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The day had finally arrived, we were leaving to go to Paris! Sir woke me up at 5 am so that he could feed me breakfast and give me time to get a shower in. And as usual, my outfit was laid out and all I had to do was get dressed and do my morning routine and meet the guys downstairs to the waiting town car that was waiting for us.

I know it was mainly a job-related trip, but just knowing that we would be staying a few extra days to have fun and explore the city. The airport was so busy and I began to get anxious, and so I told Sir and Daddy that “I was becoming anxious and maybe a panic attack starting because too many people and I don’t do well in large groups.”

They were able to get a private waiting room just for us due to my phobia and we were the first people to board the plane and since we had first-class tickets we didn’t have to worry about being cramped. First-class was more spacious than the regular seating. I was placed in the middle of Sir and Daddy so I had no fear of going to sleep. I slept most of the way there.

When I woke up Sir was asleep and so Daddy wanted to play a little since we had a blanket he told me to be really quiet and not to make any noise and then he pulled my skirt up and my panties to the side and started fingering me and rubbing my clit and I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning he was so good at it. When I whispered “can I cum Daddy, ” he nodded and I cum so hard and my face was red from holding in the noise.

Daddy licked his fingers and said, “what a good breakfast he just had.” I wanted to give Daddy a treat so I put the blanket over his lap and pretended to take a nap and I pulled his cock out of his pants and licked the tip and along with the head and he grabbed my hair and told me to suck his cock like a good little girl and I took him deep into my throat and he started to moan when I stopped and said “hush Daddy no noise remember” and then I took his cock back into my mouth and suck him dry and when I was done licking him clean I felt hands on my ass letting me know Sir was awake.

So I turned to Sir and asked if he would like a treat too. He gave me a smile and said “pretty please.” And I proceeded to give him his treat after informing him about the quiet rule. He tried to be quiet but he moaned a couple of times. I was so pleased with myself and when the flight attendant walked by I asked for a Diet Dr. Pepper and she gave me a sly smile and said “of course right away.” I just knew she knew what I was doing and I was kinda surprised I didn’t feel embarrassed but rather proud. It was a much longer plane ride than I thought it would be.

The attendant came by and offered us lunch and we asked what was available and was surprised that we could order a steak and fries and I was so happy I ordered lunch and another soda. Me Sir and Daddy ordered the same thing and we ate an unbelievable good lunch for airplane food. When we finally got to Paris we were exhausted and could not wait to get to the hotel room and take a nap.

When we woke up they wanted to play and I was surprised that they brought a lot of toys and ties. Needless to say that they had me tied up in no time and they began teasing me with a feather and then Sir got out the riding crop and they took turns using it on me and I was so turned on I could not help but get loud and wanted their hands on me more.

Then they got the magic wand out and now I was out of my mind having orgasm after orgasm. When they untied me so that they could position me so that I could take their cocks in my mouth and hands going between both of them and hearing them moan my name. I wanted to please them so badly that I was begging for them to take me and after about 3 times of begging they lifted me off the floor and Sir laid down on the bed and lifted me to ride him and Daddy put his hand between my shoulder blades and gently pushed me to Sir so that he could enter me.

Daddy is so big that every time he had to take it slow but once he was in, he lost the gentleness and they both took me hard and fast and I loved every minute of it. And the aftercare was always another best part. They are so attentive to me and they take such good care of me. I have come a long way in the mental health issue with me. I still had moments where I think I did not do enough and each time I started to have those thoughts I did talk to my Masters and it was starting to make a difference.

And this trip I was actually very happy and I mentioned to them that I could not remember when I had been this happy not counting my time with them. The next day was a workday, they had meetings all day and I had to take notes. And when the workday was over we would eat dinner and I would type up the notes and they would try to distract me with sex.

When we finally had a day off we went sightseeing and shopping and when they said they wanted to spoil me, boy did they! I had so much new stuff they had to buy me new suitcases too. And they even had managed to find a BDSM club and took me there for a night out where we could have our kind of fun. I was in love with this city, but was getting homesick for our beach house, and my ocean views and sounds.

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