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Destiny Gets a Job

{Master Leo} I think it is a bad idea to let Destiny stay home by herself. Too many days in which she can backslide any work on her self-esteem up until that point.
{Jake} We should put Destiny to work with us in our office; so she can use the skills she attended school for. And it would be more helpful if we had her as an assistant. As an added bonus, we do not have to be far from her.

Leo’s POV

We should put one more desk in the club office, plus the home office. That way, we can get more work done and still be available to Destiny. I would enjoy working more getting to work with my Subbie. And I know Jake would love it too.

Angie’s POV

{Angie} What are you doing, and do you want me to be closer to you guys? (Which she has been dreaming about since she started working for them.)

{Leo} No, Angie, the desk is not for you; it is for Destiny.

{Jake} This desk is for our P.A. Destiny.

{Angie} (frowning) Is that not what I already do for you guys?

{Leo} Of course not, you are just our secretary.

{Jake} You answer phones and make appointments. Destiny will organize our workload and make sure our inventory is accurate and order what we need and whatever else we decide.

{Leo} And, as she is our woman and we want her close to us, we can do as we like. And we do not have to explain ourselves to you.

{Jake} We are your bosses, not the other way around; get it through your head... WE DO NOT WANT YOU. If you want to stay employed, just simply do your damn job.

Jake’s POV

The jealous look on her face was enough of a hint that we had the same thought, she wants us, and she could cause trouble. Also, we better watch her around Destiny. We hoped it would not come down to firing her. But it depends on how she treats Destiny because we have already told Angie we are not interested in her in any way.

Leo’s POV

Now that the desks are all set-up, and everything is ready, it is time to proceed to let their little sub know of the plans to keep her busy. And to keep her around them in case she needs them or if they need her.

Destiny’s POV

While all this was going on, I am sitting on the beach and thinking about the night before. And what I felt, I realized that this was precisely what I needed. But now that I am alone, my mind once again goes back to that nightmare day when I had to choose and still not developing the conviction of whether I made the right choice.
I feel the tears coming, and I think to myself, thank goodness the guys are at work, so I let the tears come. And suddenly, there are a set of hands placed on my shoulders. I scream.

{Sir} What is wrong?

{Destiny} I was thinking about if what I did to my mom was right or not.

I do not want them to think it was about last night, but I do not want to get into trouble about not contacting them when I started to get discouraged.
I have always been an honest person, so I tell them that.

{Daddy} I am upset because you did not call or text us.

{Sir} I am angry that you are upset and yet no phone call or text to let us know.

I try to explain that I left my phone in the house and only came out to think all about last night and how much I loved it and how it had helped me so much last night, no nightmare or waking up sweating. That put a smile on both their faces. They tell me to never leave my phone behind because they could be trying to get a hold of me or in case I need them like right then.

{Daddy} I think a punishment is in order for breaking a rule. What do you think, Master Leo?

{Sir} I agree. We came down here to inform you of some changes we are making, and it seems we were right to do so.

{Destiny} Changes Sir?

{Daddy} We will discuss that in a while after we have completed the punishment.

{Sir} Come inside, Kitten.

{Daddy} Head straight to the playroom, and you know the rules.

{Destiny} Yes, Daddy.

I get up and head to the playroom, and as I enter the room, I begin to take off my clothes, and I fold them and set them on the chair. I then get into position, and with my head down and my hand on my knees palms up, I wait.

When they enter, I hear them say, good girl, that makes me happy even though I know punishment is coming.

{Daddy} Come and lay over my lap. ( I do as told.)

{Daddy} I am giving you fifteen swats, and you will count them and thank me. Then you will be tied to the spanking table, and Sir will be giving you the last fifteen with the cane. Now your choice is, do you want my hand or a paddle?

{Destiny} Even though your hand is just as painful as the paddle, I chose your hand, please, Daddy.

{Daddy} Alright, now remember if you miss a count, we will start again. Swat One Thank you, Daddy, Two Thank you, Daddy, Three Thank you, Daddy, and so on until I am crying fifteen Thank you, Daddy. Rubbing my ass, Daddy asks me if I understand why this is happening?

{Destiny} Yes, Daddy, I knew better than to not have my phone, and I knew better than not to relay my feelings right away.

{Daddy} Good, I hope we do not have to repeat this again.

{Sir} Come, Kitten, let us finish this punishment so that we can feed you and spoil you like we wanted to do in the first place.

{Destiny} Yes, Sir. ( I walk over to get strapped on the spanking bench.)

{Sir} Safeword?

{Destiny} Candy.

{Sir} Use it if you must. And you must count for me as well, Kitten.

{Destiny} Yes, Sir. Swat One Thank you, Sir, Two Thank you, Sir, Three Thank you, Sir, and so on until I am crying like a baby but say fifteen, Thank you, Sir.

Sir hurries to untie me, and Daddy already has the cream ready when Sir lays me down. I feel bad because I know they do not care for the punishment as much as they like the playtimes.
As Daddy is taking care of my ass and thighs, Sir goes to get dinner ready for us. As we eat, they tell me about going to work.

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