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First Day


Monday morning finds me awaken by Leo, letting me know breakfast is waiting and to hurry up and take my shower and come eat. So, I jump out of bed and get into the shower and wash as quickly. How thrilled I am to start my first day of work and hoping I can impress my two new bosses. And have something other than being in my head where things are scary and dark.

I get out of the shower and dry off and rub my lotion all over and then apply my leave-in conditioner and finish my morning routine. When I walk out of the bathroom, I see that Sir and Daddy had laid out my outfit. So I got dressed and went down to eat and have my coffee. Jake smiles at me when he sees how excited I am to have my coffee and that I can not wait to go to work.

When we get to the office, I am met with the ugliest glare from the receptionist.

{Destiny} Why are you looking at me like that?

{Angie} Ignores me and turns away from me, acting like I did not say anything.

{Destiny} I say again, why are you looking at me like that? I do not even know you.

{Leo and Jake} Stop and look back, and they see what going on.

{Sir} Destiny, go to your desk, and we will take care of her.


I go into the office that we all share and turn on my computer. I set-up my e-mail, and I follow the instructions written on the legal paper on my desktop. As I finish up with the instructions, I see security escorting Angie out.

Now, I am upset thinking that I got her fired for having a bad morning, so when the guys come into the office, I say to them.

{Destiny} I did not mean to get her in trouble; she must have been having a bad morning.

{Daddy} No, she was mad because she wanted us to pick her and not you.

{Destiny} I do not feel bad anymore.

{Daddy} Place an ad to find a new receptionist ASAP.

{Destiny}So, I call the HR department and let them know what we need, and they tell me they will take care of it and send someone up to fill in temporarily.

{Destiny}I hang up and tell them it is taken care of.

My e-mail starts to fill up with a request for meetings and supply reorder requests. And so my day begins, and I am so busy that I do not realize that it is now lunchtime.

{Sir and Daddy} Are you ready to go get lunch?

{Destiny} I startle and gasp. I reach down and grab my purse and say, lead the way, Masters.

They take me to the restaurant, and once we are seated, they ask, how is it going so far?

{Destiny} I excitedly start to tell them all about it. I feel like I have everything I need now. I have you, Sir, and I have you, Daddy, and now this perfect job.

Sir and Daddy

They laugh and seem to enjoy how much I love my job and how it makes me feel accomplished. When we are done eating, Sir and Daddy look at each other and seem to have a silent conversation.

{Sir} Do you realized that we are in the restaurant in a hotel?

{Destiny} No, I did not. Am I supposed to?

{Sir and Daddy} They thought it was funny, but I was being serious. They then stand up, and each grabs a hand and say, we are having an extended lunch hour.


Now I get it, they are wanting to go upstairs and have fun! What I did not know was that they possessed the entire top floor and that we had just climbed into the elevator. I was so impressed when we stepped out, and it was gorgeous and big and almost as good as the beach house.

They give me a tour, and I love each room. By the time we get to the last room, I have already figured out which room they left for the final room. So when they opened the door, I stepped in and started to strip and fold my clothes and place them on the chair to the right of the door.

Once I am naked, I go to the middle of the room and kneel. Sir and Daddy are so pleased to not have to give instruction and that they can get right down to playtime that I am proud of myself and think my ass will get a break because I did everything right!

{Sir} I sit on the edge of the bed and say, crawl to me, little pet, and get over my lap. She takes a second and tries to figure out why?

{Sir} Do not to make me repeat myself. Destiny crawls over and gets into position.

{Sir} Do you know why you are getting a spanking?

{Destiny} No, Sir, I do not.

{Daddy} This morning, you tried to handle a problem when you should have just told us.

{Destiny}Then I remember Angie, and I say that I honestly did not think about it.

{Daddy} That is why you are getting punishment because you agreed to bring us all your problems.

{Destiny} Yes, Sirs.

{Sir}You are getting 10 swats from me and 10 from Daddy so that you will remember in the future. Now count and thank me each time.

Then he hits me harsher than he ever smacks me, and I shout, and I quickly remember to count. 1 thank you, Sir, 2 thank you, Sir, 3 thank you, Sir, until he finally gets to ten and I am crying so hard, but I know I have 10 more to go, so I stand in place until Daddy sits down.

I lay down, and Daddy starts by rubbing my ass and saying, you did so good with Sir, and if you do as good with Daddy, then; you will get rewarded. If not, then we go back to work. And I think I will not fail. Daddy swings down, and I realized he has a paddle !!!! I scream again but say, 1 Thank you, Daddy. 2 Thank you, Daddy. On and on, until I think I will fail suddenly, I am saying 10 thank you, Daddy. And I did not even realize that it is over until I am lifted off Daddy and laid down, and the healing cream is applied.

I am so angry with them at the moment because it seemed like an extreme punishment. For such a small thing, that whole time Daddy applies the cream, I neither talk to them nor look at them.

{Sir} Do you understand why we were so mad?

{Destiny} can I use the restroom?

{Sir} Not until you answer the question.

{Destiny} So I just glare; no, I do not understand why such a harsh punishment for such a little thing as her giving me a dirty look.

{Sir} Sit beside Daddy; and begin to tell me that if you did not bring that to us, then what will you do when the unwelcome thoughts start, and you feel like you should not bother us with it?

Now it makes a little sense, but I am still upset, and I think I have to finish the rest of the day on an ass that hurts.

They strip and get on the couch with me and start kissing me and stroking me, and I can’t help but moan and get wet for them. Daddy lies down on his back and puts me on his big, hard, thick cock, and pulls me into a kiss so profound and sensually. Meanwhile, Sir has lubed up both himself and my asshole, and he slowly enters me and says, little pet, you are so fucking tight I will not last long.

They begin to move as one enters, the other pulls out, and the feeling is just so good, and I cum so hard that I squeeze them and make them cum hard as well. Sir and Daddy take me to the shower and clean me up, and I get dressed while they wait for me so we can go home.

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