to call out to him, but that is against the rules, and I know it. Which means he is testing me. Finally, he laughs and says, excellent Pet, really perfection.

When Sir ever so lightly takes a feather and rubs it all over my body, it is like something I can not even explain in words!!! My whole body is awake, and tingles are exploding on my skin. I moan because I just can not keep quiet, and then he takes the flogger and just simply rubs it lightly, exactly, like the feather, and I continue to moan.

Next, he takes some kind of silk and floats it all over my body, and I want to scream for Sir to just touch me. I need to cum, and I can not because he has not given me permission to talk yet!!!! He seems to want to torture me for hours with one soft thing at a time, and I really do not know which is worse; at least the cane had an end at 5 swats, then I got fucked hard and steadfast and got to cum. This just seems to keep going and going and going.

Finally, he starts to lick me from my toes to forehead and back to the breast and then to that one sweet spot that has been begging for him, my clit, and my pussy. He is like a man that has been in the desert for years. Because of how he attacks my pussy. When he lets me go and lays me down on the bed, he massages my wrists and ankles.

And then he climbs on me slow and steady until I feel his rigid and thick shaft sitting at my entrance. And he asks me if I am ready for him, and I say, YES, SIR, PLEASE FUCK ME, and he plunges in balls deep.

And he thrust and thrust over and over, hitting my g spot over and over again, forcing me to cum so much I feel the bed getting so wet that I start to feel embarrassed. Sir just looks into my eyes and tells me that is how he knows he is pleasing me and not to be ashamed.

He lifts me and turns me to put me on all fours, and ask me if he may take my ass as he has not had the pleasure yet. I said, yes, Sir, you, may I am all yours every hole, and every command.

He reaches for the lube, and once he has himself and me lubed and ready, he gently enters me and starts slow and steady strokes, and I yell, please, Sir Fuck my ass as you mean it!! I won’t break, and boy does he ever!! I have now been thoroughly fucked and satisfied and exhausted.

Sir cleans me up again and takes me to bed. And he tucks me in with Daddy on one side and Sir on the other. My last thought that night is: What a DAY!!!!!!!!!

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