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Sir Goes to Japan

When we finally got home, I went to sit outside on the sand for a while and relax. Sir came out and sat beside me so that he could talk to me about having to leave again in the morning to go to Japan for more meetings.

Daddy Jake and I will have to stay behind to take care of the business here. We need to get all the notes put into the right files and for us to catch up on all our emails and order submission that came in while we were away in Paris. When he gets back Sir will take me on a trip just him and me because he will have missed me so much. Also, Daddy will have me for a week by himself so Sir will want his equal time.

I was not all that happy to hear he had to leave again so soon. At 5 am, I am not awake so I won’t get to say goodbye. But that is why Sir is out here talking to me now so I will know what's going on and that he will miss me while he is away, but we will talk every night and I will get to see him on Skype because he does not want to go a day without seeing me and talking to me.

I told him "I love him and I will miss him and to travel safely and don’t forget he is my Sir, and not any bimbos over there!" He gave me the sweetest kiss and said "I promise baby, I would NEVER cheat on you and I love you more than anything in this world." He asked me "to think about where he and I should go when he gets back and that is where we will go and have our private time just the two of us." And he told me" to be good for Daddy and to make sure not to cause too much trouble or Daddy will punish me and when Sir gets back you will be punished again if I deem it necessary."

He helped me up and carried me into the house. We took a shower together and he held me all night and when I woke up the next morning he was gone and Daddy made me breakfast in bed and said: "he had a whole day planned and after you finish eating to take a shower and do my morning routine and put on the outfit he puts on the bed for me."

Daddy takes me to a midday movie and we get a large popcorn and a couple of sodas and he picks the very last row so that we can fool around with each other during the movie and thank goodness there were not a lot of people there. When I pull his big, thick cock out I rubbed him from root to tip a few times, and then when I licked him he tasted like popcorn!

After the movie, we went shopping and he bought me new clothes and new shoes and we got new toys for the playroom. And some to replace the ones we wore out! And by dinner time Daddy takes me to a very fancy restaurant and I get to wear one of the new elegant dresses that he just bought me. And a pair of new shoes.

I realized that this is the first time Daddy and I had dinner out as a date and we are having a really great time. After our amazing meal when the check comes and the waitress scans his card she writes at the bottom of his receipt to text her and puts her number down and when I see what she wrote I was pissed!! I mean, who the hell does that when they can clearly see I am sitting right there!

Daddy lets me write back ” Bitch you are not woman enough to handle my man” and he does not tip her, but does tell her boss what she did and that it upset me and that makes him not want to bring his girlfriend back here again. The manager said he would deal with her and for him to please feel comfortable to bring me back to eat there.

When we leave there he asks me "what do you want to do now and I told him I wanted to go home and walk on the beach" so that is what we did. And we continued to talk and enjoy our night. By the time I am starting to get tired we head back and Daddy gives me a shower and he washes my hair and my body and as he is rinsing me he moans and says "baby please bend over and grab your ankles Daddy wants to fuck you right here and now and it will be hard and fast is that okay" and I said "Yes Daddy"

And so I bend over and he takes me hard and deep, thrust after thrust he pounds into me making us cum so hard. When we are done, he has to wash me again. When we get out Daddy towels me off and then himself. Then we crawl into bed and Daddy says "I have 1 last surprise for you from Sir and me" and then he pulls out this box that is wrapped so beautifully that I almost don’t want to open it, but I am a woman so of course, I do open it and it is the most beautiful collar that says: Property of Sir and Daddy on the inside of a gold heart!

And I did not know that while I was busy opening the present Daddy had called Sir through Skype and so Sir got to see my reaction and to be able to talk to me before we went to bed. I was so happy to finally be collared! I told Sir that I loved him and Daddy and my collar and also I had a busy day so Goodnight. And I went to bed.

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