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Being a Brat

Sir said. Do you know why you are going to be punished? And I say because I have been bitchy all week and also because I was crying in the shower and did not tell either of you. Sir then tells me to strip and get into position, while we get everything together. I do as I’m told knew that I am in a lot of trouble and do not want to add to it. I just hope I will be able to sit by Monday. I am so mad at myself, I could be having fun instead of knowing I will not be able to sit for at least a day or so.

When they were all set Sir and Daddy strapped me to the St. Andrews Cross and Daddy put a blindfold on me and Sir asked me again what is my safe word and I replied “candy” and they proceed to tell me what is going to happen.

Sir said that he is going to start by spanking me 15 times and then Daddy will give 15 by flogger and then Sir will give 10 the cane and then the final 10 by whip from Daddy. Unless I use a safe word. I was fine until the word “cane” and if I take my punishment like a good girl then we can continue with the play had intended to begin with.

If I safe word we go home and to bed... Sir, said I, only had to count and thank them for the first 15 after that I won’t be required because they understand this will be a true test of endurance and the most painful punishment.

I asked if they are doing so many because they are tired of me and wanted me to go away and they said if they were done, we would not be here right now they would be with someone else, but they are being so tough on me because they love me and need me to learn once and for all that I need to come to them when I get into a bad headspace. So I just say okay ready when you are.

Sir, starts by rubbing me and telling me this is all out of love and his hand comes down and I cry out 1 thank you, Sir, 2 thank you, Sir, 3 thank you Sir and etc. Until I am crying 15 thank you, Sir. Now, that I am warmed up and crying Daddy started his 15 with the flogger and it wasn’t so bad until Daddy started swinging on my sit-spot which is where your ass cheek meets your thigh and is the most painful spot!!!

When Sir started with his cane I thought for sure I was going to seafood, but I just kept taking deep breaths in between swings and then he made the last 2 hit my sit-spot and I was crying so hard that when Daddy was doing the whip I think he took it easy on me as they were not bad at all compared to the damn cane.

By the time they were done, we were all sweating and so they got me down and took me to the shower and got me cleaned up before applying the healing cream. They kept telling me how proud they were that I handled my punishment so well and I could have any reward I wanted, so I suggested we just have our sex and go home as I am so tired.

I think they may have felt a little bad about how tough they were on me because they took extra sweet time on me while Daddy was licking my pussy and fingering my pussy and Sir was paying so much attention to my breast and when I had one of the biggest orgasms they switched and repeated before they decided it was time to double penetrated me and send me into the heaven again.

I literally could not walk and had to be carried to the car and once we were all in the car they asked me if I would like to stop for ice cream and I said sure as long as I did not have to get out of the car because not only could I not walk but I could not sit so I was stuck. Sir, said he would run in and get it and then we could go home and eat it there and then watch movies. I was hoping to go to the beach so maybe after the movies, I could crawl to the beach.

The next morning when they had made me breakfast and applied more cream to me, I put on my swimsuit and went to the beach because it was the softest thing I could think of to sit on. Daddy carried me to the beach and asked "if he could sit with me and we could talk" and of course, I was confused why he asked it as he did.

So, I asked him "why did he put it that way" and he said "You seem to want to be away from us after last night" and I said "him he is crazy. I love them, I just wanted to think and the ocean always makes it easier to think and to relax." Next thing I know, Sir brings out a picnic basket and asked if he could join us and I laughed and said: "of course Sir."

We ended up just goofing off and eating our lunch. Sir, let me know that we were going on a trip because the business meeting was in Paris and we were all going. I was so excited and I asked them if we could stay a couple of extra days and have fun. Daddy thought that was a great idea.

So, we had a week to get all the necessary documents together for the meeting and get our passports. Also, I had to get all meetings here rescheduled and get any items that needed to be ordered here by the time we left. So, I was so busy I had no time to shop for clothes for the trip and when I said something to Sir and Daddy they said no worries we can shop there and they can spoil me.

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