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Destiny Gets Frustrated

When we get home, I go change out of my work clothes and Daddy puts out my clothes knowing I want to walk down on the beach and find my different kind of peace hearing the ocean and the fresh salt air. There is no better place to be in my opinion, I feel that my mom is close to me sometimes when I walk along the edge, but mostly I keep thinking maybe I made a mistake, no one knows the future.

I feel the tears in the back of my eyes and I have to fight them back because I know I can not handle any more punishment tonight, not after the two-hour lunch and extra! I get dressed in what was laid out for me. I then walk down and let the feel of the sand do its magic and it never fails to make me start to relax.

As I walk, I think about what I am doing and it has only been a week, but, I can tell that is starting to make a difference. But they still can’t make me let it go and I still struggle daily. I have not told them this because I do not want to take the chance to leave me. As I walked, I thought about how I am already falling for them both, and I know they have the same feelings for me. And I have to admit to myself that the pain helps a great deal too. So, that means that I have to be accepted when I mess up and get punished. While I am walking and thinking, Sir and Daddy are making dinner and setting the table. I still do not understand why they won’t let me help but, they won’t.

Dinner was set up and plated and the wine was poured and matched perfectly. After dinner, we decided to watch a couple of movies. Daddy brings the blanket and some snacks and drinks. We climb onto the sofa and we all fit just right around it. They let me know that tonight, nothing but snuggling. They need me to not get or take any punishment for the rest of the week because they want me to go to the club with them so that we can try something new. They tell me I need to not be so bruised or the new scene will hurt. So, for the rest of the week, I get a lot of work done. And was looking forward to the new scene they want to introduce to me but also very nervous. The sex was great, but the tension that was building up winding me up so tight that I am acting out more and more trying to piss them off. I am surprised by how much I need the swats and the belt and flogger. I still hate the thought of the cane I hope I never see that again, but I don’t hold much hope of that.

Finally, Friday came around and Daddy and Sir are so ready to get me to the club, that they closed the office early and took me home where I took a shower and dressed in the outfit that they laid out for me if you could call it an outfit! More like a strip of cloth over my breast and a strip that goes between my legs, They put a coat over me hustle me to the car and we drive there in some kinda record. When we get there, they get frustrated because since they have been so busy with me they had some work to catch up on. They let me roam around once they found a Dom they trust and so we head out and watch some of the stage scenes and some scenes that are going on the floor. By the time Sir and Daddy come to find me, I am so ready and they are too. I have a feeling this is going to be very intense. They have their room fully stocked with everything we will need. As we walk down the long hallway they tell me that since I was such a brat this week because I knew I could not get punished that now some new scenes have been added and they will be painful and maybe next time I have to wait I just maybe nicer. I began to shake and get nervous again. Daddy then takes his key card out and says what is your safe word. I tell him it is candy and he smiles and says let us begin.

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